It’s All About the O(prah)

MayzieMom here. I’m so disappointed.

Michael Vick was going to appear on Oprah next week but has decided to “postpone” his interview.

Okay, I know some people were upset about Vick being on her show. But I’ve been an admirer of Oprah for literally decades and I have no doubt that if anyone can handle the ridiculous Michael Vick, it’s Oprah.

I really wanted to see him squirm when she asked him how it felt to electrocute, hang and drown innocent dogs.

I really wanted to see him sweat when she demanded to know why he walked away from the reporter in Dallas who now owns one of his former dogs. And why, when given the opportunity on another occasion to see for himself how far his dogs have come, he refused.

I couldn’t wait to see him stammer when she pointed out that how he grew up is no excuse for what he did. That plenty of people – herself included – were raised in difficult situations but managed to rise above it and go on to do good in the world, not evil.

Yep. The Queen of Talk was finally gonna put Michael Vick in his place once and for all.

Well, that’s what I wanted to happen.

But do I really think that’s what would’ve happened?


For one very simple reason.

A few months back, Oprah and her crew planned to do a show on the Vick dogs and the people who rescued and rehabilitated them. You know, because they’re the actual heroes of this story. But at the last minute, the show was dropped. No real reason was given, but the folks at BAD RAP (Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pit Bulls) have their theories: “…we speculate that bailing on this particular story had something to do with the subject matter. It’s common knowledge that Oprah is leery of pit bulls, so the topic of dogs once destined to fight now employed as cuddle buddies might’ve been too big of a stretch for someone who may not have noticed how normal the dogs have been acting since they came home.” (I highly recommend reading their entire post on this incident: Dissed by a Talk Show Diva (the Big O).)

To be very honest (and I know this will surprise some of you), I don’t have a huge problem with Oprah having Vick on her show. Yes, I’m sick and tired of hearing about Vick. Yes, I’m disgusted by the media’s adoration of him. And yes, I wish he would just GO AWAY. But she has a talk show. It’s what she does. And she’s taken on many other controversial and unpopular topics in the past.

What I find so infuriating, so disheartening, so sickening is that Oprah – a self-purported animal lover – decided to allow Vick on her show but refused to give the victims of his horrific cruelty equal time. She had the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the dogs and their caretakers on arguably the biggest stage in the world. But she didn’t. That, to me, is simply unfathomable and unforgivable.

I left a comment on her site letting her know how profoundly disappointed I was in her actions regarding this story. And while I know my one little comment won’t have much effect (Oprah: ZOMG! MayzieMom’s right! Get me the Vick dogs now!), I was glad to see how many people joined me in expressing their shock and disgust at her hypocrisy. I only hope people will continue to pressure her about her decision and send her show suggestions about featuring the Vick dogs.

I also hope that maybe, just maybe, if the interview is rescheduled, Oprah will do the right thing. As Leslie Smith of wrote in her “Open Letter to Oprah Winfrey”: You (Oprah) are the one person who could respectfully, but unyieldingly, hold him accountable for his actions. You could ask the questions so many of us wish we could put to him, and you could be the voice for the victims and the voiceless.

So, yeah, Oprah. That thing Leslie said? That would be awesome! Oh, and while you’re at it, if you could go ahead and have the Vick dogs and their rescuers on your show – well, that would be just swell, too. I’m sure the American public would love to see what REAL heroes look like.



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41 responses to “It’s All About the O(prah)

  1. Do the right thing Oprah.

  2. Do whats rite Miss Oprah !
    xx xx

  3. Daisy

    Maybe the comments will have an affect.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. Jed & Abby in MerryLand

    Had heard about Vick chickening out, but had not heard about the cancelled show on the rescues. Very odd; Oprah doesn’t usually shirk from the truth. Wonder if dropping the rescue show was a condition of Vick’s originally agreeing to do her show – a promise which he has now broken. And a devil’s bargain anyway, if that was the case. Wonder how many shows Oprah has left and whether there’s any room to fit in a story about the Vick rescues at this late date. As you say, most disappointing. Least we can do is add our comments to yours on Oprah’s web site.

    Jed & Abby

    • Actually, the show about the Vick dogs was filmed and canceled months before she even knew Vick was going to be on her show. Unfortunately, it appears that Oprah is an animal lover – as long as those animals aren’t pit bulls.

      Thank you for adding a comment to her site and letting her know that you’d like to see a story on the dogs. 🙂

  5. Pip

    I am with you 100% on this one, Mayzie!!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. I sure hope the comments will have an effect on Oprah and have her do the right thing.


  7. Mayzie and Mom we did not know about all of this. We too are very surprised at Oprah’s decisions. Any TRUE animal lover and journalist would address both sides of this issue.
    Well said.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  8. Mom and me could not agree wif you more!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  9. I would love to see Vick on Oprah too. Guess he knew she would ask him all the right questions. I still think he should still be in jail. Life just isn’t fair. Great post.

  10. Well said!! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  11. I really didn’t understand the cancellation of the show with the victims. My hope was that perhaps she was going to combine that with Vick’s appearance. Now that he canceled? I don’t know… Like you, I adore Oprah. I had faith that her interview with him wouldn’t be glossy, but I guess now we’ll never know?? Hopefully now he’ll disappear.

  12. Frankie Furter

    I suspect that it has to do with MONEY!! Sponsors rule what will be shown. It is all about MONEY.. even with Oprah.
    KICK VICK!!! He deserves the WORST that can be done to him.

  13. The OP Pack

    We totally support your view. And we think Frankie is right on the money.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  14. Oh Mayzie’s momma, this is Pearl’s momma and I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    I will never, EVER understand Michael Vick and his actions. Nor will I understand the many, many people who still engage in this kind of activity. That’s the scary thing… there are LOTS of Michael Vicks! And they are still out there. Not famous. not caught. Disgusts me.

    Come on Oprah. If Michael won’t talk to you, let’s turn our attention to the real heroes here. Bring those sweet pups on the show and teach us all a little bit about rehabilitation and redemption.

  15. I, too, was very curious about Oprah would have handled Vick. I didn’t have much hope for her doing the right thing for a couple of reasons. I’m not at all surprised Vick chickened out, but i don’t know if that’s the truth, either.
    Stumpy and her hoo-bean

  16. I am tired of Oprah and her ego all over everything (bet THAT gets her attention) but if she can do some good with her fame, she needs to.

  17. Gosh we didn’t know this about Miss Oprah. It is very sad to hear that she hasn’t done either show now. I hope she sees your comment and realizes her mistakes. I’m sure that others have been commenting too. Feedback is a very important part of her job.

  18. Very well said and yes, both sides should have equal time, We will go over and leave our comment!! Thanks for the info.


  19. Pamela and Rescues

    Well said and very enlightening; I had no idea that a show with the dogs had been cancelled or that Oprah was predjudiced against Pitties. I emailed the producers on her website and suggested they have the dogs,BAD RAP , Best Friends reps and Jim Gorant so the truly downtrodden can have some airtime, and encourage others to do the same.

  20. I thought about taking over Corbin’s blog to do a rant about the Oprah/Vick/Victory Dogs thing… But you hit the nail right on the head. Those dogs and those angel rescuers deserve that spotlight… not Vick. And I also had hoped that Oprah would do her Oprah thing and demand answers to the things that he had done. I had also invisioned him breaking down on her show… not in a crying way, but in an anger way… so he can show the world that he is still the same sick human being who murdered those dogs and that he has not changed and should never be seen as a role model for any child. I would also like to hear why he has not asked anyone about the well being of the dogs he near destroyed. Hes just spitting out the words his PR people put in his ear… he’s not a changed man, he’s a coward. He doesn’t deserve the fame.
    -Corbin’s momma, Jenn

  21. Wyatt

    Well said!! We are on our way to send Oprah a note!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  22. As you already know, I am stoked that the show was canceled 🙂


  23. That is so sad that she didn’t have the Pibbles on her show. I am dissapointed.

  24. Your mom said it all, Mayzie!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  25. littlemissjackie

    Hello Mayzie and MayzieMom, Jackie’s mom here. Thanks for this post.

    Michael Vick has gone on record saying he has changed and that he knows he was wrong. I believe that if he has truly repented he would thankfully acknowledge the people who have rescued the animals he abused, and would certainly support those organizations financially. If he was really sorry, he would be using his position as a celebrity to denounce dogfighting and all animal abuse, and would give some of his millions to set up programs to help abused animals and to prevent abuse. He would be willing to speak frankly about his change of heart (though perhaps not the gory details), to Oprah and any reasonable person who asked. As for Oprah, I can’t imagine why she wouldn’t air an episode about the rescued dogs, since she often says how fond she is of her own dogs and has done shows about abuse before. It’s a black and white issue – nobody, human or animal, should be abused. Of course, there are a lot of things going on that aren’t publicized. It will be interesting to see what happens from here.

  26. In a way I am glad he will not be on. I am so tired of him getting attention about all of this. I just hope he sucks at football and goes away and a year from now people will be like Vick who?

  27. Hi Mayzie’s Mom! I am not an Oprah fan, and honestly part of the reason for this is exactly what you said about her and how she didn’t visit with the dogs that survived his torture and went on to loving homes. And I am fairly certain that the interview is completely cancelled – I saw an article a bit earlier today. But anyway, if the other post about her not wanting to do the dog portion because pit bulls makes her nervous is true, then honestly how can she do an interview with MV – that man is much more terrifying and dangerous.

    And can I just say that having met so many awesome dogs through the blogs, many of whom are pitties or part pittie, well, she is just wrong about being scared. And as far as MV, well I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth – he is saying what he knows people want to hear, but I don’t believe that he believes the words at all.

  28. Teddy Bear

    Your Mom said it so well. We hope Oprah will do the right thing!

    Teddy Bear

  29. Kristine

    Brilliant! The last thing anyone needs to see is another interview with that man talking about how much he has changed and how he has turned his life around, it is enough to make me gag. But a how based around the Vick dogs and how THEY have had THEIR lives turned around? That would be nothing short of awesome. I just wish I could believe.

  30. You are so right, Mayzie’s Mom! I have to confess that we don’t know much about this as far as the Oprah end of it goes. Daddy leans more toward the Speed or SyFy for daytime TV and the Moms aren’t home, so we don’t keep up with what she’s up to. We do know that we all got rather snarly during football season when Vick would be talked about on sports shows, etc. just as if he never, ever did any of those terrible things. I know he says he’s seen the error of his ways, but we tend to think he means that he got caught is all. But maybe we’re just cynical that way. Oprah should definitely give the dogs equal time if she’s going to give Vick a forum.

  31. I had no idea about all this (shows what an Oprah follower I am). With the power that woman wields, it’s unfortunate she’s not doing the right thing. Yet. There’s still hope … and I’m hoping. Thanks for bringing this to our — my! — attention!

  32. Cathy Olmos

    As much as I love Oprah, she has lost A LOT of points in my book due to all this. I say forget Oprah and let Ellen cover the story. She would have Every Pit Bull, Owner and Trainer on her show at the same time!

  33. miss mayzie’s mama,

    me and asa and mama are super duper tired of hearin’ that vick dude talk and even seein’ his face, so we aren’t really bummed that he’s not gonna be on oprah. but you are so very mega right about miss oprah needin’ to have the vick doggies on her show and not bein’ prejudiced against pitties. that’s a big time shame on her.

    the booker man

  34. I was really interested in seeing what he would have to say also. I think he is regretful….regretful that he got caught. On a positive note, despite all the awful things he’s done I think these terrible tragedy has raised positive pitbull awareness. So at least we can take that.

  35. KB

    Well said. I think that Michael Vick’s actions were despicable.

  36. Kit

    Thanks for this post!!!! Do the right thing Oprah!!!!

  37. Don’t get me started on this. You know how I feel about it. Did you know that he said he’d probably still be fighting dogs if he hadn’t been caught???

    You go Mazie. And Mazie Mom.

    ArrrOOOOOO—GRRR-rrrrrrrr Stuart

  38. Another spot on post!! I read an article that said he backed out after various adopters were contacted about appearing on the same show. I’ll have to see if I still have it. Maybe I misread it and thought they were talking about the same show but were talking about the earlier show you mentioned. Hmm.. either way, I agree with your views on this. Frustrating!

    Jill (Zona’s Mom)

  39. Awesome post! You really know how to get to the heart of the matter! Go Mayzie’s Mom!
    The Road Dogs

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