About Mom and Dad

My mom and dad were both born in that Oak-luh-home-ah state. You know the one where the wind comes sweeping down the plain?

Um, but don’t talk to my mom abouts that Oak-luh-home-ah musical cuz she is not so much in luv with it. Go figure. But she does like to sing that Boomer Sooner song that goes with her Most Favoritest football team ever!

But be sure not to ask dad abouts THAT song, cuz he’s not so very much in luv with IT.

Anyways Mom and dad mets when they were first born. What? Oh, mom says that’s not true. She says they met when they were in junior high school – which really wasn’t too long after they were born, right? They met cuz they were both in drama club together.

So this was in a play called “Lizzie Borden.” And my dad played my mom’s dad. Haha! How crazy is that?

But they didn’t fall in LUVS til they were both in high school. And then they went off to the same college together and that’s where my dad gots a degree in ancient, boring stuff History and mom got her degree in long-windedness English.

They dated for EVER 7 years before they finally decided they liked each other good enough to gets married.

Then they moved from Oak-luh-home-ah to Dallas, Texas and they lived there for another 7 years. Now you’d think that with degrees in History and English, they’d be living in a cardboard box and offering to tells you stuff about history for food. But most luckily, while they were there, dad was able to puts his history degree to good use by becoming something called a computer software tester and mom had normal jobs by day but was a drama queen by night. (Um, dad just said she’s ALWAYS a drama queen. But maybe  you should just keeps that to yourself, ‘kay?)

So while they were in Texas, dad was working on a project called Why-to-Kay? and after that was over, they decided to leaves that Dallas place and moved to Collie-rado. Dad still works on computers and mom has her own business called Comma Hound Copywriting where she helps companies in the pet industry write things like brochures and websites and stuff. But, of course, the most impawtant thing mom does is help me write MY blog!

Well, that’s about all there is to my pawrents. Now, they may not be the Most Exciting of peoples in the world, but I still think they’re pretty fun to live with!

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