A long time ago, we went camping

Happy Tuesday, everybuddy!

You wanna know a secret? One of the reasons we haven’t been posting as often lately isn’t cuz we don’t have anything to say. It’s cuz Mom feels bad if we post and you take the time to comment on our bloggie but we aren’t able to comment on yours. It just seems kinda rude somehow, ya know? But then we read MangoMomma’s super duper great postie on blogging last week and Mom realized something: the whole reason we started blogging was to keep track of stuff going on in our lives…to preserves the memories…kinda like a diary. So we’re gonna try to post more often and we hope you know that you sure don’t have to leave a comment if you’re too busy or whatever. Okay?

Anyways, waaaay back when…gosh, I think it was back like 20 million years ago…or March…we got the Shall-Ay ready and off we went on another camping adventure!

We stayed at this place called the South Meadows Campground in the Pike National Forest.

Oh, before I forget, Brudder Ranger says we should give you a little bit of history (if you like that kinda thing). The Pike National Forest (and my mountain – Pikes Peak) are named after this guy with funny clothes named Zebulon Pike.

He was an Army captain and in 1806, he was sent off to explore the southwestern part of the Lou-Wheezie-Anna Purchase and to find the headwaters of the Arkansas and Red rivers. So they were just toodling along and wham! All of a sudden there was this big ol’ mountain in their way. Well, they thought, “Hey! Lookit that! Let’s climb it!” Now, the mountain is super tall – 14,115 feet – and they obviously had on some fancy, non-mountain-climbing clothes. So they didn’t get very far before they had to give up. Then later in the trip, he got turned around and wandered into New Mexico and got captured by the Spanish. But for some reason, the mountain and a whole forest got named after him anyway. Go figure.

Anyways, peoples really only camp about 3 months outta the year here in Collie-rado. Which is KER-azy cuz we really do have super great weather for lots of the other 9 months. But it works out good for us cuz there was hardly anybuddy else there.

That meant we got to spread out and R-E-L-A-X!

Ahhh…this is the life!

Later on, we relaxed some more while Dad made us some bratwursts. (Which should really be called “bratbests,” if you asks me.)

After dinner, we all went for a little stroll on a walking/biking path that was near to the campground.

When we got back, it was getting a little chilly so Mom and Dad built a fire while I snuggled down in some blankies.

The next morning, we all slept in…

And then went hiking at this pretty place up the road called Mueller State Park.

Brudder Ranger and I played “Kingof the Rock!” (I’m pretty sure I won. But don’t tell Brudder Ranger.)

And then before you knew it, it was time to pack up and head home.

I sure can’t wait to go camping again. It is a Most Happy-making Adventure!



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25 responses to “A long time ago, we went camping

  1. I’m so glad you all had fun in your camping adventure … those are pretty places you got there :0]

  2. Declan Greyhound

    That looks like a mighty fine adventure! Deccy x

  3. You knows Mayzie…I likes your mom cuz hers can WOMAN UP and not be likes my mum…and go campin’. Mum won’t go cuz of bugs. She is suuuuuuch a pansy. But dang dat looks like so much funsoes sittin’ ’round a fire and drink’ a cold one while tellin ghost stories. I knows ya’ll didn’t do dat but I make dis stuff in mu head all da time.
    I am just thankful ya’ll didn’t has hot dawgs.


  4. MOL Mayzie I think Puddles’ mom and my mom might share DNAs…mom is a bug freak too.

    OK that being said I want to let you know that my application to be adopted by your family is in the mail. I would appreciate it if you could see that your Mom and Dad review it ASAP so that I can get in on all the fun times this summer.
    Hugs your BFFF

  5. That sounds like a terrific camping trip. We love commenting on your blog, so that isn’t going to stop. If your person doesn’t have time to come to ours, we sure do understand.
    We luv Puddles’s comment about how she was glad that you didn’t have hawt dogs. Too funny. Hope all of you have a great day. Glad you are back.

  6. whatremainsnow

    I’m glad we’ll hear more from you! I read MangoMomma’s post and I couldn’t agree more. I love to read your posts because I love your writing and your story NOT because you visit me. I remind myself of this often. Sometimes I feel bad because folks take the time to leave comments and I feel like I post too often. I remind myself that I really blog for myself and the discipline and joy it brings to my life. All I can do is hope that folks don’t feel “obligated” to comment; that they’ll come and visit if they have the time. If they don’t…no problem.

  7. what a great adventure….

    we agree about the posting – mom admit that when she gets busy she reads but doesn’t always have time to comment. she loves reading comments on our blog but knows it takes time. and the story is about the journey. 🙂

  8. Gail

    Mayzie, I love reading about your adventures!

  9. We love to read about you adventures…especially when you are camping! It’s been three or four years since we went real camping and we all miss it terribly. Dad says someday things will get better, then we think, even if we don’t getting to go camping like we used to, we still have each other and can have fun just the same. Anyway, everyone here sure likes to hear what you re up to! Hugs, Ruby and “The Tribe”

  10. They really should call bratwursts “bratbests.” Good call, Mayzie!

  11. We can just sniffs that fresh Collie-rado air!! What a pretty place!

    -Bart and Ruby

  12. What fun trip! Camping with the pups rules. The blankie picture is to die for.

  13. It is difficult to keep up sometimes even though we like reading every buddy’s blog. You guys sure look relaxed at your camp site. Bet it was lots of fun
    Benny & Lily

  14. What a fun camping trip! Bratbests! We love this!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  15. littlemissjackie

    Miss Mayzie, camping sure sounds like a super lot of funs and we wish we could go sometime! (But, our Mom and Dad BOTH don’t like camping, except Mom doesn’t mind it so much when someone else does the cooking part and she can have a comfy bed instead of the hard ground to sleep on, and she does like sitting around a campfire and tromping through the woods an awful lot!) We hope to be writing on our bloggie a little more now that Mom doesn’t have the sickies and we have a new computer.



  16. Ooo! That looks like my kind of adventure! Mom was there when she was a human pup and she went all the way to the top of that mountain. Then Grandpaw got made because you had to pay to use the toilets! BOL! But she said she got this old reproduction of a newspaper and it told this story about a family that lived on the mountain for a while and rats ate the baby! Yeesh! She said she also read a story about a man who pushed a penny all the way up the mountain with his nose.


  17. dachshundnola

    What a cool trip

  18. Daisy

    That’s a great camping trip…….we usually have to ‘camp’ at a kennel. We know all about not being able to think of stuff to blog about, but we’re here when you want to.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    Hope your mum’s new business is taking off.

  19. Hi Mayzie!!! That looks wonderful! We do a lot of hiking but I’ve never been camping because mom refuses to tent-camp (something about the last time she was tent camping at the beach, there were tornado warnings and she woke up with an inch of water in the bottom of her tent) and we don’t have an RV or chalet. But your chalet looks like it would be comfy inside — way better than a tent. Please don’t ever feel like you have to visit or comment on my blog. We all have very busy staff with lots and lots to do, so I too have difficulty visiting everyone I want to, and I think most of us bloggers understand that. Take care!

    Your pal,

  20. Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

    It sounds like you all had a great time camping. We think the best part had to be those brots, wurst or best, makes no difference to us, bet they tasted great.

    We also hope you aren’t too close to those scary fires. Stay safe.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  21. Camping is so fun!

    Stop on by for a visit

  22. Lorenza

    Thanks for sharing your camping trip with us!
    That place looks pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  23. Jed & Abby in MerryLand, USA

    Good to see you back, Mayzie! We always love your posts. We’ve been worried that you might live near one of those terrible fires in Collie-rado. Keep your car packed, just in case. Hope your forest from your camping trip is still there.

    Jed & Abby

  24. Jen

    Yay, camping! I agree, they’re definitely bratbests. I’m sure Elka feels the same way!

  25. Woof to you Mayzie!!!! It looks like you and your 2 and 4 legged family members had an AMAZING camping trip! As you can imagine, I am of course incredibly jealous of all of the “bratbest” you and Brudder Ranger got to eat and am most impressed with your blanket snuggling skills. And I love the last photo of you – you look SO pleased with yourself, as well as very relaxed and regal. Much love to you Mayzie – XXOO – Mazzie

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