Hats for Hope

Today we are pawticipating in Hats for Hope for Sammy and Andy’s mom — Miss Judi.

Miss Judi had to have something called a “needle bye-op-see” last week and she gets her results back tomorrow. Now, the doctors have told her it might be the Bad C-word but we’re keeping our paws crossed that she’ll get the best news ever. And in the meantimes, we wanna let her know that there’s all kinds of loves circling her from all over Blogville.

Even if you don’t know Miss Judi, pretty please go over to her bloggie and leaves her some encouraging words. I know it’ll mean the whole wide world to her.

PeeS. We’ve turned comments off for today because we’d SO much rather you go over and leaves a comment pawsonally for Miss Judi. Thank you! Thank you!


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