Blogoversary Week – Flashback Tuesday

All of us trying to decide what to post today.

Hi everybuddy! Since this is my blogoversary week, I thought I’d share with you the 5th postie I ever wrote. Why the 5th? Well, mom thought it would be neat to re-share my very first postie. But I wasn’t so sure abouts that cuz – well – I think it’s SUPER BORING. Almost all of you already know this story cuz we’ve told it before in a hundred different ways. So if you WANT to read it, you can click that link up there but it’s seriously not very Most Interesting.

And then my 2nd postie was okay but I decided I liked the 5th postie better. So we’re gonna flashback to that cuz, well, it’s my bloggie and I can do that. Heehee!

Oh, and don’t forget abouts my Commentathon on Thursday, which is my actual real blogoversary! Thanks to everybuddy who’s already helping to get the word out!


5th Ever Postie: Hard-Workin’ Dog

One of my favorite things to do in the whole wide world is to help out around the house. Mom and Dad really appreciate my assistance and I’m not too sure how they ever got stuff done without me.

Things I’m real good at:

1. Unpacking boxes that the mailman brings to our house. My mom got something she calls a Macbook and she was really happy about it. So I helped her get it out of the box and sniffed it over real good to make sure it was safe for her to turn on. It was.

2. Helping mom and dad make their breakfast, lunch and dinner. I watch ‘em real careful in case anything falls on the floor. If it DOES fall on the floor, I make sure to eat it real fast before they trip on it or something.

3. Cleaning the dishes after they’ve eaten their breakfast, lunch or dinner. When they’re done, they put the plate down and Ranger and me do what Dad calls the “prerinse.” And I don’t like to brag but by the time we’re done, it looks just as clean as before they put food on it! (Mom says some people might think that’s gross but we’re just doin’ our part for the environment by saving water.)

4. As you prolly saw from one of my other posts, I am real good at ripping the guts out of stuffies. Now, I really don’t do it all just for me (although it might look like it). Part of why I do it is that picking up the guts gives Mom something to do. Don’t want her to get bored or feel useless or anything.

5. I help keep an eye on the kittehs. I mean, you really can’t just leave them to wander all over the house without knowing what they’re doing. They might get into trouble and if I didn’t keep an eye on them, I couldn’t help them if they needed it.

6. I make sure that nobody ever, ever, ever sneaks up on our house. I keep a good watch on the outside. You gotta. That person may look like they’re putting out their trash, but they could really be up to no good. So I make sure I let Mom and Dad know about it. (Okay, Brudder Ranger helps with this, too.)

7. If people DO decide to come to our house anyway, I make sure that they feel welcome. I tell them that I didn’t mean anything by my barking and to please come in and make themselves comfortable. I also let them give me a treat to make them feel important. Brudder Ranger keeps telling me that our job is to run them off and make sure they never come back. But I dunno, that seems kinda rude to me.

As you can see, my days are very full with all the stuff I have to do around our house. Speaking of which, I think I hear Dad in the kitchen. Whew! A dog’s work is never done!



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41 responses to “Blogoversary Week – Flashback Tuesday

  1. Daisy

    It was a lucky day for your family when you arrived! You work so hard. You forgot about all the cuddles and stuff you give them. And you are so right about watching those kitties. Congratulations on your Blogaversary.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Give this girl a raise – or more milkbones!
    CONGRATS on the blogaversary!

  3. MOL Mayzie…a question: Have you had time to process my adoption application to become a member of your family?
    If not, please do so ASAP. I love all the rules in fact I already do lots of them.
    Off to check out your 3rd post.
    Hugs Madi

  4. Good mornin’tu u Mayzie – it’z Shiloh’n Shasta here. ‘Nuther good reezon tu scoop edible stuffz up off the kitchen floor B=4 your mom or dad step on it an’it’z a real safety issue tu – they cood step on it an’squish it then they cood slip on it. An’a good health reezon to de-stuff all the stuffiez – your mom and dad hafta BEND over so they iz gittin’their cardio x-ersisez dun tu. See – us doggiez can b furry much helpful – keep our momz an’dadz healthy an’safe.

  5. Pardon the typist this was your 3rd we’re off to check out your first.
    The typist is walking on ice today!!!

  6. Pip

    That is the SWEETEST picture of you and your family, Mayzie!

    You sure are very helpful around the house. I am not really very helpful – my mom even calls me lazy. Can you imagine? I do help keep a watch on the cats, you are right – they need constant supervision!

    Your pal, Pip

  7. Mayzie,

    Mom and me luvs dis picture of all of yous! Lookin’ forward to Thursday, if you could send me da code fur your badge in da small size, dat would be great!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS You is also good at bein’ my BFF! 🙂

  8. Woof! Woof! I’ve been a away … n back again. Lots of great things going on. Happy Blogversary week. You are very helpful …around the house. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. Miss Mayzie! We enjoyed that post. We are good at most of those things too. I am also the zoomie expert in this household, Gus the Fuss is too old.

    Teka Toy

  10. Operation Empty Mom’s Wallet is underway!


  11. Kristine

    Awww, I love that photo of the three of you. Even if you and Ranger look like you want to cut and run. It’s very cute.

    And I also think it’s cute you keep such a close watch on the cats. I am sure they greatly appreciate your efforts.

  12. See ya Thursday Miss Mayzie!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  13. frankie furter

    Shasta and Shiloh have a grrrrreat posty up about your Blogaversary. I love the list of stuffs that you do to HELP. I just hope my mom never sees it… beclaws you to TONS of helpful stuffs.

  14. Mayzie has taught my three little ones the pre-rinse routine! Ginger does such a fine pre-rinse that she does touch-ups IN THE DISHWASHER!!! Miss Halle the Grand Diva is aghast at such trashy behavior and will not pre-rinse. She has her servants pre-rinse for her!

    PS Mom you are gorgeous and I love your hair!!

  15. Mayzie you stay so busy, how do you have the time to look so pretty?

    Middy & Pauley

  16. We are so glad you started blogging so we could get to meet you. We think you are the bestest ever Mayzie. We really enjoy your blogs, that is for sure. Hope you have a fun day.

  17. Oh Mayzie, I didn’t knows you then but I DID in fact goes back to dat postie afters I met yo and you became my BFF. I absolutely LOVED dat post and it just shows how much in common we haves. I totally agrres bouts dat trash…anybuddy dats throws out perfectly good trash can’t be all good and up to sumptin!
    I likes to gives my mum plenty to do too so her stays outta my business…hehehehe!
    Oh and I loves da foto of you and your mom and Ranger…hers so purties.

    Oh did you knows it’s almost gonna be a whole year since we met too? Just thinks how boring your life was befores then.


  18. Mayzie! I loved your 3rd bloggie post 🙂 You sure are a very helpful pup. Most humans just don’t see all the things we do for them!

  19. Hey Mayzie,
    CONGRATULATIONS! It has already been a year!
    Guess what ? It is Mummy’s blogversary on 26th too.Mummy had a blog of her own before she started helping us with ours n abandoned her own!!
    We have added ur badge on our sidebar n are hoping to be able to help empty your mummy’s pockets!!
    And hey! it was great re reading your 3rd postie:)

  20. The OP Pack

    We are going to do our best to comment on Thursday, but it may be a little tricky. Mom says she will try very hard.

    We loved your fifth post – you are a great helper. We do a lot of those things but we don’t have any kitties, so we can’t match that one, unless we count the little kidlets:) We do a good job of keeping an eye on them. They are great food suppliers.

    Happy Blogaversary Week!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  21. Da only help wee givs Da Momster is messin da house up hahahaha. Wee is glad yoo is such a help to your Moms Mayzie


  22. Hiya Mayzie,

    We can’t wait for Thursday! When I finally get around to writing a post we’ll certainly write all about it!

    And we love love love that picture with your momma and Ranger.

    A whole year! Wow!

  23. That was a wonderful post – thanks for sharing it with us! Um, we like to prerinse, too!!! We’ll be back Thursday for the Commentattatathon – is that too many tttt’s? What a great idea!

    The Road Dogs

  24. See what a useful dog you are? Every household should have a Mayzie!

  25. What a sweet photo. Always fun to go back and read what we were up to a year ago. 🙂

  26. We never get to pre-rinse! You guys are sure lucky!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  27. you three look perfect together! i’m getting excited for your blogaversary on thursday . . .

  28. miss mayzie!

    it’s your blogaversary week…shake your hiney…shake your hiney! heehee. 🙂
    well, you know i think all of your posts are like the bestest thingie evarrr cuz they are pawed by the bestest lady evarrr, but your 5th post was especially funsies to read. me ‘n asa do that pre-rinse thingie at our house, too! we don’t think it’s gross at all…it’s totally delish!
    pretty please make sure you check out my bloggie post tomorrow cuz you’ll like it lots. i promise!

    the booker man

  29. I think you deserve a raise since you do all that stuff, plus run your blog while your mom is out earning kibble money!

    We had a pretty good idea that you were your mom’s heart dog, too! 😉


  30. Teddy Bear

    You both are such great helpers.:)

    Teddy Bear

  31. A doggy’s work is never done Mayzie. These humans require so much help. (The internets are working right now, but we don’t know why. They stopped working yesterday as soon as the cable repairman left and just started up again tonight. He’s coming back tomorrow. We do NOT want to miss your big day.)

  32. I never get to pre-rinse! It’s tiring to be a dog sometimes, huh? Happy Blogoversary Week, Mayzie! Can’t wait for Thursday!


  33. That was a very informative third post 🙂


  34. You are always the most positive and optimistic, it’s no doubt how much you can help out. Happy 1st!

  35. Mayzie, we love your post and the picture! It is so great!! Your fifth post was fun to read….it reminds us of what I do around here…like giving mom something to do with the stuffies and watching those kitties! We hope you are having a very special week! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  36. Post #5 was truly a sign of how big you and your bloggy would become!

    Love the picture … and your mom’s pretty long hair!

  37. Lorenza

    The picture is soooo beautiful!
    And sure you are the best helper your mom and dad could have!
    Good girl!
    Kisses and hugs

  38. WOW!! mayzie
    This year has gone sooo fast. Great 5th posts. All those things that you do, we all do every day right? what would our peeps do without us??


  39. KB

    You do have many many jobs, and they sound so onerous (not!). I can see the logic behind each one, even the destuffing of the toys. Do you patrol for potential intruders at 2 AM? Our dogs did that last night… whew, thank goodness that they woke us up… errrr…. for nothing!

    Happy Blogaversary!

  40. Happy, happy blogoversary!

  41. WeezerCat

    Happy Blogoversary, kiddo! You’re a dog and I’m a cat, but you sound like one of the good ones.

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