Pip and Puddles Come to Visit

Hi everybuddy! OMD! I’m could just wiggle my brindle furs off cuz two of my very bestest BFF’s — Pip and Puddles — came to visit me as part of Pip’s Bucket Tour!


See, Pip has one of the very biggest hearts around. And when you have a humongous heart like he does, it works SO hard sending out love to everybuddy that after awhile, it gets awfully tired, and his dogtor told him that it might not be too terribly long before his heart poops out altogether. So Pip decided before that happened, he’d take Puddles Duddles Rainwater and go around the world, visit his furends and experience lotsa things he’s never done before. And gosh, when I heard that, I KNEW I had to have ’em come visit me!

Well, I was kinda stumped about what to do cuz I knew they had already come to Collie-rado earlier in their tour and visited lotsa stuff around here. So I thought real hard about what I could do with them that they hadn’t already done. Then I remembered how much fun my mom and Uncle J had at our zoo and I thought, “THAT’S IT!”

Now, Pip and Puddles just went on a safari in Africa so I knew I couldn’t really compete with that…UNLESS I was able to get them up close and personal with the animals in the Zoo. So I pulled some strings and got us all V.I.P. (Very Impawtant Pup) passes. And, oh, gosh, we had the bestest time!

Our zoo here is called the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and it’s one of the only mountain zoos in the whole world! So of course, our first stop was to take a picture at a place that overlooks the entire town of Collie-rado Springs. (Brudder Ranger came along as our pawtographer. He says he prefers to be BEHIND the camera.) They have a ski lift there but it wasn’t running that day so, well, Puddles just improvised.

Zoo overlook

Next, we headed over to the giraffe exhibit which is kinda special cuz Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has the largest herd of giraffes in the United States. By the time we left, I think one of the giraffes was kinda sweet on Pip!

pip giraffes

We cleaned all the giraffe slobber off of Pip’s head and at the next exhibit, we met this funny little guy that we think might have an identity crisis.


Since he was most obviously NOT a kitteh, we decided to go see some REAL ones.

puddles mt lions

Now, I wasn’t ENTIRELY convinced those mountain lions weren’t going to eat Puddles so I real quick-like suggested we go visit the hippos which I thought would be safer. Turns out, I shoulda known better.


Well, I couldn’t have agreed with Pip more! So I asked him what kind of animal he really wanted to visit with. He said he has always liked gorillas cuz they remind him so much of people…only without all the extra baggage. So away to visit the gorillas we went! Pip and this handsome gentleman hit it right off…


After a nice long chat, I thought it might be kind of fun to play in the snow with Mr. River Otter. Being the jolly fellow he is, he was thrilled to see us and we had the bestest time sliding into his pond.


Pip was right! After all that sliding, we were cold and super hungry. So off we went to the reptile house to warm up, grab some burgers and spend time with my furend, Allie Gator.


Well, after we finished off our burgers, it was time for the zoo to close. We headed back home, had a few snacks (and a couple more cheeseburgers) and took a picture to commemorates the occasion (which Brudder Ranger agreed to join us for).

M R Pip and Puddles Couch

The next day, Pip and Puddles hopped back in their snazzy red car and were off on their next adventure. As we waved good-bye, I thought how super lucky I am to have such Most Wonderful furends!


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42 responses to “Pip and Puddles Come to Visit

  1. Daisy

    That was a fabulous tour. Puddles…what can we say,..she’s kerazy dangerous. Don’t know how she does it. We were a bit worried that Pip wouldn’t get his cheeseburger, but we should have known that a hostess like you would make sure he did!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. My word, what a fabulous tour! Love the photos

  3. That was a most wonderful tour of the zoooooo! “You know that it’s all happening at the zoo” and now we believe it too!

    gussie n teka

  4. Things are just flying off Pip’s list. That was a GREAT tour you gave them. “Lady Tarzan” Bawhahhha I almost spit out my breakfast with that one.

  5. What a nice tour you arranged, Mayzie! And that Puddles was true to form and just gets into trouble naturally!

  6. Pip

    Oh this is fun! Now, if I could just get free from Miss Lasso Tongue Giraffe …could you maybe just let go. I promise to come back and visit you real soon. Pretty please with a cheeseburger on top.

  7. Oh Mayzie, lots of your wiggles and wags to that visit. That was such a great visit at the zoo. And that picture at the end of Pip and Puddles and you and Ranger. That is just terrific. You are the best.

  8. Pip

    I think the Mr. Meerkat and I might be related …we kind of have the same eyes, don’t you think?

    Oh Puddles, don’t sweat it, my feline siblings ignore me all the time …it’s what they do.

  9. What a fun visit! Mayzie’s mom did an incredible job with the cool pictures. I felt like I was right there at the zoo with everybuddy. I hope Pip and Puddles have a great time on the rest of their adventure!

  10. Pip

    Mr. Gorilla – how about I treat you to one of my world famous cheeseburgers. Come on Mayzie, let’s go light up the grill.

    NO PUDDLES! Don’t give the otter a beer …I don’t think he is legal drinking age …come to think of it …how old are you?

  11. Great adventure with your very dear friends. Zoos are always fun and you & Brudder Ranger showed P & P an awesome time.

  12. Cool adventure – thankfully they let you leave – you are such crowd pleasers they might of wanted to keep you!

  13. What a fun time you all had. That giraffe sure has a long tongue.

  14. What a great visit! Pip and Puddles are so much fun, aren’t they? They visited us last week!

    The Florida Furkids

  15. What a fun visit! That was a grreat idea, going to the zoo. You sure got to meet everyone. I thought Puddles was going to get eaten for a minute there, but she always manages to pull through!

  16. That was a fun visit to the zoo. Looks like everyone had a great time and we loved the pictures, they made us laugh!!

    jazzi and addi

  17. Bwhahahahahaha…um, okays I had no idea giraffes had such long tongues. One lick and da Pip would be a gonner. Crap, and I is his nurse…which means I would has to rescue him.


  18. Lady Tarzan….BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…how does I even comment on dat? Geez, fur da furst time I gots nuttin’ clever to say…daaaaaaaang it!


  19. I alo had no idea how much slobber hippos has eithers…why ya’ll not tells me dat??????? It be all like thick slobber too…ewwwwwwwwwe!


  20. Lovely trip to the zoo! It’s a good thing Puddles survived to tell the tale..ha ha!


  21. We’ve never been to the zooz. What a fun adventure – and not too much trouble!! Good job, Mayzie and Ranger!

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  22. OMDs Mayzie I knew you were an excellent hostess but girlfriend you out did yourself on this tour….You will never ever believe this but many years ago Mom heard about your Zoo and how they let the Giraffes out at a certain time of day and there was a web cam set up. She used to watch them nearly everyday.

    That giraffe has good taste falling in love with Pip. As you know I’m kinda of sweet on him too. I nearly fell out when I saw Puddles in the Hippo mouth.
    I bet she talked so much he spit her out lickety split.
    Excellent adventure and a good time was had by all!!
    Mayzie you were very patient waiting for your cheese.
    hugs madi your BFFF

  23. Puddles must have had one too many before she jumped in the mouth of a hippo!! Great visit!

  24. rubytheairedale

    OMD!! This is just a CRAZY visit Mazie!!! I;ve never been to the zoos before, and didn’t know they kept so many different animals in one place!! Oh, I thinks you guys are lucky to gets out of there with out gettin’ nabbed by the popo, 5-O, Barney, bobby,mounties, fuzz, Jonny-Law….just sayin’ …givin’ underage Otter brewskies is a Federal Offense! Okay, probally not, butts with all the other hand, with all the other criminal activity, I’d RUN if I were yous!! hehehehe
    Great tour Mayzie!! Loved it!

  25. What a wonderful time Pip and Puddles had with you. They sure have had quite the adventurous trip all around the world.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  26. Frankie Furter and Ernie

    WELL NOW…. Mayzie and Brudder Ranger… you certainly did show PIP and Lady TARZAN (aka TarZINA) a good time at the zoo. We are NOT at all sure that the residents were thrilled about it though.. Just sayin!

  27. Who knew Pip would get to experience sloppy kisses on this adventure? BOL! I hope the cheeseburgers made up for it all! What a great adventure!


  28. What a wild time this was – one that none of you will ever forget!

    Love ya lots
    Mitch and Molly

  29. Mayzie and Ranger!!

    What a wunderful day! Max and me would LUVS to come and visit you so you could take us to da zoo too!

    Woofs and Looks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  30. Two French Bulldogs

    What a blast!!! Glad those big giraffes didn’t give no slobbery kisses
    Benny & Lily

  31. We hates to admit it but we may be a tiny bit afraid of the giraffes. ~Fenris & Tuiren

  32. Goodness, Miss Mayzie, what a neat visit with all those furiends! Did the meerkittycat give you any cheese? It’s great that you got to have cheezburgers for lunch and how fun for Mr. Pip to get a smoochy-face from a jiraf! I’m glad Miss Puddles didn’t get eated by your new furiends!

  33. I live in Africa! And my kitty’s name is Twiga (that’s Swahili for giraffe). Great Post!

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