About Me

Hi! I’m Mayzie and I’m a D-O-G! I came to live with my mom and dad in March 2009. It was second best day of my life, I can tell you that. The first best day was when my Angel Donna Fostermommy came to rescue me from the place I was living before (which wasn’t so nice at all). If you want, you can read more about how I was rescued here and how I came to be adopted here.

Oh, and you might want to know what kind of doggie I am. My mom always tells peoples that I’m “one of a kind.” But since that doesn’t seem to satisfy everybuddy, we had a dee-en-ay test done to finds out about my family tree. So if you REALLY want to know what makes up a Mayzie, click here.

Let’s see. What else? I have a Brudder Ranger, who’s a rat terrier-ist (that’s what mom says). He’s my Most Favoritest Dog that I ever met. I luv him soooo much. And I used to have a Kitteh-Brudder, Cap’n Ripley. He was orangey and a pirate and he talked a LOT and was always threatening to make us walk the plank. But he had to go to the Rainbow Bridge and I miss him oodles. Oh! And I have a Kitteh-Sister, Abby, who didn’t really like me too much at first but I’m sloooowly winning her over. Very much unfortunately, though, she won’t play with me no matter how many times I pokes her with my nosie.

I think my life now is the Best Life That Ever Was. I still get scared sometimes of the big, wide world but most of the time I am so happy about everything and everybody. It’s not everdoggie that gets a second chance but I did and I think I’m one lucky brindle dog!

10 responses to “About Me

  1. Shady

    Congratulations on the new forever home, Mayzie. Don’t worry about Abby, I bet she grows to love you, if she hasn’t already.


    • Hi Melissa. Thank you for your nice comments. But boy, I don’t think Abby’s ever gonna like me. Whenever she sees me, she puts her back up real high and gives me the ol’ kitteh stink eye.

      I looked at your blog and I want to thank you and Shady for helping others like me find their furever homes. And please tell Shady I think she is very beautiful!


  2. Shady

    Hi Mayzie,

    I know you are busy but will you please ask your Mommy if you can play with me sometime? My mom needs an impartial doggie to help her pick a winning entry for a writing contest and I want it to be you….you interested? The entries will be short, just a few sentences. If you are let us know and our Mommies can work it out, maybe. Be sure to saw “Pawwwttyyy pleeeaaasse” when you ask her.


  3. Maizie…thank you for visiting, we came over and read some of your posts, and we think you’ve got a nice place tooooo.

    However, non-techie person that the muzzer is, we can’t figure out how to leave comments on the “standard” blog posts!

    So, if ya tell us what to do we will do that, and until then, we will drop by now and then.

    Oh, and happiest gotcha day!


  4. littlemissjackie

    Hi Mayzie! I’ve sure enjoyed reading about you! I’m sure your Brudder Ranger is nice too, even if he doesn’t like being compared to a Jack Russell Terrier (I am a JRT, myself). I am looking forward to reading more!

  5. Hey Mayzie – I found your blog on Stu, the Scottish Chronicles which I follow. I’m a resuce dog, just like you and your rat terrier-est (I laughed when I read that!). Your blog is brilliant – I’m having a great time reading it. I will be back for more reading later, in between my running around, chasing things (crows are my latest targets) and writing my blog. And it’s great that you are helping out other four legged ones – I’m doing my best for the organisation which rescued me (Westie Rescue Ireland) – let’s face it, abandoned ones just like we were need as much help and publicity as possible to find awesome two legged ones to live with! Woof for now. Groucho

  6. Well done on the new home Maize! I hope you settle in soon!

  7. DrippyMel

    Hey Mayzie! My name is Taffy and im brindle too! Be sure to check out my website and even join that pack!
    P.S im a rescue dog too!

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