Happy Gotcha Day to Lola and a BIG Thank You!

Hi, hi! Happy Monday, everybuddy!

Did you know that today is not only Monday but the Gotcha Day of a very much wonderful furend of mine? That’s right! It’s Lola SharPei’s 2nd Gotcha Day!

Lola was one of my very first furends in Blogville and she real fast became one of my very bestest furends! She’s full of the sweetness and I just luvs her to bits. So if you get a chance, could you go over and tell her how happy you are that she found her Most Perfect Family That Ever Was?

And speaking of Gotcha Days (mine in pawticular), I want to share with you all the super duper AH-mazing Gotcha Day pressie I gots in the mail from my BFF, THE Puddles Duddles Rainwater!

Could somebuddys pass me anudder beer?

Gosh, I was SO excited!

SQUEE! Look, Brudder Ranger! It's from Puddles!

Would you gets a load of all this GREAT stuff?

A new pink Wubba what hasn't had its legs chewed off yet!

Here, lets me show you around my condo.


What else? Some cookies and some (GASP!) SQUIRT CHEESE!

Even the can tastes Most Delicious!

Oooo...what's in this pretty little box?

Well, it’s kinda hard to see cuz my mom sucks at taking pictures, but it’s half a heart with “Be Frie” on it. Now, I couldn’t figure out why Puddles wanted me to be fried. And between you and me, at first I thought  she musta had one too many Cheetos (if you know what I mean). But then mom explained to me that Puddles has the other half of the heart that says “st nds.” So together they say, “BEST FRIENDS”! How duper sweet is THAT?


I'll wear it on my collar and never, ever take it off, Puddles!

Thank you, thank you for all my pressies, Puddles! I just luvs 'em!

But not near as much as I luvs YOU!



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36 responses to “Happy Gotcha Day to Lola and a BIG Thank You!

  1. OHHHHHHHHH Mayzie wots wondyful giftys, dat Puddles sure is a loverly gal mee must say.
    Mee is soooo sorry wee dids miss your gotcha day but yoo knows dat wee lovs yoo and was wishin yoo da bestest fun day eva don’t yoo?


  2. Roo

    Awwww Mayzie that Puddles sure did hook you up with some very special prezzies! Yay for furiends!


  3. Cheese in a can! Are you kidding? That is the best.


  4. What beautiful pressies, Mayzie. And thank you so much for the Gotcha Day wishes. You even photoshopped me – and that’s hard to do with no opposable thumbs. You know, I met a lot of Blogville when you posted about my day last year. You sent quite a few wonderful friends my way, and I’m furever grateful. There is no friend better than you, though Mayzie. I’m so very glad I met you.

  5. Daisy

    A whole can of cheese just for you? (You didn’t show Brudder Ranger, did you?) Puddles is a great shopper.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  6. Mayzie,

    What wunderful Gotcha Day pressies you gots from Puddles, I know dat you will enjoy dem all, especially da cheese!
    Happy Gotcha Day to our sweet furiend Lola too. 🙂

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Has da wind stopped blowin’ at your house yet?

  7. Frankie Furter

    I want to wish LOLA a Happy Gotcha Day. She and Franklin are just the best.

    WOWIE!!! I think it is like CHRISTMAS all over what with that super fangtastic pressie package from PUDDLES. I love every single thingy she sent to you!!! I am super crazy about that Squirt Cheese stuffs. That Pink Heart is gonna look super on BOTH of YOU!!

  8. I wished Lola a Happy Gotcha Day! Did you knows dat I actually met Lola cuz of you…yep, sure did. As a matter of fact, it was her furst Gotcha Day when I met hers.
    I is so happy dat you liked all your stuffs! Now dat we each has a heart…we’ll always be togethers. Thank you furs being my furiend Mayzie!


  9. Dat is AWESOME!!!! We are very glad you have such a good furrend like Puddles!

  10. That Puddles is a total sweetheart under all that moxie of hers! Your presents look awesome!


  11. Wow! You gots lots of great stuffs! We will run right over and say Happy Happy to Lola!


    Mr. Nubbin’

  12. Those are such great pressies. We especially like the heart one that is split between you and Puddles. That is so special. But all the presents look like fun especially the cheese can. Take care and have a great day.

  13. Mayzie
    What a most wonderful gift from Ms. Puddles D. Rainwater!!
    She is quite the shopper. The heart tag is absolutley precious!!!
    Please show us you Wubba in about 10 days.. we’d like to see if it still has legs.

  14. The OP Pack

    We have to go visit Lola – we hope she is having a very special day for her gotcha day. And what a sweet girl Puddles is – we love that girl. Great pressies, especially that heart.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  15. Oh! what great presents! I might have to get Stumpy some cheeze in a can. I’m sure it will make a great video!
    We’ll go over and wish your friend, Lola, a VERY happy gotcha Day!

  16. Who kew wubbas came in PINK!! What wonderful pressies, Mayzie!!

  17. Those are some wonderful pressies!


  18. What awesome pressies! I would take that can-o-cheese into my condo and never come out!

  19. Wow, Mayzie! You totally scored! Those are fabulous pressies! Those snacks look extra yummy to us, but Mom loves pink stuff and thinks your new Wubba is smashing, not to mention that sparkly new tag!
    PeeS – You sure do have a nice comfy condo!

    The Road Dogs

  20. oh mayzie, i am so glad you have such wonderful friends who send you charms for your collar and canned cheese!

  21. KittyplusCoco

    Easy Cheesy?????????? That is only the bestest treat, like ever!! Puddles..a heck of a gal.

    Kitty and Coco

  22. What supernice pressies Puddles sent you Mayzie! How was the squirt cheese? We’ve never had it before!
    Happy gotcha day to Lola!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  23. Happy Gotcha day to Lola.

    Wow…that sure was nice of Puddles to get that for you. Must be super nice to have such a great pal. 🙂

  24. miss mayzie!

    jiminy cricket! that is one crazy go nuts awesome sauce gotcha day pressie that miss puddles got for you! she sure is a special like BFF, even if she sometimes over does it with the beer ‘n cheetos. teeheehee. 😉
    me and asa and mama are on our way over to miss lola’s right now to wish her a super mega happy gotcha day!

    the booker man

  25. daisydog

    Oh those pink kong wubbas are the best ever!!! I have never heard of cheese in a can! I will have to have a talk with the mom….

  26. Lorenza

    Happy Gotcha Day to Lola!
    And…. pawesome presents from Puddles!
    Kisses and hugs

  27. Pip

    Is that a can of cheese? I have been put on a soft foods diet for a few days and I think cheese whiz falls into that category! I will be over in a flash!

    Your pal, Pip

  28. That Puddles is pretty special –

    Even if she is Doga Challenged!


  29. aww mayzie we fink that is snooper dooper full of the sweetness and most deserved. happy gotcha day to your bewootiful furryend.

    pibble sugars and wee wiggles
    the pittie pack

  30. Teddy Bear

    Happy Barkday to Lola!!! What great pressies you got from your BFF!:)

    Teddy Bear

  31. Happy Tuesday Mayzie!!
    Mom picked up a whimsical calendar the other day…did you know that April 23 is Bulldogs are beautiful day? However, we think they are beautiful every day.
    Hugs Madi

  32. What wonderful presents you got, and such a sweet furiend too! You’re both very blessed.

  33. Fern Reed

    Hi Mayzie,
    Puddles is just the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great stuff you got there!!
    I don’t think it will take you 3 days to chew the legs off your new wubba.
    Have fun!!
    XXBambi & Fern

  34. Aww! You even got CHEESE! Puddles knows you well! 🙂

  35. Mayziegal
    I went and wished Lola a wondewful day and I am soooo thwilled to see inside youw condo and get a peek at the most fantasticla pwessies that youw bestest fwiend Puddles sent you.
    She knows you and loves you that is fow suwe.
    I don’t know anything bettew than being loved and wif squiwtie cheese on top, it’s just mawvelous
    smoochie kisses

  36. You’ve got some really great friends, Mayzie girl! Those were fun gifts! The CCC

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