Guest Post: Doggy Theme Parties

Have any of you every thrown a pawty for your doggie furends? Well, we threw a little family pawty for Brudder Ranger when he had his birthday last month (even though I’m not so sure he was all that thrilled with the guest list).

Really? You HAD to invite the cats?

Now, to tell you the truth, I guess it WAS kind of a sad excuse for a pawty. No streamers. No confetti. No tooty horns (unless farts count). But we’ll be better prepared next year after reading this super pawsome post by our new furend, Miss Julee. I hope it gives you some fun ideas if you decide to throw a pawty of your own sometime.

Tips for a Themed Doggy Party

What better way is there to have fun with your canine companion than throwing a themed doggy party? Whether it’s your pet’s birthday, or you just want to have a good time, doggy parties are a great way to show your pets you love them and have fun with your friends while you’re at it. Here are some tips to help you start planning the best themed doggy party ever.

Choose a Theme
Parties are always more fun when there is a theme. Many people love to dress up their dogs, and a themed party is a great excuse to do so. Party themes also make it easier to plan decorations, games, and food, too. The following are some doggy party theme ideas (in no particular order):

• Hawaiian Luau
• Celebrity Look a Likes
• Disney Characters
• Famous People in History
• Dogs Rule and Cats Drool
• Rock and Roll Pups
• Doggy Sports
• Formal Wear (Classy Lassie)
• Political Figures
• Disco Mutts
• Safari
• Fiesta
• Pirates
• Champion Dogs at the Olympic Games
• Beach/Pool Party
• Sci-Fi
• Famous Dogs from Movies (Clifford, Lassie, Pluto, etc.)

Use your imagination to come up with more ideas.

Make Party Invitations
Every party starts with an invitation that includes title of party, theme (so the adults know what to wear), date, time, special requests (doggy costumes, presents, RSVP), and a thank you in advance. If you want to be creative, you can pretend the invitations are being sent from your dog to the other dogs and include a small treat in the envelope.

Buy Your Decorations
Make sure all decorations are placed up high and out of the dogs reach to eliminate any dangers. The only decorations or props placed at dog level should be too large for a dog to swallow, made out of a strong material, not sharp, not hot (lights), and no poisonous materials. You would think that “no poisonous materials” would be a no brainer, but many owners are unaware of potential poison dangers in our homes. Remember you are having many furry guests over, some may be better behaved than others, and we want to ensure everyone’s safety.

With that said, choose decorations that enhance your theme. If you chose the Doggy Luau, buy coconuts, leis, and mini grass skirts to put on the pets (if you are providing these make sure to include that in the invitation so owners know not to dress their dogs ahead of time). If you are having a formal wear costume party, use lots of glitter (above dog level) and shiny decorations to enhance the theme.

ALWAYS have a camera ready, take millions of pictures, and get all guests’ email addresses before they leave so you can share the pictures. The ideas really are limitless, and they depend mostly on your theme.

Plan Party Games
Depending on the size of your abode, you may be able to handle the 20 million paw stampede; if not then I suggest partying outside. Choose games that will be fun for both the dogs and the owners. You could set up an obstacle course, host a tug o’ war, even play Frisbee, or my favorite “Search.” In search we hide small treats in random and clever places and have the dogs seek them out. Make sure the dogs are not in the room or designated area so that it is impossible for them to see where you hid the treats, they are very clever! Dogs rely on their noses the most, so once the treats are all hidden just bring the dogs in and they will pick up the scent naturally. No training required and all dogs will participate.

Food and Refreshments
Recipes made with eggs, meat, fruits, vegetables, peanut butter, cheese, and yogurt are all pet friendly. Avoid nuts, mushrooms, grapes, raisins, caffeine, chocolate, and alcohol because they are poisonous to our pets.

Alcohol? Duh, who would serve their pet alcohol? You would be surprised! So please don’t do it!

Also stay away from processed foods because they are high in calories, chemicals, and sweeteners (Xylitol).

Ask your fellow dog owners what their dogs’ favorite foods are and if there is any food they really dislike. This way you can customize the menu knowing every dog will leave on a full stomach. Again, using the luau as an example, your menu should include ham, pineapple, and fruity cocktails. Make both the human and dog variations of each, you would be surprised at how many dogs like pineapples and raw fruits.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, holiday, or no occasion at all, a party is the best way to get together with friends and have a good time. You should try to include your pet in all the fun, which is why a doggy themed party is such a great idea. After all, isn’t your pet part of the family?

Julee Russo is a dog lover who focuses on living life and savoring every moment without messing up the next! 🙂


PeeS. Thank you all for giving the Power of the Paw to Lola and Charlie. We saw this update yesterday that Charlie is starting to feel better and I know it’s partly cuz of all your outpourings of luv. You all make my heart happy!



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36 responses to “Guest Post: Doggy Theme Parties

  1. Wow, we’re impressed. Does she do clowns and pony rides, too? We are so never getting a party like that! Take pictures of yours to share with us, ok?

    Jed & Abby

  2. Teddy Bear

    Wow, that is pretty pawesome! Brudder Ranger’s cake looks wonderful!:)

    Teddy Bear

  3. Fabulous Post Mayzie!
    I had a Princess Pawty furs my furst birfday and I had other doggie furiends come to celebrate. We sent out Princess invitations…withs glitter! We had food, cake, and pink princessy decorations too! Oh and everybuddy got treat bags to with Princess cookies. It was sooooooooo much fun.


  4. Pip

    Hey, I have never had a party before! MOM!!!! I think political figures would be pretty funny. Maybe the cats could be one party and the dogs could be the other and of course, my bunny sister Lula, could represent the Green Party. BOL!!!

    Your pal, Pip

  5. Roo

    This pawty animal wants to know… where’s the pawty? 😉

    Waggin at ya,

    PeeS: Great tips!

  6. I think I will have a “famous Movie Dog” pawty for my barkday. Can you guess who I will be?


  7. What a fun post – you have put us in the party mood for sure Mayzie!!!
    ps your blog is looking very cool!

  8. MOL Mayzie!!! Ranger would have probably rather celebrate w/o the flashy monster. The cake is very delicious looking. Did Mom bake it?
    Happy Weekend,
    Madi and Mom

  9. Stumpy is not going to be allowed to read this post today. I don;t want you giving her any ideas!

    Cute ideas! Themed parties are over my limit, when it comes to creativity. Birthday cake is the best I can do.

  10. Frankie Furter

    Oh Mayzie that is a super Cake/ Cookie you had fur Brudder Ranger. I am sure he loved it.. even though the cats were invited. I love the pawty ideas. I love a gooooooood time.

  11. Happy New Year everyone!
    We wish you a lovely good year filled with good health and good laugh.
    I love your pawty tips, Mayzie.

  12. What a fun dog cake…Brudder Ranger is one lucky dogger 🙂

  13. Tank

    Sadly, this will never, ever happen at my house. I live with party poopers:(

  14. The top picture is just priceless! Brudder Ranger looks like he would prefer to be on a Caribbean cruise than in this group….. Of my pack, Jeter has lots of friends and gets invited to the dog do’s! We have attended several doggie birthdays, they are quite hectic but fun. I love taking pictures of these parties, some of my past blog posts have shown some… but so much work for the party hosts. The last party Jeter and I attended was indoors and the dogs were peeing on the lady’s furniture… I carried Jeter around like a little accessory so he did not pee on anything but there was a lot of peeing and marking…. I know the hosts had lots to clean up afterward…… Therefore I prefer the outdoor picnic type doggie outings. Happy Weekend!

  15. Wow Brudder Ranger, I feel for ya with that crazy guest list situation. Who in their right mind would invite cats to a swingin’ doggy party? Hope you managed to have fun, anyway.

  16. Those are some fantastic suggestions for a doggie party. The doggies here have the same guest list which is way too many cats. So we will write all this down and give it a try when it is time for another birthday. Hope you have a great week end Mayzie.

  17. Kit

    Tooty horns, that’s funny!!!!
    Happy Weekend,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  18. Kristine

    What a great post! Thanks for all of these great pawty ideas Mayzie! Hopefully one day we’ll be able to do something like this in our house.

  19. Wow! Those are a lot of cool ideas! Hmmm… Miss Blueberry has a birthday coming up. I wonder if I could pull something like this off…


  20. I think all guests should be given their own KHAT to take home!

  21. No Alcohol??? Who made that list?
    ps. any party is complete if Mayzie is there!!!

  22. Hey! We want to have a party! We don’t know where we’d have it though because Gramma says Mama can’t have any people visit the house… especially not furries! 😦 Maybe we’ll have a party just for US!

  23. Thanks for such an informative post! I want a cake just like that for my next barkday (With my name on it of course!!) And mom wants to thank you sooo much for the advice on The Taste of the Wild! We’ll prolly be going with that! Sugars,

  24. Mayziegal
    I dpnt think bwuvvew Wangew’s Pawty was wewe thewe aftew all, and the kittehs look vewy pleasant, but those pawty ideas suwe awe cool. I live in a small apawtment and about all I have evew had was two fwiends ovew, othewwise it’s chaos, hehehe
    smoochie kisses

  25. Hello Mayzie, yummy looking cake. The pawty tips sound good, we will give it a try one of these days. Everyone can use a good pawty:)

  26. Thanks Mayzie! That’s a great post and full of ideas! I didn’t have a party for my birthday but will sure make sure mom does it right for my gotcha party coming up soon! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  27. I ran this by Blog Mom and she said that as she’d never done a theme pawty for either of her kids when they were growing up we probably shouldn’t hold our breath either. You never know, though. We might wear her down.

    Mayzie, I want to thank you for your post and all your good wishes during my illness. It really helps to have a BFF like you.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  28. miss mayzie!!

    yaaaaay, i’m so so so happy to see your most lovely brindle-y face again! i missed you bunches ‘n tons!
    i really liked the cake you got for brudder ranger, but you know a birthday pawty would be pretty super cool! i’ve nevarrr had one before…asa’s woofin’ that she hasn’t had one before either! i’m gonna put this post in my faves so when birthday time rolls around this year, i can casually put it in front of mama. heehee.

    the booker man

    pee s — i’m glad you thought my green ‘n red striped nail caps were totally manly. 🙂

  29. pee pee s — i’m sorry your mama had the sickies, too! those icky germs are just crazy go nuts this winter!!

  30. Lorenza

    Hi, Mayzie!
    A doggie party sounds great to me.
    Problem here is… how you can have a doggie party with just one doggie (me) and 3 old humans??? Hmmm… I need a plan!
    Kisses and hugs

  31. Sounds like ideas for a great party!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  32. I do like Ranger’s guest list. My friend had a really nice party for her dog; however, she said Miss M was not invited. So I had to go to the party with all the other dogs, and poor Miss M had to stay home because my friend thought she was too wild.

  33. We love having dog pawties. 🙂

  34. I have Scooby Doo Birfday pawties.

    woof _ Tucker

  35. Im so bad with the pups birthdays. They must hate me for it


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