My 4th Gotcha Day Smell-a-Bration & Commentathon

Yippee! You came! You came! Oh, gosh, I’m SO super glad you could make it to my Gotcha Day pawty! Can you believes it was four years ago today that I came to live with mom and dad after being rescued by my Angel Donna Fostermommy?


As you can see, we’ve rolled out the purple carpet in your honor. (Red is SO claw-shay, don’t you think? Plus, I was afraid it would clash with my pawty dress.)


Speaking of which, do you like it? It’s a genuine “Martha Stewart for Petsmart” original!


Okay, come on in to my condo!


What? Oh, I know it might seem kinda small from the outside but trust me…it’s bigger than it looks.


Okay, first we have the pawlour. Remember, if the festivities get too crazy, you can always come here for some quiet and relax with a catnip cigar or a beef brandy.

parlor wm

Alrighty, follow me into the dining room.

dining room wm

Feel free to eat your noms here or you can take them into any other part of the condo that you feel most comfy.

Oh! Speaking of noms! Guess what? We were lucky enough to be able to bring the famous celebrity chef Mrs. Catmore all the way from Houndton Tabby.

mrs. catmore

Just look at this spread she’s prepared! Isn’t it Most Nomalicious?


Make sure you don’t miss the Gotcha Cake that my mom made. I know it’s not exactly the fanciest and most pawfessional cake around, but it’s made with luv.


Anyway, I know those noms might make you super thirsty. So right over here is the bar. There’s also some horse doovers in case you need a light snack.

bar wm

Oh, wow! It sounds like things are really hopping in the club room. Follow me!

Look! There’s Teka Toy and Brudder Ranger doing the Samba!

And gosh, Smudge was so worried no ladycats would dance with him cuz of his…you know…bald spot. But would you look at him and Blogville Mayor Madi heating up the dance floor with the tango?

Oh, and if loud dance music isn’t your style, you can always relax in the spa room. We’ll have somebuddy on duty all night to do massages.


Now, if you pawty TOO hard, you are so Most Welcome to stay in one of my guest rooms.

bedroom wm

Or I can have the limo take you back home. Your choice.

limo wm

Okay, I guess that’s the tour! Now go have fun! And remember, my mom is gonna donate one whole green paper to Second Chance (the rescue that saved me) for every comment made here today (up to $200) so feel free to chat and talk as much and as many times as you want!

Thanks again for coming to my pawty! It means the whole wide world to me!



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145 responses to “My 4th Gotcha Day Smell-a-Bration & Commentathon

  1. Daisy

    Are we first? Happy Gotcha Day. This is quite a condo….it was hard to get past the dining room, but we’re definitely going back. We don’t want to miss on that fabulous cake.

    It’s a fantastic party! Can’t wait for the place to be rockin’

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    Oh, and you look fabulous!

  2. Happy Gotcha Day, Miss Mayzie! You is one in a million-ka-zillion!! I hopes you have the bestest day evers!!

  3. You have outdone yourself, Mayzie! Happy 4th Gotcha Day!
    Time to pawty!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  4. They law has mercy…you has chandeliers fur me!!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOO! I does likes a good chandelier to swing from.
    Girl, I can not believes all dis incredible food and da cake your mom made ain’t too shabby if I do say so. Just be glad my mum not makes it…hehehehe.
    HAPPY GOTCHA DAY TO MY BFF…always and fuerver! I always get so giddy when it is dis time of year cuz I knows what a difference you has made in da lives of your peeps and da difference they has made in your life. Ya’ll be so lucky to has eachudders.
    Okays, I is gonna takes dis drink and go to da spa and I will be back.


    • Oh, good…I’m so super glad you likes the chandeliers. I had them installed just for YOU! Mom thought maybe it was a little over the top but she doesn’t understand that no pawty is complete without Puddles swinging from the chandeliers. Heehee!

    • Puddles, I am gonna try some chandelier swinging, can you spot me just in case?? Here I go…wooooooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooo!! Catch me Puddles…Puddles…oh no the dip. Sorry Mayzie, that was my first try, I will do better next time. I am going to find someone to lick the dip off of me.

      Loveys Sasha

      • That’s okay. I can get more. Mrs. Catmore! Mrs. Catmore? Oh crap! I think one of my guests just chased Mrs. Catmore up a tree. No, really, Mrs. Catmore…it’s okay. I’m sure they were just playing. Um, well, okay…if I sends up the stuff, can you make us some more bacon dip? What do you mean…you quit?

      • BWHAHAHAHAHA…Uh, sorry, I should has tolded you da dip was nears…my bad. Let’s tries dat again.

  5. Stumpy and Cyndi

    Happy Gotcha Day, Miss Mayzie! Stumpy definitely plans on partying so she wants dips on wone of the extra bedrooms!

  6. Happy Gotcha Day Mayzie!!!!


    PeeEssWoo: Please enter my name in the sekhret raffle fur a khat 😉

  7. Happy gotcha day! Four years is awesome, just like you 😀

  8. Happy gotcha day Mazie! Your dress is beautiful and your palace pawsome! Looks like it’s gonna be a great party!!

  9. Laurie

    Happy4th Gotcha Day!

  10. susieandsidebite

    WOW, OMD, lookie at the spread Bites. Mayzie Gal you got quite a Pawty here. HAPPY Gotcha Day with your furever home and Family. Loves the dress and such a condo, many thanks for the invite and hope you have 87 hundred more Pawties for Gotcha Day!

    Your Pals
    The Mad Scots

  11. Happy Happy Happy Happy Gotcha day Mayzie.
    OMDs that was one fancy table of goodness. Now I’m just plum tuckered out from dancing the tango with smudge. That boy has some serious moves.
    Hugs and thanks for the invite your bFFF

    • Madi, I made sure that Mrs. Catmore whipped up some Fancy Feast just for you. Did you see it on the buffet table? And thanks for dancing with Smudge. It looks like he’s on Cloud 9!

  12. Happy 4th Gotcha Day Miss Mayzie! Pawty hard ❤

  13. srch101f09

    What a PAWTY! Wonderful food, great digs, and brudder Ranger is keeping Teka busy and out of my furs. Miss Mayzie….as always you looks bootiful. Is you gonna dance later??? If so, put my name on your card pleeeeeeeesss


  14. Happy Gotcha Day, Miss Mayzie! Mom says your condo is a lot like the Tardis – small on the outside, but surprisingly roomy inside. We have no idea what she’s talking about, but are assuming it’s one of her nerdy and thus can be ignored comments! We think your digs are spectacular, although we are most keen on your Gotcha Day Cake – it may not be as spectacular as the other noms, but it was made with love, and that makes it extra special! We’ll just grab a couple of pieces of cake and head off to the spa for a bit. We’ll be back for the singing of Happy Gotcha Day!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  15. Oops, in all my cleverness, I forgot to put “Mom” between “your” and “has”. Now your Mom has to add another grrreen paper because of my correction pawment. Ah, such is life. Mayzie, I hope you have a most wonderful time at your pawty! I really had no idea how spiffy and spacious your condo was! Your pawty dress is simply divine, and I hope you will be wearing it when we go for walkies today!

    Love, Auntie Gail

  16. PeeEss (since every comment counts, right?!?) – Sorry we’re so terrible about visiting bloggies – this whole ‘job’ thing of Mom’s has really put a dampener on our socializing. But since you are on Facebook, we always follow your exploits there!

  17. Happy Happy 4th Gotcha Day Mayzie. We wish you the best of everything today and everyday. Your cake looks delish if we do so say ourselves. Have a wonderful great Gotcha Day! Sniffs, The HoundDogs

    P.S….Your Auntie Gail is silly

  18. PeePeeEss: (Just think of this as helping more doggies be relocated to the lap of luxury) Does your condo have a cricket pitch – or a frisbee lawn? After our cake and some pampering in the spa, we’re going to need to get our zoomies out. (And since Puddles will be hanging off the chandeliers, we’d better take our fun and games outside… Heehee!)

  19. Kristy Marie

    Omg thank you for inviting me to your Gotcha Day pawty!! I is soooo excited to be here! Your condo is fabulous, just like you! Oh, and I love your dress too!

    Kristy and Milo (he’s a cat who thinks he’s a dog sometime) BOL

  20. Hiya gawjuss Miss Mayzie! Happy, happy gotcha day! We LOVE you and we’re so happy you were chosen by the most pawfect family that ever was! You inspire us every day – you are one amazing (and gawjuss – did we already say gawjuss – well, it needs mentioning many times!) brindle girl!!
    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max – xxx

    • Aw, boys…you always make my brindle furs blush! Do you think it’d be okay with your ladies if I got a dance with each of you later?

      • Oh, they’re not the jealous types Miss Mayzie and we think they’d insist that we both dance with the belle of the gotcha ball – and that’s YOU! We both got lots of practice in at JD and Izzy’s wedding so hopefully we won’t be treading on your paws too much!

        Gosh, we’re having SO much fun – your condo is so pawsome! 🙂

      • As longs as mi hubster saves mee some dances , mee lovs it wen hims holds mee close to slow dance


  21. Happy, Happy, Happy 4th Gotcha Day Mayzie!! What a beeyootiful condo you have!! Thanks so much fur inviting us to this most fabulous event!! We hope that you have the BESTEST day EVER!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  22. OoH sweet BFF Mayzie!

    Mom has da sickies again so her has not been able to help us wif my bloggie lately but her promised us dat we could stop by and visit you today and here we are!
    Max and me wishes you da bestest Gotcha Day blessings Evah!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

    • Oh, shoot, Maggie Mae and Max! I’m so sorry your momma has the sickies again. I hope she gets better soon. But gosh, it was ever so nice of her to let you guys come to my pawty. And it’s ESPECIALLY special since it’s YOUR Gotcha Day, too, Maggie Mae! Everybuddy! Come sing “Happy Gotcha Day” to Maggie Mae!

  23. What a Gotcha Day celebration! You are right…your condo is way bigger than it seems from the outside. I love your dress, Mayzie. You always look so pretty in ruffles. Thank you for inviting us to the pawty!

  24. Oh Mayzie! Happiest Gotcha Days to you! Did you know, my new trainings included massages? I’m volunteering to work my new skills in your spa room… Would anyone like a massage from a Corbin?

    • That. Is. PAWSOME! Can I pretty please be first in line? You know…being the Gotcha Day Girl and all.

      • Of course Mayzie! Plus, you technically ARE first in line 😉 hehe, I thought you’d have to fight Puddles, but it looks like she’s stuck on a chandelier! BOL!

      • Between you and me, I think she’s faking it. Prolly just wants me to call the fire department so their cute dalmation can come save her.

  25. Happy 4th Gotcha Day Mayzie!!!

  26. harrispen

    Happy Gotcha Day Miss Mayzie! Your dress is gorgeous and your condo is amazing. I can’t wait to try out all the rooms and then play outside. Maybe I can take some frisbee lessons from Fiona and Abby.

    Thanks for inviting me to your party!


  27. Anonymous

    Congratulations Mayzie!! And a very lucky Mayzie’s family!

  28. Frankie Furter and Ernie

    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 4th. Gotcha Day Mayzie Gal!! You look gorgeous in your Martha Stewart Original. So Pretty and FRILLY.
    OMD PUDDLES is going from chandelier to chandelier … Screaming Turn loose the Squirrels. OMD she will Wreck your Pawty.
    I (Frankie Furter) amd gonna go fur a massage… I hope that Ernie doesn’t get in too much trouble.. he took off with his Roxy. I think they went to the TOY Room… Those two will no doubt UN STUFF everythingy.. that they don’t chew to pieces.

    • Oh, that’s okay. I got all new toys for the smell-a-bration anyway. They can destuff away. Hmmm…maybe I’ll go join them. Heehee! That Puddles! I made sure that they used EXTRA tough bolts when they installed the chandeliers so it should be okay. Just watch out for falling plaster. Enjoy your massage! Oh, and if you don’t think your wives will mind, do you think I could get a dance later, pretty please?

  29. Biggest condo EVER, Mayzie! Seriously, I feel like I could move in! So luxurious! Well, only the best for you, my dear! Have a happy, happy birthday! Eat lots of noms….Moby sends you big sloppy kisses!

  30. WOW I sure had to scroll down like forever to make my comment! I think the hole of Blogville is here and then some. Happy 4th Gotcha Day Mayzie girl!!!! I love your place, it is so spacious. Make sure you save a dance for me. HAPPPPPPPPPPPY GOTCHA DAY!!!!!

  31. Oh Miss Mayzie Loo Who! We are so thrilled that your mom finally convinced your dad to let her bring you home. We love you and wiggly, snuggly self!!!

    Happy Gotcha Day!!!

    Love Mr. Nubbin’s mom and dad!

  32. Anonymous

    Love it! Happy Gotcha Day!

  33. Frankie Furter and Ernie

    OH I feel so RELAXED after that Massage!! Would you do me the honor of Dancing with me? Somethingy Slow though…
    OH by the way… Smudge told Ernie and Roxy that they could only destroy 2 thingys each. THAT was a good move.
    Let’s cut a rug girrrrrl. THEN I would like a piece of that Gorgeous CAKE.

  34. Anonymous

    Happy Gotcha Day Mayzie!!!

    P.S. Where can a guy get a cheeseburger around here?

    • Head on over to the bar. Mrs. Catmore can make you one with any kinda cheese you want! And she’s got some SUPER stinky ones, too!

    • Pip

      Oops, that last comment is from me!

      I found the burgers, by the way, and nice touch with the CHEESE BAR!

      Let’s get this party started!

      Your pal, Pip

      • Oh, I knew it was you, Pip. Who else would wanna know where the cheeseburgers were? Heehee! By the way, your tux is Most Dapper! Now, where did Puddles go? Last time I saw her, she had gotten down from the chandelier and was digging in one of the potted plants. I keep telling her she doesn’t have to worry abouts burying her beer here.

  35. Rosie

    I’ll dance with you, Smudge …..swoooooonnn

    Xoxo, Rosie (pip’s beautiful feline sister)

  36. Happy Gotcha Day dear Mayzie – your condo is woo-hoo-hoonderful and all this deliscious food… and oh.. the yummy cake… I think I want to stay in your guest room to take a nap :o)

  37. Wowzeroos, Mayzie – this has been quite the aMAYZIEng pawty. Your condo is just beautiful. And our favorite food was definitely that cake – it was sooooooooooooo good. We sure hope you have many more wonderful parties ahead of you.

    Happy Gotcha Day!!!

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  38. cafall

    Happy 4th Gotcha Day, Sweet Miss Mayzie! We love your Momma’s cake – we think it is beautiful!


  39. Oh those snackies are delish !!! I can’t wait til we cut the cake! Can the kittehs Milk and Tweet join us? They saw the sushi and were um wanting to maybe stop by?

  40. Happy gotcha day Mayzie!!


  41. Happy Gotcha Day, Ms. Mayzie. Cheers to many more wonderful years with your family!

  42. Two French Bulldogs

    Now that’s a celebration! Happy Gotcha Day
    Benny & Lily

  43. Ms. Mayzie and family – Happy Gotcha Day. The party looks great and so glad to be invited. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and many wishes for many more happy years.

  44. Happy, Happy Fourth Gotcha Day, Mayzie!! Mine’s tomorrow! We are SOOOOO lucky. K, I’m sneaking away from my brothers to go talk to some guys!!


  45. I’m a little late to the pawty, but Cinderella and I are here and ready to live it up! I even brought Scribbles and Pigeon with me, and Pidge is ready to dance with Smudge ALL night long. WHOO!!!

  46. adele at second chance

    Mayzie won the lottery the day she found you. You are a great blessing to our rescue. Party on !!!

  47. Oh Mayzie, what a great party. And Happy fourth Gotcha day. That is so great and we are so glad that you found your wonderful family. We are off to taste all the food. This is one fancy party. Have a great day celebrating.

  48. happy gotcha day sweet mayzie hope is a wonderful one :0]

  49. Happy Gotcha Day Mayzie!! AND MANY MORE!!
    BTW–Your mama’s cake was the best food of the night. Thanks for inviting us’uns, your new furiends, to this big shendig.
    Much Luvums,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, & Mimi

  50. Miss Mayzie!

    Four years goes by so quickly when you’re having fun and feel safe, doesn’t it? Hope you have a most excellent party! Try to stay away from Puddles!

    Sam and Pippen

  51. You sure know how to party! Happy 4th gotcha day.

  52. OMD!! Mayzie, when we all came to your pawty, my momma SNUCK OUT and went to works! I abandoned my post, and Momma is all sickies at work now!! WOE is me!!

    I must drown my sorrows in cheeseburgers. It’s the only way.

  53. Lorenza

    Happy Gotcha Day, Mayzie!
    You look gorgeous!
    You sure know how to celebrate your big day!
    Have fun!
    Kisses and hugs

  54. littlemissjackie

    BARK! Miss Mayzie, what a super wonderful pawty! Thank you so much for inviting us to sellabrate your speshul day with you! Gosh, I’m so looking furward to spending time with you and all our furiends in your elegant condo! Eating some fancy noms and a piece of your pawesome cake in your super dining room will be so fun! Are there any gentlepups who would like to dance with me?

    • OH! I KNOW Brudder Ranger would like to dance with you, Miss Jackie. He thinks you’re swell! Yoohoo! Brudder Ranger! Hmmmm…looks like Teka has him cornered. I’ll be right back.

  55. Wow Mayzie! Happy Gotcha Day. Lucy and me thought we’d stop by to see how things are going! Glad everyone is having a swell time. I’ve been up for all of ten minutes, I need a nap for a bit. Lucy is headed to the dance floor tho. Yall can do the wiggle butt together.


  56. OMD! Mayzie, you have the most FABulous condo EVER!! Wows, I don’t know where to starts! I thinks I’ll gets some foodables furst, that cake looks amazin’! I thinks I’ll have two pieces!! hehehe

  57. Oh, that cake was the bestest Mayzie!! Kudos to the chef! Okays, now I needs to wash it down with somethings….ooooh, that beef brandy sounds devine!! I thinks I’ll have a DOUBLE!! BOL

  58. *burp* oooooh, that was REALLY good! Okays, now i thinks I need to pass out in the spa….Who’s givin’ the massages?!

  59. Happy Gotcha Day and nice to meet you!

  60. Ohhhh Mayzie,
    Happiest ovs Happisome Gotcha Days our aMAYZIn furiend, wots a sooper speshul pawty dis is, such loverly noms an wots a pawesome cakey ! Wee cants wait too try its. Ohhhhhh massages us girlys is ups fur dat fur sure woohoooooo

    Uh, I thinks I overindulged in da drinkies cuz they makes me has to go pee. Don’t worry, I can makes it all by myself (runs into wall)…I totally gots dis.

    Oh, hello kind sir (talks to coat rack)…can you show me to da baffroom?


    • Um, Puddles? That’s not the bathroom. That’s a potted plant. Don’t worry. I know it’s kinda hard to tell them apart.

    • Over heres Puddles!! No! Not in the plant!! Oh well, it WAS lookin’ a little dry. Hey, I ‘ve been waitin’ like FUREVERS in the spa for my massage….doesn’t looks like ADAM is gonna show up, let’s hit the bar!
      This way Puddles….

      • Sorry…Adam couldn’t make it. But I got some guy named Tom Cruise to bartend. Just try not to look him in the eye. He seems a little cuckoo.

  62. Patti Grider

    Happy, Happy Gotcha Day Sweet Mayzie Lou Whoooo! I am still upset with your Mom that she didn’t bring you to Mema’s house Christmas. I had bbq brisket stashed away just for you! Anywho, have a great party and thanks for bringing so much love and kisses to our family! Aunt Patti

  63. BOL!! OMD, I heards he was a couple of Cheetos short of a bag! Butts he does make good action flicks!! BOL
    Nows, what drink is on the specials?

    • Dat dude be whacked in da head fur sures. My mum would be sad to knows Mr. Adam Levine ain’t heres…but she ain’t heres so who cares…BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!
      Oh dears…PUUUUUULEASE tells me dat wadn’t a cactus!!!!!!
      OMD…I thinks I just peed on a cactus…I NEEDS 4 drinks now!

  64. I think I might’ve had too many cheeseburgers. I can’t dance anymore, just roll!! But everyone else seems to be having fun! Cinderella’s hanging out in the spa — though I don’t know HOW she can relax with Puddles going kerazy in there — and the kittehs have been out on the dance floor all day!

  65. edgar

    happy gotcha day, mayzie!! your the sweetest brindle furred doggie in blogville!

    edgar & his mum

  66. Happy Gotcha Day Mayzie! You look very beautiful in your party dress! Thanks for inviting me – I will come right over for some cake!

  67. Wow, that’s quite the condo Mayzie, one of the most beautiful I’ve seen!! So glad your mom and dad adopted you and that you’re willing to share your beautiful condo with them :).

  68. Happy Gotcha Day to the prettiest party girl! I love the cake your mom made for you!

  69. MEEEOW! Here we are Milk and Tweet the Kittehs!!! Happy Gotcha DAY!!! We were hoping that purrhaps we could bring over Roscoe and Mouse? The little dogs we live with?? They are small and don’t eat much, except Roscoe kinda loves treats!

    • We have PLENTY of treats and foodables and games and, well, pretty much EVERYTHING to go around! Wait…I think I see them. Are they standing right outside the door? Well, tell ’em to come on in!

  70. Wow what a great pawty. Happy Gotcha Day! Your condo is amazing, there is so much room in here. The foodables are soooooooooo good. You are all incredible dancers. What a day this has been.

    Loveys Sasha

  71. Woof! Woof! Happy Gotcha Day! I bet your mom’s cake was DELISH! Tasty. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  72. Uh, how comes my name keeps poppin’ up in these comments?
    I must ponder dat while I is out on da cricket lawn….gos to gets an umbrella fur my drink furst.

  73. daisydog

    Thanks for letting us come on in Mayzie!! Roscoe says “the buffet is fabulous”!! Mouse says “I’m too little to reach!! Someone give me a boost!” Happy gotcha day!!

  74. Happy Gotcha Day, Mayzie! I’m so glad you found your mom and dad! You sure look beautiful in your party dress!

    your pal,

  75. Ohhhh Mayzie yoo looked divine dancin wivs mi hubster in dat beeyooteefuls dress dat sure nuff wos a site to behold. Wee is havin da most pawesome time here da girls adored dere massages soooooo much dems is soooo chillaxed n happisome witch makes a change from dem bein stressy pants………Bol

    Da K Krew
    x x x x x x x

    • You sure are a Most Lucky lady to have such a Most Wonderful hubby! And gosh, I’m so glad the massages are going over so well! I think I need to go back and get me another one!

  76. Mayzie-
    Love your Martha Stewart dress…very Fancy Smancy! We just came over for some “Gotcha” good wishes and some cake…but, OMD look at this spread! WE think we will go for a massage after we have a drink and a horse doover!
    Happy Gotcha Day, Mayzie…party on!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  77. Baltimore Purrs and Wags

    Happy Gotcha Day, Mayzie! What a beautiful party and a gorgeous dress!

  78. Gretchen

    Happy Gotcha Day, pretty girl!

  79. Happy Gotcha Day Mayzie!!! what a great party!!

    Jazzi and Addi

  80. Adele

    Wow, today has been one long party. !!

  81. littlemissjackie

    Miss Mayzie, I realized I forgot to tell you how absolutely luvly you looked in your speshul pawty dress! You are such a beyootiful and elegant lady!


  82. I missed your Gotcha Pawty, but I’m sending you wishes of goodness for your special day anyway. LOVE your condo! Thanks for the tour.

    Aroooo, Stuart

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  84. Happy Birthday! Sorry we missed it 😦 Hubs was at the hospital 😦 😦

    Stop on by for a visit

  85. Roo

    Holey Poop! I missed your pawty 😦 Well I want to wish you a super happy belated Gotcha Day anyway! 😀 Happy Happy Gotcha Day Mayzie!!! 😀

    Waggin at ya,

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