Saturday Smiley: Kitteh vs the Metro-Gnome

Hehe…kittehs are the silliest!

If you can’t see the movie, click here.



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23 responses to “Saturday Smiley: Kitteh vs the Metro-Gnome

  1. Daisy

    He’s got the tail rhythm going well!
    Very funny…….we didn’t know cats could be funny.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

  2. Dat be sooooo funny Mayzie , yu really do finds da best videos fer us to see.
    xx xx

  3. Roo

    Oh that is hilarious! Orange kitteh could really keep time! New twist on the jerk 😉 I’m dyin here BOL!

    Waggin at ya,

  4. BOL…that is so funny. Jumpy kitty

  5. That is soooo…..funny!! Thanks for sharing…

  6. MOL Mom was laughing at the humans having a snickering fit in the background. OMC it is funny how the Kitty #1 approached with caution. I was meowing bop it now!!! Thanks for the Sat. sillies,
    Hugs Madi

  7. BOL! Oh, my dog! For a minute, I thought that might be Cap’n Ripley! I’ll bet those cats are plotting their revenge as we type!


  8. BOL!!!!!!!!

    Orange Kitteh was slooooowwwwly working up da courage to ATTACK, and then Dark Kitteh just marched right in!!
    Thanks fur da chuckle!

  9. Pip

    This is HYSTERICAL! Where do I get one of these? This could keep my feline siblings out of my fur for hours.

    Your pal, Pip

  10. Pip

    P.S.: The after pawty is at Puddles Training Camp – lots of beer, burgers, and cheetos! I just may need a little help getting around as my legs are a bit stiff from the big race!

  11. The OP Pack

    You always find the best videos – loved it!!! The kitty had the beat down quite well. But it was so funny how he still wasn’t sure even after he killed it. Curious but cautious – a great way to live:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  12. That was hysterical Mayzie. That cat is going to have a permanent twitch. Glad he finally deaded it. Great video. Have a great week end all those at Mayzie’s house

  13. Te-he, that was cute.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  14. Meow! That was hilarious. I had a feeling in the beginning that it wasn’t going to end well for the poor metronome. Kitteh took it out with one swipe!

  15. Mayzie
    That gave me and mommi a gweat big giggle
    Thank you…The owange kitteh seemed to have gweat whythm and was weally getting into his dnace moves, but then he killed it, what?
    smoochie kisses

  16. Lorenza

    That cat sure is silly!
    Happy Saturday!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. that was a good one, miss mayzie! heehee! i think the orange kitty could use some calmification lessons from the black kitty. 😉

    the booker man

  18. Wyatt

    haha. Cats are so silly!


  19. KB

    I’m so glad that the kitty killed it! I was afraid that the orange one was going to have a conniption.

    I wonder how a dog would react to a metronome. Might be funny to find out. I wish that I had one…

  20. Teddy Bear

    What a great video. Our Daddy has one of those metronomes and we think it’s weird.

    Teddy Bear

  21. He killed it with one blow! That’s one powerful kitteh!

  22. That kitteh sure showed the clicking monster what for. Gosh, it looked like it was zapping her with alien beams or something.


  23. That’s more entertaining than TV! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    The Road Dogs

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