Another Shall-Ay Adventure

Hi everybuddy! Oh, gosh, I’ve just missed you all oodles and gobs! I think maybe I’ve convinced my mom to help me do some bloggie posts here and there. And just in time cuz  I’ve got a big, fun adventure to tell you about!

Okay, so, me and Brudder Ranger sat mom and dad down the other day and told ’em that it was about time we stopped sitting around and moping and that maybe we should go somewheres with the Shall-Ay.

Now, they weren’t too sure but then we reminded ’em that this is the time of year that the aspen leaves turn into gold! Now, between you and me, me and Brudder Ranger don’t care too much about that but for some reason, humans seem to get real excited about leaves turning into gold…so away we went!

We went waaaaay up in the mountains and camped right in the forest! Mom says it’s called “boondocking” and I thought it was just Super Awesome!

The next morning, me and Brudder Ranger were all set to sleep in…

What do you mean, we have to get up?

But mom and dad said we were gonna go look at leaves. Well, this didn’t sound all that very interesting to us but, well, we HAD promised that they could look at leaves so we all loaded up in the truck. And I hafta admit that there was lots of pretty stuff to look at.

These are the Tarryall Mountains. They are a Natural National Monument.

Oh, yeah…and then there were some leaves. (Yawn.)



More leaves

And even MORE leaves!

Well, just when we started getting a little teensy bit bored, mom and dad surprised us by telling us that we’re gonna go for a hike. Oh, boy! If there’s anything we luvs better than a hike, I sure can’t think of it.

Of course, FIRST mom had to take a picture with us.

Whew! I'm glad that's over. Let's GO!

Hey there, Mr. Squirrel. C'mon down. I just wanna talk. Honest!

I believe I just saw a chipmunk scurry under this rock.

Isn't this fun, Brudder Ranger?

It most certainly is, Mayzie.

Well, I think you can prolly tell we had the super bestest time EVER! And to top everything off, when we gots back to our Shall-Ay, look who was waiting for us…

Gosh, she was awfully nice. She even left me a Most Luvly pressie to roll around in. Wasn’t that the sweetest?

Of course, mom had to spoil it by giving me a B.A.T.H. right in the middle of the woods! (But between you and me, it was totally worth it.)

This was SO Most Fun, mom and dad! Can we do it again real soon--pleeeeeze?



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41 responses to “Another Shall-Ay Adventure

  1. We love to go camping and see the leaves turn “GOLD”. Oh, maybe that is our human that likes to see the leaves turn “GOLD” as well. We wonder just how many pictures a human can take of leaves. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  2. That looks like the BEST place to go hiking even if it had all those boring leaves!

    Sam and Pippen

  3. Oh Mayzie, it looks likes yoo dids havs da most fun times eva, mee has to say da leaves dids look pretty but yoo seen one yoo seen em all reelly dontcha fink ? Butts dere is no accountin fur hu-peeps is dere……….Bol. Wee all finks yor trip was just wots yoo needed n da pretty cow was so nice leavin yoo a cow patty to rolls in, how fortful ovs her.
    Lotsa Lovs
    Ronnii, Uji n Izzy

  4. BOL what a grand time you must have had…we would love to go camping but don’t know about the hiking …Us Scotties just like rootin’ around in the underbrush.
    Last weekend we went to a doggie show for Shelter dogs and got lots of attention and had our pictures taken, and the best part was, 4 or 5 homeless dogs found their forever homes…it was a good day for all of us..

    Roooos to you
    Georgie B.

  5. OOOOHH… I wish Mamma would buy a Shalay!! Looks like tons of fun and very cozy!!


  6. That camping trip sure looked fun and your leaves are very pretty! You and Brudder Ranger sure look cozy in the Shall-Ay! What a surprise to find Miss Cow back at your camper! We are sure Mom did not enjoy giving you a bath Miss Mayzie! Glad to see you are all doing well!

  7. Mayzie and Ranger-
    What a time you had! And it’s so pretty there, especially the leaves..haha. What is wrong with a little cow stink? I like it!


  8. Mayzie!! You and brudder Ranger is BACK!! So nice to see your pretty brindle furs!! We’re glad you dragged your momma and dad out to do some camping so you could tell us about it!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  9. So nice to see y’all back on the bloggie trail! That looks like a most fun adventure, not sure we would’ve liked the bath in the woods, but whatever churns your butter……

    Our hoomans like leaves too. This week we are going to drive across the Blue Ridge on our way to St. Loulis. We gots the ear plugs ready so we don’t have to lissen to the oooooohhhhhhs and ahhhhhhhhs.


  10. Oh Maggie, that hike looks like you had so much fun. The leaves were very pretty but we understand about how boring it was for you. That was nice of you to keep those humans company. Good to see you again. We really have missed you. Take care.

  11. littlemissjackie

    What an exciting time, Miss Mayzie! Mom says she really likes the pretty gold leaves too. Look at all the neat trees and rocks and everything! How brave you were to have a bafftime way out in the boondockses! Was the moocow VERY big?

  12. littlemissjackie

    AND, it is soooo nice to see you again and read about your adventures!

    Jackie & Dillon

  13. Frankie Furter

    Mayzie and Brudder Ranger… I just LOVE where you took your Shall Ay!! THAT is super duper COOL..

    AND… I am very very very very much GLAD to see and hear from you again. I can’t tell you how much I have been missin the two of you.
    PLEASE don’t be gone so long any more. OK???

  14. What a fun adventure, Mayzie! Your golden leaves are just gorgeous!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  15. It looks so beautiful, especially with the fall colors. We love seeing your adventures, and it’s so great to see you back!

  16. So so good to see you back in blogville!!! We missed you Mayzie and Ranger!!! What a wonderful time you two had with Mom & Dd!! Where were you guys?? It was so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. We sure are Happee your pawrents listened to you. Look at that beautiful place.
    Benny & Lily

  18. OMD, what a great adventure you shared with us – so good to see you and Brudder Ranger. That was an awesome pic of Ranger on those big rocks. And we loved how you tried to lure that squirrel down. Mom got some gorgeous photos – the yellow of those leaves was just spectacular.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  19. daisydog

    So great to have you back!! Those leaves are so gorgeous!! We love your ShallYA!

  20. Thank you for your kind words, Mayzie.



  21. Mayzie,

    There were FOUR kittehs at the blessing service and none of them made a squeak! There was one there that was almost bigger than we were – we made sure we stayed away from him!

  22. Wow, you and Brudder Ranger are so lucky! The leaves are changing here too, but we only get to see them from our block and our backyard! We have been having lots of fun chasing squirrels though while Mama sits outside and reads! Fall is fun!

  23. Daisy

    AHHH Mayzie, glad you’re back. What an AWESOME trip. We didn’t even mind the leaves. Looks like it was a fantastic place to explore. We’d love to be there.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  24. Mayzie
    I have missed you and bwuddew Wangew something awful
    so vewy happy to see you again!!!!
    Y”ouw Shall Ay looks soopew cool and comfy too and what a gweat place to go and hike..I know, I know, hoomans do get all gooey about the sight of those leaves (Mommi is swooing as I type)
    but you an I know the impawtance of the smells and the wunning and hiking and visiting woodsy fwiends like the squiwwel and oh my, you lucky woofie. I mean, even wif the baf at the end, wolling in that pwesent youw sweet new fwiend left must have been heaven
    smoochie kisses

  25. It’s so good to see you post again!

    I have got to talk Mom and Dad into getting one of those shall ays! Holy mackeral, that looks like all kinds of fun! We love hiking and seeing sights!


  26. Pip

    Mayzie!! Oh, how I have missed you. I am so glad you had so much fun on your trip. Those are some AMAZING leaves! Wow! Glad you made a friend and had some fun before the bath. Why do moms always have to ruin the good times and good smells with a bath!

    Your pal, Pip

  27. Oh you guys look like you were having so much fun!!! I am so happy for you and your Mom & Dad, and hope things will get better soon. We haven’t been camping in over two years and miss it terribly. We hope and pray things are better for our Mom and Dad too real soon. For now, we are just happy that we get to keep our little house. Hugs, Ruby & “The Tribe”

  28. YAY!! So happy that you were able to go on such a fun trip! You got to roll in the present ? I have never done that, but I will have to keep my eye out now 🙂 Glad to see you are doing well!

    Pauley James

  29. That sure does look like an amazing Mayzie adventure and the pics are beautiful!

  30. Soooo amazing. Mebbe not much to look at for dogs but this human feels more relaxed from looking at those pictures.

  31. Mayzie Girlfriend…I’m doing back flips and mom is shaking her booty we are so glad you are back. “We missed you two hours and a bunch!! MOL When my human sis was a wee girl and she had to take a nap, Mom said she would ask mom how long she had to nap. Mom would say 2 hours….which is an eternity to a wee girl. Then all of a sudden she started telling Mom she loved her 2 hours and a bunch. It all came from because she said 2 hours was a very long time. MOL…anywho…sorry for the long story but that is how much we missed you.We are so excited to see your Shall-Ay pictures oh and the Aspens were so beautiful. We just love your little Shall-Ay!!
    Hugs and purrs from your BFFF Madi and her Mom

    Hugs and purrs to you all from your BFFF Madi and her Mom

  32. PS I’m happy you think my Cap’n would approve. I expect he and Kareltje would be good buddies if they met….

  33. Mayzie!!!!

    I am doin’ da boxer wiggle butt dance cuz you is back, I sure has missed all of you so very much! Your campin’ trip sure looked like lots of fun!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  34. Bella

    Mum is bouncing up and down in her chair with excitement over a new Mayzie post. I am bouncing up and down at the idea of camping – trees! squirrels! leaves! moo poo! What more could a girl ask for?
    Welcome back – we missed you
    Friendly sniffs

  35. Oh my your trip looks amazing and wow that tree with the gold leaves is just breath taking. LOL rolling in cow poop – that happens alot here in Texas 🙂

  36. The Road Dogs

    It’s GREAT to see your and Ranger’s smiling faces, Mayzie! What a fabulous trip! It sure is making us want to hook up the food hauler and get outta town! Those leaves are bee-yoo-ti-ful! Thanks for sharing those pics ’cause we’re pretty sure we won’t be getting out West to see any aspens turning gold this year! Your shall-ay is soooo cool!

    The Road Dogs

  37. I had to find out about your return over at Downunder Daisy. We’ll have to have a talk about that, but, in the meantime, We’re all glad you’re all back. Nice trip, too!

    AroooOOOOooooOOO, Stuart

  38. Our Chick is So Very Jealous of your hiking adventure! Those leaves are pretty boring but we are glad to see you found ways to have fun and become more aromatic, Mayzie and Ranger!

  39. I’m so happy you’re enjoying your Shall-Ay!!! I love seeing the pictures of your camping zoomies! Did that squirrel ever come down to… uh… talk??


  40. Looks like you guys had a great time. Those sure are some pretty views.

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