Mayzie Monday: You’re Invited!

Hi everybuddy! It’s me, Mayzie! I know it’s been a super long time, and I sure hope you haven’t forgotten what I look like. But just in case, here you go…

mayzie closeup

Okay, the reason I’m here today is to give each and every one of you a very much special invitation:

Screen shot 2013-03-24 at 7.22.22 PM

I sure hope you can make it! Now don’t forget…it’s THIS Thursday, March 28th, all day long. OH! And did you see the very last part? That’s the Most Important part. Be sure to read that part, okay?

Hope to see you right here this Thursday to smell-a-brate with me! Brindle smoochies!!


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Smudge Update

Hi everyone! Smudge here. First…big, HUGE thanks from me and all of us for your thoughts and crossed paws about the tests I had to have.

smudge paper

Just wanted to let you know that we got all the test results back and it looks like my heart is JUST FINE! Whew! Is mom ever relieved! Cuz if there was something wrong with my heart, that coulda been REALLY bad.

The vet guy is gonna talk to my nice skin doctor lady but he says that it’s prolly Ass-muh and that he’d like me to give THIS crazy-looking thing a try:


It’s called an “Aerokat” and it’s made especially for us Ass-muh kittehs where they squirt some medicine called “Flovent” into it and then I breathe it out of that tube. I guess Ass-muh humans use the same kinda medicine only without the crazy contraption. Here’s a video of another kitteh using it.

Between you and me, I don’t know if I’m gonna like that but if it makes it where I can play real hard again, I guess I’ll give it a shot.

Oh, and since we learned that Ass-muh is lots of times caused by allergies, we might also get me something called allergy testing so that I can get  shots to help me build up my resistance to stuff that makes it hard for me to breathe.

Thanks again for your good thoughts and wish me (and mom) good luck. We’re gonna need it!


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Wishful Wednesday

Hi everyone! Smudge here.


I have a favor to ask of you all. See, I have to go to the vet place today to have some tests done because sometimes I wheeze and cough and can’t seem to catch my breath. My nice skin doctor lady thinks maybe it’s something called ass-muh but she wants me to go to my regular vet dude to make sure it’s not something to do with my heart.

If it’s ass-muh, that’s okay because there’s things we can do to treat that. And between you and me, I figure that’s what it probably is. But YOU know how moms are. They get all freaky and worked up and worried about stuff like this. So if you could cross your paws and send good wishes, I know that would help my mom feel lots better.

Thanks ever so much from the bottom of my tuxie toes! Whisker kisses and headbutts to you all!


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Pip and Puddles Come to Visit

Hi everybuddy! OMD! I’m could just wiggle my brindle furs off cuz two of my very bestest BFF’s — Pip and Puddles — came to visit me as part of Pip’s Bucket Tour!


See, Pip has one of the very biggest hearts around. And when you have a humongous heart like he does, it works SO hard sending out love to everybuddy that after awhile, it gets awfully tired, and his dogtor told him that it might not be too terribly long before his heart poops out altogether. So Pip decided before that happened, he’d take Puddles Duddles Rainwater and go around the world, visit his furends and experience lotsa things he’s never done before. And gosh, when I heard that, I KNEW I had to have ’em come visit me!

Well, I was kinda stumped about what to do cuz I knew they had already come to Collie-rado earlier in their tour and visited lotsa stuff around here. So I thought real hard about what I could do with them that they hadn’t already done. Then I remembered how much fun my mom and Uncle J had at our zoo and I thought, “THAT’S IT!”

Now, Pip and Puddles just went on a safari in Africa so I knew I couldn’t really compete with that…UNLESS I was able to get them up close and personal with the animals in the Zoo. So I pulled some strings and got us all V.I.P. (Very Impawtant Pup) passes. And, oh, gosh, we had the bestest time!

Our zoo here is called the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and it’s one of the only mountain zoos in the whole world! So of course, our first stop was to take a picture at a place that overlooks the entire town of Collie-rado Springs. (Brudder Ranger came along as our pawtographer. He says he prefers to be BEHIND the camera.) They have a ski lift there but it wasn’t running that day so, well, Puddles just improvised.

Zoo overlook

Next, we headed over to the giraffe exhibit which is kinda special cuz Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has the largest herd of giraffes in the United States. By the time we left, I think one of the giraffes was kinda sweet on Pip!

pip giraffes

We cleaned all the giraffe slobber off of Pip’s head and at the next exhibit, we met this funny little guy that we think might have an identity crisis.


Since he was most obviously NOT a kitteh, we decided to go see some REAL ones.

puddles mt lions

Now, I wasn’t ENTIRELY convinced those mountain lions weren’t going to eat Puddles so I real quick-like suggested we go visit the hippos which I thought would be safer. Turns out, I shoulda known better.


Well, I couldn’t have agreed with Pip more! So I asked him what kind of animal he really wanted to visit with. He said he has always liked gorillas cuz they remind him so much of people…only without all the extra baggage. So away to visit the gorillas we went! Pip and this handsome gentleman hit it right off…


After a nice long chat, I thought it might be kind of fun to play in the snow with Mr. River Otter. Being the jolly fellow he is, he was thrilled to see us and we had the bestest time sliding into his pond.


Pip was right! After all that sliding, we were cold and super hungry. So off we went to the reptile house to warm up, grab some burgers and spend time with my furend, Allie Gator.


Well, after we finished off our burgers, it was time for the zoo to close. We headed back home, had a few snacks (and a couple more cheeseburgers) and took a picture to commemorates the occasion (which Brudder Ranger agreed to join us for).

M R Pip and Puddles Couch

The next day, Pip and Puddles hopped back in their snazzy red car and were off on their next adventure. As we waved good-bye, I thought how super lucky I am to have such Most Wonderful furends!


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Happy Share a Smile Day!

Yep…today is National Share a Smile Day!


So to celebrate, we thought we’d put some of our favoritest smiles in one postie and hopefully, they’ll make YOU smile, too! (Some of these have been on our bloggie before but we figure that smiles never get old!)










Hope you have the smiliest day EVER!


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Not Quite Wordless Wednesday: Giraffes

My mom and Uncle J went to the zoo a few weeks ago and met these wild and kerazy guys.



What do you think they’re saying?



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Mancat Monday: The Wild Side

Hi everyone! Smudge here!


As you probably know, I’m an indoor-only kitteh. Plus, I don’t have ANY claws on ANY of my feets (thanks to the dumb people I lived with before) so all that together makes it kinda hard to hunt down prey.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t imagine myself as a Mighty Hunter!

See, our Auntie K just told Mom about these videos on Youtube that are for kittehs only. So Mom pulled one up for me yesterday and WOW! It was maybe one of the coolest things ever! And before you knew it, I felt like I was hanging out with my lion cousins on the Serengeti (that’s in Africa, you know) stalking my prey.

Here…watch this short movie of me watching Youtube and you’ll see what I mean.

If you can’t see the movie, click here.

Okay, gotta go. I heard they also have videos of SQUIRRELS! Those tree rats won’t stand a chance against ME!


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Gosh, My Kisser is Tired!

Happy Monday! I just wanna thank everybuddy who turned out for the Circus and ESPECIALLY all of you who lined up to gives me a smooch at the Kissing Booth!

kissing booth Mayzie

It sure was fun but I never knew that kissing could make you so pooped.


I also want to thank all the Blogville Citizens who put the show together and who so kindly included ME! They did a lot of work and we are sooooo super close to our goal of $1100 that will go to help with the V.E.T. bills for our furends Tuiren, Sallie Mae and Miss Marg. The Chip In doesn’t close until this Friday, February 22nd, so if you’d still like to give some green papers, just click on this linkie or the picture below to make your donation.

Screen shot 2013-02-17 at 2.22.30 PM

Thank you! Thank you!

PeeS. I am TOTALLY swiping mom’s plastic card to order me a funhouse mirror. I think it makes me look goooooood, don’t you? I wonder if they sell ’em on Amazon?

mayzie fh


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The Circus is in Town

That’s right! Step right up and join the Greatest Show in Town!


For a very much limited engagement – only today and tomorrow! – you can pawticipate in all the thrills and chills of the Blogville Circus.

I, Mayzie, will be your ticket taker for this super terrific funballs time! Just clickie on my picture below or on the GAWGUSS badge above and you’ll be taken to all the festivities.

Mayzie tickets-1

Oh! AND I am ALSO working in the Kissing Booth all day today! (I know you’re wondering how I can do both but I am a Most Talented multi-asker). So come on over and get a little brindle sugars. Only one green paper per smooch or 10 for 9 green papers! (Be sure to tell me in the comments over at the Circus how many kisses you want!)

You know you wanna smoochie my face!

You know you wanna smoochie my face!

And remember, all pawceeds go to help some of our dear Blogville citizens in need.

So what are you waiting for? Clickie here and let the good times roll!


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Happy Valentine’s Day and the Circus is Coming!

Firstly, Happy Valentine’s Day from me to you. I hope your day is filled with lotsa luv and snuggles!

mayzie valentine 1

I wonder if there's CHEESE in here?

I wonder if there’s CHEESE in here?

Secondly, don’t forget…

Circus EMAIL

ADMISSION TICKETS (fundraising for Sallie and Turien and Marg’s Animals) are now
on sale at the circus blog … get yours today, or donate thru February 22.
Tickets to enter the Big Top are $1.00 (each view or attempt), or 10 for $9.00.
Inline image 1
Note: Use the CHIP-IN (good world-wide for donations), 
and all funds raised will be distributed after the Circus Tents 
are all packed up and on their way.
Here’s all the fun you’ll find under the Big Top!
Remember, just $1.00 for each, or 10 for $9.00
 There are two (2) Comment-A-Thon Baskets …
Pip’s Basket will go to the blogger who leaves the MOST comments on
the Kissing Booth.  The Circus Basket will go to that blogger who leaves
the MOST comments overall during the two-days under the Big Top.
And the Ringmaster wants to callInline image 2your attention to all 
the SIDE SHOW Events ~
FREE to view and enjoy at these blogs!  Don’t miss them!
FUReak Show, by Sheldon and Beachnut
Carnival Foods,by Chef Sasha
Carnival Rides, by Sallie
Clowns, by Turien
OUTDOOR Stuffie Taming, by Benny and Lily
INDOOR Tent Stuffie Taming, by Frankie and Ernie
NOW ~ Attention All ~ PLEASE Inline image 3ROARROAR!
Spread the word!  Post any or all of this 
(feel free to copy and paste) to your own blog.
ROAR on Facebook.  ROAR on Twitter.  ROAR to your email friends.
It’s all in good fun ~ all for a good cause (well, 3 of them actually).
Questions? Email them to:  frankiefurter AT


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