Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Thank you, thank you for the Most Super Deee-licious prize-pressie, Gus! We LUVED it!



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31 responses to “Nearly Wordless Wednesday

  1. Yummers! Those treats make us go googly-eyed too!

    Sam and Pippen

  2. Daisy

    We love getting edible presents! Hope you shared with Brudder Ranger.

    XXXOOODaisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. i so love the almost nearly ones of wordless wednesdays 🙂 the nom noms looks super delish!

  4. Hehehehe…your eyes in dat seconf pikture cracks me up!
    Enjoy your super deeeeelish-lookin treats. I’s kinda droolin nows.


  5. Great gifts, Mayzie. Somedoggies really know how to shop. Enjoy! Or…we guess you already did, didn’t you?

  6. Yum Mayzie…those treats smell really delic….do you have enough to share with the class? MOL Madi

  7. Those are some big eyes waiting for those treats. They must me extra special. What a great prize to win. Looks really Yummy.

  8. Yay!!! So glad they arrived. The second photo cracks me up! I love it when they’re sniffing, sniffing, sniffing. 🙂

    Mayzie’s paw on the photo is precious. Enjoy, Mayzie and Brudder Ranger!

  9. ew……looks licious!! eat up my friend!! Happy Wednesday.


  10. Enjoy the prizes, Mayziegal! They look yummy…at least Toby thinks so, LOL!

  11. The OP Pack

    We think our eyes would pop like that too for some yummy delicious treats.

    Happy Almost WW!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  12. Frankie Furter

    Now you went and gotted me in BIG tubble… fur lickin the puter screen AGAIN.

    Love the snacks!!

  13. looks yummy!!!!!

  14. Wyatt

    My, what big eyes you have…BOL


  15. I can tell from the expression in your eyes how much you liked it.

  16. Cute pictures! We can tell that those were some super tasty treats! That is cool that your friend sent them to you!!

  17. Presents are the best when they are from good pals. Looks yummy, enjoy! 🙂

  18. Ohhh Mayzie yu do looks so cute waitin fer noms, n brudder Ranger looks like he be most well behaved , don’t fink I woulds be dat well behaved wivs nommables on offer………………..bol

    xx xx

  19. Lucky you and Brudder Ranger, Mayzie! yummmmmmm

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  20. Pip

    I LOVE Pure Bites. My mom buys the cat version for Sweet Pea, but I sometimes sneak a few bites on the side.

    Your pal, Pip

  21. Teddy Bear


    Teddy Bear

  22. Those BIG eyes! It almost makes me want to send you some treats so I could see that expression again!

  23. Mayzie,
    I am a little drooly cuz dose treats look very yummy!:) If I come and visit you will you share some of dems wif me?

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  24. No words are needed! I can tell they were delicious by the way you’re smelling and eating them!


  25. mmmmmmmmm! i totally dig a WW where treatsies are involved! teehee!

    the booker man

  26. Lorenza

    Yummilicious present!
    Happy Wednesday!
    Kisses and hugs

  27. OMD, how yummy!
    I’ve come with some furry great news… we just picked the winners fur my Valentine’s Giveaway… and you (comment #40) are 1 of the winners… hop over to our blog to read more!

    guidedogawareness AT yahoo DOT com

  28. A picture is worth a thousand treats, um, words. Enjoy those yummy treats from Gus!

    The Road Dogs

  29. Are you gonna eat the whole box, Mayzie? We feel like we haven’t seen you for months… we are getting way behind in our blog reading! ::FROWNING AT LAZY MAMA!:::

  30. Ooo wow those look super yummy!

  31. KB

    Ooooh, lucky Mayzie! Yum.

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