Too Nude Tuesday

Hi everyone! It’s me. Smudge. Here to tell you about my no good, awful day last week.


Remember how I told you that they figured out I have feline ass-muh? And that ass-muh is lots of times caused by allergies and so I was gonna maybe have to have allergy testing? Well, I went and had it done (even though my friend Ziggy the Adoptable Dog told me I probably shouldn’t since they might decide I was allergic to noms like they told HIM and that I would only get to eat boring stuff from now on which just sounds AWFUL!).

Well, luckily, they didn’t tell me I was allergic to food. Thank COD! But…gulp!…oh gosh, this is so embarrassing…LOOK what they did to me!

Side 1

They shaved half my furs off! And then they poked me with needles SIXTY times with stuff I might be allergic to! The worst part is that they gave me this stuff to make me kinda sleepy so there was NOTHING I could do about it. I just woke up and BOOM! Half my furs are gone and I have little black dots all over me. At first I was confused and thought maybe I’d gone out partying with some of my friends and ended up with a tattoo. But luckily, the black dots wash off.

Anyway, it’s just downright embarrassing. I’m practically NEKKID! And with Mayzie’s Gotcha Day party coming up, I don’t even know how I’m going to face the lady cats. I’ve been working on a comb-over…

side 2

But so far, no luck…

Carp! It's still there!

Carp! It’s still there!

Sigh. Do you think ANY of the lady cats will dance with me at the party?

So anyway, once they poked me with the allergy-causing stuff, they waited to see if it caused a bump. Then they graded the reaction on a scale of 0-4. (Zero being nothing and 4 being the worst.) This is how it turned out:

allergy report

Click to biggify.

Most of ’em I don’t care about but the saddest one for me (other than being allergic to cattle which has dashed forever my dream of being a cowboy) is that I’m allergic to PEOPLE! Yes! PEOPLE!

Now, I know what you’re thinking but don’t worry. After giving it a LOT of thought, I’ve decided NOT to rehome mom and dad. I mean, I’m super attached to them and who would ever be able to take care of them like we do? So that’s why I’ve decided to go ahead and take allergy shots so that I can build up my immunity to them. Not every cat would do this, I know, but I’m willing to take one for the team!

Anyway, once I got home, Mayzie could tell how embarrassed and just plain worn out I was by the whole ordeal. So she scooted over in her condo and invited me to come snuggle with her.

mayzie smudge kiss

It made me feel lots better, that’s for sure! She’s one great sisfur!

mayzie cuddle


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23 responses to “Too Nude Tuesday

  1. Smmmmmmmmmmudge!! Oh my stars!! You is allergic to everything!! My dog, have you ever seen such a list!! But telling you you’re allergic to your mom and dad… that’s horse pawdookie!! Yes, I said pawdookie!!

    Thank goodness Miss Mayzie was there to lend a comforting paw. She’s the best sisfur ever!!

  2. I am very pleased to hear that you are being such a responsible and kind cat, not re-homing your people 😀 The shelters for them are so full. What a thing to be allergic to, though. Hope the shots help and you feel better really quickly. I’m sure lots of girls will want to dance with you, now that you’re half naked – it might be a benefit 🙂

  3. srch101f09

    Mr Smudge. Our muzzer has a chunk of hairs in her closet that she calls a “pouf” It is really OLD, but it is sin thetic. Would you like to borrow it for the gotcha day pawty. Then you can rehome it if you would like.

    However, Miss Teka assures me that grrrlllss, be they cats or dogs, will simply thing you are very brave, in addition to being responsible and kind.


  4. holy smokes – that is terrible. though we are glad you decided to keep the humans….. good luck with being poked all the time

  5. Well, there’s a twist. A kitty who’s allergic to people! I’m glad mom and dad get to stay. I hope you do well with the treatment, Smudge. Keep us updated.

  6. I think the girlies will still line up to dance with you at the party. I mean you are doing an amazing thing be keeping your peeps. I think girls would swoon over your selflessness. And you sure do have the bestest sisfur!

  7. Sorry to hear about being allergic to your people! Glad you made a good decision to not re-home them. Perhaps you can take some medicine (that doesn’t taste too bad) to make you feel better. I’m sure the ladies at the dance will love your little bald spot. Good Luck! Tashi, Kaya, Bella & Buddah (the dogs)

  8. Smudge… First of all do not worry about your bald spot! I will stick close by your right side at the pawty. And I will lick it for you. I have magic powers in my spit!

    Hey good news you might be kind to my Dad, he has lots of inhalant allergies to but I do not think he is allergic to mom. If he is, well he will have to build a human house in the backyard
    Madi your bfff

  9. harrispen

    Poor Smudge…I would be more than happy to take a spin on the dance floor with you if you don’t mind dancing with a canine. What’s a cat to do when you are allergic to your people. I hope that doesn’t mean they can’t snuggle and pet you.


  10. Frankie Furter and Ernie

    Smudge you could get one of those PAWtend Tattoos and the girrrrrl cats would LOVE that. Don’t worry they WILL dance with you.
    Good Grief… you are allergic to Peeple??? We are really glad that you are not going to re home yours. That would have made them all confused and scared and sad.

  11. cafall

    Sam has been working on a line of toupee’s for just these moments. I’ll see if he has something in kitty fur….


  12. I will dance with you on the pawty, that’s for sure :o) …. you are allergic people ? I feel sorry and I hope you can manage this allergic thingy….

  13. Smudge, we have lots and lots of extra furs here, black, white, gray, red – take your pick and we will gladly send it your way. Hope all this testing results in something good to help you.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. MOL Mayzie you are so funny. Mom and I didn’t even notice the appearance of brown. BUT you are so right it must be my super duper velocity, ’cause I’m all gray and white…not even a speckle of lovely brindle brown on me.

  15. Two French Bulldogs

    Oh you poor thing! Maybe you could start a new style by shaving furs. My Lily had that procedure done too a few years ago. How could my Lily be allergic to grass!
    Feel better
    Benny & Lily

  16. Oh Smudge, I am so sorry to hear you have asthma. My sister Gracie has that and we have a rescue inhaler for her. Don’t worry about the fur thing, you look macho!

  17. Poor Baby!!! You are such a good cat Smudge, not to give your PEOPLE away!!! You are going to take one or two or three for the team!!! You are a good GUY!!!

  18. Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry, Smudge. That’s no fun at all, but it sounds like you’re making the good, brave decision to go with the shots. Keep us posted on how you’re feeling!

  19. Daisy

    Allergic to your peeps! Who ever heard of that! But you are such a good sport, Smudge to go through all of that so you don’t have to rehome them. You’re a legend.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Rosy

    You would’ve made a great cowboy.

  20. Oh Smudge, we are so glad you decided to keep your peeps. And by the way, we think you look very handsome with your bald spot and all the ladies here really want to dance with you especially Two Two who is also as tuxedo kitty. I bet that Mom will figure out something. We will see you on Thurs. Have your dancing shoes on.

  21. Boy, that’s super tough!! It’s hard to decide when you need to rehome humans. I mean, your health is very impawtant. But I’m glad you’ve decided to keep them. You give them such a good home. I hope that your fur grows back really quick!!

  22. Oh Smudge, dude! Your one tough kitteh! And, don’t worry, I thinks you’ll start a new trend among the kitteh world! I sure am glads you decided to keep your peeps, good ones are hard to find, ya know?!

  23. Smudge, I am sorry you are having allergy problems. I am glad its not foodables, that would be the worst. Maybe your peoples can start wearing special suits so they don’t upset you and make you sneeze. I am glad you aren’t getting rid of them. That is very nice of you.

    Loveys Sasha

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