Shall-ay Adventures: John Martin State Park

You wanna know a secret? Once upon a time, when I first got adopted, I didn’t like to go camping. Can you believes it?  It’s true! My very first camping trip was, well, kinda awful. I hadn’t been in my family very long and I just didn’t understand the big wide world. I thought it was skeery and everything in it might gobble me up. Brudder Ranger did his best to try to tell me camping was fun but I didn’t believes him.

My very first camping trip. Not fun at ALL.

My very first camping trip. Not fun at ALL.

Gosh, when I look back, I can hardly believes that was me cuz I LOOOOVES to go camping now! It’s the BEST!

Take last weekend, for example. We hooked up the Shall-ay and drove to the east…away from the mountains…to a place called John Martin State Park. It’s out near a town called Lamar, which is close to where I grew up and where my Angel Donna runs Second Chance Animal Rescue.

We got there kinda late but the next morning, we woke up and were all ready to have adventures! Well, after we had our breakfast, of course!


See how Most Patiently we’re waiting?

John Martin State Park was named after this congress-guy named…uh…John Martin. He helped get a dam built so that the Arkansas River Valley wouldn’t flood. And they also built this big pond called a “rez-er-vwar.” The rez-er-vwar is the largest body of water in Southeastern Collie-rado and so lotsa peoples come here to fish and boat and swim. BUTT…we were lucky cuz last weekend, it was only us and two other campers. Which means we had almost the whole place to ourselves to run and sniff!



Step lively, Mother! Can't have any of the troops falling behind!

Step lively, Mother! Can’t have any of the troops falling behind!

There were about 87 million geese there which means there were abouts 87 million tons of goose poop but we didn’t roll in any even once cuz mom told us not to we didn’t want to gets wet.

Ahhh...we luvs the smell of goose poop in the morning!

Ahhh…we luvs the smell of goose poop in the morning!

After we got back from our Most Wonderful hike, we just hung out and soaked up the sun…

It's okay, Brudder Ranger. You can have the bed. I'll just lay here in the dirt. I don't mind.

It’s okay, Brudder Ranger. You can have the bed. I’ll just lay here in the dirt. I don’t mind.

and I spent some quality time deathing a stick…


Finally, the sun decided it was time for bed but it gave us a Most Magnificent show before it covered up its head:



I guess mom musta missed the sun a lot cuz the next morning, she got up early to be there when it got back. She said it gave another great show and I guess from these pictures, it did…




But between you and me, I was more than happy to stay in bed.

Um, that's okay, mom. You go on without me.

Um, that’s okay, mom. You go on without me.

When I finally got up, I spent some time guarding the Shall-ay from geese (after we had breakfast, of course).


What’s that? You want to know where Brudder Ranger was?


And then we went for another hike on a path called the Red Shin Trail. It was named for a Cheyenne warrior who lived around there way back in the 1800s.


It was oodles of fun and after we got done, I had my paws crossed that we were going to get to go on another hike later on. But mom and dad said it was time for us to pack up and go home cuz the kittehs were prolly missing us. I guess she was right but I sure wouldn’t have minded staying there for just a teensy bit longer. Oh, well. I know we’ll be back to sniff some more goose poop soon!


Camping is pawsome!



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28 responses to “Shall-ay Adventures: John Martin State Park

  1. Daisy

    You’re so right….camping is pawsome. Our ‘camping’ is in the kennel. We could see you running around sniffing goose poop with NO leads. Isn’t that just the greatest? And we loved those sunset/sunrise photos…just gorgeous! Thanks for taking us along.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. OoH Mayzie,

    All of your campin’ fofos are wunderful! Your sweet momma and dad really know all da beOOtiful places to go campin’ ! Goose poop…bonus!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  3. Wow, Mayzie, that looks like you had so much fun. That looks like such a pretty place for a camping out. And Mom, those sun down and sun rise pictures were just the very best. Love the reflection on the lake.

  4. Oh, how we just love reading about the adventures of you and your family! The photographs were really pretty too….and Dad still loves your ears, but now that we have Sugar, he just gives her ears an extra pinch (gently) in honor of you!
    May you and your wonderful family have a safe, joyous Christmas season!
    Hugs, Ruby

  5. I love shall-ay adventures! The pictures are beautiful. Everything looks so peaceful.

  6. Dear Miss Mayzie and Brudder RAnger…we are glad you got to go in the Shall Lay this past weekend. And we are so glad that Miss M. is not frightened of the camping trips any longer. That first picture was so sadddd…we just wanted to hug you.

    Well, we want to hug you lots of times, but we did enjoy the story


  7. Oh how I love camping. And it looks like you had a super time, especially after breakfast. I am sure there will be many more camping adventures for you.

  8. Mayzie what a wonderfully descriptive and interactive post. You are a very good blogger. Mom and I loved how you and Ranger looked running off together. We could imagine all the great conversations you had too about how fortunate you are to have nice peeps.
    Your mom was right that was one fantastic sunset and sun rise. They are so pretty this time of year.
    hugs madi your BFFF and Mom

  9. What a fun adventure! We’ve never been camping and we think we’d really like it!! Great job guarding the Shall-lay from those gooses!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  10. It all looks so beautiful, and I know you have come so far in your shyness. Seeing this, I wish we did more of this with our pups. Miss M loves a good goose poo in the morning too!

  11. What a great park. Bet there were tons of new smells
    Benny & Lily

  12. Frankie Furter and Ernie

    OMD OMD OMD OMD Mayzie and Brudder Ranger… the PICTURES.. OH THE PICTURES… they are GORGEOUS!!! I can’t believe you got to go in the Shall-ay again. Sooooo lucky.
    Now WHY didn’t you think to gather some of that Grrrrreat Goose Poop and take it HOME as a sue ben ear????

  13. Camping is for the young Mayzie and you and your brother and family are just that!!! Young and having a ball!!! Good for you.
    Yes the kittens play and play and play– that too is for the young!!!
    In a few days I’ll be old!!! Birthday coming at me 77 years old I will be,,,, not young any more!!!

  14. Susie and Sidebite

    WOW, we never been caming, ohhhhhhh, we would love to go there with you and smell the goose poop too, and lokkie at the sun sets and not the morning comin ups.

    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

  15. I have only been camping once and it was a little scary for me too. But your latest camping trip looks so fun, now I am feeling braver about trying it again — thanks, Mayzie!

  16. We love camping, very exciting & adventurous! Glad to hear you’ve taken a liking to it, I’d hate for you to miss out on such fun trips!

    -Brandon’s Raiser
    Don’t forget to stop by our blog and enter the Angry Birds dog toys giveaway!

  17. Oh, looks like you guys had quite the great time!! Camping looks like so much funs! (can you smuggle me along next trip? BOL)
    AND, Goose Poop?! Wow, the funs never stopped, huh?!


  18. You and Brudder Ranger look like you had the BEST time, Mayzie! The sunset pictures are absolutely incredible!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  19. Wow what a pawsome adventure you had! I have never gone camping but it looks like fun.

    Loveys Sasha

  20. What a grand time you were having and it sure is a pretty place!!!

  21. Just to see those gorgeous sunsets and sunrises would almost be enough to get the Momster camping. Just beautiful.

    And wow, the difference in your look, Mayzie, from the first one to now is amazing – guess you found just the pawfect home.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  22. Oh, I would be in heaven with an adventure like that! You are one lucky dog, Miss Mayzie! I hope you keep having more fun adventures to share with us!


  23. dachshundnola

    What a fun adventure!

  24. That was pretty awesome. I especially liked the part where you got to sun bake. That always feels good. On dirt, on a blanket, no worries there, right?


  25. littlemissjackie

    Gosh Miss Mayzie, what a super place, so many things to see and hear and sniff! The sun was soo pretty, and wasn’t your mom industreeus to get up so early! And your bed in the shall-ay looks sooo comfy. I bet goosey poop smells very interesting! What a lot of fun!


  26. cafall

    We need to have you talk to Monty. He is pretty sure that camping is dangerous and evil.


  27. That looks like a fun time, Miss Mayzie! I’m not a big fan of camping, ’cause I likes air conditioning and comfy beds and couches. But I sure like other peoples’ pictures of it!

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