Stick ’em up (plus Power of the Paw)

Look! You know what that is?

THAT is one of the bumper stickers that the nice peoples at donated to Second Chance, the rescue that saved me.  Can you believe it? makes a whole bunch of cool stuff like window decals and magnetic signs and lots more. So we were super grateful when they asked us if they could donate some bumper stickers, cuz we know that it could help other doggies and kittehs find their forever homes.

All mom and me had to do was get on their website and make the design. And wow, was it ever super easy! (Believe me, if mom can do it, ANYONE can!) And then just a little while later, our Most Beautiful bumper stickers showed up in the mail.

Oh, I just luvs 'em!

They’re made out of really thick sticky paper and the colors are pretty and bright.

Hey, Brudder Ranger! Come see!

Uh, whatcha doin' there, Brudder Ranger? You're not gonna EAT it, are you?

Second Chance is gonna hand ’em out with the new adopter packets and I just know they’ll be a big hit. I’m so excited!

Okay, I'm gonna puts my paw riiiight here. You know, just in case you gets any ker-azy ideas.

Now, you know that I wouldn’t gives my pawsonal paw of approval to something like this if I didn’t think they were Most Wonderful, even if they were free. But they are really, honestly pawsome and I know they’re gonna help lotsa pets find their furever homes!

Thank you, thank you, peoples! You're the best!


PeeS. I have a coupla Power of the Paw requests for you:

The first is for one of my BFFs, Lola Shar Pei, who is feeling kinda poorly right now. Would you pretty please run over to her bloggie and give her some happy thoughts? I just know it would help her feel betters.

The second is for my furend Charlie who got attacked by another dog and got really hurt. Now his wounds are infected and he’s gonna have to have an operation. His mom is just beside herself cuz she feels like it’s all her fault (which it’s not). Please, please, please go over there and let her know Charlie is in your thoughts.


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31 responses to “Stick ’em up (plus Power of the Paw)

  1. Hi, Mayzie! We’re still trying to catch up on lots of bloggies. Boy, miss just a few days and it’s hard to catch up. Anyway, we think your bumper sticker is terrific! Well done. We also congratulate you on your new bed in your cave; looks like it’s still in one piece. We’re going over to check on Lola; we were just there a few days ago and everything seemed fine. We don’t know your friend Charlie, but we’re going to mosey on over and introduce ourselves to him, too. Take care, sweetie!

    Jed & Abby

  2. Miss Mayzie,
    We visited poor Charlie and his mom. She must be so sick and scared. Wishing healing thoughts their way.


  3. Mayzie, that sign is great. That is such a good idea. We are going to go visit that site. It is a great way to get people’s attention about places to adopt animals. We went and visited your friend Charlie and that is so sad. We sure hope he is all right. Have a fun day Mayzie.

  4. Mayzie, the bumper stickers are so cool. Totally awesome for Build-A-sign to donate to SeconD Chance! All that advertizing riding around on bumpers is sure to help finds many pups their furever home! Thanks, Build-A=Sign!

    Heading over to your friends to wish them well….

  5. Mayzie,

    Mom and me is prayin’ fur our sweet furiend Lola and we will pray fur your furiend Charlie too. 🙂

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Your mom did a great job on da bumper sticker!

  6. Morning Sweet friend.
    What a very nice bumper sticker!! There is a Second Chance animal shelter here too.
    Mom and I went over to visit Charlie and Lola
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  7. Gussie n Teka

    Mayzie..that bumper sticker is awesome. You must be a great inspiration to your mom, since she was able to such great work.


  8. Very Cool Bumper Stickers!

    woof – Tucker

  9. Frankie Furter

    Mayzie I went to the SIGN site… they have TONS of stuffs… Thanks fur sending us there.
    I am adding my VIBES >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> fur both Lola and Charlie. I hope they get well sooooooon.

  10. Hehehehe…yous cracking me up withs you looking at Brudder Ranger dat way! I got a cling through them from Yucker, I’m excited to see what it looks likes in da reals.
    Girl, don’t even get my mum started on da doggie attack. We almost had an incident day before yesterday…da neighbors dog was out and busted through da fence when was in da yard. Mum said her heart actually stopped!


  11. Mayzie, what a great idea to get those bumper stickers and give them to your adoption group! I wish I’d thought of that!

    Um, Ranger, those really don’t taste so good!


  12. The OP Pack

    We think BuildA Sign has some very nice things. We have seen some other blogs about them too. Your bumper sticker is very nice and will be a great plus for rescue.

    We have our paws crossed for Lola to be OK. And we were horrified to read about what happened to Charlie. We left him our good sibe vibes for healing too. We hope his antibiotics start to work soon.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  13. Oh, what cool bumper stickers!!! We have similar ones for the rescue I came from! I haven’t gotten to Lola or Charlie yet… I’ll head over there right now!
    ps. I put George on my postie today for you! The picture doesn’t look as much like you as he did in person… of course, you’re much more beautiful in your brindle furs 😉

  14. Cool stickers Mayzie!! You keep a paw on them so that it doesnt get eaten, LOL We will head right over and visit!! Thanks for the info


  15. Kristine

    Those look great! And what an awesome idea. It makes me wonder if our shelter has bumper stickers and if I can convince the husband to put one on his truck…

    I will be thinking of your friends.

  16. oh mazie, i love the bumper sticker. and, i’m visiting your two friends to send them excellent dog karma right now!

    follow our foster:

  17. Mayzie, you’re such a pawsome friend. We’ve visited Charlie and Lola.

  18. That is an awesome bumper sticker! Your mom is super!
    We are so wishing Lola and Charlie FAST recoveries.

  19. Ah the eyes you gave Brudder Ranger! You are the bestest spokesdog ever!

    Headed off to send some healing wishes.

  20. Those are some most awesome bumper stickers!


  21. Wow, that sure was nice of them to donate them and such a good cause. 🙂

    Your friends are in our thoughts..paws crossed for them.

  22. Great job on the bumperstikhker!

    Paws khrossed fur your pals in need –

    Skhary skhary stuff –


  23. What great bumper stickes and such eye-catching colors!
    We visited Charlie early this morning. We feel so badly for him and his mom. We’re off to visit Lola.
    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  24. Cool Mayzie, my Mom thinks those are a great idea. She wishes that the rescue she worked with at school would have done that.

  25. Hi! We love the bumper stickers! We visited both of your friends’ blogs to send them our good wishes. You’re such a nice dog to try and help them!

  26. we loves your sticky cawd
    special toots for you

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  27. Pip

    Hi Mayzie, I am so worried about Lola and Charlie! Sending them both lots of love and good wishes!

    Your pal, Pip

  28. Mayzie, thanks for the link to the stickers! We are really sorry about your friends and will go by and visit them. The Power of the Paw!! We sure hope they will be okay and know their people are really worried. Lots of love, Holly and mom

  29. Mayzie
    That is a most wondewful bumpew stickew and I do believe it will help lots of doggies find loving homes..I’m cwossing my paws fow extwa help.

    I will go visit youw fwiends wight away..I get so sad when ouw fwiends awe sick
    smoochie kisse

  30. Those do look so nice; I hope Ranger didn’t end up eating them. It was really nice of you to raise awareness for Lola and Charlie; I know their Moms really appreciate it.

  31. cool stickers, Mayzie,
    we just visited Lola and Charlie and we are always upset and sad when any of our furiends are unwell…..
    you are a kind soul Mayz,
    coco and tiffy

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