Valentine’s Dance and Pillars of Strength for K

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybuddy! Are you all ready for the big Valentine’s Pawty?

There’s gonna be all sorts of fun stuff to do. You can vote for King and Queen, get some kisses at the Kissing Booths, buy Yummers for your Sweetie, and purchase  tickets for super great raffle prizes. And remember that all the pawceeds go to help our sweet Dog Foster Mom builds a fence for her foster doggies.

I’m all dressed up and ready to go. Just waiting on the limo. Do you thinks my super handsome date Casey will like my new outfit? I hope so!

Now, there’s something else very much special going on today that I’m going to lets my mom tell you about. Take it away, mom!


Thanks, Mayzie!

Today, we’re proud to participate in Blogville’s Pillars of Strength for K.

When I discovered Romping and Rolling in the Rockies, I was immediately enchanted with their lives. Yes, we live in Colorado. But KB and her two pups, K & R, are living the Colorado DREAM. Hiking, biking, running. Having encounters with amazing wildlife. Breathing in the spectacular beauty that lies just out their back door. Even though KB has back problems and K had to have one of her toes amputated not long ago, they unabashedly embrace life and the magical world they live in. It seemed to me as though they were charmed.

That’s why the recent news that 7 year-old K has osteosarcoma took my breath away. My heart aches for KB as she deals with the reality of this diagnosis in her heart-dog. Yet, just like all the other challenges that have come their way, they are facing this with boundless grace and an unwavering determination to take each day as it comes and enjoy it to the fullest. I feel truly honored and blessed that they are allowing us to join them on their journey; and my sincere wish on this Valentine’s Day is that they can feel the love, hope, and strength being carried to them from all corners of the world.

Look to this day
for it is life.
The very life of life.

In its brief course lie all
the realities and truths of existence
the joy of growth
the splendour of action
the glory of power.

For yesterday is but a memory
and tomorrow is only a vision.
But today well lived
makes every yesterday
a memory of happiness

and every tomorrow a vision of hope.

Look well, therefore, to this day!

– Ancient Sanskrit Poem




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36 responses to “Valentine’s Dance and Pillars of Strength for K

  1. Ohh Mayzie dats a most beautiful post wee does lovs to reeds abouts sweet K her is so brave wee finks her is inspirayshunall.
    Yoo doo looks most stunnin todays Mayzie, yor brindles furs is set off most gawjussly by yor choice ovs outfit


  2. This makes us soooo sad….Blessings upon K and her family ….we hope a miracle occurs. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.
    On a happier note, you look pretty in pink Mayzie!…and your ears always add the finishing touch. I hope Casey is a perfect gentleman and that the event is a huge success! Hugs, Ruby

  3. What a beautiful post. K and her family are going to be so blown away when the logon this morning. There are so many great posts today for her. It is a very busy day in blogville. Hope you have a great time at the dance and pawty with your date. We thinks she will be all giggle when she sees you. BOL Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  4. Miss Mayzie…you looks bootiful, may I have a dance?


  5. Ooooooh Mayzie, I loves dat poem and I couldn’t think of a more perfecter one than dat. It’s almost as if it were written just fur K and KB. Dat was just beautifuls! It got into my soul.

    Mayzie, I don’t thinks I gas evers seen you look more luverly than today withs your pink stole and beads. Casey is gonna flip when he sees you.

    I actually likes da idea of a cheerio necklace cuz then I could eats it.


  6. PS: I has snacks fur da limo ride too.


  7. Mayzie, you are SO beautiful! You take my breath away! And what a lovely post! You and your mom are very thoughtful.

  8. Tank

    I’m sure you’ll be the prettiest dog at the dance Mayzie:)

  9. Oh my dogness, Mayzie, you’re just so beeeeee-YOU-tiful!!! I brought you some flowers, but they’re not nearly as pretty as you are. Maggie Mae and Max should be coming by with the limo soon. I’m so excited to paw-ty!

    Our thoughts are with K too. Ugh, I HATE cancer!

  10. We hope you have a wonderful time at the big dance today.

    K and KB are going to be so surprised today. As K would tell us, embrace the day and live strong. We loved your poem, very beautiful and so appropriate.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you! And thanks for your help today too.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. Mayzie…You look so beautiful! Thinking of K.

  12. Mayzie I have never seen you so beautiful!!! Have a wonderful time at the dance!!!
    Sending loving thoughts to K and to KB!!!!!

  13. You have a way with words, pretty brindle girl. That was a lovely post for K and KB.
    And look at the way you are rockin’ that outfit! See you at the dance!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  14. You look beautiful Mayzie and Happy Valentine’s Day! We are sharing our strength with K as well.

  15. Hi Mayzie… let me just say that you are one lucky Brindle Boxer-lady Beauty to have the most charming Casey as your beau!! He is looking mighty fine in his bowtie and you my sweet look lovely as always…Pink is your color.

    Mom and I just learned about K’s struggles today and will keep K and her mom in our purrs,
    Hugs from your BFFF,

  16. Benny & Lily

    Happee Valentine’s Day
    Benny & Lily

  17. Oh Mayzie, that was such a lovely tribute to K. We have been over and left our best wishes. Now we need to get busy and go to this big party. Hope you enjoy your dance Mayzie. Happy Happy Valentines day to you. Take care.

  18. What a beautiful post and you are one beautiful furLady, Mayzie!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Love ya lots,

  19. Frankie Furter and Ernie

    Mayzie girrrrrrl you look just BEAUTIFUL.. Hey can I have a Dance girrrrl?
    I just did the Eye BOOGIE Woogie with Puddles.

  20. We think Casey needs his head examined if he doesn’t think you look gorgeous in your new outfit. Have fun at the V-Day dance.

    Your mom wrote a lovely description of KB and K.

  21. Furry much so! Happy Valentine’s day Mayzie!
    Dachshund Nola

  22. Oooooooh dis cheeeeese cake IS delish.

    Frankie gots some moves goin’ on. I like to do da eye Boogie dance…bwhahahaha.


  23. it is all about martinis and leather pants.

  24. Miss Mayzie you are a heart melter today! So pretty in pink, who could resist you! Have fun & say hi to Brudder Ranger too. We love you!!

    Lots of love & support on ye old blogs today! xoxo

  25. Pip

    Oh Miss Mayzie, you sure look pretty in pink. I didn’t get a post up today for K, but I am sending her and her mom all kinds of love.

    Now, which way to the buffet? I hear they have some mini-cheeseburgers with my name on them.

  26. Sarge

    Hey Mayzie!
    Wow, you look so amazing! I know Casey is having a blast as your escort to the party. I sure hope I can steal one dance with you before the night is over. Looking lovely!
    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  27. AC

    Mayzie, you sure look pretty in your party attire!
    Mayziemom, that’s a perfect K and KB poem, and one we can all learn from. Happy Valentine’s!

  28. Mayzie,

    You looks GAWgeous, as always! What a fun time we is havin’ today!
    Your sweet momma always seems to be able to put into words what my mom is thinkin’. Thank you…

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Casey is one lucky boxer 😉

  29. Mayzie, you are such a pretty girl!!!!!! Love the outfit. And my thoughts go out to K…

  30. What a beautiful poem, Mayzie! Almost as beautiful as you 🙂

    -Bart and Ruby

  31. Oh Mayzie, You look gorgeous!!

    It does seem just like yesterday that Mommy adopted me. I love being in this family.

    Have a good time tonight.

    sniff ya later………Weenie

  32. Teddy Bear & Sierra

    Mayzie, you look beautiful! We’ve got our paws crossed for K.

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  33. What an awesome poem, so inspiring for so many of us. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, you look so lovely in your pawty dress. 🙂

  34. littlemissjackie

    Miss Mayzie, you look SO luvly in your pretty pink dress and neklusses! We hope you had the best time ever at the pawty with your handsome date! Thanks for letting us know about K, we are thinking of them and praying that K will get all better. You are so thotful and such a sweet girl.

    Luvs and smoochy-faces,


  35. KB

    Oh my, what an inspiring post. We are so grateful to you, for your friendship and your support. We do feel the love flowing in from all corners of the world, as you said in your post. The poem is perfect, absolutely perfect. I am going to keep a copy of it, to remind me of “today” in those inevitable moments of despair when I let my mind wander into the scary future. Thanks so much Mayzie and Mayzie’s mom. You are good friends.

  36. We are still pawing our way through the inkhredible posts fur K and KB!

    What a great job woo did!


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