Corbin’s Pitty Post Day!

Guess what? Today is Corbin’s barkday! Happy Barkday, Corbin!

To celebrate, Corbin decided to create the Blogville Pitty Post Day to talk about all the pawsitively wonderful things about pitties!

So I’m gonna pawticipate by telling you a story.

You ready?

Once upon a time, there was this lady — we’ll call her, uh, Mahm* — who was skeered of pit bull-type doggies. One day her husband — we’ll call him Dat* —  suggested that maybe their next dog should be a pit bull-type doggie. But Mahm said, “NO! Absolutely not! Those dogs are unpredictable. I mean, you see all those bad stories in the papers about pit bulls but never about any other doggies. So it must be that pit bulls are bad dogs.”

Well, the very next day, they went to get some food for their other doggie — we’ll call him Brudder Granger* — and there was an adoption fair going on. Mahm went over to pet the doggies while Dad got the food. She sat down on the floor and this Most Gawjuss Brindle Girlie — we’ll call her May-Zee* — went over and plopped herself in Mahm’s lap. May-Zee looked at Mahm. Mahm looked at May-Zee. And that was that. But Mahm wanted to be sure May-Zee wasn’t one of those — gulp! — pit bulls. So she asked the lady what kinda doggie May-Zee was and the lady said she was a Boxer mix. “Whew! What a relief!” thought Mahm.

Well, after they adopted May-Zee, everybody who met her assumed she was a pit bull. “No, no, ” Mahm reassured them. “May-Zee’s a Boxer mix.” But still, Mahm was worried that maybe, just maybe, May-Zee WAS a pit bull and one day she’d go cuckoo-nuts and try to eat her.

So she started reading all about pit bull doggies and she learned that she’d been awfully wrong about them. Like, she learned how they don’t have locking jaws and how American Pit Bull Terriers score real high on the American Temperament Test and how they’re used for therapy work and search and rescue. And she learned that the media-peoples don’t like to publish stories about dog bites unless it’s a pit bull.

But prolly the biggest thing that helped Mahm learn the truth abouts pit bulls was Blogville. That’s where she and May-Zee made lots of furends who were pit bull-type dogs, like CorbinPauley James, Daisy, Roo, The Houston Pittie Pack and Miss M & Mr. B. Reading their bloggies helped her finally and truly understand that there are thousands upon thousands of pit bull-type doggies out there that the media-peoples never tell you about — just livin’ their lives with their families, being happy and not hurting anybuddy.

Well, as it turns out, May-Zee’s dee-en-ay test showed that she was a Boxer mix after all. But by that time, Mahm didn’t care. Oh, she knows when other peoples meet May-Zee, they see her as a pit bull doggie and that’s just fine with her. She doesn’t even bother to correct ’em anymore. But what Mahm HOPES they see after they get to know May-Zee is a happy, friendly DOG who is a Most Beloved and Impawtant member of the family.

And that’s what she hopes for all the other pit bull-type doggies out there — that one day, peoples won’t judge a doggie on their looks, but what they are on the inside. Cuz when that day comes, we’ll ALL lives happily ever after.

The End.

*Names have been changed for no reason at all. Any similarity to actual persons or doggies is not really the least bit coincidental.



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40 responses to “Corbin’s Pitty Post Day!

  1. You knows, I was readin’ dis story and it sounds very familiar to me. It reminds me of da story of my Bff Mayzie. See, hers is a most beautiful brindle girl withs a square head too. Hoomans think hers is a pit but who cares cuz hers is total funsies and gracious is her full of love. You can see it in her eyes. I’d like to thank her pawrents fur goin’ to da store dat day and giving her a second chance…to love and feel loved. They is special peoples fur sures. Dats what I would tells them if I had da chance.


  2. Laurie

    I just loved this post! I too have learned a lot over the past couple of years about the truth about pit bull type dogs, and try to educate people as much as I can. Your blog helps get the truth out there.

  3. Pip

    I love your story, Mayzie. I could read it 87 million times! I just created a Pittie Day blog hop if you would like to join!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. Dear Miss Mayzie…what a wonderful story! Somehow it sounds familiar?

    Gussie n Teka Toy

    (Teka says that Bully Dogs are fine, but if you want really scarey..get a Jack Russell!)

  5. Old Kitty

    Me and my cat Charlie came over from Marg’s Pets! We totally love your story gorgeous Mayzie! We think pit bulls and pit bull type woofies are so misunderstood and any bad publicity is down to how they are treated by their humans. We are now off to say happy birthday to adorable Corbin!

    p.s we love your very pretty dress!! Take care

  6. What a great post today, Mayzie! I think you made all the points anybody could need to see that Pitties are just dogs!


  7. Oh that is such a wonderful story Mayzie and we are so glad to see you back blogging. We sure did miss you too. We think you are the best Mayzie and are such a good example of a good pittie. Love your story. Good to see you.

  8. Mayzie, what a wonderful, wonderful post! Mom and I LOVE your story! I don’t think I can accurately express how awesome we think this is. Keep up the great work you ate doing changing people’s minds about pit bull-type dogs!!!
    P.S. – you really are gorgeous, inside and out!

  9. Frankie Furter and Ernie

    What a SUPERB SUPER DUPER WONDERFUL “STORY” you told us girrrrl.
    I just love a story with a HAPPY ENDing.. baaawaaah.
    You certainly got the point across about how Peeps can get their wires all crossed and end up with Stinkin Thinkin.
    PERFECT POST girrrrrl.

  10. harrispen

    I love this story and all the pictures too. Especially the one at “the end”.


  11. What a grreat story! I wonder if I could meet May-Zee some day. She sounds like an awfully sweet and wonderful dog. (And part boxer, hubba hubba!) I’m glad that Mahm came around and realized how silly she was being. I hope that more humans see the light too!

  12. Tank

    gotta love a happy ending…

  13. MOL Mayzie you didn’t fool me for one nano second with those
    ‘names’!! That was a truly most wonderful story of how you and your peeps came to be a family. Not only are you a gorgeous Brindle but you wear a dress with more style than I’ve seen in years.
    Hugs from your BFFF

  14. Dawling Mayzee,
    That is a most teaw jewkingly bootiful stowy and I hope all hoomans leawn fwom it
    You awe wondewful and I am pwoud to be yoow fwiend
    smoochie kisses

  15. We agree with Tank – gotta love a happy ending!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  16. Mayzie…This is a most beautiful post. It is so good to see you and feel your sweet spirit.

  17. That was beautiful Mayzie! I am so happy to have you as my friend!

  18. What a great story, Mayzie and Happy Birthday to Corbin!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  19. Lovely story! I am so glad your humans took a chance on you, even though there was a possibility you could have been a pit bull. Because the outside really doesn’t matter, does it? Your mom knew you had a good heart just by looking at you. 🙂

  20. daisydog

    Love your post Mayzie!! Your humans are so cool!! 🙂

  21. Sarge

    Hey Mayzie!
    Wow, what a great post for today! You are a great example of love and sweetnes regardless of breed (or not) or appearance. Love those pix of your gorgeous self! Corbin will be waggin’ at this post fur sure!!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Pitty Wanna Be

  22. You sure fooled a bunch a people Mayzie! I don’t care what you are, you’re darn cute. Glad you ended up with the people you did, who do so much for pretty pups like you.

  23. Oh Mayzie, what a wonderful post for a wonderful forever home for “that” pooch! BOL! I’m so glad you found such a great place to lay your head. Thanks for joining in on the Pitty Post Day, I can’t believe the response it’s gotten and I’m so super happy about it all!

  24. Well we are so glad your Mommy figured out how wonderful YOU are. Can you believe some people are afraid of Fenris just because he is BIG. (A)FSS

  25. Teddy Bear & Sierra

    We love your beautiful story, Mayzie. We’re so glad you found such an amazing furever home.:) And a very Happy Barkday to Corbin.:)

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  26. Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

    That is one very beautiful story, Mayzie. You know we love you so much no matter what your breed is.

    Happy Birthday to Corbin and thanks for such a wonderful post.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  27. dorysbackyard

    What a wonderful pittie post Mayzie!!!


  28. Benny & Lily

    yea for pitty day….
    Benny & Lily

  29. your tutu and toungue pictures just made our day. we love your sweet face so much how can anyone eber discriminate against your charm.

    pibble toots
    the pittie pack

  30. chicamom85

    What a great story! I am so glad that you got to have such a great family Mayzie. Your story made me very happy.

    Loveys Sasha

  31. I love your story, Miss Mayzie! A true testament to how wonderful all of us dogs are, no matter what “type”. It’s only the ideas in the humans heads that are dangerous!

  32. Daisy

    Wild applause goin’ on here!!!! What a wonderful story and we know it’ll make Corbin so happy on his barkday!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  33. Roo

    Terrific story! and very cute end 😉

    Waggin at ya,

  34. What a great story, Mayzie – thank goodness you changed the names to protect the participants! Hee hee!

  35. Ah Mayzie… thank you so much f your wonderful post. I’m sure the Fearless 5 are looking down from the bridge smiling right now becuase of all the pitty love in Blogville. Too bad it isn’t that way everywhere. Love thye pictures.

    Mona, Weenie & the Mommy too

  36. Thank you for introducing yourself AND leaving me such a great pawment about ignoring those anonymous peeps comments who are just being stoopid and nasty. If anything their negative comments made a positive cause we got to know one another AND it made us see exactly what Mr. Corbin was talking about…

    I loved your post… it was so sweet and funny and encouraging, Mayzie. 🙂

    I am adding you along to my Google Reader so I can get to know you!
    Milo (for Shelle (mom) and Dixie (sister) cause both of them are crabby this morning and don’t wanna post anything… those girls -sigh-)

  37. Woof to you Mayzie!!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful story. As my assistant and I always say, some of the most obedient, calm and sweet dogs we know are pitties and pittie mixes. And I am BEYOND in love with the photos of you in your pink print wings and tutu. Much love to you – XXOO – Mazzie

  38. Mayzie, that’s such a great story. We love success stories and yours is definitely one of those! We never knew about Corbin’s blog so we popped over to visit him yesterday and we think it’s pawsome what he is doing. Thanks for letting us know and for sharing your story. Isn’t it lovely that you have a wonderful home? BTW, we loved that photo of you in your tutu (although I’m worried it may have given the She TWo Legged One ideas about dressing me up – we all know that doesn’t end well!).



  39. littlemissjackie

    Doggone it, Mom’s computer has been sick and we missed this great postie. A big Happy Barkday to Mr. Corbin, and a big thank you to you, Miss Mayzie, for the great informashuns you give everyone!


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