The flushy room is done!

Yep, that’s right! One of our flushy rooms is FINALLY done! And boy, am I Most Exhausted!

That sure was a lotta hard work!

I dunno why humans are so partial to their flushy rooms but they are. And my mom said she’s lived with this flushy room for 10 whole years and she couldn’t hardly stand living with it for one more second. Weird, huh?

Anyways, all this started cuz one of the flushy room faucets broke. So mom and dad changed it out from this…

to this…

And then mom was all, “Oh my DOG! It’s SO pretty! Which makes the rest of the flushy room looks even WORSE. Now we have to change everything else!!” (I think dad still doesn’t really understand how that happened.)

Anyways, our house was built waaaaaay back in the last century. All the way back in 1987. And the bathroom was the original 1987 bathroom. I thought that made it vintage and valuable but mom says it just made it ugly.

Well, I am not an expert in flushy rooms so I’ll lets you be the judge. Here’s some pictures of what it looked like before…

Mom says it's weird that there was beige "laminate" on the side of the cabinet and not a wood veneer like the front. I think it gives it a nice contrast!

And she did not like the lights above the big, HUGE mirror cuz she says it made her feel like she was in a "theater dressing room." Which I think sounds kinda cool, pawsonally.

Mom also says that she can't figure out why they puts a piece of wood trim down at the bottom that didn't match anything else.

AND she had a big, HUGE problem with floors with the pink flowers on it.

But I dunno. I think the flowers are kinda cheerful, don't you?

Well, mom said since this is the guest flushy room, she wanted it to look kinda like a nice, welcoming hotel. So she did lots of thinking and planning and having minor freak-outs and here’s what it looks like NOW…


Okay, mom. I guess maybe it IS better. If you're into flushy rooms, that is.

No more pink flowers. RIP, pink flowers.

Here's another view, which is nice and all. But did you see what's on the wall?

THIS is my favoritest part! I told mom if she was gonna gets rid of the pink flowers, she at least HAD to bring some doggies in to brighten things up.

Now mom and dad did some of the work and they also hired a nice man named Jerry to do some of the other work. But Brudder Ranger wanted me to make SURE and tell you that it was really him who watched over it all and made sure everything got done on time and met his Most High and Demanding standards. Good thing mom and dad had him around!

I am Ranger and I approve this bathroom.

I do NOT, however, approve of being placed on this toilet. Get me down at once!



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43 responses to “The flushy room is done!

  1. Daisy

    Is that one of those flushy things that shoots water up and gives you a thrill? BOL. Brudder Ranger did a great job of supervision of the workmen and you did a great job supervising Brudder Ranger. No wonder you’re tired.

    Room looks great.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Ohh Mayzie I fink it looks loverly, Da Momster says she would be very happy sittin in dere wivs her book to escapes from us fer 10 minutes……..Bol. I lovs da doggy pictures on da walls dem has given me ideas….. an Bruvver Ranger sittin on da flushy whooshy monster WOW him sure is brave.

    xx xx

  3. wow! tat’s a pretty nice makeover for the flushy room.. with bro Ranger on them toilet seat as a decoration… teehehehehee.. won’t them guests be spooked to find a dog already ON the seat waiting.. hehehhehee

    love the floor tiles.. and it sure is better than lieeeeee+lo+neum thingy.. hehehehe.. cos linoleum is slippery… but a quick qns… where did them rubber duckies go? how can anyyyyone have a bath without a rubber ducky…

  4. Roo

    Nice makeover! You have a very sheik place to flush now πŸ™‚ The tile was a really nice touch. Luv the new mirror and towel rack. And the doggy photos? Well that says its done πŸ˜€

    Super job all!

  5. Mom must be beside herself happy. It looks great. I love the floor tiles.


  6. Mom says furry furry nice!

    I KNOW your khanine talents made the job go soooooo much more smoothly!

    Nap well – woo’ve earned it!


  7. Nice! But now my mom’s all jealous ’cause hers is looking kinda vintage too. I’m not actually allowed in there because I like to dig in the trash can and pull out the used kleenex and floss and then shred it and leave it all over the floor where it Really Belongs. But apparently they don’t like when I do that so I get into trouble and I sure don’t like that! So now mom & dad close the bathroom doors whenever they leave the house because they said they don’t trust me! Can you believe it?!? How Rude! Anyway, nice work… good job with the supervising and stuff.

  8. We think you and Brudder Ranger and Mom did a great job! We know how strange hoomans can get about the flushie spots. Muzzer is starting to make “those noises” here, ya know?

    Good work guys

    gussie n teka

  9. Mayzie that is one fine fancy looking flushy room. Well done to the decorator and her honey do hubby….we have one question
    what in the world is that contraptions on the side of the throne.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  10. Mom says that its most pretty and excellent choices were made all around! Pippen says that he has a problem with that Schnauzer picture… no self respecting schnauzer would be thinking about BATHS much less bath stuff!

    Sam and Pippen

  11. The new flushy room is certainly beautiful!! We can see why your mom didn’t like the old room. Hopefully now you’ll have lots of guests that will bring you yummy treats!

  12. I didn’t think the original looked all that bad until I saw the remodeled version and said aaahh. Can you tell I’m not into interior design? Really awesome job though, I love the color scheme and the floor!!

  13. Frankie Furter

    Mayzie and Brudder Ranger… you did a most spectacular job of making the flushy room all fresh and new looking!!!
    A+ fur sure!!

  14. I wish my parents would redo THEIR flushy room!

  15. Mayzie, our Mom really admires your sense of humor. RIP pink flowers. Too funny. We do like the new flushy room a lot better than the old one. Ranger I hope they got you off the flushy PDQ. Take care.

  16. BOL! That last shot of Ranger cracked me up! Does he use the flushy room? He seems like the sort of fellow who might use indoor plumbing. I give your new bathroom two dewclaws up! It’s beautiful!

    Mom says that the one thing she hated about our house when they bought it was the bathroom and Dad promised that they’d change it. It is still the same hideous bathroom with formica walls! I sense a disturbance in the force…


  17. It’s lovely. We had similar old faucets and now have similar new faucets but haven’t been able to convince Daddy that everything else needs to be replaced.

  18. The Road Dogs

    First of all – Ranger did a most excellent job of snoopervising the new remodel! It’s just fabulous! Mom has been wanting her flushy room redecorated and now we’re sure she’ll be showing Dad these pics! Your Mom is quite the interior decorator! Our Mom – not so much. We think the dog pics are the perfect touch!

    The Road Dogs

  19. We think your flushy room looks really nice


  20. Why does dat toilet haves a timer on it? OMD, my mum sooooo needs a timer fur our toilet so dad won’t stay in theres so long…hehehehe!
    Sorry, anyways…da new flushy room is absolutely beeeeeeautimous! I likes everything about it! I loves da tile at da sink, and da floors, and faucet, and da piktures…and Brudder Ranger makes a nice accessory too.
    Your mom did such a wonderful job picking out everything….WOW! Brudder Ranger did a most excellent job makin’ sures everything was under control.
    I thinks my mum is gonna go breaks out faucet now;)


  21. No way could the beans have made the new bathroom that nice without the help of a couple of knowledgable dogs snoopervising! Nicely done, team!

  22. Mayzie, thanks for giving us this most wonderful tour of your parents’ new flushy! I would have flushed in the old one, but I do think I would have much more fun flushing in the new one!

  23. The OP Pack

    Mom says the house they lived in before this one had a bathroom that looked a lot like that one. And we even have those big globe lights here now, definitely need to change those out. The new bathroom is beautiful. Mom, Dad, Jerry, and Ranger did an awesome job. And Mayzie – you are a great demonstrator of the before and after.

    Congrats on a job very well done.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  24. Fern Reed

    Hi Mayzie,
    We have the same flushy room that you have, well that you had!! Our’s is still old except for the faucet!!! We have the same faucet as you guys too!! Tom just put that faucet in about 2 years ago!! Ours broke too!!!
    What do you know???? The same!!!!!
    Thanks for your visit!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  25. A VERY nice makeover.

    Glad Mom didn’t put YOU on the toilet!

    Arooo! Stuart

  26. It looks so great! Very much like a welcoming hotel!

  27. Mayzie
    Mom thanks you for answering her question. We have never seen one attached to the flushy monster…Mom’s seen them separate live and learn….MOL Madi and Mom

  28. OoH Mayzie,,

    Our new flushy room and pantry STILL isn’t done but we is gettin’ close. πŸ™‚
    Yours looks great!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  29. littlemissjackie

    Oooh Miss Mayzie, your new flushy room is just luvly and the doggie pictures are the perfect aksent! Mom has been complaining about our flushy room and she is ready to redo it soon with some kozmettic improovments, and now she says she is even more inspired. Great job!

    (PeeS: Mom and I would also like to know what the thingy is on the side of the people potty too! Is it an automatic potty closer?)

    Luvs and Wiggles,


  30. OMD – you’re NOT going to believe this… we have the SAME vintage rose laminante flooring in our guest flushy room!!!! Mom HATES it so much we have a giant rug in there covering most of it up. It’s the last room to be redon and is on papa’s list to do but keeps getting bumped. I’ll have to show him your pictures – that flushy room look PAWSOME!!!! I especially like your ummm.. stall attendant?? Does he charge a fee for two-leggers to use the potty??


  31. Ummm… I’m back. I just wanted to let you know there’s a typo on your post to Momma Tea… you must have reversed those numbers! πŸ˜‰ Seriously – great comment! It is what you make it!!! πŸ™‚

  32. It looks most perfect for when we all come to visit. The automatic waterer is even low to the ground. Wait whats that? Mom says that is the human bathroom spot! …………oh well.

  33. It’s beautiful! Now I’m totally dissatisfied with my bathroom (well, I was already there). I too have the 1986 vintage look. I’m totally buying a replacement faucet for my husband to install this weekend. Wish me luck.

    Mayzie…your comments were very sweet and positive. If I can’t pull off the “now everything looks terrible with the new faucet” plan, maybe I can send you some pictures and you can help me with my attitude. You are one uplifting little gal.

  34. Mayzie
    Oh my dog
    You and Bwuvvew Wangew did a most pawfect job of snoopewvising that flushy woom
    It’s BOOTIFUL~!!!!!!!!
    I had to laugh when I saw what stawted it, hehehe, that’s what ouw faucet looks like exackly
    We live in an apawtment and while evewyone else has had theiw flushy woom and kitchen updated, they won’t do ouws, cause ouw apawtment is stabilized. We’ve lived hewe fow 28 can imagine how out of date evewything is.
    I’m so happy fow you and youw family. now you can have a well desewved west
    smoochie kisses

  35. Wow! Tell Ranger we’re glad the lid was down!

    What an amazing make0ver! It looks like you are ready for company! Your new flushy room is beautiful! Moma especially liked the towel rack with the big thick poofy white towels … but must admit she had to zoom in on the photograph that was framed in its place beforehand. (She’s into vintage photos these days … even more than vintage flushy rooms.)

    We wonder if you’ve given her new ideas. After all, all we got was a new flusher. Two of ’em, actually.

    Nice job. Congrats to Ranger! Enjoy it. All of you! (Are you taking reservations?)

    Jake and Fergs
    (Pee esS … Keep an eye out on our blog. Moma is FINALLY making (international) progress. There is HOPE!)

  36. I am with you Mayzie, Humans get so personal about things like a flushy room. But I know those things don’t thrill us so much but my human was way impressed with all the work your human went to.

    And like so many of the others here, now she is thinking we need to change our flushy room. And all the means is less time for me to go hiking and playing outdoors.

    Somehow, this didn’t work out well for me. Explain that……

  37. miss mayzie!

    oh, your mama ‘n daddy’s new guest flushy room looks totally grrreat! everythingie is so pretty and very swanky hotel lookin’! mama especially digs the mirror on the wall! my most fave part is the doggie pics on the wall, of course! now i know everybuddy’s already asked, but i gotta know, too! what is that timer lookin’ thingie stickin’ out of the side of the toilet seat? it looks like a timer for a sprinkler. bwuahahaha!

    the booker man

  38. Flushy rooms absolutely MUST have pictures of doggies in them. It makes them more fun!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  39. It looks beautiful! I love before and after pics…thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

    Nice work, Mayzie and Ranger, no wonder you’re tired!

  40. Wyatt

    That turned out great! Love the sink and back splash πŸ™‚
    What a designing dog you are, Mayzie, with your mom’s help of course!


  41. What an absolutely gorgeous room for … um … resting and refreshing. At least for people. Maybe Mom’ll let you try out the bidet thingy now and then. Happy resting and refreshing to one and all! (Great job, Mom & Dad!)

  42. Hi Mayzie! We are way, way behind things as usual, so we thought we’d start catching up with the flushy room which is pawsome! At least it is according to my Blog Mom. I don’t know all that much about flushy rooms, but I like to surprise my Moms by visiting while they’re in theirs. Anyhoo, we think that Ranger did a great job of snoopervising and it all looks great. Those pictures are excellent, too, we must woof. I think that some lucky humans are going to spend many happy hours in there.

  43. oh WOW!!! your wee wee room is the bestest ever there was!!! mommish especially loves the woofie pictures and she finks your mnommish shoulda been and interior decorator she finds everyfing most elegantly done

    pibble sugars and wee wiggles
    the pittie pack

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