Guess what happened yesterday? Brudder Ranger’s butt exploded!!!!!!

Okay, mom says I’m being over dramatic. It didn’t REALLY explode BUTT (heehee!)…one of those glands on the side of his (as Frankie calls it) poop-shooter got infected. And it was SUPER gross and it was all bleedy and stuff. (Between you and me, it was kind of awesome-looking but I DID feel sorry for him cuz he didn’t feel good.)

So mom rushed him over to the V.E.T. and they gave him a butticure and some Auntie Biotics and some stuff to make his butt less hurty and then sent him home.

Anyway, mom felt sooooooo bad cuz Brudder Ranger has never had any problems with his poop-shooter and other than one or two butt scoots, he didn’t tell mom that it was hurting or anything. And the V.E.T. lady said that Brudder Ranger was one of those Stow-Ick Dogs, which I guess means that when they have an ick, they stow their feelings about it way down deep inside. I know this for a fact cuz I tried to ask him what all they did but he didn’t want to talk about it.

Most happily, Brudder Ranger is feeling MUCH better and his butt is getting back to normal. I’m real sorry that I didn’t have any real pictures BUTT (haha!) mom said that would just be gross. And she actually said that like it was a BAD thing. Can you believe it?

Note from Ranger: I agreed to let my sister blog about this deeply personal and rather embarrassing matter today as a reminder that extraordinarily brave dogs such as myself may not let on that they are in discomfort. Therefore, one must always be vigilant for the slightest behavioral changes for insight into your dogs’ health. It is my sincere hope that by allowing my story to be told, no other dog will have to endure the horrors indecencies I did yesterday.



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57 responses to “Stow-Ick

  1. Daisy

    Poor Brudder Ranger, BUTT it is funny. Scotties are known for being stow-ick, too. Kendra once had an abscessed tooth that wasn’t picked up for ages. Makes the human feel VERY guilty. Feel better BR.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Daisy

    Oh, us again. We like the diagrams explaining everything. Well Done.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. Poor Brudder Ranger! We’re glad he’s doing better. Jed had the same problem: first indication of trouble was blood pouring out from his pooper shooter. Rush to emergency vet [naturally, this happened on a Sunday morning], diagnosis: abscessed anal gland. Treatment. Recurrences. End of story: surgical removal of anal glands. Stow-ick, indeed.

    Jed & Abby

  4. Miss Mayzie,
    I believe your helpful recreations paint the picture of your brother’s back end issues quite well. Hehehe.


  5. Dear Miss Mayzie….Muzzer says that I, Gussie, am the best indicator of when Miss Teka is having a problem similar to Brudder Ranger’s. er, ummmm…at the risk of being indelicate, I lick her trying to clean her up. But even before that, I sniff her lots more than usual .

    Maybe your Mom can keep an eye on you for this enlightening behaviour. Buttt…..


  6. Oh, poor Brudder Ranger! He is such a brave doggy, as befits his name. Also, maybe he didn’t want to go to the VET. I can’t really blame him there, but, sometimes it’s just worse if you don’t take care of it right away, as he no doubt realizes. I don’t really think we needed photos at all. You painted quite a word picture there, Mayzie.

    Pee Ess – The internet is on now. I think it’s gotten very moody. I think the cable company is going to tell us to call back when it’s off. Sheesh!

  7. Dear Ranger I hope and pray your VET lady at least bought you dinner after the butticure. We are very glad you are feeling better. You need to take lessons from your feline siblings on how to properly display displeasure with a situation!! We felines are experts at complaining. MOL
    Holy jumpin’ cat fish that was a horror story…….butt the graphics were amazing!! WELL done to the Mom!!!
    Hugs Madi

  8. Mayzie,

    Your illustrations are most pawesome!

    We are glad that Brudder Ranger is better today and congratulate him on enduring the indecencies with great stow-ick-ness!

    S & P

  9. Sorry Brudder Ranger you had such a bad time. Must have been very embarrassing to got to the vet. We are glad you are getting better now. The graphics were just terrific. Big hugs to you Brudder Ranger on the front end. Take care.

  10. Mayzie, your delicate handling of this stinky and sensative issue is truly a tribute to Bruddah Ranger. I sure hope he’s smelling better!

  11. Oh crap!
    HEHEHEHEHE! Feel better Brudder!

  12. Bridger

    Hope you feel better, Ranger. Last time I went to get a bath, they used their razor to create something they called a “potty path” and so I do understand a little about how upsetting it is when people mess with your private areas.
    Be sure you guilt them in to some extra treats for this whole ordeal.

  13. Minna Krebs

    OMD! Thank dogness Brudder Ranger is doing better!
    And, I think your diagrams were most informative…in a medicals-cartoon kinda way! BOL

  14. Lol. I love the drawings…hilarious! Glad you feel better, Brudder Ranger!!

  15. Thanks for the PSA (puppy service announcement). Luckily, Ripley lets me know when anything is wrong. Get well soon, Ranger!

  16. Frankie Furter

    OMD OMD… Poop Shooter Problems???? That is terrible. Please tell Brudder Ranger that I am very much sorry.
    Mayzie… I had no idea that you could DRAW like that!!! You are very much Artistic!! I think you showed us exactly what and WHERE the problem was. Thank goodness the whole thingy is now BEHIND Ranger.

  17. Kristine

    Thanks, Ranger, you are too right. My dog Shiva doesn’t seem to feel pain, no matter how hard she bonks into something. I worry one day she will hurt herself and not even feel it enough to let us know. I hope you are feeling better!

    Love the pictures. Very disgusting. πŸ™‚

  18. Poor Brudder! The same thing happened to me, so I know just how bad it can be. Be sure and take all your anti-B’s!!
    Great diagrams, BTW.

  19. Oh, Mayzie! Your pictures were excellant! I felt like I was actually there – minus any smelliness. Hope Ranger is feeling better!

  20. miss mayzie!

    oh noes, poor brudder ranger!! that is just one of the most awfullest thingies evarrr to have poop shooter problems. boohoo. 😦 i’m so glad that brudder ranger got some meddies to help him start feelin’ the betterment. i know all about that stow-ick stuff, too, cuz by howdy, that’s my big sis asa to a T!
    btw, look at you with your drawin’ skills! just another of the 50 gazillion talents ‘n gifts that my most loveliest lady possesses! *sigh*

    the booker man

  21. Mayzie Girl, you are such a good sister! Your portrayal of Brudder Ranger’s sickies was very sensitive, but very informative to us other doggies. And we liked your drawings, too. We rotties are very sto-ick, too. Our angel sister Allie Girl and the bad C-monster and no one even knew until shortly before she went to the bridge. Use your pretty brindle nose to monitor your brudder!! We love you, Mayzie!

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  22. Poor Brudder Ranger! It’s those terrier-types, I tell ya – never let on that anything is bothering them until its WAAAAY bad! Our old Duncan was the same way!

    As for me, I am no stranger to having someone fiddling around with my anal glands! Because we Frenchies have funny tails, the glands are usually all twisted up & don’t empty normally. Mom has to “manually” empty them about every 10 days. Kinda gross, but I don’t mind, and mom always seems to feel some odd sense of victory having “expressed” them (as she calls it – it’s still butt-squeezing as far as I’m concerned!)

    Hope Ranger feels A-OK real soon!!
    Brutus the Frenchie

  23. Oh poor Brudder Ranger. I hopes he is feeling better soon. Momma calls anal gland expression butt juice. Did Brudder Ranger get stinky butt juice everywhere?

    woof – Tucker

  24. The OP Pack

    Poor Dakota had a terrible time with those nasty glands. Poor Ranger. We hope he is feeling a lot better today.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  25. Oh, poor Ranger! Mom says that Treat who was here before me seemed to have issues with her anal glands. She had to endure certain indignities every once in a while to keep things from getting bad in that department. Once, though, Mom didn’t realize how bad it was getting and when they realized there was a problem, it was almost too late. The vet said it could have erupted inside her and made her really, really sick. Mom and Dad were both a little paranoid about it after that! Ranger, you’re a big dog to let Mayzie share this story so other dogs can be okay!


  26. Poor Ranger, that is horrible! But Mayzie, we really liked your drawings about it! The KABOOM! one was the best!

  27. That is a scary thing – I hope Ranger starts to feel better soon. I am glad you taught me what stow-ick means – that was a great explanation. And your pictures were very helpful too! I think you should include such illustrations more often and give your mom a break from taking pictures sometimes. Great job Mayzie!

  28. Hi Miss Mayzie,

    Ohhh, poor Ranger, what a brave dog, he’s our new role model. FH says we’re NOT stow-ik – we like to let the humans know when we’re feeling the slightest bit icky, in fact, she says we border on the melodramatic at times – the cheek of the woman!

    We are glad Ranger agreed to share his story – we’re sure he’ll help other pups from suffering the same thing. Good on ya Ranger! We hope your butt is less hurty now too! πŸ™‚

    Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.

  29. PS – Good grief – you can see how we’re dabbling with WordPress – we appear to have named ourselves ‘Power of the Paw’ and not ‘JD and Max’ – he he he! FH still isn’t really sure what she’s doing – but we’re sure she’ll get it! She’s using .org and not .com btw…. thanks for your comments on this Miss Mayzie!!

  30. Mayzie,
    I sure hopes Brudder Ranger is feelin’ better. I will send puppy prayers to him!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  31. Oh wow Mayzie, did you draws the piktures yourself? They is beautifuls, so much details and purty colors (I am a fan of red myself)
    Shoot, I didn’t knows Ranger was feeling bad. Gosh, I feels awfully sorry fur him. I knows dat had to hurt and he even survived da whole ordeal. He sure is sumptin else. Never mind, you don’t has to answer dat….hehehe!
    Please feel betters Ranger…dats Brudder Ranger.


  32. How awful for you, Brudder Ranger! We’re glad you’re doing better today.
    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  33. Oops! We thought this was gonna be a funny-type post, but – OUCH! Not funny at all! Hope Ranger’s butt is on the mend soon! PeeS – who drew the illustrations? We like ’em!
    PeePeeS – you can still stop by and enter the treat contest for next week. Just put a comment on our blog about what your favorite flavor is πŸ™‚

    The Road Dogs

  34. Liz

    The drawings are most helpful, thank you! πŸ™‚
    Bogart would like Ranger to know that he is not the only dog that has difficulties with the anal sacs. He too has had problems in the past and used to go to the vet’s on a regular basis to get them “juiced.”

  35. We are glad that Brudder Rangers pooper is on the mend.

    We must commend you on the high quality of your re-creation photo’s.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  36. Teddy Bear

    Hi Mayzie, oh my…those pictures are pawesome! We hope Brudder Ranger is feeling much better. Auntie Biotics work wonders. Sierra isn’t feeling well today either. Her mouth exploded twice today.:(

    Teddy Bear

  37. Mayziega
    What a scawy and wiveting stowy about poow bwuddew Wangew’s Butt.
    I especially loved the gwaphic illustwations. It was explained pawfectly. I had no idea that bwuddew Wangew was Sto Ick. What a bwave boy. I hope his bumbum will wecovew quickly and that he gets some extwa tweats fow his howwibull owdeal.
    I know that you, mayzie will give him loving help in getting bettew
    smoochie healing kisses

  38. Hi Mayzie!! Oh poor Ranger. That must of hurt! He is a trooper!


  39. Pip

    Oh Brudder Ranger, I feel your pain (literally). I am Stow-Ick dog, too. I have never heard it described quite like this, but this is ME! I guess we both need to learn to express our feelings. BOL!

    Your Stow-Ick pal, Pip

  40. Lorenza

    I hope brother Ranger is feeling better now!
    Sounds like a very painful episode!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  41. littlemissjackie

    Oh Miss Mayzie, we’re so sorry to hear about Mr. Brudder Ranger’s owie! Being Stow-Ick kinda goes with being a terrier, cuz we are ruff and tuff and hard to bluff! We hope he is feeling very much better now and we are sending prayers and luvs his way.

    Get well smooches,

    Jackie and Dillon

  42. oh nos’!!!!! thish did not happen to have happened cause of toots right??? right??? we are sending our most pawsitive butt vibes his way

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  43. Those are some drawings that you did, Mayzie! Really cracked me up, BOL. Poor Brother Ranger though, he must be feeling quite poorly. Hope he’s much better now!


  44. (I love the illustrations. Great idea, great work!)

  45. Now you’ve shared some very important things with us Brudder. And we thank you for doing that. I have to have my anal glands expressed (is that the word?) almost every time I go to the barber shop. Lots of bad stuff can build up in those things, as you found out.

    Whew. Glad it’s over for you. It’s hell being a macho man.

    Roooooooo! Stuart

  46. Eeewwwwww Poor bruvver Ranger, dat must havs been most diskonsertin fur hims to havs to be prodded n poked in hims nether regions. Mee knos how off puttin dat is so mee feels fur him big stylee. Mee hopes hims feelin all normal again soons

  47. We wish we had read this yesterday! That is exactly what happened last month to Holly and it was so bad, she was on antibotics and pain pills for over a week. Last night was the same thing at the vet. The day before she was acting all droopy and then yesterday evening, I saw her dragging her butt across the carpet and whining and that’s when we went racing to the vet. It is not fun at all. This looks like it might be a every few week thing at the rate we are going. Watch the butt…that’s what I have to remember….if she’s dragging it, it’s time to run to the vet again! We hope Ranger starts to feel much better! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  48. Dear Ranger,
    we deeply appreciate your letting Mayzie do a post on this sensitive topic.
    We think you have been most thoughtful and brave about the whole matter.
    mayzie, the illustrations are pawfect.
    And yes, we do like your bone. It is a plastic chewy, isn’t it?
    we have one such chewy too but except for playing fetch with it, we don’t chew on it anymore!!! Mummy really can’t understand why!
    Well, we know better because now that we abandoned it, Mummy got us another n another n another…(wink)
    we know what u mean about stoic doggies. We don’t complain too, and it is only sometimes by chance that mummy discovers some hidden wound we inflict on ourselves during our walks. thankfully we haven’t had bad injuries or BAD infections…chewwood!

  49. Kitty and Coco

    Hello Mayzie and Brudder Ranger! I have been seeing you on some blogs and decided to stop by. Plus, I am a Boston Terrier and we kinda look alike. Anyhoo, let us just say BAHAHAHAHA! Your drawings are hilarious. Sorry B. Ranger. We are very sorry your butt went Ka-Boom. The very few times I have had to go get squeezed at the groomer, my poor bum is red for hours. Must be the parfume they put on after. Hmpf.

    Kitty (and Coco)

    • Hi Kitty and Coco! Thank you for coming by my bloggie. Brudder Ranger is feeling better but he has to go back to the V.E.T. next week for a check-up. Do you think they’re gonna put perfume on him?

  50. Ouchies! Hope he feels better soon.

  51. i just almost had a butt explosion from laughing so loud at your illustrations! hilarious!

    follow our foster:

  52. Poor Ranger! That was really nice of him to let you share with us. We talked with Grammy about it and she says that she knew about it because she used to work with a dog groomer when she was in High School (is that a tall school?) and they had to clean out those glands and it was NASTY! Some people don’t realize that when their poochs start dragging their butts, it could be a problem like that. Thanks, both of you for letting others know.

  53. daisydog

    Excellent depICKtion of the butt problems! We are glad brudder Ranger is feeling tooty once again!

  54. Hope Ranger’s poop-shooter is ok now… Love your illustrations, Mayzie!

  55. Wow, so sorry about your troubles…glad you’re starting to feel better though! Woofs & hugs! ~Bailey

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