Mancat Monday: My New Ride

Hey everyone! Check out my new wheels!

stroller 1

I think technically it’s called a “stroller.” But I prefer to call it the “Smudge-tastic-mobile.”

Mom bought it for me because I love to explore the outside world but I don’t have ANY claws on ANY of my feetsies so it’s super dangerous for me to be outside on my own. My tent is really cool but it always stays in one place. But with the Smudge-tastic-mobile, I can go lots of different places!

Oooo, mom...push me to the other side of the kitchen, would you?

Oooo, mom…push me to the other side of the kitchen, would you?

Queen Abby likes sitting in it, too. But SHE doesn’t like to go places. She says that there’s nothing really worth seeing outside the “perimeters of her castle.”

abby stroller

Not me! I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so we can go exploring. The other cats in the neighborhood are gonna be SO jealous! In the meantime, I’ll just chill here and enjoy that new Smudge-tastic-mobile smell! Ahhhhh…

stroller 3

P.S. Sorry the pictures aren’t all that great. For some reason, mom used her phone instead of her fancy camera. What’s THAT about?


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Mancat Monday

It’s New Year’s Eve! Crack open the nip and let’s PAR-TAY!!!



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Merry Everything!

Peace and joy, from all of us to all of you.

abby tree

smudge santa

christmas card



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Minion Friday

And I shall call him…Mini Me.

mini me


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Wordless Wednesday: Visions of Sugar Plums



December 19, 2012 · 1:03 am

Angel Donna, Pressies and Forgetting How to Be Brave

Did you know sometimes I forgets how to be brave?


Used to, I was skeered all the time. I liked my crate condo and the back yard and the couch, and that was just about it.

Over the last few years, mom and dad and Brudder Ranger have all worked real hard to help me know that the world isn’t so skeery and I have worked real hard on not worrying so much.

Butt…sometimes I forget.

Take last Saturday, for an example. Mom told me that my Angel Donna, who rescued me from that bad place, was going to be in town and we were gonna go see her. Gosh, I was awfully excited! So we hopped in the car and away we went! But while we were on our way, I realized that Mom hadn’t brought Brudder Ranger, and Brudder Ranger always goes EVERYWHERE with us. So that started me worrying.

Then we pulled up into this parking lot that kinda looked familiar but I wasn’t sure from where. I thought maybe it looked like the place where our V.E.T. lives and that started making me feel even funnier. Maybe Mom was just trying to trick me into going to see the V.E.T.!

THEN…mom went inside without me and I sat in the car for like 10 minutes 87 million hours and the more I sat there, the more I thought maybe something bad was gonna happen.

AND THEN…Mom came out with these lady-humans, including my Angel Donna, and they all seemed super nice and they were smiling and they oohed and ahhed over me and wanted to pet me. And they smelled like other doggies and then all-of-a-sudden, I got to worrying that maybe, just maybe, Mom wanted to GIVE ME BACK! Well, it got even worse when Mom was like, “Let’s get out and walk around, Mayzie.” WALK AROUND? At that point, I thought for sure that was super secret code for, “I’m gonna leave you behind forever.”

As you can prolly tell, my brindle brain sometimes runs away with me.

Well, we walked around and they all stood around talking  (I’m not sure what they said cuz in my head, all I could hear was, “AIIIIYEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!”). And they tried to pet me and talk sweet to me, but all I could do was stand there and shiver and shake and wish we could go home.

FINALLY, mom said, “Okay, Mayzie, why don’t we go get in the car?” Car? OUR car? YIPPPEEEE!!! Mom wasn’t leaving me behind after all!

Well, I tell you what, I was never so happy to see our house and Brudder Ranger and Dad and the kittehs in all my life!

After we’d been home for a little while and I calmed my brindle brain down, Mom said, “Mayzie! Wanna see what Angel Donna got you?”

That’s right! Angel Donna gave me a pressie! Which made me feel kinda bad that I wasn’t more furendly — kinda.

So Mom starts pulling all of this grrrreat stuff outta this bag. It was AH-mazing! I mean, just LOOK at it!


Wow! Treatsies and a blankie and MORE treatsies…


And a nice card and some balls and…oooo, what’s this?


A LOOFAH DOG! Angel Donna, how did you know I luvs Loofah Dogs?


They’re super great for playing tug!


Oh! And guess what else was in there?


Yep! My very own Second Chance shirt. (Mom says it’s for her but we all know the truth, don’t we?)


Purple really sets off my Most Beautiful Brindle Furs, don’t you think?


Thank you, thank you, Angel Donna, for all the Most Wonderful pressies! I hope I can see you again sometime soon and I’ll try to be way braver next time…



Note from Mom: Mayzie has come so far since we adopted her that I’m always surprised by episodes like this since they are so rare now. I hate that I put her in a situation where she felt uncomfortable, and looking back, I realize there are several things I should have done. I should’ve brought Ranger (her figurative security blanket). I should’ve put a sweater or coat on her because that always seems to make her feel more secure. I should’ve walked her around in the parking lot to let her get comfortable with her surroundings before bringing everyone out. And I should’ve brought treats for all the ladies to dispense. Lesson(s) learned. When living with a dog who is confidence-challenged, one should never take anything for granted. In all situations, do everything you know how to do to make your dog feel safe and secure, and to set them up for success!


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Queen Cat Monday: Boxing Day

Greetings,Feline Royalty and loyal canine subjects. ‘Tis I. Queen Abigail of the Rockies.

As our fellow feline monarchs undoubtedly know, Christmas is one of the most important holidays in Felinedom. Preparations must be handled carefully with extraordinary attention to detail. This holds especially true as it pertains to boxes, which are, without question, the cornerstone to a successful and memorable holiday.

Because proper box construction and usage is of utmost importance, we stepped down from our throne yesterday to conduct a surprise inspection of the staff in their preparations. Well, dear friends, what we found was a woeful and lackadaisical attitude toward quality control. After we recovered from our shock, we set about immediately berating the staff, which we do believe is the best approach when motivating those beneath one.

What do you mean, "The box is fine"? Why, we have a mind to box your ears for the shoddy work displayed here!

What do you mean, “The box is fine”? Why, we have a mind to box your ears for the shoddy work displayed here!

We are pleased to report that after our rousing speech, this particular staff member — who shall remain nameless to protect her dignity — whipped herself into tiptop shape in no time. Huzzah!

Now, THIS is a box. Good show!

Now, THIS is a box. Good show!

After this most stressful experience, it is our fervent hope that our fellow monarchs do not have to contend with the same trouble from their own staff.

In conclusion, we send you warmest greetings for a joyous Christmas, filled with all the well-constructed boxes one could wish for.

Queen Abigail of the Rockies


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Happy birthday, Brudder Ranger!

Mayzie: Yep! That’s right! It’s Brudder Ranger’s birthday! He’s NINE years old today! Can you believes it?


Ranger: Really? THAT’s the picture you chose to post for my birthday?

Mayzie: But it’s so CUTE! I thinks you look adorbs, Brudder Ranger!

Ranger: I don’t know…I’m sorry, did you just call me “adorbs”?

Mayzie: Yes! It’s a new word I learned. Do you like it?

Ranger: As I was saying, I don’t know why there is a moral imperative in this household to humiliate the family member whose birthday it is.

Mayzie: Well, you think THAT’s bad…guess what? MOM asked if she could say something about you on my bloggie today.

Ranger: What? Oh, Mayzie. Dear, DEAR Mayzie. Please tell me you denied her the opportunity.

Mayzie: Nope! I sure didn’t! Believes me, you’ll thank me later, Brudder Ranger. Okay, mom, take it away!


Thanks, Mayzie!

I can hardly believe Ranger is turning nine today, which means he’s been part of our family almost eight years now. I can’t believe that last part either, mainly because it seems he’s always been with us.


In our household, my husband is the voice of reason when it comes to the pets. That’s probably just as well since if left to my own devices, there’s a not-too-remote possibility of my ending up on that “Hoarders” show. So while I spent the first 12 years of our marriage talking about how we should get a dog, the hubby held firm. “It’s not the right time,” he always said.

Looking back on it, he was probably right. For many of those first years, we lived in apartments. He worked odd hours and I was heavily involved in community theater, which meant many hours away from home at night. Our lifestyle at the time just wasn’t right for a dog. And so we had cats, which I loved with all my heart. But I still yearned for a dog.

Years later, after we bought our home in Colorado, hubby agreed that NOW we could get a dog. I was over the moon! He spent hours on the computer, researching different dog breeds. He wanted a dog he could hunt rabbits with. I wanted a dog that loved to cuddle. He wanted a dog that was intelligent and easily trained. I wanted a dog that didn’t require TOO much exercise. We both wanted a rescue.

Finally, the hubby announced that he had narrowed it down to a rat terrier or a breed only found in France. After briefly contemplating a French vacation, we settled on the rat terrier. Once that was decided, I started researching breed specific rescues and found Ratbone Rescues. Although they are based in Florida, they have a network of foster homes throughout the U.S. We submitted our application but the first two dogs we were interested in were unavailable. And that’s when we asked about Ranger.

Only he wasn’t Ranger at the time. He was “Joe,” a 15 month-old dog in Texas. The picture on their website was grainy and taken from far away, so it was hard to tell what he looked like. But the description of his personality was pretty much exactly what we wanted. We began corresponding with his fosterdad, who explained that prior to coming into rescue, Joe had been well taken care of and socialized. In fact, his family had loved him very much but they had recently endured a tragedy and could no longer care for their dogs. He then included this picture and that was that!

ranger joe

After an interview with an adoption coordinator and a home check, we made arrangements to fly Joe — now Ranger — from Texas to Colorado. When we picked him up at the airport, I think he knew right away that we were his family. We took him for a much-needed potty break and then he immediately walked to OUR car in a parking lot full of cars, put his feet on the door and looked at us like, “Let’s go home!”

Dad and Ranger, not long after he came home.

Dad and Ranger, not long after he came home.

Ranger settled in with us like he’d always been ours. I always say he was the perfect “first dog” for us because he is just so EASY. Oh, sure, he can be stubborn as hell. And okay, he loses his freaking mind when the guy in brown or, well, anyone breaches the perimeter. And he has very rigid rules about dog protocol which he isn’t afraid to enforce. And yeah, sometimes he chooses to ignore something we’re asking him to do, with a polite but firm, “No habla Ingles.” I mean, he IS a terrier, after all.

But despite this, he’s pretty much perfect. He’s never chewed anything up. He walks beautifully on a leash. Off-leash, he never wanders far. He doesn’t bark incessantly and he happily sleeps in as long as we want. He gets along with our cats and for the most part, he’s dog friendly (as long as those dogs abide by the aforementioned rules). He welcomed Mayzie into the family without TOO much protest and I think his confidence has been one of the biggest factors in her progress. He’s just as content either going for a hike or vegging on the couch. Really, the only thing Ranger needs to be happy is his pack. While he’s not a lap dog, he loves to cuddle and, unlike Mayzie, he wants to be with us Every Second of the Day.

You're not going anywhere, right? And if you are, you're taking me, right?

You’re not going anywhere, right? And if you are, you’re taking me, right?

Ranger’s always been an old-man-dog in many ways. But in the last year or so, I’ve noticed that there’s a lot more white on his head, and he’s slower than he used to be. Rather than charging ahead on our walks, he takes his time, savoring every. single. smell along the way. Occasionally, I find myself getting annoyed with this slower, more deliberate Ranger. But to be honest, it’s probably more a frustration with the passage of time than it is with him. All of my pets have been great teachers and of course, Ranger is one of the best. At this point in his (and my) life, I think he’s teaching me to pay attention, to savor the moment, and to not go so fast that you miss the little things. And I know that in the years ahead, he will teach me many, many more things as long as I’m willing to listen.

Ranger and Mom

So happy, happy birthday, Buddy-Boo. We are so lucky that we’ve gotten spend 8 out of your 9 years with you and we look forward to many more to come! We love you more than words can say.



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Wordy Winner Wednesday

Hey everybuddy! Firstly, I wanna thank everybuddy that entered our giveaway for the Wag N Swag mini-prizes! We all (well, except for Sisfur Abby who says the three of us have cooties, whatever those are) got together to make the Big Announcement.


Okay, we were a little confused abouts who wanted to be in the drawing and who didn’t. So unless you just said you DIDN’T want to be in the drawing, we went ahead and entered you.

SO…the winners of our kitteh prizes are:

Kyle Newsham
Miss Marg

And the winners of the doggie prizes are:

Benny and Lily

Yay! Congratulations to EVERYBUDDY! I will be sending all the winners a pee-mail to gets your addresses. Be on the lookout for it, okay?

Oh, and speaking of FUN-raisers and prizes, be sure to check out a super cool raffle that’s going on over at That Touch of Pit for beautiful Miss Baci.


Baci’s an adoptable rescue doggie with Bully Project in New York City. She had to have an operation for something called a “cherry eye” and also had to be treated for some complications related to that. So they have a pretty big V.E.T. bill they have to pay and they’re raffling off a jillion Most Fabulous prizes to raise green papers. Run over there right this very second and see what I mean!


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Brudder Ranger’s Secret Life

Whoa! You will NEVER believes what I just found out abouts Brudder Ranger! I mean, it’s enough to make my brindle head kinda go KABLOOEY!

So, you might think that Brudder Ranger is a little stuffy and uptight. I know! I thought so, too! But then, well, I came across…totally by accident cuz I was NOT snooping…this video on his iPaw! It’s…it’s…well, I can’t describe it. You just have to watch.

(If you can’t see the movie, click here.)

I totally think that PSY guy ripped off Brudder Ranger’s moves, don’t you? Plus, between you and me, I think Brudder Ranger has WAY more star power, too. Gosh, if only Brudder Ranger’s video had gotten out there first.

So, um, you prolly shouldn’t tell Brudder Ranger I showed this to you. I don’t want him to feel bad that the other guy has the most watched video of all time and he doesn’t.


PeeS. Don’t forget to leave a comment on our Monday postie for a chance to win a prize-pressie!


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