Wag N Swag Update Plus New Prizes

Hey everybuddy! Thanks to all of you who have shared, tweeted, emailed and Facebarked about our Wag N Swag FUN-raiser!

As of right this second while I’m typing this (9 p.m. Collie-rado time), we’ve raised $490!!!! That includes some donations that have come in other ways so it’s a little different from what’s showing on the donation site.

Which leads me to a few questions we’ve had:

1. Can I send you a check instead of going through PayPal? You bet! Just shoots me a pee-mail to mayziegal AT gmail.com and I’ll send you the address you can mail it to.

2. I don’t live in the You Ess. If I win the prize, will you still mail it to me? Of course we will! Unless you live on the moon. I hear FedEx charges a paw and a leg for THAT delivery!

Please, please, please keep sharing with everybuddy you can. Right now, we only need abouts 100 more peoples to give 10 green papers each and we’ll reach our goal. With your help, I KNOW we can do it!

And if you need more motivation, we have SIX more small prize pressies that we’re going to give out.

Each one will have one dog or kitteh toy or treat and one PetHub I.D. tab.

Here’s an example:

All of the small prize pressies will be a little different but you gets the idea.

Now, you might be wondering what the heck a PetHub I.D. tag is. WELL, it’s pretty darned cool, if you asks me. After you gets your tag, your pawrents enter your important information online. Then, if you decide to take a walk around the neighborhood and accidentally get lost, you can go up to any human with a cell phone and ask for help. They  scan a squiggly thing on the back called a “QR Code” with their phone. That brings up your information, they call your pawrents and before you know it, you’re home safe and sound!

Anyways, the nice PetHub peoples not only donated tags BUTT if you want to buy one of your own from now until November 30th, they will donate 10% of your purchase to the Wag N Swag Fundraiser! How about that? Just enter the code “MAYZIEHELPSPETS” when you check out.

Remember, you can donate online by clicking on this linkie and paying with either your PayPal account or a credit card. OR if you want to send a check, you can email me at mayziegal AT gmail.com.

Thank you again, everybuddy! Blogville is just the BEST!

Oh, and now my mom has something she wants to say to you…


A note regarding Liberty Humane Society:

When we first posted the rescues/shelters that our donations would support, we were under the impression that Liberty Humane was a no-kill rescue. Yesterday, a reader pointed out that this is untrue. As someone who is a staunch supporter of and believer in a no-kill nation, this news made me question whether they should remain on our list of recipients.

Liberty Humane is a small shelter, currently operating out of a converted garage while trying to raise funds for a better facility. They have been threatened by a pipeline project and then hard-hit by Hurricane Sandy. They take in hundreds of animals each year and some are euthanized for various reasons, including behavioral and medical.

Yet they are doing many, many wonderful things:

1. They offer free and low-cost spay/neuter programs.

2. They have a “seniors for seniors” program, which places hard-to-adopt senior pets with senior citizens for a reduced fee.

3. They offer low-cost vet services for those in need.

4. They promote pit bull awareness and adoption through their PAL (Pitbulls are Loving) program.

5. They have a volunteer foster program.

6. They post professional-looking, in-focus, happy photos of adoptables like Blade below. (Good photos have been proven to increase adoption rates.)

7. They frequently and regularly post about adoptable pets on their Facebook page and on Twitter. In fact, they continued to do so in the days directly following the hurricane.

8. Even when they were without power for eight days after Sandy, they still held adoptions. That alone displays tremendous and admirable commitment on the part of the shelter. Because of this, pets like lovely Monica below (who had been at the shelter since April 2011), found their forever homes during the most trying of times.

So after weighing the facts, hearing Mazzie’s Assistant‘s wonderful first-hand experience as a volunteer, and looking into my heart, I have decided to keep Liberty Humane on the list of recipients. The world is far from perfect when it comes to ensuring a home for every pet. However, as we work toward the no-kill goal, it’s crucial to support shelters and facilities that — despite a lack of space, money and manpower — are making a sincere effort to do the right thing for the animals in its care. I believe Liberty Humane falls into that category and we are pleased to contribute to their efforts.

If you contributed under the impression that all the shelters were 100% no-kill and would like a refund, we certainly understand. Please email us at mayziegal AT gmail.com and we will return your donation, no questions asked.


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12 responses to “Wag N Swag Update Plus New Prizes

  1. This is such a great thing. We are blogging about it today. I will Facebook and Twitter it too.

  2. Love, Love, Love you guys, you are doing a great thing here!

    Gussie n Teka

  3. While we strive to be a no-kill nation the sad truth is that there aren’t enough facilities to hold all the unwanted pets. It sounds like Liberty Humane Society is doing an admirable job of striving toward that goal and is worthy of supporting. I love their photos and know that the better the picture the better the chance for adoption.


  4. Khyra

    Paws khrossed woo will entice a kitteh into a bag fur moi;-)


  5. This is so great! I donated (not much, but what we had :()

  6. Daisy

    Liberty sounds worthy. Some of our donation can go there. Euthanasia unfortunately happens. Sounds like they’re trying to minimize it.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. I’m glad you are keeping Liberty on the list. They sound they are working very hard to make the world a better place. I’m preparing a post about the Wag N Swag FUN-raiser. I hope it helps get more donations.

  8. This is so great! We’re doing a post about it today xx

  9. It sounds like things are getting even better! If Liberty gets more help, it still means more animals find homes, which is the most important part if you ask me!


  10. daisydog

    Mayzie your mom rocks our world with how she has embraced social networking, and its all about the animals. After reading how thorough and thoughtfully you addressed this issue it makes me want to donate more! Lick her face for us ok?

  11. Mayzie, you and your mom are just wonderful for having this fundraiser to help out those shelters. I am very glad that you’re including Liberty Humane. Many people think all no-kill shelters are good and all kill shelters are bad, and that is so wrong. There are some bad no-kill shelters – those who play up their “no-kill” status to get more funds from the public, while not trying very hard to take care of their animals or get them homes. And there are some wonderful “kill” shelters who take in as many animals as need them and do everything right, like Liberty Humane, and have to make the hard choices to euthanize because there aren’t enough adopters for hard-to-place dogs. Many no-kill advocates try to claim that there are plenty of homes out there, but the truth is there are plenty of homes for puppies and small-breed dogs, and plenty of homes that want a dog, but not plenty of homes that are willing to adopt senior dogs or large mutts or dogs with medical issues or dogs like Ziggy. And now I’ll get off my soapbox. Sorry about that. 😉

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