Another Super Funballs Shall-ay Adventure!

Remember how on Wednesday, we asked you to guess where I was?

Well, we were on a Most Exciting camping trip to a place called Mueller State Park!

It was pawesome cuz the weather was awfully nice, the scenery was GAWJUSS and we had almost the whole campground to ourselves.

When we first got there, I stood guard to make sure no rogue rabbits tried to break into the Shall-ay. (Can’t be too careful, you know.)

After awhile, me and Brudder Ranger decided the coast was clear so we set about relaxing.

And we made sure that Dad relaxed, too.

I think you got the hang of it, dad!

The next morning, we got up and while we were eating breakfast, these little birds called Gray Jays or “Robber Jays” decided to make furends with us. Now, mom and dad are pretty strict about not feeding the wildlife but since Robber Jays have been making their living off of humans for hundreds of years, they made an exception and shared some of our muffins with them.


After breakfast, we said good-bye to our new furends and went on a hike at this place called Tarryall Reservoir (which is really where that first picture was taken). It sure is pretty, huh?

Of COURSE, mom made us stop and pose. Sigh.

We promised Mom and Dad that if they let go of the walking strings, we would make sure they didn’t get lost. So they said okay and that’s when things got REALLY fun!

Of course, Brudder Ranger is always making sure that we have just the right amount of fun. We’re lucky to haves him around.

Let’s see a little more spring in that step, Mayzie! Hup two three four!

Finally, it was time to go back to camp and when we got there, LOOK who was waiting for us!

Now, we tried real hard to convince mom and dad that we would be MORE than happy to get one of those big, fat turkeys for dinner but they said they had already brought stuff to eat and THEN they said we looked tired and prolly needed a nap and they shut us up in the Shall-ay! Now, I was Most Concerned that those turkeys were going to all of a sudden go vicious and try to EAT them but I shouldn’t have worried cuz this little fox showed up to keep an eye on mom and dad AND the turkeys for us. Wasn’t that nice?

Yep…all in all, it was another super funballs time in the Shall-ay! I don’t know about everybuddy else in my family but I can’t wait til the next time!




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20 responses to “Another Super Funballs Shall-ay Adventure!

  1. Daisy

    We think EVERYBODY in your family can’t wait to get back–except maybe Smudge. That was a pawsome trip. Great hikes, beautiful rocks to investigate and birds and foxes. Just Paradise.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. What a great trip! And how nice that the hoomans rented the WHOLE park place just for you and Brudder Ranger. You are lucky dogs to get to go off lead and explore.

    Here’s to many happy return trips

    gussie n teka
    (our personal trainer)

  3. WOW that looks like my kind of place. I bet you had the time of your life. Although I think a turkey dinner would have been great.

  4. Mayzie, it looks like a terrific place and I am so glad all of you had a wonderful time! Seeing wild turkeys and a fox is a pretty, big, cool, special deal!


    Auntie Gail

  5. I suspected that the shall-ay was involved! Looks like a wonderful time. How interesting about the Robber Jays.

  6. Oh that looks like so much fun for all of you. And Mayzie you and Brudder Ranger got to run free for sure. That was a very pretty place and some terrific wild life. Love the bird on the hand. Take care.

  7. Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

    Wow, such fun for you and Brudder Ranger. You two even had your own “beach for your blankies:) That was a super hike you took and you are so lucky to go without your strings. That will never happen for us, because we might try to run to the Iditarod.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Frankie Furter and Ernie

    OMD Mayzie and Brudder Ranger… Your Shall-Ay is just the greatest of thingys. I can NOT believe that bird in the hand. Gosh it really WAS better than a flock of turkeys in the bush.
    Your mom and dad did a SUPER job of staying Close to the two of you while you let them Off their Walkin Strings. You must be very much PROUD of them fur THAT.

  9. fernerose

    Oh boy did you guys have a fun time!!! I wish I had been with you for some of that fun!!

  10. What a wonderful trip! Mom loves to camp in the fall when all the other peeps are gone. Hmmmm….

    -Bart and Ruby

  11. Will and Eko

    Man, life is good! Enjoy the beautiful scenery.

  12. What a beautiful place for Shall-laying!
    Mom and I wish we were there…mom could use some relaxation snooper vision
    Madi your bfff

  13. That sure looked like a fun time for everyone. Thanks for sharing.


  14. Bummer that you didn’t get to chase those turkeys! That would have really been fun!. We love your new header photo, Mayzie!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  15. Sam

    How fun! We went camping too – but stayed in a cabin. Isn’t it great to get out?


  16. Two French Bulldogs

    Boy that place looks so cool and peaceful. We love your little camper. That is awesome and boy oh boy that turkey looks tasty. Wonder if it tastes like chicken
    Benny & Lily

  17. Miss Mayzie, that sure sounds like a ton of funs! And gosh, you’re sure brave to let your mom and dad walk around without their walking strings, I can’t let my mom off hers at all! I didn’t know there were birdies that would come right up on a person’s hand to visit! What a speshul time you had!



  18. Oh wow, that looks super-duper exciting! What a fun time.

    (PeeS: For some reason, your posts aren’t always showing up in my newsfeed. So please don’t think I’m ignoring you!)

  19. The fox is awesome! I love how happy Mayzie and Ranger look in those pictures. What fun!!

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