Taste of the Wild Review and Super Pawsome Giveaway!

Hey everybuddy! Guess what I get to do today? I get to tell you what I thought abouts Taste of the Wild’s NEW Southwest Canyon Formula, plus I get to give away something fabulously cool for you AND your human!


Now, if the bag I’ve got in my paws looks empty, that’s cuz it is. Here…lemme show you.



Yep, totally empty.

I feel kinda sad abouts it being empty.

I feel kinda sad abouts it being empty.

And you know why it’s empty? Cuz we LUVED it!

See, me and Brudder Ranger have been eating Taste of the Wild for a few years now. Mom likes it cuz it’s grain-free and she says that our coats are shinier and we look healthier since we’ve been eating it. But WE like it cuz it tastes SOOOO good!Β Β Our favorite recipes are Sierra Mountain and High Prairie.

thumbnailThis new Southwest Canyon formula is made out of feral bacon wild boar and beef and Β fruits and veggies, and it doesn’t have any soy or corn (which some doggies are allergic to). It also has…what did they call it?…oh, yeah!…a lower “glycemic index” than their other formulas cuz it’s made with peas and chickpeas instead of potatoes. And you know what? I think it might be our favoritest one yet. In fact, we DEVOURED it! We luved it so much that we asked mom if she would buy us a big bag of it, but Most Sadly, our usual store doesn’t have it in stock yet. But when they DO get it, this will go into our regular rotation, for sure!

We gives it eight paws up!

We gives it eight paws up!

Okay, now the really super fun part. The Taste of the Wild peoples are letting us give away a pawsome prize package that contains:

  • Samples of the Southwest Canyon formula (for you)
  • $25 Gift Certificate to PetFlow.com (so your humans can buy you something really cool)
  • $25 Gift Card to Omaha Steaks (for your human–but I bet you can talk them into sharing)

How AH-mazing is that!!!???

The giveaway is open to furends in the U.S. only, and it’s super easy to enter. Just leave a comment on this bloggie post from now until 5 p.m. MST tomorrow, Wednesday the 16th. (Only one comment per household please.) On Wednesday night, we’ll do a random drawing and announce the winner on Thursday, the 17th.

Good luck!

Disclosure: Taste of the Wild gave us three free sample bags of their Southwest Canyon formula for this review. However, the opinions expressed here are totally and completely our own. The end.


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150 responses to “Taste of the Wild Review and Super Pawsome Giveaway!

  1. I have tryed Taste of the wild catfood , it was really nom nom πŸ™‚

    • Michelle Hogan

      Mayzie, my girls agree with you and think the only bag is an empty bag. Everyone loves the new variety, well they like a couple others too. Everyone is loving it and looking and feeling great.

  2. Morning gorgeous Mayzie and handsome Ranger!!
    Mom and I like the name of the new food and the packaging so we know it must taste delish
    Hugs madi your BFFF and Mom

  3. Anything with peas and feral bakhon gets my FT a-fluffin’


  4. Ditto on that feral bacon comment above! We think it sounds superscrumptili-icious. Please puts us in the drawing. Teka says she will share the omaha steaks with Brudder Ranger, but no one else.


    sigh…I do wish she wouldn’t make me put this stuff in the comments.

  5. tina velgos

    Pls enter Lola and Zoey into the doggie
    food drawing! These poodles can be finicky
    so we are always looking 4 more options!!
    az poodle rescue volunteer

  6. Feral bacon? Sign us up! And ya know… if our humans ever got anything from Omaha Steaks, they would TOTALLY share with us, because, well, we wouldn’t let them get away with NOT sharing. So please enter us in the drawing!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  7. Susie Araiza

    My babes get Blue Buffalo. I would be interested in trying Taste of the Wild. I have 4 pitties, 1 cattle dog x that’s a street rescue and 1 retriever x that’s a shelter rescue. Thanks for the great post.
    P.S. 2 of my pitties are rescues too, we are a “rescue” house.

  8. Oh my dog! We sampled it and loved it, but we can’t get it around here yet! We are dying to order some of our own! You’re right, feral bacon is DELICIOUS!


  9. Ooh I would love to win this for me and my peeps. I know they always share their foodables with me so the steaks would be good too.


  10. Oh my goodness I am drooling all over myself. I would love to have some. And even if I don’t win I am making MOM buy some TODAY! If she doesn’t then no cuddles for her. Thanks for the yummy review.

  11. We would love to enter too please and would share with our doggie friends!

  12. pitlandiapooch

    Athena has never tried any flavors of Taste of the Wild before, so we would love to enter the contest for her to try some of the Southwest Canyon flavor! Thanks!

  13. Looks like its worth a try
    Benny & Lily

  14. Constance

    We love Taste of the Wild, but havent had the Southwest Canyon. We’d love to be entered in the drawing.

  15. Evonne Lucas

    My 3 chihuahuas and 1 springer love your food!! I would love to get the samples!!

  16. Bobby Smith

    Whoa!! Sounds Lickable..yum! I hope Mom get’s me some. I LOVE BACON!!!

  17. Brittany

    We would love to win a sample of Taste of the Wild’s new formula! Can’t wait to try it (and the steaks)!!

  18. linda

    Good Morning pretty Mayzie and handsome Ranger Taste of the Wild is yummy I Macchiato can not have grain it makes tummy all funny so Southwest Canyon flavor would be super cool to try out I’m sort picky when comes to my kibble. The $25 Gift Certificate would be cool to get too because mommy can buy me new teddy she slipped coffee on my bear now it smells funny

  19. stacy selman

    My dogs love their taste of the wild food. I’m sure they will love this new Southwestern Canyon.

  20. Looking forward to checking out the new Taste of the Wild Flavor.

  21. Oh my. We love TOTW. I want to try the new kind. Please

  22. Beach Kowgirl

    Taste of the wild is all my two heelers eat and they LOVE it! They have convinced the cats to do the same!

  23. Yuki

    I’d love to win! Thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  24. Heather

    Maisey the border collie likes Taste of the Wild and would be interested in trying this new flavor! Heather

  25. Amy Rooks

    All the four-legged furies in my house love Taste of the Wild!!

  26. Adrienne Stronge

    Taste of the Wild is our pups favorite! Spudnik, Daisy, and Harley won’t eat anything else. Pacific Stream is their absolute favorite, but I know they’d be anxious to give Southwest Canyon a try.

  27. jessica shukowiths

    Roxy absolutely LOVES Taste of the Wild. She will be soooo excited to try the new Bacon Flavor!!

  28. shelly

    Just recently switch my adult dog and four month old puppy to Taste of the Wild! I cannot tell you how much THEY love it! I love it not only because they like it but also it is affordable among the fact ghat it is super healthy for them too! Also the food had five out of five stars on dogfoodadvisor.com so that was really awesome too! I will continue to buy this food and will look for this new flavor in our local pet store!!!

  29. Yvonne F

    Woof! This giveaway would be an excellent celebration for my upcoming 5th anniversary “Gotcha-Day” with my human family. They adopted me, but the truth is they really needed me! Oscar (former rescued puppy mill dog)

  30. Morgan

    The lucky cat gets to dine on TOTW but mom is on the fence and says it’s too expensive for the two of us mutts. As itchy as I’ve been lately, though she’s almost ready to cave. I know a gift card would help put her over the edge!!

  31. We not only promote and Sell Taste of The Wild but All our employee dogs eat it to. I recently switched from the Sierra Moutain to the Wild Boar and My Labs fell in love with it!

  32. Debi

    All 7 of my girls love it but I can only get it at one small business and she orders it in for me and can only get the five pound bag. I give them the Salmon for dinner but like to give them something different in the morning.

  33. That looks most yummy! We would like to try it as well πŸ™‚

  34. Kristen E. Martin

    My local store doesn’t carry it yet. My 4 chihuahuas prefer chicken, though. Too bad there isn’t a TotW chicken-only food…I’m not talking about the Wetlands with all sorts of fowl.

  35. Kevin

    My Saint Bernese is 11 weeks old. Mackenzie can not get enough of her Taste of the Wild. She loves the Pacific Stream. Her tail goes crazy when we walk towards her food container!

  36. Becky

    My bully would love this food! He lives to eat but I feed for him to live:)

  37. Jess L.

    Awesome – we’d love to have a non-potato food in our rotation for extra variety!

  38. Our mom feeds us Sierra Mountain Canine formula with Roasted Lamb, we LOVE it and are so healthy!

  39. Robin Brooks

    My way English bullies LOVE TOTW…they have tasted the new one and love it…

  40. My Basset Hound, Annie, LOVES the Pacific Stream Taste of the Wild. We didn’t know the Southwest Canyon was made without potatoes! Woot! We’d love to try it. Thanks πŸ™‚

  41. Stephanie P

    Love this contest!!!! My pup loves Taste of the Wild too!

  42. I started feeding my four dogs the Pacific Stream 6 weeks ago. One of my shihtzus has really itchy skin and scratches all the time. Now, he hardly scratches at all! I won’t give my dogs any other brand of food ever again. Can’t wait to try the new SW Canyon.

  43. Lori M.

    My sweet Kira would love to win some scrumptious new food! She is our big ‘ol bull mastiff that we rescued!

  44. Kodiak

    My mom has fed me Taste of the Wild since the day she brought me home. I have a shiny coat, fresh breath, and a clean bill of health! No itchy ears for me. Too bad it is so darn expensive!

  45. My mom just bought this stuff for us too and causes us to paws for a moment and enjoy it…..cuz it is going to be our Furrever Favoritests supper!!!!

  46. feral bacon? I think our dogs can get on board with that!

  47. Jenny

    Bouncing Beauceron ‘Blaze’ would love to try the new formula πŸ™‚
    Please enter us in your awesome giveaway !

  48. Belinda B Johnson

    Our Greyhound loves, loves, loves TOTW…he is retired and loving life. Deserves a great diet and comfy bed.

  49. samantha cheng

    We use Taste of the Wild dog and cat food! Taste of the Wild is great for doggy food allergies!

  50. Anna Fanotto

    Pal & Bo devour this stuff….wet and dry! PetFlow is awesome too πŸ™‚

  51. Amanda Hutchison

    I hope we win! My dogs Annie and Rudy love Taste of the Wild!

  52. Barbara Maver

    Luke loves it!

  53. Michael

    My crew – Aussies Candy and Rudy, BC mix Rosie love ToTW they already devoured a sack of SW Canyon

  54. Katrina

    Our pomchi loves taste of the wild, but doesn’t every dog? πŸ™‚

  55. Colleen brindle

    I have 3 totally different dogs due to TOTW it can’t get eatin fast enough thank you all from my happy dogs Rooney,Hunter,Brandy

  56. Jennifer Kania

    My dogs have been on Sierra Mountain Canine Formula with Roasted Lamb for about a year and LOVE it!!! I even use it as treats. (My sensitive belly lab has never had better poops!!)

  57. Anthony Dover

    My Doberman “Kita” Loves the Taste of the Wild dog foods!

  58. Janice

    I’m gonna ask my local distributor to stock this variety!

  59. Ash

    Our boys look crazy young in comparison to other pet’s their age, I thank Taste of the Wild for that. ❀ Thanks for keeping my boys healthy!

  60. jayne a

    Love the photos Mayzie! Our dog Scully absolutely loves Taste of the Wild….she can’t wait to get her paws on the new flavor!

  61. Kerri

    Jazar and Aquila totally agree Mazie they love the new flavor as well as the others. So much so they beg for more. Keep up the good work

  62. karla

    oh my drooling! I’m sure my titan would love it, and I would love Omaha steaks!

  63. BJ Kinkade

    Cricket, Milo and Dino would love to be winners and get new food flavors to try. They are loyal fans!

  64. Karen Miller

    All three of my pets…2 dogs and a cat..east TOTW. They love it and thrive on it.

  65. Joy Nixon

    My dogs and cats love Taste of the Wild foods. I haven’t seen the new formula yet in my stores, but will let them try when I find it!

  66. Rita Bedard

    What a great product Taste of the Wild is! I adopted my dog Spike from the Save a Sato program, I call him my little chupacarbra, LOL. He was covered in what we thought was mange, took him to the vet, multiple times, no mange, YAY for that! Was in our local pet store and they educated me on grain free products, Well my lil Spike is a very happy doggy. Thanks to Taste of the Wild!! We just bought him the new Southwest Canyon dry and canned, He said Thank you mommy it’s delish!! It would be so awesome to win!! Thank you for your blog and time.
    Mommy Rita and Spike

  67. Craig Patenaude

    Been feeding my dog Taste of the wild for 6 years

  68. Mari

    I love TOTW. It is my only pet food choice!

  69. Nicki

    My girls LOVE TOTW. Their favorite is the kind in the purple bag.

  70. Melody Gulley

    We have 3 big dogs who love Taste of the Wild. Loved the feral bacon comment!

  71. Amy

    We have switched over to Taste of the Wild for our felines too, after discovering that the felines were eating/guarding the dog food! Poor puppy wasn’t able to eat when the cats were around! We’re all better now that I got the picture!

  72. Timora Pole

    Seamus, our NSDTR, loves Taste of the Wild! He’s going to adore this new flavor!

  73. Niki

    I’m sure my Boxers will love the new flavor- can’t wait to try it out!

  74. Ashley Lowman

    I’ve been buying TOTW for a few years for my two pit bulls that I adopted and they absolutely love it! Thanks for letting people know about this great brand!

  75. Dana Luburich

    My two dogs have been eating TOTW since my big shepherd developed some kind of allergy and we made the grain free switch.. I have been looking for the new flavor but haven’t been able to find it anywhere. Would love to get a free sample.

  76. That food likes like something our kittens would love to try b/c believe me they LOVE to eat!!! Then eat some more!!! You can tell by how fast they are growing!! Thanks for this Mayzie and family!!!

  77. Samantha Mather

    Our dogs also love The Taste of Wild dog food.

  78. Angelina Martini

    Just started my 14week old GSP on the large puppy formula. Yummy yummy she eats it all up and we are keeping it on our shelf.

  79. Rod

    My dog loves TOTW but the new boar flavor is her fave. She usually waits or wants a little broth on there for dinner but she was very excited and making her feed me now noises when I filled her feed container with the new bag. So, I loaded her bowl and she tore into it. A first. She has not got bored with this one or requires asking to eat. She is a Heeler and they have their dingo going on so……

    She loves it. 2 paws up! Thanks

  80. Mayzie you are so cute! I don’t need to be entered in the drawing (you can redraw if I get picked) but just had to say that I think you’re the cutest dog!

  81. Us three really love taste of the wild and would love to try the feral bacon kind soon!

  82. Rick Jenkins

    All 3 of our rescue Basset Hounds Oscar (16), Fischer (11), & Cruiser (7) have been devouring this brand going on 6 years now and absolutely LOVE Taste of the Wild!

  83. My oldest dog has real bad allergies and we found out that she was allergic to grains so we switched both our dogs to Taste of the Wild! Not only has her allergies gone away, but both dogs coats are just beautiful and they absolutely love the food!!

  84. BACON!! Yes Please!! We like fruits and veggies too πŸ˜€

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  85. Kelsey

    Taste of the Wild is the ONLY pet food we feed our dogs and cat!

  86. Oh please put us in the drawing. I would love to try that food on our doggie, Ande. And Mom loves those Omaha steaks and yes she shares. What a great deal. We are so glad that you did this. Have a great day.

  87. Kristine Chandler

    We feed our three dogs TOTW. They absolutely love the taste and I love the quality of the food. I get tons of compliments on how amazing they look. They get so excited when they see me come in the door with a fresh bag of it.

  88. After half-heartedly eating Science Diet for way too many years, my dogs started devouring Taste of the Wild Bison-Venison. They love it and I am happy to see them eat with such gusto!

  89. Millster Gorillster

    Me ‘n my two sissies LOVE Taste of The Wild Prairie! We can’t wait to try the new stuff!! It looks yummy! Woof woof, Millie

  90. Jeremy

    Sogi LOVES Taste of the Wild. If someone attempts to feed him something different, he gives the awkward, tilted-head look!

  91. My Pom and Silky Terrier LOVE TOTW! It’s a great quality without breaking the budget, and they have a great protein variety perfect for rotating! They can have fussy tummies, but we had no problem transitioning them to TOTW or between formulas within the brand. Their favorite is the bison and vension and I know they would go bonkers over “feral bacon!” ;D

  92. Please Enter Chance (Yellow Lab), Jethro (Irish Setter), Ellie (Boston Terrier), Shelby (Choclate Lab), and Carlye (Irish Setter) in the Taste of the Wiild Contest !! All five have been on this diet for almost 2 years and are doing Great. They Love all of the Flavors, as I rotate them every week. They also go through 2 cans a day mixed in with their Dry Formula for their Dinner Time Meal !! We get compliments where ever we go, as they sport such beautiful shining coats and have an abundance of energy !! When I open a new bag weekly, they all put their heads in to grab a bite before I can get it in the storage container !!

  93. Jr Slafey

    Our dog Dutchess is allergic to everything and the only thing she has done well on is the Taste of the Wild wetlands it has been a miraculous turn around for her it is truly amazing!!!

  94. MyDogKirby

    My Bernedoodle loves TOTW Pacific Stream – the new one sounds like a winner. Thanks for the chance!

  95. Courtney

    Winner winner chicken…I mean steak and bacon…dinner!

    Murphy (American Bulldog/Boxer), Toby & Daisy (English Bulldogs)

  96. cindi V

    My 5 brothers and sisters and I LOVE TOTW! We think the new sw canyon is better than the lamb. We think mom should feed tus more than she does but keeps telling us we will get fat. I say tough! Bring on the yummies!

  97. Tom Moriarty

    This sounds even better than the food my people eat and share with me! I can’t wait to try some – and may even share with them! Tibbetts *ARF*

  98. Jodie Hosey

    We love Taste of The Wild and would love to try the new variety!!

  99. I feed my Shepherds the Grain Free Bison/Venison Formula and they love it and do so well on it. I also I ground up the puppy kibble and mixed it in some Esbilac to introduce it to my litter of 9 pups they love their taste of the wild gruel!

  100. Crystal

    We love TOTW! Love that the company has such a fantastic variety of formulas to choose from. The new Southwest Canyon blend is a great addition to an already great product line!

  101. Will

    I can’t wait for my guys to try this new flavor!

  102. Jill

    My pit bull, Ms.Violet, loves her some Taste of the Wild!

  103. Chelsea Edwards

    My German Shepherd puppy is now old enough to eat adult food. She’s excited to try some new formulas!

  104. Jackie

    My little chihuahuas would love to try this!

  105. Taco & Hollow

    New Flavor? We’re in!

  106. Mo's Mama

    My cat and dog both eat Taste of the Wild food and they love it! Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  107. My Girls love Taste of the Wild! Can’t afford it anymore though, so winning this giveaway would be awesome!

  108. zeke and linus

    we love totw! our fave is high sierra and the one with salmon on the bag. . . . . i can’t wait to find this new feral bacon flavor at my local dealer! ! ! !

  109. Hey Mazie, WE were up early this morning adn saw that you had already posted a comment on our post. How come you is up so early. We thought we were the only ones in the world who were up before the sun.

    Your lookin really good and you look pretty darn happy wiht your self after eating your goodies.

    Hope you are having some warmer weather than us.


  110. stephanie

    My dogs go bonkers over TOTW, bet they’d love the new flavor!

  111. Tim Ullrich

    We feed TOTW and my dogs, big and small, love it.

  112. Heather Hannigan

    My dogs have been eating Taste of The Wild for 3 years and never looked better! They love it too.

  113. Crystol Perry

    My boys a chihuahua, chocolate lab and a ninja cat all love taste of the wild!!!It feels so good to know they are eating very healthy and their teeth and coats are wonderful! Its not easy to satisfy a feline that is part Ninja!!!! We love TOTW!!!! i havent seen the treats any where yet but when i find them I will be stocking up for sure!

  114. Ali

    We feed TOTW also, and our Bella and Baron have been dying to try the new flavor :-).

  115. Wendy T.

    My would love to win this prize for my girl!

  116. we love Taste of the Wild too!

  117. Carolyn Hellum

    Awesome! Our Sheprador Mocha eats only TOTW and she has the softest, shiny coat! Would love to see what she thinks of the new Wild Boar flavor.

  118. We love TOTW. They make great chicken free stuff that all our pups enjoy

    Stop on by for a visit

  119. donnaeroche

    My two dogs love taste of the wild. Would love to try new food!!

  120. My pups used to eat TOTW and I loved the ingredients & price, but they lost interest in eating it. I might try it again as they seem to have gotten over puppy pickiness!

  121. My two dogs love Taste of the Wild lamb. Can’t wait to try the new formula!

  122. Beckie Lloyd

    My puppies all eat Taste of the Wild, can’t wait to try the new formula!! It cleared up one dog’s inflammatory bowel disease and another one who had diarrhea from eating another kind of food.

  123. Frankie Furter and Ernie

    WE have tried Taste of the Wild and it is ALWAYS DELICIOUS.. Mayzie Gal… you look SOOOOOOOO Sad with that EMPTY BAG… I wanted to just CRY fur you. Hope you get a replacement bag… SOON.

  124. Reuben's Mom

    A happy, satisfied Doberman would love to try the newest addition to the Taste of the Wild line-up!!

  125. Shari Meyer

    My pups love Taste of the Wild!! Can’t wait to try the new flavor!

  126. Barkies' Mom

    Our three schnauzers LOVE Taste of the Wild, but we’ve yet to try this flavor. Can’t wait! Thanks for the review!

  127. Denise

    My Fenway and my fosters all eat TOTW.They like all the flavors. Cant wait for the “feral bacon”

  128. My puppy sister was eating that kind of food when she came to live here.

  129. Jane Parker

    My dogs love the Venison,Taste of the wild!! Bison sounds mighty good too!!

  130. Great new TOTW. Chickpeas are great complement to “feral bacon” and provide a nutrient dense, slow burning carb. Can’t wait to try!!

  131. Jennifer Norman

    Jennifer Norman
    My three Shelties…..Sky….Zaraha….and Ian just love TOTW. I have only fed it to them and nothing else. Only the best for my babies. Thank you TOTW for one of the best products on the shelves. Keep the new flavors coming ….we are looking forward to trying them all!!!

  132. Scott Collins

    My boxer Cash has been eating Taste of the Wild for almost one year. All of his yeast problems are gone and he looks great. Mr. Cash gets his dry Wild Canyon food with some wet Wild Canyon food mixed in for good measure. He shows his appreciation by doing the “Boxer Wiggle” and sometimes even a “Boxer Blitz” around the house. He has enjoyed all the flavors!

  133. Donna Kmetz

    My pittie Pippa loves her taste of the wild- wetlands fowl! It’s the only food that she isn’t allergic to, and she’s gained enough weight to be a perfectly healthy, happy canine. I love that the FIRST ingredient is duck, and she loves that it tastes very good, even when she gulps it down in about three seconds. Our little shelter girl thanks you with a super waggy tail and a shiny coat πŸ™‚

  134. karlatrx

    My JRT, Emily, would love to try this flavor. We need to keep her energy up!! Thanks
    karlatrx at gmail dot com

  135. susan

    our three dogs Holly,Gizzy, and Moses Love Taste of the Wild. Thanks for such a healthy awesome product

  136. Shannon Mason

    My dogs love the Pacific formula! Can’t wait to try the new flavor!

  137. Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy! We’d love to try that! We love the Sierra Mountain formula! Can’t wait to try the Southwest Canyon formula!

  138. You are a natural model. I’m thinking show business.

  139. littlemissjackie

    Wow Miss Mayzie, that kind of dinner sounds so nomable! I enjoy my grain-free dinners so we will sure check to see if our dinner store has it!


  140. We love Taste of the Wild and would be very excited to try the flavor πŸ™‚

  141. Roo

    Oh this is Wild! πŸ˜‰ Ha! πŸ˜€

    Okay Mayzie, I’m in – I hope it was okay that I put a tiny lil bit of peanut butter on my name paper for the drawin πŸ˜‰ Heh heh Heh

    Waggin at ya,

  142. 144 comments mayzie holy crap!! Haroooo!! That sure sounds like a cool give away. Mom switched us to taste of the wild when jimmy refused to eat. But then he got sick and then there was a recall…. I hope they got things straightened out!!


  143. Tamra H

    Oh I’m sure our pup would love to try Taste of the Wild!

  144. Jessica Flores

    I love taste of the wild for my doggies! Love it!

  145. Oooh, count me in!! Looks FABulous guys!

  146. I just discovered TOTW in Sept & my Jet LOVES IT!!!!
    Both Jet & I love that it’s grain free since he seems to have an allergy AND after researching the brand on http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/ I knew it was the brand for him. Thank you for making such a great product!!!

  147. Danyel

    My girl, Kiara, 2yrs old, loves Taste of the Wild. She’s been eating it since she was a pup. We love the high protein of the Roasted Bison and Venison blend. It gives her the energy she needs for all her running, and keeps her lean, long and healthy. I always recommend TOTW to people with pets. It’s the best!!! Thanks for making a quality product that I can trust.

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