Visiting Cuzin Bridger

Hi everybuddy! It’s Wednesday! And you know what that means! It’s time for a postie from me!

I hope you all have had a good week. We’ve missed you all something awful!

Okay, I have something super exciting to tell you about today! Abouts 87 years two months ago, before everything went cuckoo-nuts around here, we all went down to Albukerkee to visits my Cuzin Bridger! (Oh, yeah, and Auntie K and Uncle C, too.)

We didn’t stay very long but we had a super terrific time. One of the funnest things we got to do while we were visiting was go on a hike! Boy, we were all really excited that morning knowing we were going on an adventure. Cuzin Bridger wanted to bring his furend Mr. Roosterson, but Auntie K said no. Sometimes she’s Most Unreasonable like that.

It was SO pawsome cuz it was just us in lots of wide open spaces.

See that thing we’re walking toward? That’s a VOLCANO! Yep, a real volcano! But don’t worry. It hasn’t spewed anything for like a hundred bajillion years.

I led the way but I kept having to stop and wait for everybuddy else cuz they’re a bunch of slowpokes I’m nice that way.


And THEN the Most Amazing thing happened! You’ll never guess what it is! Cuzin Bridger found a dead deer leg!

Oh, it was good and ripe and stinky. I offered to help him carry it but he said he could manage.

But Auntie K, being Most Unreasonable again, finally told him he had to leave it there. So he went a ways off the trail to hide it real good so it would be there when they came back.

About that time, Brudder Ranger thought he smelled some jackrabbit off in the grass so he took dad to go check it out.

They didn’t find anything but Brudder Ranger sure was happy hunting for ’em!

Now, as for me, I was getting pretty hot and so I started looking for some shade to lay under.

But did you know they don’t HAVE shade in the desert? Isn’t that the ker-aziest thing ever? That made me a little worried cuz it’s a Well Known Fact that Most Beautiful Brindle furs are prone to melting.

Luckily, I founds some dirt to roll around in and cool them off a little bits before the situation got too dire.

And then I found the teeny tiniest shade tree EVER to lay under. But first I had to dig a nice, cool hole.

Mom said I was being over-dramatic and made me get out from under that shade. I thought she was taking an awful chance but oh-so-happily, my Most Beautiful Brindle Furs did not melt off!

When we got home, we all laid around and had a good rest and cooled off.

Oh, gosh, we all had a super awesome time. But very much sadly, we had to head back home the very next morning. We sure do miss all of them oodles and gobs and we can’t wait til we go back again!



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45 responses to “Visiting Cuzin Bridger

  1. Love all the pictures and seeing you enjoying your visit with your cousins! So glad to hear you had a wonderful time. The Country Corgis

  2. You were lucky to find that shade for sure or you might have ignited from the heat.


  3. Roo

    What a great walk you and Ranger and your family had in the dessert! Very cool. Well not so cool without the shade I guess 😉 Glad your furs didn’t melt off Mayzie 😉

    Waggin at ya,

  4. miss mayzie!

    YAY! it’s wednesday! do you know that wednesday is now my most favoritest day of the week? teehee. 🙂
    i’m glad you got to go ‘n see cuzin bridger and auntie k and uncle c! your hike looked all kinds of amazin’ like, too! i think it’s a good thingie you found that little shade tree to lie under cuz i could totally tell your lovely brindley furs were THIS CLOSE to meltin’ away. we would not want that to happen evarrr!!!

    the booker man

  5. That was an awesome adventure!

  6. That was an amazing hike. Did Cuzzin Bridger have to get a bath and toof brushes when he got home? That’s what happens to Teka when she finds really good stuff. Hope your Auntie K is more reasonable than the muzzer about things like that.


  7. Looks like a super-good time was had by all! I gotta tell you, that dead deer leg situation had me all excited. And… I know about the fur melting problem too. My mom also accuses me of overreacting and points out that since I have white fur, I should be all hunky dory. She forgets that I have a big old black spot on my back and I can tell you with much certainty that an incredible amount of sunshine gets in through that one black area! I usually go looking for some mud, too bad you couldn’t find any out there in the desert.

  8. I sure enjoy reading about your adventures and visiting relatives. Seems to me, you have an interesting and happy life with lots of neat family….both furry and human. I would have liked to go on that walk with you guys, but I’d be afraid of snakes and such…Did you see snakes? Don’t ever tell Dad, but that dead dear leg looked mighty tasty! OH! I’ve heard that story about our beautiful brindle fur melting in the hot sunshine…Well, I also heard it was a legend….Just the same, be careful!!! Hugs, Ruby

  9. That sounds like the most pawsome adventure ever. Don’t you just hate it when you finds something wonderful and your Mom says LEAVE IT!!!! ? Moms are so unreasonable.

  10. Wow, that did look like a great hike with dead bones and rabbits and a tiny little shade tree. Loved reading all about your adventure. That was fun. Sorry the Mom was so unreasonable. You take care and we will see you next week. Can’t wait.

  11. We are always worried that the brindle furs on Ms. Stevie Wonder will melt off too, but so far so good. Sir Chick has some brindle furs too, but they’re just patches on his coat of white furs, so I think they get protected that way. Good to see you, Mayzie gal!

  12. Miss Mayzie,Stumpy and I will commisserate any time with you about the lack of shade, in the desert! there is some great hiking to be done, though!

    Happy, Waggin’ Tails, FUREVER!
    Stumpy and me

  13. What a great adventure. You know how to tell a great story.

  14. Hi Miss Mayzie! It’s so good to see you! We are most impressed with your shade-locating abilities! Most imressive. Sometimes I just go stand in the shade to cool off my giant paws. AHHHH!! That looked like a super fun hike. You all looked most relaxed at the end 🙂

    -Bart and Ruby and Gizmo, too

  15. Oh Mayzie, if I could get one of my cousins to go hiking with us, I’d be beyond a happy camper! You are so lucky! I’ll bet Puddles could have come up with a good recipe for that deer leg, too!


  16. Benny & Lily

    What a super awesome time is right! Great hike. That doggy is so different and does have beautiful brindle coloring. Thanks for taking us along
    Benny & Lily

  17. Mayzie it looked you had a wonderful time except when you got too hot!! Next time you go walking in the desert take a wet cloth to put on you to help you cool down.
    xx, Fern

  18. Wow, that must have been so cool seeing a real volcano, and deer legs, and jackrabbits!!! We need to pay Cuzin Bridger a visit too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  19. Looks like you had a good visit!


  20. Thank dogness you didn’t melt, Mayzie! Our Dad likes the desert, but Mom likes trees. We kinda side with Mom on that one, too!

    The Road Dogs

  21. Frankie Furter

    OH Mayzie and Brudder Ranger… what a grrrrreat place fur you to have gone… a.. nice RIPE deers leg??? HEAVEN.

    Sorry they didn’t have any shades fur you to protect your lovely furs. Maybe next time they will bring a tree with them.

    You walked to a Volcano???? Weren’t you scared?? I would have been.

  22. What an awesome trip and an even cooler (hehe) hike!!! Lucky pups you all are! I’m super glad your beautiful brindle furs didn’t melt off… I know you’d still be super beautiful even if they did :o)

  23. That does look like so much fun! It’s a good thing you found that deer leg. Did you try giving it back?

  24. Daisy

    That was an awesome, pawsome adventure…..and you could run free! Good thinking about the sand, ’cause we wouldn’t want even one of your beautiful furs to melt.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  25. What an exciting time you had…and what a place…and a volcano!

  26. daisydog

    Oh Mayzie it looks like you has some great fun. However it looks like my mom would have melted, she doesn’t like the heat.

  27. Mayzie,

    What a wunderful adventure you had! I am so happy dat you wuz able to find dat shade cuz your beootiful brindle furs must be protected at all times.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  28. Sarge

    Hey Mayzie!
    Wow, what a pawesome visit! I bet you all had a blast on that desert walkie. Did you all get to roll on that dead deer leg??? Stinky!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  29. Wow, that looks like such a nice walk. You’re a lucky dog, Mayzie.. 🙂

  30. What a wonderful adventure! I say, you and Brudder Ranger looked right at home and very rugged and adventurous. Cuzin Bridger was very good to give up the yummy deer leg…Freedom and Casper said, “No way would we give that up!.”

  31. Pip

    WOW, I have never seen open space like that before. Not sure I would even know what to do with all that space!

    I can’t believe your cousin found a deer leg! Not sure I would know what to do with that either! BOL!

    Your pal, Pip

  32. Lorenza

    HI, Mayzie!
    That was a super walkie!
    Sure you all enjoyed it!
    I know you were happy to be there with Cuzin Bridger!
    I hope he hide that yummilicious leg in a safe place!
    Kisses and hugs

  33. Teddy Bear & Sierra

    What a pawesome vacation you had! We love the photo of your cooling off in the dirt.:)

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  34. What a cool adventure you had Mayzie! We think Cuzin Bridger is so cute!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  35. Good morning to you my most beautiful Brindle friend. I’m happy to report my peeps are home and they had a very nice trip…speaking of trips OMD that was one fine trip you all took to se Bridger. It appears the most handsome Bridger showed you and Ranger a very good time. Mom and are are very happy to read that your brindleness did not melt.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  36. littlemissjackie

    Gosh, Miss Mayzie, what a super fun time you and Brudder Ranger and Cuzin Bridger had! I bet Cuzin Bridger was sooo glad to play and hike with you both! And how neat that you got to sniff a real deer leggy! The desert does look awfully hot, you were so clever to find a shady spot! Thanks for sharing your neat adventure with us!



  37. Looks like you guys had a great adventure. 🙂

  38. Dawling gowgeous Mayziegal

    That looked like a most pawsome twip. Seeing youw cuzzin Bwidgew must have been faboolous and those finds wewe soopew. hoomans can be so unweasonabull, sheeesh those wew tewwific twophies.
    Whew, I was a little scawed that that shadeless desewt was going to hawm youw most pawfect bwindleness, but you awe soooo smawt..digging that cool hole was bwilliant.
    smoochie kisses
    poee ess I’m glad you liked my stwipedy bllomews

  39. Jed & Abby in MerryLand

    We wonder what made off with the rest of the deer and whether it was still in the vicinity. Most exciting adventure, but don’t you worry about rattlesnakes? Next time, get your mom to carry a parasol for you. Our mama’s granny always carried a parasol in the summer and it really helped. Hope the workplace isn’t working your mom to death.

    Jed & Abby

  40. Oh, what a wonderful – if kind of overheated – adventure. Especially the deer leg! What a find!

    I’m sorry we haven’t been around. I guess things have been kind of ker-azy here, too.

  41. Holy Kaboly, Mayzie! What a fantastic time you, Cuzin Bridger, and Brudder Ranger had. To be able to run free and have fun like that… I’m not so sure about that dead deer leg, though. No kisses for CB!

    I love the last three pictures of you all relaxing after your long day – well deserved!

  42. daisydog

    Mayzie guess what???? My tail is gonna look like yours after today!

  43. Sam

    Hopefully you can visit them again when the weather is cooler!

    Or, remind your peeps to bring you an umbrella so your beautiful furs don’t melt off!


  44. Joann Grigg

    A marvie-lus hike! Your familie is way cool. And wow you is all verie brave to run so far from your humans and even finding good stuff to eat in the desert.

    I always ask Ma to read me your bloggie. I luv your brudder Ranger. But I might be skeered of him cuz he looks verie big to me.

    And I luv you too Mayzie! Lots!
    Froggie and Ma (Joann G.)

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