Favoritest Thing Friday and What’s THAT Thing?

Okay, before we gets to today’s Favoritest Thing, I just wanted to tell you all how very much all your Most Sweet comments meant to my mom yesterday. She worked real hard on our flushy room and it just made her smile ear to ear to hear that my furends liked it.

Now, one thing we gots lots and lots of questions about was this…

Puddles thought maybe it was a potty timer, which is super GREAT idea but what it really is, is something called a bidet seat, which is pronounced in a shee-shee Frenchified way — “bid-day.” Mom says that instead of using toilet papers, you use that and it…uh…”refreshes” you.

I thinks humans make the whole potty experience waaaaaay more complicated than it really needs to be, don’t you?

Okay, NOW I can show you what my Favoritest Thing is today…

That’s right! I gots the necklace made by the Road Dogs Momma that I won at the auction for Richie and Ronnii. Isn’t it the prettiest? I just luved the idea of making our initials spell “ARMR” (armor) and it makes me all happy knowing that when mom is wearing it, we’re all there to protect her!

Oh! And do you see that pretty little jewel on it? The Road Dogs’ Momma Deanne added that special. It’s kinda hard to see in the picture but it’s real light blue and it’s something called an aquamarine — which is MY Gotcha Day birthstone! How Most Amazing is that?

Oh, gosh! My mom was just besides herself with happiness when we gave this to her! She luvs, luvs, LUVS it! So thank you, Momma Deanne, for donating this Most Beautiful and Special thing to helps Ronnii and Richie. You’re just the best! (And I also wanna say I’m real sorry abouts putting your pretty necklace in the same postie as that bidet thingie.)

PeeS. We added a new transport request for Ratbone Rescues from Ohio to Maryland on this Saturday. If you thinks you might be able to help, please click that Transport Request linkie at the top of the page.



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32 responses to “Favoritest Thing Friday and What’s THAT Thing?

  1. Daisy

    Beautiful necklace AND extra special with all your initials on it.
    SHE played with one of those flushy things in a Japanese motel.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Isn’t the Bidet thingy commonly used in Japan? How cool! Hoomans are most complicated. Even when I go wee wee or poo poo, I have to be wiped all overs. Yikes. & the necklace is just GORGEOUS! I’m super glad your Mom loves it 🙂


  3. Jed & Abby in MerryLand USA

    Mama has been MIA for a couple of weeks, so we’re just catching up. Gorgeous bathroom! But we don’t know about that bee-day thing. After it sprays water all over the peeps bum, does it blow-dry it? If not, seems like something a little stronger than TP might be required for drying. Although we’re glad to see your pawrents went with the option and also provide TP. The bee-day is certainly ‘greener’ and probably does a better job of cleaning, too. We [who are we kidding; mama] will be interested in hearing how your peeps like it after they’ve tried it for a while.

    And well done, Brudder Ranger! Excellent job of snoopervising.

    What a lovely necklace you gave your mom. We know she’ll treasure it.

    Jed & Abby

  4. Roo

    That is a very very special necklace 🙂

    I missed the little timer doodad on the last post! Very cool! Mom always thought those French bidets were fun 🙂 Great thing to have as a backup too just in case you forgot to restock the toilet paper 😀 Chuckle chuckle chuckle 🙂 Where’d you get it from? Thinkin backup plans are good ;P


  5. Hehehehe..silly hoomans. Don’t they understand about lickin’ yourself clean?

    Teka Toy

  6. Love her necklace! You did a great job picking it out!

    PS. Thanks for the get well wishes this week. We’re feeling much better! 🙂

    Flash & Ollie

  7. That is such a neat addition to the flushy room. We have heard of a bidet before but never seen one. Hoooomans are very complicated.
    That is such a pretty necklace and so special. We are so glad that your Mom got that. Hope you have a super week end.

  8. i am so glad that beautiful necklace will be able to warn strangers that your mum has armor through the four of you!!

  9. I still think da peeps a timer so they ain’t in there too long…you always knows they is gonna be i there furevers when they take a book to da baffroom.
    Now why in da world does they wanna squirt themselves…hehehehe…they thinks they is labradores. Gosh, hoomans haves da strangest inventions. However, it would come in handy heres if somebuddy happened to steal da TP;)
    And I absolutely LOOOOOVE da armor idea fur da necklace…ya’ll will always be protecting your mom. PERFECT!!!!!!!


  10. That bidet thingy has me totally confused!
    No wonder your mom is thrilled with the necklace! What good taste you have, Maizie!

  11. Mom says she was hoping it was going to be a seat warmer. I have heard all kinds of crazy things, but why you’d want to squirt water up your butt is beyond me. Thank God that I’m a dog! This is just another reason why I do NOT want to know what humans do behind closed doors!

    That necklace is just too cool!


  12. Fern Reed

    Oh Mayzie I love the necklace !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has your gotch a day stone in that necklace too, that is so special!!! So clever !!!!
    I have seen the tush splash before…… We have tush wipes instead.
    There comes a time in life when we need extra help there!!!! LOL
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  13. miss mayzie,

    so it really is a sprinkler for your hiney! heehee!! hoomans are totally funny!
    yay for your mama gettin’ her special necklace from the road doggies! that is definitely a most favoritest thingie! i think it’s so neato ‘n special like that miss deanne added your gotcha day birthstone! what a perfect extra touch. your mama will always feel safe ‘n secure when she is wearin’ that necklace for sures!

    the booker man

    pee s — me and asa and mama and daddy are goin’ campin’ at the lake for a long weekend, so we won’t be around until early next week. i’m gonna miss you bunches ‘n tons!! *gooey nose kisses*

  14. MAyzie~~That necklace is soo pretty and the extra jewel just gives it something extra!! Oh, and BTW your humans bath room looks great!! They did a wonderful job and it is sooo pretty. Mom wants to know if she can come over and use it?? PLease…Mom, this is gettin…embarrasing!! Geezzz

    Jazzi and Addy

  15. Well, we were gonna make some sort of sincere and complimentary comment, ’till we read Teka’s word of wisdom. And now we’re giggling so much we can’t even remember what we were gonna say.

    Jake and Fergs

  16. That necklace for your momma is so pretty and that was nice of her to add a birthstone to the necklace.

    Bidet spray.. is a important feature in most toilets in our country. Some place do not have high tech and gentle ones like yours.. but they have pipes with rubber hoses (which can totally give you a shower instead of a gentle wash down there when you are not too careful with the pipe).. or a small shower head beside the flushy thingy.. hehehhee.. it is a common thing to do a washy instead of using the toilet paper here (but we still use tons of toilet rolls)

  17. The OP Pack

    Oooh, we love that necklace and great choice for how to express your names. We bet that Mom is very proud to wear it.

    We missed that cool gadgety Bidet thingie too. We agree with Puddles – it should be a timer – seems like the humans often take way too much time in that room. BOL

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  18. Pip

    My mom says I need a bid-day, but I say no way! Hey, I made a little rhyme there! I need to go back and look at your fancy bathroom, I think I missed a post.

    That necklace is just beautiful. My mom has one like that for our cat Tutu and she just loves it!

    Your pal, Pip

  19. Puddles cracks us up!! Only Puddles would think of it being a timer…she has poop on her mind this week.
    What most beautiful necklace and ‘armr’ is quite appropriate…since we are on a French theme today it can be pronounced ‘Amour’!!!
    Thanks for the MOL and Mom is glad she wasn’t the only one who didn’t know what the bidet was.
    Hugs Madi

  20. Love the flushy room AND the necklace!!

  21. Your human bean’s necklace is sure cute!

  22. I’m still not convinced that it’s NOT a potty timer. If it were me and that went off and umm… REFRESHED me, I would take that as a “time is up” signal! Two leggers are confusing.

    I love, love, love your mom’s necklace!! What a special idea!


  23. What a beautiful necklace.No wonder your mum is so happy xxxx

  24. Teddy Bear

    Those fancy toilet things are pretty cool…according to my Grandpawrents. That necklace is beautiful. We just know your Mom must love it.:)

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  25. Mayziega
    That necklace is soooo special and bootiful and youw Mom will always have all of you wif hew neaw hew heawt . i love youw biwfstone too. PLUS!!!! it was to help Wonii and witchie and theiw Mom..that’s the best!!!1
    btw, Mommi wishes she had a bee day. She nevew undewstood why they don’t have them in bafwooms in amewican houses..it’s soopew she says
    (and I think maybe you could use it as a watew fountain hehehehe)
    smoochie kisses

  26. The Road Dogs

    haha – We thought that thing was something that sprayed smell nice stuff in the potty 🙂
    We’re so glad your Mom liked the necklace. Our Mom was thrilled to be able to make something so special for our furiends!
    Oh, Mom was hoping the transport was gonna come all the way down here!

    The Road Dogs

  27. littlemissjackie

    Oh Miss Mayzie, your mom’s neklus is sooo pretty, and with a gotcha stone too, how very nice! My mom says she still can’t figure out the lo-jisticks of the bee-day thingy as far as getting dry…but we don’t have one so I guess that’s okay!

  28. The necklace is so pretty. We just love it!
    Our gram used to have one of those bidet things and she loved it. Hoomans can sure be strange!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  29. Oh…so how do you like the way that works? We have heard of that before.

    That charm sure is pretty. 🙂

  30. WOWSERS Dat be a most GAWJUSS necklace Mayzie n how kewl its will protects your Moms when yu is not around to do it fer her, I finks we gonna havs to start up a Road Dogs Momma Fan club cos we our Moms n us all luvs her fabulous jewellery.
    I not sure bouts dat bee-day fing ats all butts hoo-mans are strange kreechers indeed.

    xx xx

  31. we fink that the necklace is quite the bewootifuls. just like you

    pibble sugars and wee wiggles
    the pittie pack

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