About the Kittehs

Sisfur Abby

We don’t know too awfully much abouts Sister Abby’s past. (She’s most tight-lipped about that time in her life.) But we do know she was pregnant when she was rescued off the streets by a nice pawson and taken to the shelter. So we kinda guess that the peoples she lived with before decided to just take her out and dump her off someplace when they found out she was gonna have baby kittehs. Lucky for her, this most terrific rescue group called DreamPower came and got her and took her to a foster home, where she had her babies. All of them got adopted pretty fast but Sisfur Abby was there for months and months, and nobuddy wanted to adopt her.

In the meantimes, mom and dad had to let their Much Beloved kitty Molly go to the Bridge. And gosh, mom said it was super sad around here and my Angel Kitteh-Brudder Ripley was awful lonely. So Mom got on DreamPower’s website and as soon as she saw Sister Abby’s picture, she knew she was the one. So that Saturday, she got in her car and drove down to the adoption fair and adopted her right on the spot. Mom is always amazed that Abby didn’t gets adopted before that cuz she’s awfully pretty and awfully sweet. But mom figures it’s cuz she was waiting for our family!


In August 2011, we had to say good-bye to my super awesome (and a little bit crazy) kitteh brudder Cap’n Ripley, cuz he got that bad C-word. Well, mom and dad were so broken-hearted at losing him that they couldn’t even THINK about getting another kitteh for awhile. But finally, in April 2012, they adopted me a new kitteh brudder — Smudge!

He’s a super sweet and loving little guy. And he’s a hero, too! When mom found him on Petfinder, he was living at a place called HemoSolutions and giving up his blood for other kittehs who were sick. You can read all about Smudge’s story here.

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