A Tuesday Tail: Annabelle Saves the Day

Soooo…mom has had the sickies the last few days and that’s why we haven’t been around much.

I finally gave mom this face…

And she said that okay, she would help me do a bloggie post but on one condition.

SHE got to write it! WHAT? Can you believes the nerve? 

But then she told me she wanted to write abouts my angel kitteh-sisfur, Annabelle, and well, how could I say no to that?

So here’s my mom!

Annabelle was my heart-cat and the smartest cat I’ve ever known. She went through at least 9 lives and everyone in our family has an Annabelle story. This is my personal favorite.

Annabelle adopted our family when I was in high school, over the strenuous and frequent protests of my stepfather who, at every opportunity, let the family know he did NOT like “damn cats.” Annabelle was fine with this because, as it turns out, she did NOT like “damn stepfathers.”

In fact, Annabelle had a well-defined hierarchy when it came to the humans in the house. Stepdad at the very bottom. My sister K and I at the very top. 

Because she was an indoor/outdoor cat, the family would leave the patio door open to allow her easy entry and exit during nice weather. One spring night after I was at college and while my sister was at a high school function, Annabelle came in from outside. As usual, she ignored my parents and made a beeline for my sister’s room which was directly off the living room.

A few seconds later, Annabelle suddenly re-emerged and stared intensely at my parents. When neither of them moved, she began to meow.

Now, this was unusual, as Annabelle was a cat of few words. Both my parents thought it a little odd, but ignored her and continued watching their tv show.

Unsatisfied with this response, Annabelle walked over to my mother and meowed even more loudly. Once again, she was ignored.

At this point, Annabelle strode purposefully to my stepfather, positioned herself squarely in front of him, and meowed yet again with unmistakable urgency and irritation. You have to understand how extraordinary this was. Annabelle never chose to be in the same room with my stepfather, and certainly never stooped to address him directly. THIS got their attention. Perplexed, my stepfather looked at my mother and said, “What the HELL has gotten into that damn cat?”

About this time, something caught his eye. Turning, he saw this coming out of my sister’s room…

Note: Not actual possum.

Now, let me just pause the action for a moment. The thing I always find most remarkable about this story is that, upon encountering a wild animal in “her” room, Annabelle didn’t take refuge in another room. She didn’t escape outside. No. Instead, she made the conscious decision to approach my parents, knowing they were the only ones who could do anything about the intruder. She told them, as plainly as she could, “Excuse me. There is a very large, very hairy, very UGLY beast in my room. And I demand you do something about it at once!”

Was it her fault if they didn’t speak fluent cat?

Anyway, from what I have been told, all hell broke loose at this point. My stepfather leaped from his recliner and quickly pulled on his cowboy boots after realizing that his typical tv-watching apparel of tighty-whiteys and an undershirt would be insufficient for confronting such a dangerous beast. Moving just as quickly, my mother grabbed a broom and handed it to him, which he wielded above his head like a hatchet. Confronted by this alarming spectacle, the possum did the only logical thing a possum could do.

It ran upstairs.

My parents – once they recovered from the surprise of finding that the possum did not actually, you know, play possum – followed quickly behind.

About the time they reached the top of the stairs, they saw the possum disappear into my brother’s room. My brother, who was about 9 at the time, was fast asleep. Creeping into the room, my parents watched in horror as the possum clambered onto the bed and tight-roped its way along the headboard, its tail trailing across my brother’s face. They stood frozen, terrified to wake my brother who, in turn, might startle the animal into some sort of frenzied possum-mauling. Once on the other end of the headboard, the possum ran down the length of the bed, jumped to the floor and out the bedroom door. 

The possum rodeo was back on!

Finally, with some effort – and no shortage of cursing – the possum was herded back outside, much to my parents’ and the possum’s relief.

And where was Annabelle during this melee? Stretched out happily on my sister’s bed, satisfied that she had done her part in vanquishing the beast from her kingdom.

From that day on, I think my stepfather developed a kind of grudging respect for the “damn cat,” although he would never admit it. I can assure you, however, that the feeling was NOT mutual. Annabelle never did care much for “damn stepfathers” (or possums) as long as she lived.



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29 responses to “A Tuesday Tail: Annabelle Saves the Day

  1. Ohh mi word wots a brave n smart kitty her wos, wee always fort possoms wos cute butts dem is not !! Wee don’t fink wee likes dem at all now wee will sticks wivs armadillys now

    Izzy, Uji n Ronnii
    xxx xxx xxx

  2. What a wonderful and interesting story! It is amazing that people sometimes have a hard time understanding when we tell them something, isn’t it, AND THEN when THEY figure out what WE’VE been TRYING to tell them, they think it’s amazing! At least those that pay attention to us all the time, finally learn how to read us and we don’t have to work so hard getting things across to them. Annabelle sounds like she was a smart kitty! The Country Corgis

  3. Daisy

    What a great story. So funny….at least for us. I don’t suppose Annabelle, the possum or stepfather thought it was too funny.

    She was a smart cat. What a character.

  4. We don’t have much experience with cats around here, but that is a wonderful story. We will tell Miss Eartha Kitteh that SOME cats are worth keeping.

    gussie n teka

  5. That is a wonderful story and what a more than wonderful cat Annabelle. It is amazing how smart animals are and they do know what is going on. We are not crazy about possums either. Good girl Annabelle. Our Mom had to put her heart cat down right after Christmas so she understands about how some cats are just so special. Take care. Hope the Mom feels better soon. We are sending some purrs to her. Be nice to her Mayzie.

  6. Blair’s Mom here, Mayzie this is a great story from your Mom. Annabelle surely knew what she was doing. Our cat is a night time talker and he likes you to follow him to his food dish. He knocks on the door to get in and never snuggles with anyone but Koda!

  7. Eeeeeeeeeek. POSSUM!!

    Mayzie, you needs to post a warning. ** Not for MinnaKrebs Momma’s Eyes** when you include a foto of those straight-from-hell-creepiest-of-the-creepy creatures on your Blogg! My momma has the goose-bumps and be traumatized fur the day. (heee may use this as an excuse to remain home from work )

    Again with the Eeeeeeekk!

  8. PeeS….the rest of the story was very nice

  9. That is funny. My dad NEVER liked cats but we had several growing up. One was actually born in our garage and we kept her until she passed at 18. My dad actually cried when she died! She’s buried down by my parents creek. When the landscapers re-did their yard a couple of years ago, he told them not to go near her grave because my mother would fire them. She has a headstone and it is all perfectly manicured. I really miss Stinkerbell.

    mamma heartbeat

  10. What a great story. That Annabelle was a real “Lassie”. Instead of “Timmy is stuck in the well” her story was “Hey, there is a stinking possum in my bed!”


  11. Frankie Furter and Ernie

    OH MAYZIE… THIS was one of the most DESCRIPTIVE and HYSTERICAL posts I have EVER READ!!!
    I Loved the TV watching attire.. and calling it a Possum Rodeo.

    Annabelle must have been a REAL DELIGHT!!!

  12. BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA that was a great, and super scary for a few moments, story!!!

  13. I loved it!!! Annabelle was a very special cat ~~~ but then aren’t they all!!!! I have never known one that wasn’t!!!!!
    I KNOW possum’s too,, real well and they will not bite you or animals.
    They really get a bad rap!!! They are not bad animals!!!
    Come see what Zoie got!!!

  14. WTG Annabelle she was an independent thinking ladycat way ahead of her time. Mayzie Mom that is so story with Annabelle as the heroine. I especially liked the the mutual disrespect Annabelle and stepdad shared. I’ve always said animals are excellent judges of character. LOL
    Love Love love this story and you told it so well. I had a visual in my mind’s eye
    Higs Madi and Mom

  15. Mayzie, you were very generous to let your mom share this GREAT story!! She used to have a GUARD kitty!! They are very rare!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  16. OMD that’s a great story! Way to got Annabelle! Opossums are creepy!
    Love your new header
    Dachshund Nola

  17. Mayzie,
    What a funny story! Annabelle sounds like her was a real cool kitteh. 🙂
    So happy dat your sweet momma is fellin’ better, gives her some extra luvins’ from me and Max tonight…’kay?

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  18. I LOVE this story! Annabelle sounds like an awesome cat. It’s so true that cats are way tougher and smarter than people think.

  19. Grudging respect to Annabelle. Clever stuff – for a cat.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  20. What a smart kitty Annabelle was! Bless her for tattlin’ on the possum!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  21. I do hope your mom feels better quickly. We love the story about Annabelle! Thanks for your well wishes for my mom person.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  22. That is a great story and Annabelle was not only a looker, she was darn smart!!!

  23. That is a super duper great story, AND you told it so very well. Annabelle was one very smart kitty. Oh, and she was pretty damn cute too.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  24. What a great story! I can’t imagine having a possum in the house. I love how your blog looks, Mayzie!

  25. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, can Mom ever relate, especially about “damn stepfathers!” She had a cat in college that sounds like she could have been separated from Annabelle at birth. This frightens me on several levels! I’m glad that Annabelle was not detained too long from her regularly scheduled cat naps!


  26. We would says that Annabelle was a cat of fine distinction and discriminating taste! So take that all you “Damn Stepfathers” of the world!

    BOL – Your pal, HoneyBuzz

  27. Bwhahahahahaha…OMD, I be on da floor laughin’ in hystericals…OMD, I has tears rollin’ down my face too…hehehehe.
    Oh geez, dis was great! Oh gawd, there was just too many funny things to even begin to mention….”damn stepfathers” nows dats gonna has to go down in da books fur sures.
    I soooooooo could has taken dat possum if I had been theres…and if I was alive back then.

    Poor Minna’s momma.


  28. Great story! I met a baby possum once. It looked like it was dead so I sniffed it for a long time until mom came out to see what I was doing. She took me inside the house and when she went back to check on it, it had climbed up a tree! I’ve never met a grown-up possum, but mom says she would prefer that I didn’t. We have possums that like to walk along the top of our fence late at night but so far I’ve never seen one. We also have rabbits and raccoons and squirrels, even though we live in a city.

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