A Hairy Situation

Take one of these…

Add a brand new one of these…

And THIS is what you get…

Mom’s thinking of knitting us another kitteh out of all this fur. What should we name it?

Yarrrrr! The Cap'n be NOT amused!

PeeS. Please check out our new Transport Request at the top of the page and see if you can help Lilly get to her new home!



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44 responses to “A Hairy Situation

  1. So she used the old Furminator on ya….got to watch these hoomans!

    If you get a new kitteh we thinks it should be called Popsy or Fizz! (as opposed to fuzz if you get my drift lol)

    Waggles and Swaggles
    Hector and gang

  2. Well as you have a sea captain already how about a sub mariner and call him Nemo. I think a new kitty is a most excellent idea Mayzie, hope everything goes well . Please give your Momma most excellent brindle snuggles on our behalf won’t you.

    Momma Tea
    xxx x xxx

  3. Roo

    Hardy Har Har how bout The Fuzz 😉

    Waggin at ya,

  4. Daisy

    Fluffy? Hey, is the other cat naked? Looks like a lot fur.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  5. wooooooooooooOOOOO… you have one of them furminators like Booker too? hehehehe I think one of your kitteh cats is not too pleased to be growing a gray lump on its back.

    glad you are back Mayzie!

    woofs n licks,

  6. Good to see you again Mayzie. Big hugs to your Mom. That is a lot of hair for sure. Doesn’t look like the Cap’n wants any more fur. Hope all of you have a great day.

  7. Pip

    Mayzie! I am so glad to see you! We have missed you so much! There are folks out there who add fur to knitting projects. We don’t know how to knit in this house, but I have seen some pretty scarves others have made. My mom has been threatening to buy one of the furminator things, too.

    Your pal, Pip

  8. HOLY CAT! I didnt even know they could shed that much!
    I know I need to break down and get Fred a furminator!

  9. Morning my beautiful Abby and my handsome Cap’n!!
    Mom has been wondering how a cat would respond to a Furminator. I have a wire brush I use on the Diva but I have thought about the furminator and wonder if it makes noise and did you two like it immediately? Mom and I send you all a great big Tuesday Morning.
    As for a name for your newly knitted sibling…how about Lucky…because it would be lucky to live with you.

  10. I hate those things.


  11. Frankie Furter

    I have mad LOVE fur my Furminator!! and I can make big fur piles like that too!! Isn’t it grrrreat???

    Hey Mayzie Gal… I surely hope that you are gonna be at the BIG BLOGVILLE PICNIC on June 17 & 18… THERE are FUN thingys to enter… butt you better hurry.. deadline fur that stuffs is
    June 13. It wouldn’t be the SAME without YOU there!!!

  12. hmmmm…something ate my comment.
    Mayzie you should send that kitty fur to a spinner and get a sweater made for yourslef. You could go undercover and travel incognito and get kitty treats! think of the adventures!
    I sure hope Lilly can find a ride. When Stumpy and I hit the road we plan on doing transports, for sure!
    Happy, Waggin’ Tails, FUREVER!
    Stumpy and me

  13. WOW!! That is one big ball of fur!! Do they use that on you yet??
    I would kinda beware if I was you……. Glad to see you back!


  14. You should make yourself a kittie sweater for the winter time! BOL!

  15. Oh no! another kitteh! Mom wants a furminator-should I be scared??

  16. maybe you could just knit a few sweaters for the winter?

  17. Hi Mayzie!! Good to see you guys back. We love our furminator! We never thought of turning our furs into another furiend, though. Hope you’re doin’ OK!!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  18. Yeeeow! That is one furball any cat would have a hard time swallowing…
    Hugs, Ruby

  19. Benny & Lily

    Put it on your head, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  20. Mayzie you have a cat that looks just like our Happy and she has been having lots of extra fluff too. There is your name!!
    Thank-you so much for your visit when I need company so badly.
    I miss my sweet girl so very very very MUCH!!!!
    I am in shock that she has gone!!
    I blogged today about it.
    xx, Fern

  21. We have been debating on if we should get a Furminator or not; after seeing this, I am thinking YES 🙂

  22. heeeeeeey! miss mayzie, my mama just got one of those furminator thingies for me ‘n asa a few weeks ago, too! look at all that kitty cat fur you got off of miss abby! i think you should name your new knitted kitty “stitch”. get it? bwuahahahaaaaa! 🙂

    the booker man

    pee s — it’s so good to have you back, my lovely lady!! i missed you sooooooo much!!

  23. I’m thinking a toupee. So great to see you back!

  24. We thinks Furby would be a good name for it.

  25. Oh my dogness! The FURMINATORS are taking over!! My mom just got one this week thanks to your beau Booker’s post. You wouldn’t believe how many furs she stole from me!!!!


  26. The kitties aren’t even safe from The Furminator!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and MItch

  27. daisydog

    LOL!! Another kitteh!!!

  28. Mayzie you are so right…I had no idea how deprived I was by never having experienced takeout food. I might be looking for a new assistant. MOL Like someone else would let me sit on the table right? HA
    Mom gave me a taste of hummus on the tip of her itty bitty little finger.
    If it is good enough for Mom it is good enough for me. Hugs Madi

  29. I think you really do have the makings of another critter there!

  30. Oh yea, I shared the transport request on Twitter and Facebook.

  31. Bwaaaaa ha ha ha! Oh, I think you should name the new cat Fuzzy, and he can be Cap’n Ripley’s new first mate!


  32. We have one of those furminators too, but Mom mostly uses a pin brush. You sure could make a new kitty with all that fur. Fluffy fur sure:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  33. OK, we really, really need one of those – for Happy. He’s just looking a mess this summer.

  34. We read about a person who will take a pet’s fur, spin it into yarn, and then make a scarf, hat or blanket for you! Maybe you could think about doing that!

  35. Khyra of khourse 😉

    PeeEssWoo: Welkhome back – of khourse I missed woo – make sure woo take a look at the brindled stuffmuffin Mom transported on Sunday – I think he made a certain other brindled stuffmuffin get jelly!

  36. Lorenza

    That is a lot of fur!
    Yes! A sweater would be nice!
    Kisses and hugs

  37. littlemissjackie

    Hi Miss Mayzie! Mom says she has seen a book with knitting projects for doggy hairs and I guess you could use it for kittycats too! She always wishes she knew how to do knitting after she Furminates Dillon because he has so much hair! Did Miss Abby feel so coool after being Furminaterded? If your mom knits a new kitty you could name it Snuggles because it would be so fluffy and soft!

    It’s so nice that you’re back!



  38. Teddy Bear

    Oooh, a scarf would be nice.:)

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  39. We have a FURminator, too and we couldn’t believe all the hair it pulled out!!

  40. Oh my gosh, that’s a big hairball! LOL. I think I am going to have to get me one of those things! And then I will have to go to that website that knits things from cat and dog fur. Or not.

  41. Amy & The House of Cats

    That is so funny! We don’t get furminated too often (most of us hate it and the only one that likes it – Kirzon – is loosing too much fur right now so mom doesn’t want to do it) but mom always says that she could build another kitty with all the fur she gets!

  42. BOL – is there another kitten on Capt Riley?

    woof – Tucker

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