Can I gets your advice?

Hi, hi everybuddy and happy Friday!!! Do you have great big HUGE plans for the weekend? Whatever you do, I sure hope it’s fun!

Okay, furends, today I needs your advice about something kinda serious.

This is my serious face.

See, the last few weeks, mom and dad have had a real nice lady named Miss Laurie come over and take me and Brudder Ranger for a walk once a week. Now, I LUVS her a lot and I get SO excited when I see her drive up. And when she comes in the door, I wiggle and wag and tell her how very much happy I am to see her.

But there’s one little problem.

See, I wear this thing called a no-pull harness cuz, well, I gets real excited about getting to where we’re going, and I don’t like to brag BUTT I’m awful strong and mom says I about pull her over if she just tries to walk me on a regular collar. (I say that if she would just walk faster, we wouldn’t have a problem but she doesn’t seem to see my point of view.) So when I wear that harness, it kinda reminds me to take it easy on mom (and dad).

Me walking dad in my harness and NOT pulling.

Anyways, when mom or dad puts the harness thingie on me – well, I’m not too terribly crazy abouts it but I don’t mind TOO much cuz I know it means we’re goin’ for a walkie.

But for some reason, when Miss Laurie puts it on me, I get kinda skeered. I don’t mind her putting it over my head but then when she buckles it, it freaks me out for some reason. There have even been a coupla times that I got so nervous that I yelped a little bit. I don’t thinks she pinched me with it. I think it just makes me skeered for some reason. (Edited to add – cuz I forgets that everybuddy doesn’t know this – my dad works from home and he always watches her when she puts it on me every time and he says that she’s doing it just fine.)

So the last few times, Miss Laurie has been sitting on the floor and giving me all sorts of treatsies and talking real soft to try to help me feel more comfy but I’m still not sure about it. Like I said, I luvs her a whole, whole bunch but it’s just this one thing that I don’t really know how to fix. So I was wondering if any of my furends had a good idea on what to do. And even if you don’t have any ideas, maybe you could just tell me that everything’s gonna be okay.

Cuz I wanna be brave. I really, really do. Down to the very tips of my toesies. But sometimes it’s just real hard, you know?



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61 responses to “Can I gets your advice?

  1. Teddy Bear

    You can do it, Mayzie! We know you can.:)

    Teddy Bear

  2. Oh Miss Mayzie – you’re the bravest pup we know, we know you can do this!

    Perhaps one day your mom or dad could join you all when Miss Laurie takes you on a walkie. If Miss Lauri puts your harness on you whilst your pawrents are there too it might help.

    Hang in there Miss Mayzie – you’re doing great!

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

    • Hi JD and Max! I just changed my postie a little bit cuz I forgots that everybuddy might not know that my dad works from home so he watches her put it on me every single time. And he says she’s doing it just fine. But maybe mom will have to go on the walkie with us next time.

  3. Daisy

    We think Max and JD have a good idea. AND we think you’re a brave girl….it just might take awhile. AND all those treats can’t be bad!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. Jed & Abby in MerryLand USA

    Mayzie, we’re so sorry about this problem. Obviously, something happened that scared you – accidental pinching, twisted buckle that dug into your side, cinched too tight. Are you still scared of your harness when your mom and dad put it on? If not, maybe your parents should watch your walker as she puts the harness on, to make sure it’s exactly the same as the way they do it. If it is, can your parents walk with the walker to see how she holds the leash? As you’re still happy to see the walker, we don’t think she’s doing anything deliberate, but she’s doing something different. Your parents need to see if your new nervousness just occurs when you put the harness on, or whether it extends to your walks. They might need to accompany you on a walk with the new walker, and if it’s still not clear, observe you and the walker from a distance, like in the car. If possible , it would be better if you didn’t know when they were going to do the distance observing, so you won’t change your attitude. We sure hope you figure this out.

    Jed & Abby

    • Hi Jed and Abby! Thanks for your advice! Dad watches while she puts it on me every time and he says she’s doing it just fine. Mom put my harness on me the other night to see if I was skeered when she did it, and I wasn’t. But you know, the very first time Miss Laurie ever put it on me, she didn’t really know what she was doing and so she was bending over me and she took a long time and that made me REALLY nervous. So since the first time wasn’t a pawsitive experience, maybe I’m still remembering that. Hmmmmm. Mom likes the idea of watching my walkie from a distance. Maybe we’ll have to try that next week.

  5. Can your parents put it on you for her and see how you react. I think that Max and JD’s idea about walking WITH at least one of your parents along is a great idea. Is there a way that walker can be abused (accidentally, I’m sure) to where it hurts you? Chain choke collars are supposed to be used in specific ways that discipline but don’t hurt, BUT they CAN be abused and cause problems…

    • No, the harness is real safe for doggies. I’ve even run after a rabbit or two when I forgot I had the harness on and hit the end of the leash goin’ abouts 127 miles an hour and it didn’t hurt at all. But mom still thinks maybe she’ll go along or watch from a distance next time.

  6. Miss Mayzie,
    You sound kind of conflicted about your harness or is it your walker lady? I like the idea of having her do it when mom and dad are there or maybe you can just wear it on days that she is coming. I hope you get past your worries.


    • Thanks, Mango! I hope I can, too. I can’t always wear it on the days she’s coming cuz there’s a few days coming up where she’ll be housesitting/petsitting for us and I can’t have the harness on all that time. But that was a super great idea!

  7. Mommy just leaves my harness on me. ~Fenris

  8. Bella

    Hi Mayzie
    You have overcome so much in your life so I am sure you can figure this out. Sometimes it takes a REALLY long time for doggies and kitties to learn that the scary thing won’t happen again. So, if you got frightened the first time, you may not have had enough time to learn that the lead isn’t scary. Maybe Miss Laurie could visit more frequently for a bit so you can learn faster – especially as a whole week between visits is a long time for a doggie to remember that the leash is safe.
    Friendly sniffs

  9. OoH Mayzie,

    It makes me sad dat you is skeerd sometimes. šŸ˜¦ All da advice you got so far is really really good so I will send some positive energies and extra luvs to you, my BFF, to helps you through dis. šŸ™‚

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  10. Okays, since I don’t knows squat bouts harnesses I ain’t gonna be much help but in my opinion I thinks maybe you gets skeered cuz it AIN’T your momma and dad puttin’ it on…it’s somebuddy different and it ain’t dat you don’t likes her but it just NEW to you. It’s a whole new ballgame fur you.
    Does dis make sense?


    • Yeah…mom and dad have talked abouts that, too, and they totally think that might be a big part of it. I thinks you know that I don’t like new stuffs. And even though I just luvs her, I don’t really know her enough to totally trust her yet, you know? You’re one Most Wise doxie!

  11. The OP Pack

    There must be some little tiny thing different about what your walker is doing. Or maybe you are worried she is taking you away?

    Could Dad put the harness on you instead? At least for a while to see how it goes?

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  12. As a kitty I’m not very fond of this harness stuff either when Mom would take me for walks but Mom might have a better idea about how you can be not scared anymore.

    Hi Mayzie, it sounds like something serious. If you are comfortable still putting your harness on with Mom and Dad then something is happening with the dogwalker. I’m sure that she is nice but you shouldn’t be afraid of harnessing up with her. I think that you should work with her lots putting on your harness and taking it off. This is one instance where I thoroughly endorse positive training (treats and love). I like the observation while walking idea and definitely from a distance so that your behaviour doesn’t change from seeing your parents. Good Luck!

  13. Mayzie,

    Here’s our advice… chill, don’t worry about why you are skeered, just focus on those cookies she’s handing over and one day you’ll forget about that harness and just want those cookies! At least that’s what happened with things that Pippen’s been skeered of…

    Sam and Pippen

    PeeS. OR maybe the problem is that she’s giving you cookies… you might want to suggest CHEESE cuz that would help way more!

  14. Mayzie, we are so sorry you are scairt of the harness now. If Dad is working from home, could he just put the harness on for the gal that is going to walk you?? Then maybe you wouldn’t be scairt as much. Also that would give you more time to get used to the new gal. I think it probably is that the girl just makes different motions that you are not used to. Some of us doggies are just more sensitive than others. It probably has nothing to do with the harness. You just need to get used to the new gal.

  15. I’ve seen that a lot with dogs who wear harnesses, but usually in longer haired dogs who’s fur gets caught in the buckle. It seems to me like she probably did pinch you, it can be hard to see and maybe your dad didn’t catch it. I think you might want to loosen the belly strap a little to make it easier for her to get it right. Also see if your daddy can give you treats while she’s doing it. Otherwise, if your daddy’s home anyway, you might want to just have him harness you up and have that lady feed you the treats while he’s doing it.

    Good luck! Stay strong!

  16. Levi

    Well, I still pull even with my harness (what kind do you use?).
    My suggestion is maybe to start-since your dad is home- having him put it on but then Miss Laurie take you for the walk on it. See if that helps at first. And then transition to have her put it on and Dad clip it. Then Dad just stand there while she puts in on. Maybe the baby steps will help some of that skeery feeling?
    But its ok- really it is. And we are all here for you šŸ™‚

  17. Pip

    My dear Mayzie, I know it is hard to be brave sometimes. There are many times when I still get the shakes in new situations with new people. I guess it is like a flashback and I get scared that my family is going to leave me. I think it may be the same thing with you, but don’t you worry, we are both safe now! There’s no need to scared anymore.

    Your pal, Pip

  18. Being a kitty cat I am not up on these things but maybe you could get dad to help put the harness on for a while untill you get used to it.. Hugs GJ xx

  19. We just think, with the Oscars being over and all, that this is just you displaying your dramatic side…. BOL!!!!! Many good suggestions here! xo

  20. Hi Mayzie –

    It sounds like maybe you got a little scared the very first time the walker put the harness on you. And it’s prolly the memory of that very first time that makes you nervous each time. Maybe your dad and the walker lady could try putting the harness on together each time, with your dad doing more of the clipping at first then slowly transitioning to the walker doing most of the clipping. You should definitely get a BUNCH of treats every time your walker is involved with putting on the harness – that’ll show you how AWESOME having a special lady come just to walk you is.

    Good luck!

    • Oh, that’s a very, very good idea! Mom says she kinda wishes we’d done that to begin with but she had no idea I was gonna be skeered of somebuddy else putting on my harness. Heehee…I just like keepin’ them on their toes.

  21. Miss Mayzie,

    I don’t have much in the way of advice, but I wanted you to know that I get really scared when my harness snaps on, too! And it’s always ONLY my momma that puts it on me, and she is the one I trust most out of all those humans… so we have no idea why I freak out when it snaps!

    I usually kind of jump and try to run away when it snaps, so momma has started kind of hanging on to me and hugging me for a bit afterwards until I calm down, and then she lets me go. Anyway… I was no help at all, really. Just wanted you to know that I am scared of that very same thing. So we can be scared together.


  22. OK. I’m thinking that the advice about putting it on together might do the trick. Maybe. I’m hoping so. Try it together for a while, then handle it by yourselves. You’re the best and, above all, it will get better.

    Your friend, Stuart

  23. Mayzie….bless your sweet Brindle heart!!! You are such a sensitive girl and love everyone and are so smart. We don’t know much about dog walkies but we are sure Ms. Laurie does and she and your Dad will work this out. Mom says she wonders if the clickie you hear triggers a bad memory from your other life. Maybe it is just a matter of making the clickie less noisy.
    I, Madi, get freaked out by the oddest things to that have been in my house forever. Mom has a post about it coming soon.
    Big hug to you my sweetest friend…this too shall pass.
    Madi and Mom

  24. Every rescue doggies like you and me have some issues about trust. We really only can trust our family and no one else. I still have issues when strangers raise their hands (but they just wanted to pet me). But i get defensive and get scared. I have a bad experience about raised hands.

    I try and make friends with new people sometimes but i don’t really trust them. I run and stick close to my pack. So i get it when you don’t like it when someone else put the harness on you except your mommy and daddy šŸ˜€ We only trust our pack and nobody else. I think its perfectly normal don’t you think?

    woofs n licks,

    • I think you’re right, Dommy. I luvs people a lot but I guess maybe I really only trust my mom and dad to take care of me and not hurt me. And I don’t think I ever really knew that before.

  25. Mayzie, I think you’re the bravest girl I’ve ever known! But I was going to say what Levi said… I hope you can work it out, because I don’t want you scared!

  26. Awww! Mayzie! It’ll be okay! This is a little different, but it might help… Yesterday, I took Cooper to get his nails trimmed. They switch his regular collar for the one that clips to the groomer’s table, and when she tried to put the collar on, he flipped out!! He started wiggling and straining and trying to get away! I said that I was really surprised because he gets it on and off so many times a day. She said, basically, do not worry. There is a huge difference between YOU doing something to your dog and a STRANGER doing something. Then she said she’ll eventually not be a stranger anymore, and he’ll be a-ok! Maybe Mayzie just needs a little time to get to know Laurie!

    • Okay, Miss Maggie. That does help a lot. Like you said, I just don’t know her all that good right now. I bet I won’t be so skeered once I gets to know her better.

  27. Hi Miss Mayzie! We hates that you’re scared, but we know what a brave girl you are and the many things that you’re not scared of any more. It sounds like Miss Laurie was a little nervous the first time she put your harness on you and now you associate the harness with being nervous. Mom is a big Dog Whisperer fan, and he always says to have the dog come to the leash not the other way around. He’ll sort of dangle the collar or harness and sort of caress the dog with it so it’s a relaxing thing not a scary or hurried thing. We know you can do this. We all have to sit calmly and then Mom holds our choke chains open and we sort of slip into them all calm-like (cuz we used to act like crazy lunatics!) Good luck. We KNOW you can do this. Stay calm and assertive!!

    • You know, she was sorta nervous that first time cuz she’d never used a harness like that before and wasn’t sure how it worked. I guess maybe we BOTH have to get to know each other better and not be so nervous.

  28. Kit

    We love your serious face…you’re such a brave girl!
    Our mom says she just wants to kiss your sweet snooter…it’s OK w/ us, if you don’t mind.
    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sasssy and Buddy

  29. my sweet little miss mayzie,

    i’m sorry you are gettin’ filled with the nervosity when miss laurie clips on your harness. i bet you are just rethinkin’ the first time she put it on you and how long it took and stuff, and you just need some practice sessions (and mega treatsies!) to help you get past that. will some gooey nose kisses from me help, too? teehee. i know you are so so so brave and will get past this lickety split! šŸ™‚ oh, and i don’t know if you might like this better, but maybe you could try somethingie different from the harness, like a halti or a gentle leader? i used to wear a harness for pullin’, too, but now i use a halti.

    the booker man

  30. Franklin gets scared whenever anyone goes to mess with his head or neck. Even our own humans. He’s not as scared with them as with strangers, but he still is way nervous about the whole thing. It’s odd. He’ll hold his face right up to receive kisses and snuggles, but if you want to fix his collar or put some salve on his mess of a nose, all of a sudden it’s freak-out time. But you know what? It WILL be all right. All you have to do is get through it a few times and you’ll get the idea that it’s not any scarier when your friend does it than when your Mom or Dad does.

    BTW, I have a couple of those harnesses. I still pull on the leash just the same. How about you?

  31. Mayzie, I wear a no pull harness and I love it! I did get pinched with mine once and it hurt like the devil, and I was very nervous about putting it on for a while after that. One thing that helped me was just putting it on a lot more and not having anything bad happen, plus, Mom started putting her hand under it between me and the harness when she snapped it closed and that made me feel safer. Oh yeah, and cheese helps!


  32. gbste

    So, Miss Mayzie, does Miss Laurie pet you and cuddle you and sweet talk you when you’re being scared? If she is, she may be reinforcing the “fear response.” It may be easier for you to be brave if she ignores your fearful actions, and saves the rewards for when you’re not acting scared.

  33. I’ve always been scared to have my harness on & that’s all I ever get walked in. I don’t know how to help you, but I know what it’s like to be scared, and if you get scared you can think of me hugging you & then it will already be on!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  34. daisydog

    Maysie. We think that maybe its cuz your momma isn’t putting on the harness. perhaps some cheese therapy before during and after?

  35. I’m sorry that I don’t have any good ideas, but I do believe with all my heart that it everything will be okay. There’s just nothing like your mom’s touch, is there?

  36. littlemissjackie

    Gosh, Miss Mayzie, I think you are doing a great job to wear the no-pull harness and walk nicely! Mom tried to have me wear that kind of harness and I still pulled and spent the whole time trying to back out of it. It is hard not to be wiggly when you gets your harness put on, maybe Miss Laurie puts it on you a different way than how your mom or dad does, or starts on a different side, or holds your leg a different way. I agree with everyone that cheese or other noms would be a great way to help you think about something else and then your harness would go on before you know it! It might take a little getting used to, but you’ll be fine soon!

    Luvs and encouraging wiggles,


  37. I agree with Houndstooth. I think you get a little scared remembering the first time she put it on and you didn’t like it, but now when she puts in on she should give you cheese every time so you start associating something good with putting on the harness. We had to do this with Miss M because she didn’t like wearing her coat, and it made her itchy. Now that she knows she gets a treat she runs over to put it on.

  38. Sam

    This is a pretty common thing, it seems, Mayzie. One of the dogs who I puppysat while his owners were away was totally freaked when I put his harness on him. Of course, there was nothing I could really do at the time because he HAD to be walked to pee and poop and I was his only means, so we kind of just had to struggle through it. Poor guy gave me whale eyes and the shrinky body every time šŸ˜¦

    I don’t really know what to suggest – my first thought was an equipment swap but I’m not sure what else produces the no-pull effect (a head halter?). Or, I suppose you can leave the harness on during the day since your dad is home and can supervise you, and until you get more comfortable, perhaps Laurie can just practice taking it OFF of you. It might be that Mayzie is more freaked out about someone hovering over her than the idea of someone putting something on her.

    Other than that, feeding yummy treats is the only other thing I can think of, and you’re already doing that.

    Let us know how it goes!

  39. Mayzie yoo is nots alone, mee hates harnesses butt mee may havs no choice about one soon cos us Yorkies are prone to trouble wivs our trackeeas n mee is coughin a bits rite now.
    Butts Da Momster has a plan, her has had ovver dog dat didn’t like all sorts ov fings ova da years n one ov da fings. One ovs dem is ifs a doggy is scared ovs somefing her putts some ovs her speshul perfume on what ever is scarin dem cos den it just smells ovs Da Mom so dem knows it be safe n ok.
    ( only a teeny bit cos our noses are so pawesome ) . So far her only failure is wivs Richie cos him hates her goin out n him shouts all da time she is out ( and boy can him shout)
    Mee don’t knows if dat will help or nots cos some Mom use different smells but mi Moms has one favorite her wear more dan any ovver.
    Mee well I fink yoo is brave cos it takes a brave doggy to admit somefing scares dem. Someone who said bouts flashbacks coulds be onto somefing too cos Richie still flinches wen Da Momster or Popster go to stroke him even tho him knows he is sfae here an no one here would evver hits him , Mee finks it takes a verry long time fur da bad memories to go away , Moms Richie & Mee is so glad yoo had your Mom n Pops who lovs yoo so very much cos dat lovs will help dem bad memories to go away.
    Sending yoo big huge Yorkie licks n Snuggles

  40. KB

    Sometimes it is so hard to be brave, isn’t it Mayzie? We agree.

    How about if your mom or dad puts the harness on ahead of time. Then, all that Miss Laurie needs to do is clip on your leash. That totally eliminates Miss Laurie needing to put on your harness.

    I hope that your problem is solved soon, sweet Mayzie.

  41. Hmm…I don’t really have any other advice to offer, sounds like you have received a lot of advice already. I hope you get over being scared though, things are not that bad and will be fun once your out for your walkie. šŸ™‚

  42. I’m so late to this post but I’m glad to see so many suggestions! I feel just like PIP! I get the skeereds real easy sometimes. I like Levi’s baby steps suggestion! I know you’ll be past this in no time! Keep us posted, okay??


  43. Sounds to me like you are doing things right šŸ˜¦ I have no advice sowwie


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