Mancat Monday: Wag N Swag Update and a Giveaway

Hi everyone! Smudge here! Now, this post doesn’t really have anything to do with me but Mayzie said I could go ahead and put a picture of my handsome mancat self anyway.


Here’s what this post is really about: remember our Wag N Swag fundraiser? Well, as you know, we met and BEAT our goal of $1,500 and it sure did feel great to make donations to each of the rescues and shelters we chose. And of course, we had those GREAT swag bag prizes that Mayzie told you about. But we realized we never told you who won them!

First off, the winner of our crazy amazing cat swag bag was our good furend, the Diva Madi! I was really excited when her name got drawn because, well, between you and me…I think she’s purrfection. I mean just look at her. Sigh…


Oh, uh, what? Wait. What were we talking about? Oh, yes! The swag bags. Now, the winner of the dog swag bag was…well…she told us she wanted to go by the name of Anonny Mouse. (Kind of a weird name, if you ask me, but who am I to argue?) And she also asked us if we would donate the swag bag to one of our local rescues. Well, of course, we are MORE than happy to do just that! Thank you, thank you, Miss Mouse!

Also, do you remember how we were giving away some small prizes? Each one came with a dog or cat toy and a PetHub tag. Here’s an example, but they’re all different.


Well, if you can believe it, we’re having the WORST time giving these prizes away! We’ve sent emails but we’re not getting any responses. Isn’t that kerazy? Who wouldn’t want free stuff?

Anyway, we really do want to give away these prizes so we figured we’d open it up to everybody on our blog that helped us in ANY way with the fundraiser. So if you donated or blogged about it or put it on Facebook or tweeted it or even just sent us good vibes, you can put your name in to win!

All you have to do is leave a comment telling me that you think I’m handsome (Mayzie says that’s optional but really, it’s not) and if you would prefer a doggie prize or kitty prize. Make sure you leave your comment by 5:00 Mountain time tomorrow, December 11th. (And please, please make sure we have a good email address to get back with you, okay?) We’ll put everybody in a hat and draw out the winners and announce them on the blog on Wednesday.

Whew! Okay, I think that’s about it. Oh, but here is another picture of me because, well, why wouldn’t you want to see another picture of me and my handsome mancatliness?




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19 responses to “Mancat Monday: Wag N Swag Update and a Giveaway

  1. Daisy

    We saw Madi’s great stuff…and the box.
    Can’t believe you’re having a hard time giving AWAY stuff.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Smudge it is I, Madi, sighing heavily in NC and in need of some vapors after seeing your handsome self not once but twice! Kisses to the smudge on your nose!

    Thank you again for the most wonderful swag bag!! I am thoroughly enjoying everything and the treats are very very tasty..who knew a kitty would like anything w lamb in it. MOL

    I don’t need my name in the pot for the prizes but say good luck to the entries.

    hugs madi your BFFF

  3. Dear Mr. Smudge Cat: We certainly think that you are handsome, but please understand that Teka does not think you are as handsome as Brudder Ranger. I, of course, think Miss Mayzie is most bootiful. We would love to be in your drawing, and if we wins, please donate our prize to a rescue close to your home.

    Thank you

    Gus and Teka Dagger

  4. That’s not a hard requirement, saying how handsome Smudge is. Smudge is super handsome. We don’t need to be in the drawing, but I didn’t want to miss the chance to say how handsome Smudge is.



  6. Oh I saw all that great stuffs Mayor Madi got, that was incredible! And I just have to say, even though I am a dog YOU are one handsome cat. I mean it. I bet all the kitties just sway when you walk by.

  7. Smudge, momma and I think you are incredibly handsome! And your whole family is very generous, giving away all your swag. I would like the doggie swag if I were to win.

    Your pal,

    Ps – I also think Ranger is handsome, and Mayzie is downright gorgeous!

  8. Nows Smudge, did Mayzie really lets you puts your gawjuss self on heres or did you has to bribe hers? Hehehehe….I just pullin’ your furs.
    I seen all dat stuffs Mayor Elect Madi gotted…and I was really interest in dat kitteh nip stuffs. I heard it does kerazy stuffs to kittehs.


  9. harrispen

    Smudge, you certainly are one handsome mancat and I can see why Madi was swooning. I would love to be in the drawing for the doggie prize. Thanks,


  10. That Mancat face is extremely handsome! Those free stuff winners must be nutty for not responding
    Benny & Lily

  11. Kyle Newsham

    Smudgie you are the handsomest (plus Im glad your itchies went away)!! But your sister if pretty cute too! Me and my clan would LOVE a kitty prize!! We love all you do and keep up the awesome work! My email is Thanks!

  12. If you have any trouble giving stuff away, you can always give it to me! My kitty sister Pigeon says you’re a very handsome mancat and we would like the kitty toy.

  13. Smudge, do we detect a bit of romance here between you and sweet Miss Madi? What a purrfect couple you two would make!

    You can put our name in but if we win, please donate it to your rescue or send it to some pup or kitty who could use a little holiday cheer.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. Yup that Madi is just the best and we would love to see a blosoming romance between You Smudge and Madi. That would be just Purrfect. We would love to have a cat toy for our outside kitties. They don’t get a lot. I think you have our email.

  15. What is wrong with people? Free goodies rule.

  16. Frankie Furter and Ernie

    Of COURSE you are handsome, Smudge. You would Have to be.. to live with the LOVELY Miss Mayzie.
    Blogville’s Mayor Elect Diva Madi has a WONDERFUL post up about her Bag O Swell SWAG.

  17. Congratulations to Madi! Gosh, who doesn’t love free stuffs! You can leave our name out of the drawing, Mayzie, but we have ta say that you, Smudge, are most handsome!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  18. Pip

    I saw all Madi’s fancy stuff! You know I do like a little nip once in awhile!

    Your pal, Pip

  19. littlemissjackie

    Mr. Smudge, you do seem to get more handsumer in every photo! Conbarkulashuns to Miss Mouse, and conmeowulashuns to Miss Madi on their wins! I would luv to win a prize, I asked Mom if I could donate my prize to a needy pup at our shelter if I win and she says that would be a fine idea!

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