Guest Postie: Pretty Girl asks Mango for a Date

Hi everybuddy! Gosh, I’m super excited today cuz I’ve got a Most Special postie for you. As you prolly know, the Relentlessly Huge is hosting a “Win a Date with the Mango” contest. Well, my furends Jed and Abby from Merryland thought that their cuzin Pretty Girl would be the pawfect date for Mango. BUT they don’t have a bloggie of their own. So I decided since I already have a Most Darling and Precious boyfurend and can’t enter the contest myself – I would offer to let Pretty Girl enter the contest on MY bloggie!

So without further ah-dew, heeeere’s Pretty Girl!

Thanks to the most gracious loan of Mayzie’s blog, we [Jed & Abby] are submitting an application for our Cousin Pretty Girl to win a virtual date with the Mango. Should she be lucky enough to be selected, Pretty Girl has indicated she would like to have a memento of the virtual date that actually smells like Mango.  We will be happy to supply a bandanna or small scrap of cloth to be imbued with Eau de Mango.  We will, of course, pay postage in both directions.  Unusual, perhaps, but Cousin Pretty Girl is very scent-oriented; perhaps it’s the St. Bernard in her.

Cousin Pretty Girl is a St. Bernard-Akita mix.  She is a rescue doggie, like us, so we don’t know her exact age but she’s around 4 years old.  We think Mango and Pretty Girl would make a compatible couple because of both their similarities and their differences.  Both Mango and Pretty Girl are respect-inspiring, don’t mess with me, large sized doggies of imposing gravitas. They would interact as equals, which is the only basis for a successful relationship. Pretty Girl is more adventurous than the Mango, which would allow the Mango to stretch his mentals with novel experiences in new places. 

Both the Mango and Pretty Girl dislike rude doggies who fail to accord them the respect due their dominant sizes and personalities.  Mango has gone to School and Pretty Girl has not, so she has a bit more of a free spirit attitude towards obedience; they can compare and contrast the advantages.  Both, by their very presence and their deep voices, are excellent guard dogs.  Just as the Mango does his fraternal duty of keeping the Pea in line, Pretty Girl has on more than one occasion actually herded cats.  One of her kitty brothers succeeds in escaping from the house from time to time and Pretty Girl chases him down and herds him back inside. 

Just as the Mango enjoys his human brother and interacts with the workers who come to the Mango Estate, Pretty Girl enjoys her human grand-pups and has trained all the regular workers at her estate [cleaning lady, yard guy, pest control guy] to play ‘bear’ with her by meeting them at the door with her stuffed bear in her mouth so they can play tug-the-bear and throw-the-bear.  Finally, both the Mango and Pretty Girl share another important family value: they love their mamas SO MUCH.  Just as the Mango knows when to expect the Mango Momma and tries to greet her on the observation deck, Pretty Girl will lie next to the front door when her mama goes away and always greets her mama upon her return, bear in mouth.

How about it, Relentlessly Huge? Wanna play some bear?


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35 responses to “Guest Postie: Pretty Girl asks Mango for a Date

  1. Oh Pretty Girl! You are so fluffy and big.


  2. I thinks Mango Man likes Pretty Gir! 🙂

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  3. Pip

    Geez, if it doesn’t work out with Mango maybe she might like a date with me. Does she like short guys? Just kidding, i am taken.

    Your pal, Pip

  4. We thinks Pretty Girl would be the purrfect date for Mango. Fenris is drooling over her pictures.

  5. Mayzie I think I have a girl crush on Pretty Girl….what a lovely lady dog she is. Good thing Mango is a mannerly a big fella he’ll have to
    ‘persuade’ all the other suitors tp keep their distances from his lady love.
    Wonderful post BTW!!

  6. Frankie Furter

    OMD OMD Mayzie Gal… and Jed and Abby.. and PRETTY GIRL.. I am in total agreement.. THIS would be a PERFECT match!!!
    Mayzie Maybe you should consider starting a Match Maker Bidness fur Blogville!!! I’m thinkin we need one.
    ESPECIALLY after Fenris’ comment… and the little incident that he caused at the Picnic!!! We REALLY need to find a grrrrreat girl fur him.
    Thank you Mayzie fur allowing our DEAR furends.. Jed & Abby… use your blog!!! You are sooooooo generous!!!

  7. Well, I admit she is very very pretty, but as a guy dog, i must warn Mango not to be taken in by a pretty face and a perfect personality…..

    Line em up dude, check em out, thin out the pool and choose wisely.

    The winner is most likely to expect commitment.

    (Not that I am unhappy with my commitment to Annie, but I do kinda wish I had palyed the field a bit longer before I settled. Whoops, I don’t mean settled, I mean….oh cropola, what the heck do I mean?)

    OK So pick Pretty Girl……


  8. Pretty Girl – that sounds like quite the luring comment – wanna play some bear? 🙂

    We think you make a pawfect candidate for the date with Mango – good luck to you.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. She is surely a pretty girl. A pretty Akita! Mangoooooo.. you should go out with her sometimes…

  10. WOWZERS!! Pretty Girl is amazing. I have some pretty stiff competition in this contest. Pretty Girl, regardless of the outcome, do you wanna come and play with my brothers an me? You seem just our size – and like our kind of gal!


  11. Oh you are such a sweet girl Mayzie to let your cus use your blog.!!!
    GOOD LUCK Pretty Girl !!!!!
    xx, Fern

  12. Oh Pretty Girl, you are such a nice doggie. We feel like that you and Mango would make a perfect pair. I hope you win him over. We think you are really special. Keep us posted.

  13. Woooowo! I think Mango is falling for Pretty Girl!

  14. I have missed Jed and Abby lately! I think Pretty Girl looks like an awesome date for the Mango! I have no idea how he’s going to choose a date!


  15. Hint – sort of a sad day but we are making it a memorable one:) it will post at midnight Central time.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  16. She sure is pretty. How could anyone say no to her?

  17. Pretty Girl sure looks like the perfect choice for Mango! Good luck to you!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  18. Pretty Girl seems like the perfect candidate!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  19. Talk about being a lucky dog, she is purrfect for Mango!

  20. Daisy

    They sound like the perfect couple!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  21. Pretty girl is a PERFECT name for her!! I wonder how Mango is going to choose a date!


  22. Jed & Abby in MerryLand

    Mayzie, thank you again for the most generous loan of your blog! We really appreciate your kindness. We know Cousin Pretty Girl is up against some stiff competition, but we’re happy to have at least given her a chance of basking in the Mango glow.

    Jed & Abby

  23. Purrty girl has got to be in the running
    Benny & Lily

  24. Mayzie
    That is so sweet of you to let someone else find twoo love like you aweady have.
    I think Pwetty Giwl is vewy gowgeous and and has bwought up some vewy compelling weasons why she should win that date..I hope the mango gives hew sewious considewations
    smoochie kisses

  25. Mayzie, you are a natural-born matchmaker. Pretty Girl is exactly what her name says she is, and your points were very compelling (like Asta said). I think Mango is going to have a tough job choosing.

  26. Lorenza

    I am sure Pretty Girl and Mango would have a great time together!
    Good luck to her!
    Kisses and hugs

  27. Teddy Bear

    We hope Pretty Girl wins a date with Mango. She is adorable!:)

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  28. We think Mango and Pretty Girl are the PERFECT MATCH! She is beautiful, too! But, you know what? If Mango happens to fall for another lovely lady, we think Pretty Girl is gonna have LOTS of suitors lining up asking for play dates!!! Good luck, Pretty Girl!

    The Road Dogs

  29. oh, miss pretty girl, you would be just totally perfect for the mango!! he’d be way off his rocker not to accept a chance to play bear with you!!

    the booker man

    pee s — miss mayzie, you are sweet ‘n full of the kindnesses as always to let jed and miss abby and miss pretty girl borrow your bloggy. 🙂

  30. We have a feeling Pretty Girl would be much more suited to the RH’s taste than we are…. Good luck Pretty Girl!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  31. Pretty Girls name sure does fit! I am getting awfully worried with all the gorgeous and talented competition out there.

  32. Pretty Girl is a most worthy competitor! Mango is going to have fun with this!

  33. Carol from Down Under

    Hello Mayzie, thanks so much for letting Jed and Abby introduce their cousin Pretty Girl to Mango. I think she sounds just what Mango needs. One thing I might ask, if she ok with drool? I think when he sees her he will drool even more than usual. Good luck Pretty Girl. No worries, love Carol.

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