Happy Global Kindness Day

Hi everybuddy! Happy, happy Friday!

Okay, now, I know that for lots of peoples this is April Fool’s Day, where everybuddy has a good time playing jokes on each other and stuff.

Now you know me…I luvs a good joke as much as the next dog.

Haha! Very funny, mom. Now gets it off.

But I wanted to tell you abouts something kinda special.

My mom has a furend who started a group on Facebook called “365 Random Acts of Kindness.” And every single solitary day of this year, he’s gonna do something randomly kind for somebuddy else. To tie in with that, he also created an event on Facebook called “Global Kindness Day.” And he suggested that today, instead of playing pranks on each other, we perform a random act of kindness.

How nifty is that?

So I think that’s what we’re gonna try to do today. And I think it would super great if you would do one, too. Even if you already have some tricks planned, you could always throw a random act of kindness in there, too.

To gets the day started off right, I wanted to show you this Most Amazing movie of a herd of elephants rescuing a baby elephant who got stuck in a ditch. My mom held her breath almost the entire thing! We were so very moved by their kindness and willingness to jump right in there to lend a trunk – and we think you will be, too!

(If you can’t see the movie, click here.)

Happy Global Kindness Day, everybuddy! I hopes you have a Most Marvelous weekend!


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30 responses to “Happy Global Kindness Day

  1. Daisy

    April Fool’s day is over here, we played a few tricks–but we’ll be kinder tomorrow. We”ve seen that video before and are still amazed!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Happy April Fools Day to all of you, and we love the idea of a day of Global Kindness. Of course, the hoomans that need to observe it most will not even know it happens.


    pee ssss….you look lovely in pink

  3. Mayzie,

    What a great idea AND a great video today! Happy Global Kindness Day to all of you!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  4. Frankie Furter

    Mayzie girrrl… I love this idea.

    I was thinkin of you yesterday… my mom was WASHING the Sea Link Fanbird thingy. hehehe

  5. Now, why’d you have to go and make Her cry??? She watched this movie and cried, cried, cried. Why can’t humans be more like animals, like these elephants???? To help each other…. I wonder that a lot.

    Gotta go, I’m off to perform a Random Act of Kindness! No tricks today!

    ArrOOOOOOO! Stuart

  6. Well dang, there goes my plans furs da neighbors today!
    Hmmmmm…an act of kindness…
    still thinkin’…nope, I gots nuttin:)
    Howevers, I is purty clever so I sure I can come ups withs sumptin.

    We has seen dat video befores and all I can says is dat it is unbelievably amazing!

    Uh, what exactly does you has on? Is dat a bag?


  7. Pip

    Thank goodness that baby was OK. That was quite dramatic. We love elephants in this house. No, we don’t have any, but we love them anyway!

    What a wonderful thing your friend has started. I am not very good at pulling pranks, but I am a very good at being nice to other people and doggies! I promise to be extra nice today!

    Your pal, Pip

  8. I love April Fools’ Day pranks, But I love random acts of kindness better! what a great idea!

  9. We like Global Kindness Day better than Fools Day


  10. miss mayzie,

    me and asa and mama like your mama’s friend’s idea very much so! count us in! (but can we still do a few jokies on the side? teehee.)
    we hadn’t seen that baby elephant video before. it was so neat to watch all the adult elephants come and help, even one of the big boy elephants!!
    happy global kindnesses ‘n april fools day all in one!

    the booker man

  11. Oh my goodness, I can see why your momma held her breath! We will be participating in the Global Kindness Day. Thanks for letting us know & happy weekend to you too!

    Pauley James & Middy Sue

  12. Fern Reed

    I like Global Kindness Day too!! Much better the April fools Day!!
    Thanks for letting us know about it!!
    X, Bambi & Fern

  13. Now THAT’S animal rescue! It takes a villiage to raise a baby. We’re not much on pranks, but do like the random acts of kindness thingy. We’ll let you know what opornutities present themselves today! Happy Spring!!

    -Ruby, Bart and Gizmo

  14. Hey Mayzie…boy can we all learn something from those gentle giants….thank you for sharing….
    Mom is enjoying herself…however, dad and I had to scold her this morning and there were demerits.
    Hugs Madi

  15. The OP Pack

    Oh, what a video!!! Those elephants were amazing – it was something to see so many trying to help. Can you just hear what that Mama Elephant must have said to her little one after he/she was finally rescued:)? Global Kindness Day is a wonderful thought – we are going to see what we can do today too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  16. I love the idea of Global Kindness Day! I’ll definitely try to think of something to do for somebody today!

    It’s pretty cool how those elephants all worked together to get that little one out of the water!


  17. littlemissjackie

    Miss Mayzie, we think Global Kindness Day is a great idea! We don’t really observe April Fool’s Day around here (Mom isn’t very good at thinking up trickies!) and we think kindness is much better!

    Kind wiggles,


  18. That’s such a sweet video! Mom saw one before where a elephant got it’s leg stuck at a zoo, and the other elephants came over to help him get unstuck! They’re amazing creatures!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Mayzie! You deserve it!

  19. Love that video! It’s so sweet, just like you!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  20. Those elephants are very calm in an emergency! We are happy they rescued the little baby. It was so cute and tiny! Now Mama wants a baby elephant. We keep telling her we don’t think it will fit in the house when it grows up!

  21. Very good idea. I will do an act of kindness before the day is over!!


  22. Miss Mayzie, you always find the bestest videos!! I hope you had a very good Friday full of KINDNESS!!


  23. What a great video and what wonderful team work!
    Global Kindness Day is a great idea, Mayzie!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  24. Aww..that is such a good idea. My mom tries to do good everyday but a few days might slip by.

  25. What a very cool idea! Of course we couldn’t expect any less of you because you are the most positive pooch in all of Blogland.

  26. Teddy Bear

    What a very cool thing your Mom’s Friend is doing. We love it.:)

    Teddy Bear

  27. We think that’s a wonderful idea and also we’re not big fans of practical jokes. Except for the ones Google does. Those are pretty good and don’t hurt anyone. But acts of kindness are even better.

  28. Lorenza

    Acts of kindness are the best, right?
    I loved the video!
    Kisses and hugs

  29. What a brilliant idea – so much better than April fools.

    You are certainly living up to your cabinet member job title of Secretary of Pawsitive Community Events!! Well done for spreading the love Mayzie xx

  30. Hi Mayzie,

    It’s nice to meet you. I was just watching the elephant video and it made my eyes leak. Elephants are pawsome they have such a close knit family and are so intelligent.

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