Rescue Me Week, Day 4 – Diva

Good morning, everybuddy! Well, here it is. The next to the last day of Rescue Me Week and it’s gone better than I ever thought it would! I know on one paw, it’s sad to see all the pets who are still looking for their furever homes. But on the other paw, maybe – just maybe – somebuddy will come along, see the post on your bloggie and think, “THAT’S the family member I’ve been looking for!”

Alrighty. Today’s Adorable Adoptable comes from this super fantastic place here in Collie-rado called National Mill Dog Rescue. Their mission is “to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home discarded breeding dogs and to educate the general public about the cruel realities of the commercial dog breeding industry.”

We heart them SO much!

And now we’d like to introduce you to DIVA!

Okay, admit it. You’re totally in luvs with her, aren’t you?

Take it away, Diva! Tell ’em all abouts your sexy self!

Hi there, I’m Diva, a 12-year old, 7 pound Italian Greyhound aka “Iggy”. I lived in a terrible puppy mill in Iowa. It was so bad that the Humane Society there closed it down and took the 22 of us Iggy’s to their shelter. They called NMDR and before I knew it, we were headed for Colorado and the wonderful people and kennels there. What a difference! For one thing, it’s great to eat good food.

My tongue is super gorgeous, just like ME!

You better tell me NOW if you don’t want to see my tongue! You see what years of bad food and no dental care does? No teeth! Be sure to brush your teeth! It’s not so bad. I don’t even think about it. As long as I can eat soft food everything is A OK. I think my tongue sticking out gives me lots of character. I need someone to see me as I am, beautiful!

Me and my tongue - hangin' out.

I am a little shy but love to cuddle and eat. There are two, no three things I love to do, eat, sleep, and run. My foster mom also thinks that I am also a bed hog. I am very alert and interested in everything. Foster mom even lets me watch TV!!

I am so happy to be free. I love the big back yard in my foster mom’s home. There are eight other dogs here and I get along with them all. One of them is a Mastiff/Boxer. She’s cool and likes to run too. I am working on potty training and go outside a lot. I would really love to have a forever home. Imagine. My own family! Ask about me. I’m waiting. I’m a sweet but timid girl that would do best in a slower home with older children (7+), a fenced yard, and other dogs. I’m a social butterfly that doesn’t want to be alone! So come out and meet me, Diva!

Thank you, Diva. I sure hope you finds your furever home real soon! And thank you, National Mill Dog Rescue, for everything you do to helps doggies like Diva.

PeeS. Remember — if you post for Rescue Me Week, pretty please leave me a comment here or send an email to mayziegal AT with your linkie-poo!

And pretty, pretty PLEEZE, if you posted on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and you don’t see your postie listed, be sure and let me know cuz some of my furends’ pawments got eaten by the Spam Monster!



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36 responses to “Rescue Me Week, Day 4 – Diva

  1. JD and Max

    Hi Miss Mayzie – oh wow, we’re SO enjoying this rescue week that you’re running. It’s been amazing seeing all the blog posts about it and we’re sure that lots of dogs and kits out there are going to find the most pawfect furever home as a result – you are just the best Miss Mayzie!

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  2. Daisy

    We love to read about dogs who are FINALLY learning what a dog’s life can REALLY be like!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. Kari

    She is cute even with that tongue :). Here’s to miss diva finding her furever home!!

  4. What a gorgeous girl. Mommy has been reading blogs about all these dogs needing rescue and wishs we could adopt them all.

    God Bless you for doing this.


  5. Kat

    Oops. We “played” yesterday, but forgot to send you a linky comment or email 😦 We also posted today 🙂

    You’re so cute, Mayzie!

  6. Diva is just so cute. Gotta love that tongue!

    I sent you an email but here is my link to my Rescue Me post:

    Thanks again!

  7. Roo

    Thank goodness for organizations like The National Mill Dog Rescue!
    Diva is beautiful! She looks so happy to be outside 🙂 Paws crossed for you Diva to find your pawfect furever home soon!

    Waggin at ya,

    PeeS: Stella’s 4th post is up today 🙂 Here’s the link…
    Can’t thank you enough Mayzie for what you are doing/have done! Nothing butt good has/will come of your wonderful idea 😀 Hugs!

  8. Oh, my gosh. I love this little girl and that tongue is so adorable. I wonder if you have to be careful with her in the sun so her tongue doesn’t get sunburned. We are back today with another post for your awesome event of Rescue Me Week. Thanks for doing this wonderful thing. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  9. What a cutie! Can’t even imagine that little girl in those horrible conditions! Thanks dogness she and the others were rescued! Definitely time for her to get a furever home!
    We’ve got Cooper posted today – haha NOT our Cooper but a very similar Cooper from NLOL – Miss M’s rescue 🙂
    Thanks again for hosting this pawsome event, Mayzie!
    The Road Dogs

  10. Mayzie,

    OoH yes mom and me LUVS Diva!! Her deserves da bestest furever home and we sure hopes her gets it soon!
    Day 4-Come on over and meet Happy the Appy!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  11. Mayzie – I so agree with the others… this has been the best week ever thanks to your wonderful idea. It’s so overwhelming when you realize how many homeless animals are out there and it seems like the shelters struggle so much just to keep going. Thankfully, there are also many compassionate and generous people (like your mom) who are trying to make a difference. My post is up for today featuring Bob and friends…

  12. Oh I love the iggy’s and see one somewhere in my future! Stumpy plays a little rough for their fine bones, though 😦 I just KNOW Diva’s happily furever after family is coming to get her!

    Happy, Waggin’ Tails, FUREVER!
    Stumpy and me
    We’re in again today!

  13. Diva is beautiful. Puppy Mills are BAD BAD BAD. Thank goodness that place was shut down, but poor Diva, having to spend so many years there. I wish I could talk the people into getting me a little dog of my own; until then, I am sending Diva hugs & kisses!

    Pauley James

  14. This has been a very special week and Mayzie we so appreciate you getting all this going. And who knows, someone might see an animal they just have to have. Diva sure is a cute. I sure hope someone takes her. She looks like she is very lovable.
    Our post is on today.

  15. The tongue is such a wonderful part of the dog–dogs who are kind enough to keep them on display should be celebrated.

    We posted today! Couldn’t decide on just one critter though:)

  16. Well Mayzie I got one post in on Monday. one is better then none .

    I have a big dog now and will be so busy getting to know her and her getting to know me!!
    xx, Fern & now Zoie

  17. Diva is lovely!!! We love the tongue and hope she gets her forever home soon!! Heaven knows she deserves it.

    We posted again:

  18. Oh Mayzie
    thank dog that bootiful little Diva got out of that misewabull sitooation and is getting plenty of yummie soft foods and love in hew fostew home. Now we just have to cwoss ouw paws and send all ouw pawsitive wishes that some loving hooman gives hew a fuwwevew home she desewves. I think =hew tongue is lovely and makes hew even mowe bootiful..I would love to snuggle and kiss hew
    smoochie kisses

  19. Wow, Mayzie, Diva is a pretty girl! I think she might be part-boxer with that tongue hanging out. 🙂

    Today I featured Molly from Legacy Boxer Rescue!

  20. Thank you Mayzie
    Benny & Lily
    We are sure Grampie is smiling

  21. Diva! You are one!! Good luck, sweet girl!!

  22. Diva, it is I Madi the Diva cat, you are most gorgeous and your tongue is super gorgeous…you are always ready to give licks.
    Mom and I are just postive with that million dollar smile you’ll soon have a forever home.
    Mom and I are posting a finale Rescue me post tomorrow. We’ll be sure to hop over to leave the link.
    Hugs Madi

  23. We are really loving this series! And Diva is too cute! Today we posted about Miss M and Levi’s rescue group and some of the adorable pooches they have!

  24. littlemissjackie

    Oh Miss Mayzie, we think Miss Diva is just beyootifuls! What a nice addishun she will make to her new furever family!

    We have a postie today!

  25. She’s just as cute as a tongue-lovin’-button! Hope she finds a home real soon.

    Arooo, Stuart

  26. Hi! I’m really enjoying rescue week, what a little cutie! Love the tongue so cute
    Dachshund Nola

  27. Oh Mayzie! I just love Diva! Mom had a chihuahua at her rescue that had the same problem… so sad! He was adopted by a retired vet and will be forever loved! I sure hope Diva has the same fate!

  28. Oh Diva, we think you have a lovely pink tongue and you should feel free to let it all hang out! We are glad you are away from that yucky puppy mill, and are waiting for a furever home. We know you’ll find one soon!
    And Mayzie, we pawticipated again today! Our post is at

  29. This has been the bestest week EVFUR fur blogging!!!!!

    Thank woo FURRY much!


  30. Oooo! Diva is so cute! Mom says one day when she can’t keep up with big dogs anymore, she’ll have an Iggy. I hope she finds a home soon!


  31. Diva! So cute! I’m participating again today…featuring Moody! Here’s the link: Thanks, Mayzie.

  32. Oh my goodness, what beautiful eyes you have Diva. With a sweet little face like yours you should have a new forever home very soon.

  33. Aww, Diva is soo adorable!
    I have finally had time to sit down and write up a post (sorry I waited till the last day to participate!) here’s my link:

  34. Oh my, what a cutie. I love her little tongue hanging out but had that she came from a bad place and doesn’t have teeth anymore, so sad. 😦

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