Smudge’s Gotcha Day

Hi everyone! It’s me…Smudge. Smudgemeister. Smudge-a-roo. The Smudge Man.


Did you like those? Those are all nicknames mom and dad have given me since I came to live here one year ago today!

Hey, Smudge! Smudge!

Uh, yes, Mayzie?

You left out my favoritest name that mom calls you: Smudge Pants!

Oh, haha. Yeah, um, so I wasn’t going to tell them that one.

Why not?

Well, it’s a little embarrassing, you know.

Oh, gosh, I think Smudgie Wudgems is WAY worse.

Okay, wow…thanks for helping me out, Mayzie.

Anytime, Smudge Pants.

Anyway, as I was saying, it’s been one whole year since I left my old job at HemoSolutions and moved in with my new family. And, well, I just couldn’t be happier.

Oh, sure…there have been some bumps along the way. And by bumps, I mean REAL bumps! Remember when I had chin acne?



Which meant I had to go visit my nice skin doctor lady about 87 million times. (But that was really okay cuz she gives the BEST massages.)


And then I broke out in hives from some of the medicines.



And oh, yeah…I also found out I have ass-muh and they shaved me half-bald to do that skin test on me to see what I’m allergic to.

side 3

But honest…the good has outweighed all of that stuff by a LOT!

I have pawsome siblings to hang out with.



Even Queen Abby is starting to warm up to me.


I have fun toys to play with…


and cuddle with.


I’ve learned how to use the computer to help dad play his games…


and to watch movies…

smudge movie

and to blog…

Smudge Computer

and to just generally surf the web. (Pinterest is addicting!)


I have a great window to look out of…


and my very own tent…


and the Smudge-tastic-mobile.

stroller 1

And best of all, I know that I’m loved to the ends of the earth and back. (That’s what my mom says, and between you and me, that’s why I let her call me Smudge Pants whenever she wants.)

Yep, adopting my family was a pretty good decision on my part.

So Happy Gotcha Day to…







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Wordless Wednesday



April 17, 2013 · 1:00 am


Does this picture make my nose look big?



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WW Squirrel Patrol: Kitteh Detail.

squirrel patrol


April 10, 2013 · 1:00 am


Hi, Momma. I see you gots a toy there. Can I have it? Pleeze?


Pretty pleeze?


What if I say it with a smile? PLEEEEEEZE?




That was fun! Let’s do it again!



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Proof that Brudder Ranger is an alien



ranger blanket



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Thank you! Thank you!

Whew! I’m pooped!

mayzie bed

Wowee…what a pawty that was! Thank you, thank you to everybuddy who came! I hope you had as good of a time as I did.

We had 142 comments (including mine but mom didn’t say I could include mine so I’m gonna include them) which means that 142 green papers go to Second Chance, the rescue that saved me!

So thank you again for helping me smell-a-brate and for helping other doggies and kittehs in need. You all are the BESTEST furends EVER!

Okay, now who wants to help me clean up?


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My 4th Gotcha Day Smell-a-Bration & Commentathon

Yippee! You came! You came! Oh, gosh, I’m SO super glad you could make it to my Gotcha Day pawty! Can you believes it was four years ago today that I came to live with mom and dad after being rescued by my Angel Donna Fostermommy?


As you can see, we’ve rolled out the purple carpet in your honor. (Red is SO claw-shay, don’t you think? Plus, I was afraid it would clash with my pawty dress.)


Speaking of which, do you like it? It’s a genuine “Martha Stewart for Petsmart” original!


Okay, come on in to my condo!


What? Oh, I know it might seem kinda small from the outside but trust me…it’s bigger than it looks.


Okay, first we have the pawlour. Remember, if the festivities get too crazy, you can always come here for some quiet and relax with a catnip cigar or a beef brandy.

parlor wm

Alrighty, follow me into the dining room.

dining room wm

Feel free to eat your noms here or you can take them into any other part of the condo that you feel most comfy.

Oh! Speaking of noms! Guess what? We were lucky enough to be able to bring the famous celebrity chef Mrs. Catmore all the way from Houndton Tabby.

mrs. catmore

Just look at this spread she’s prepared! Isn’t it Most Nomalicious?


Make sure you don’t miss the Gotcha Cake that my mom made. I know it’s not exactly the fanciest and most pawfessional cake around, but it’s made with luv.


Anyway, I know those noms might make you super thirsty. So right over here is the bar. There’s also some horse doovers in case you need a light snack.

bar wm

Oh, wow! It sounds like things are really hopping in the club room. Follow me!

Look! There’s Teka Toy and Brudder Ranger doing the Samba!

And gosh, Smudge was so worried no ladycats would dance with him cuz of his…you know…bald spot. But would you look at him and Blogville Mayor Madi heating up the dance floor with the tango?

Oh, and if loud dance music isn’t your style, you can always relax in the spa room. We’ll have somebuddy on duty all night to do massages.


Now, if you pawty TOO hard, you are so Most Welcome to stay in one of my guest rooms.

bedroom wm

Or I can have the limo take you back home. Your choice.

limo wm

Okay, I guess that’s the tour! Now go have fun! And remember, my mom is gonna donate one whole green paper to Second Chance (the rescue that saved me) for every comment made here today (up to $200) so feel free to chat and talk as much and as many times as you want!

Thanks again for coming to my pawty! It means the whole wide world to me!



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Wordless Wednesday










MB Cake

PeeS. Don’t forget!!

Screen shot 2013-03-24 at 7.22.22 PM


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Too Nude Tuesday

Hi everyone! It’s me. Smudge. Here to tell you about my no good, awful day last week.


Remember how I told you that they figured out I have feline ass-muh? And that ass-muh is lots of times caused by allergies and so I was gonna maybe have to have allergy testing? Well, I went and had it done (even though my friend Ziggy the Adoptable Dog told me I probably shouldn’t since they might decide I was allergic to noms like they told HIM and that I would only get to eat boring stuff from now on which just sounds AWFUL!).

Well, luckily, they didn’t tell me I was allergic to food. Thank COD! But…gulp!…oh gosh, this is so embarrassing…LOOK what they did to me!

Side 1

They shaved half my furs off! And then they poked me with needles SIXTY times with stuff I might be allergic to! The worst part is that they gave me this stuff to make me kinda sleepy so there was NOTHING I could do about it. I just woke up and BOOM! Half my furs are gone and I have little black dots all over me. At first I was confused and thought maybe I’d gone out partying with some of my friends and ended up with a tattoo. But luckily, the black dots wash off.

Anyway, it’s just downright embarrassing. I’m practically NEKKID! And with Mayzie’s Gotcha Day party coming up, I don’t even know how I’m going to face the lady cats. I’ve been working on a comb-over…

side 2

But so far, no luck…

Carp! It's still there!

Carp! It’s still there!

Sigh. Do you think ANY of the lady cats will dance with me at the party?

So anyway, once they poked me with the allergy-causing stuff, they waited to see if it caused a bump. Then they graded the reaction on a scale of 0-4. (Zero being nothing and 4 being the worst.) This is how it turned out:

allergy report

Click to biggify.

Most of ’em I don’t care about but the saddest one for me (other than being allergic to cattle which has dashed forever my dream of being a cowboy) is that I’m allergic to PEOPLE! Yes! PEOPLE!

Now, I know what you’re thinking but don’t worry. After giving it a LOT of thought, I’ve decided NOT to rehome mom and dad. I mean, I’m super attached to them and who would ever be able to take care of them like we do? So that’s why I’ve decided to go ahead and take allergy shots so that I can build up my immunity to them. Not every cat would do this, I know, but I’m willing to take one for the team!

Anyway, once I got home, Mayzie could tell how embarrassed and just plain worn out I was by the whole ordeal. So she scooted over in her condo and invited me to come snuggle with her.

mayzie smudge kiss

It made me feel lots better, that’s for sure! She’s one great sisfur!

mayzie cuddle


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