A Stuffie Situation

Hi everybuddy! Okay, so…you know how I’ve told you abouts my de-stuffification mission? It’s very Most Impawtant to do this with most stuffies in case there’s anything in there that might be dangerous to your family.

Don't worry. I've checked it out. It's safe.

Plus, you never know if there might be cheese in there. What? No, I haven’t ever found any cheese but like I said…you just never know. And I think it’s much better to be safe than sorry.

But…ahem…I have a confession to make. Remember that stuffie that my Auntie P got me for Christmas?

Well, it’s been TWO WHOLE WEEKS and he still has most of his stuffing! That’s like a record for me. Okay, okay, I cropped his ears a little bit…

And uh, one of his arms kinda fell off…

But…I can’t bring myself to finish up the actual – you know – destuffification. And I just can’t figure out why. Maybe it’s cuz he kinda looks like Cap’n Ripley.

Which is the kitteh and which is the stuffie? Can you tell?

Or maybe it’s just cuz he’s really soft and cozy to cuddle up to…

Can we gets a little privacy, please?

Whatever it is, I just can’t do it and I’m starting to gets a little worried that I’m losing my edge.

Hmmmm...I think I might be getting soft on stuffies.

But you know what? I kinda don’t care cuz it turns out that stuffies can be pretty good furends.

Sweet dreams, Stuffie Pal.

At least for one more week.



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43 responses to “A Stuffie Situation

  1. Teddy Bear

    I’m sure you’ll get to de-stuffing that stuffie soon.:)

    Teddy Bear

  2. Daisy

    It looks like a cuddly stuffie, so maybe you should just work on it a little at a time, like you’re doing. don’t want to wreck it all in one go.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. Wells dis is just da most disturbing thing I has read in a long time. I could tell you to suck it up and go fur it but I thinks you just might be likin’ dat Cap’n Ripley Wanna Be. Dat stuffie makes a good pillow too. Just take your time Mayzie. And I’ll be right heres if you need tot alk bout s dis…and I won’t even charge you.

    Hehehehe…I sees da bar now. I likes where you relocated it.


  4. Big fluffy stuffies last a bit longer around here, too. The temptation to stop and rest on their tummies is just too much to resist.


  5. Pip

    A word of warning, I would not try to de-stuff Cap’N Ripley! Kitties don’t take kindly to doggie games. I know from experience…

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Ohh Mayzie dat is one cute stuffie, I gots two stuffie fer Crimbo and both are still perfick , I has not got da hang od destuffication ovs dem at all.
    Do yu gives lessons?
    xx xx

  7. Mayzie, that stuffy is way too cute to destuff. Better keep that one for a nice snuggly friend. Sure glad you haven’t destuffed the cat. Have a great day and keep your little friend even if he doesn’t have any ears. Take care.

  8. Frankie Furter

    Now I call this situation… the triumph of Hope over Experience

  9. Make very sure you know which one is the cat and which one is the stuffie before you do any destuffing or snuggling! Either way, it could lead to dire consequences!


  10. You know, Charlie doesn’t destuff toys he likes. He’s gentle with them. And then three months later when he’s bored and wants another one, there they go!

  11. Awwww!! How adorable! That stuffie seems like the perfect cuddle companion for Mayzie!

  12. Auntie P

    Aw…I am so glad you are enjoying your Christmas Stuffie…I didn’t dream it would last this long! Wish I got to see you more often and spoil you a little more with brisket!!! Snuggle long and warmly! Love you, Auntie P

  13. Mayzie, don’t worry! One day those stuffings will come out, whether you want them to, or not!

  14. Yes Mayzie de-stuffication is an instense process. I could barely tell the difference between Cap’n Ripley and the stuffie. Although I didn’t know that Cap’n Ripley was missing an arm. I would be very careful that you don’t get them confused!

  15. Ever since the puppies came, most of our stuffies have been de-stuffed! Well, if you like that stuffie, we think you better not de-stuff it or you would not have a soft and cuddly furrend to cuddle up to.

  16. Hi Mayzie…when Mom saw your title she thought we were going to read about your mom being stuffie…MOL …you have to forgive the mom you see I don’t destuff things so she never thinks of it that way.
    You have done one fine job on that toy…all that is recongizable from Christmas is the 2010 scarf. MOL Madi cold dreary and icy here.

  17. Shady

    My big sister Nikki had one stuffie and one stuffie only that she let survive for a long time. No one really knew whay, it was just special. Maybe you too have found your stuffie-mate! Enjoy it while it lasts.


  18. Stuffies are wonderful pillows if you find one that is just right! Poor stuffie looks like most of mine after uncle puppy gets hold of them….he goes for the ears first and usually eats (like chews and swallows) them.

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo

  19. Mom won’t even get us stuffies. Sheesh…You are one lucky brindle girl πŸ™‚

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  20. H

    You and Lola think along the same lines. That stuffie stuff can be dangerous.

  21. That does sound like a record. We heard that myth about the cheese also, so you better keep looking…

  22. Donna Anderson

    How cute.

  23. Hm, that is troublesome. We have no such hesitation here. Would you like us to come over and give that destuffing process a little, um, encouragement?? I specialize in the chewing-open part, Carmen is very efficient at the actual stuffing removal…

    Brutus & Carmen

  24. Levi

    Well I destuff everything in minutes too. Never keep a stuffie stuffed- completely agree. Mom hides them and only gives them to me a little bit of time cuz I rip em up, BOL!!
    ….but the funny thing is….Maggie Mae gave me the same stuffie dog that you have- same exact one! And guess what- all I have done so far is take his tail off. I have only had it a week or so and just can’t bring myself to destuff it. I have desqueaked it…you know…can’t have him squeaking for help or anything, but that’s about it. Pretty funny cuz it’s the same stuffie. Corbin got one too- gonna have to see if he destuffed his yet?

  25. Levi

    PeeS…I like to carry it around by its arm πŸ˜‰

  26. littlemissjackie

    Miss Mayzie, that looks like a very nice dolly you have! Mom has never gotten us any big fluffy dollies like that, but it sure looks snuggly and cuddly! You have lots of self-controls not to destuffify him!

    Mom wanted me to ask where you found the neat background for your new blog dee-zine. I especially like the photo of you running, you look so very happy and bouncy!

    Barks and wiggles,


  27. Kristine

    Good for you, Mayzie! Perhaps you and Shiva have gone on a de-stuffing strike? Her Christmas toy has lasted much longer than expected as well. But I am glad for the turnaround. It’s nice to actually get to know the stuffies and see that they are not so bad after all.

  28. K9 katastrophe

    Hi Mayzie! Heehee! I think the stuffie looks cuter with cropped ears! Heehee! Of course no ears can compare to your cute ones!!


  29. Maybe its special to you because its from your auntie? Lily likes to tear the stuffing out of MOST of her stuffies. But one day Mama got a stuffed Snoopy and said it was just for Trixie and Lily must not destroy. Lily actually left it alone… except she nibbled off one of Snoopy’s ears! We guess she couldn’t help herself!

  30. Do you knows that I have a stuffy that I have has for almost 2 whole years? Yeah my bunny I got when I was 6 months old. It has no ears, no tail, and is missing 2 feets. But I loves it too much to ruin it.

    woof – Tucker

  31. It is kind of cute to pick one that is the “special” one, ya know? πŸ™‚

  32. Mayzie, you’ve destuffed enough so that you can pick and choose now. I don’t think you need to worry about your edge. It’s probably more that you just know which stuffies need destuffing and which ones don’t by now. I’m pretty sure it’s just that you’ve developed an instinctive expertise.

  33. Sam

    It’s OK Mayzie, you don’t absolutely have to de-stuff every toy you have. Let this one slide – it’s a special one, and it seems that you’ve had him long enough to determine that he is no threat to your family!

  34. Lorenza

    Looks like you are making a good pillow out of that stuffy!
    Good job!
    Kisses and hugs

  35. miss mayzie,

    well, it is a really super hooge stuffie so it’s totally okie dokie to take a little breakie in the destuffification process!! miss lorenza’s right, too…that stuffie makes a grrreat pillow. oh, and btw, i just realized that you and me have the exact same bed! (the one in your condo.) teeheeheeeeeeee!

    the booker man

  36. Mayziegal

    I wouldn’t wowwy that you awe losing youw edge..some stuffies just need to be destuffed, othews don’t and I agewee that some of them make most excellent pals to cozy up to
    smoochie kisses

  37. That is a very cute stuffie, Mayzie. I’m glad you are taking your time about destuffing him – that gives you longer to enjoy the process!

  38. BOL Those cropped ears just cracked me up. Would you like me to come and help with destroy it??? You are just making it last longer, I know you can do it!!


  39. Oh Mayzie you have a BFS (bestfriendstuffie) now! I too am great at destuffing and totally understand your need to protect the family from unwanted, hiden objects (& CheeSE!)…But, I have a confession to make: I too have occasionally taken a stuffie as my favoite. For about a year I had Conejo a pink bunny who I merely carried around. No molesting. Then I favored Lobester for a time. Well, you get the picture. It’s okay.

    Cool pics O! I like the way you cropped that stuffie’s ears. Good work.Bol!

  40. Oh! I have that stuffie! But mom says I cant play with it because it’s too cute for me to destuff…

  41. Mayzie – You’re one thoughtful pup to *ahem* inspect all your stuffies for potentially harmful “stuff” for your family – including CHEESE! We know cheese is not good for the humans, so we need to it ALL!!! Wonder how long your new stuffie will last. Anybody collecting bets on this?
    The Road Dogs

  42. My three have already killed off all their Christmas stuffies!


  43. Great work on the destuffification..superdoopa if there is a squeekie item to find in there – check this out – Picture 3 – you’ll be soooo proud of me Mayzie..

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