Bark It Furward

Hi everybuddy! Did you have a Most Wonderful and Exciting New Year? We did! We stayed up until 10 PEE EM! I’m tellin’ ya – we know how to pawty in my house!

Me and Brudder Ranger - pawty animals!


Okay, I heard from Khyra abouts this great thing that Milk-Bone® is doing called Bark It Furward that helps raise green papers for Canine Assistants. And it was such a Most Marvelous thing that we thought we’d jump in and help, too!

So for every comment left on my bloggie through January 4th, Milk-Bone® will give Canine Assistants ONE WHOLE GREEN PAPER! Can you believe it? That’s all you have to do. Just leave a comment on this postie and Canine Assistants gets green papers. Seriously! How super easy is that?

So what are you waiting for? Get commenting!


Oh, and if you don’t know what Canine Assistants is, here’s a little something that the Milk-Bone® peoples sent me about them. After reading this, I think they must be the Florence Nightingales of the dog world.

Canine Assistants® is a non-profit organization, founded in 1991, which trains and provides service dogs for children and adults with physical disabilities or other special needs. In addition to physically assisting those with disabilities, Canine Assistants service dogs are instrumental in removing many of the barriers faced by the disabled in today’s society.

Service Dogs
Canine Assistants service dogs assist children and adults with physical disabilities or other special needs in a variety of ways. Some of the tasks the dogs perform include turning lights on and off, opening and closing doors, pulling wheelchairs, retrieving dropped objects, summoning help and providing secure companionship. While all of these functions are vitally important in helping a person obtain greater freedom, perhaps the most impressive gift the dogs provide is social, rather than physical, in nature. The dogs eliminate feelings of fear, isolation and loneliness felt by their companions. One Canine Assistants recipient made the value of this gift quite clear when asked by a reporter what she liked most about her service dog. Immediately, she responded, “My dog makes my wheelchair disappear.”

Most Canine Assistants service dogs are born, raised and trained at the Milton, Georgia facility, while some are occasionally adopted from local organizations or breeders. The majority of the service dogs are retrievers, including both Golden Retrievers and Labradors.

Companion Dogs
Like service dogs, companion dogs also serve to assist children and adults with physical disabilities or other special needs. Companion dogs work primarily in a recipient’s home, assisting with tasks around the house and more importantly, contributing to the emotional well being of the person.

Seizure Response Dogs
In addition to service dogs and companion dogs, Canine Assistants also trains and provides seizure response dogs for certain recipients. As with some of the service dogs, these dogs are adopted from various organizations and selectively screened for personality, temperament and general health. Following general training, seizure response dogs are trained to perform one of the following behaviors, depending on the recipient’s need: remain next to the person during the course of a seizure, summon help in a controlled environment or retrieve a phone prior to the seizure when indicated by the recipient. Certain dogs may even develop the ability to predict and react in advance to an oncoming seizure once they are placed with their recipient.

Okay, are you done reading now? Then leave me a comment! Um, pretty please?



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105 responses to “Bark It Furward

  1. Canine Assistants is a neat program. I just finished the founder’s book. It was interesting.

    Commenting duty, complete!

  2. Canine Assistants is fabulous. Thanks for supporting such a wonderful program!

  3. Gail Pelican

    Miss Mayzie,
    You are doing so much good for so many doggies AND peoples! Canine Assistants is just the newest beneficiary!
    Gail, Lewi, Kibbie and Big Daisy

  4. Hi Mayzie…boy this is easy peasy…cause you know we like to talk/comment and Cutie we could comment all day about you and your wonderful family,
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  5. rocky

    w00fs, me seed this on facebook and hurry right over..

    b safe,

  6. Go Mayzie Go!

    Paws khrossed fur lots of green paper$ fur this pawesome organisation!!


  7. We’re always happy to bark it furward to help out such a great program! thanks for giving us the opportunity, Mayzie!

  8. This is the awesomest thing we’ve heard this year! Or any year!

  9. Pip

    Go Mayzie!!! This is a most wonderful thing!

    Your pal, Pip

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  11. What a fab thing Mayzie! There sure could use lots of green papers. Ummmmm…how many comments can I leave? BOL!

    PS: It took me furevers to get through to your blog

  12. We think this is such a great program 🙂


  13. Yahoo for the Milk-Bone and Mayzie partnership. Good luck!

  14. edgar

    hey mayzie – we think this is great!

  15. hey
    Sounds like a great program, I am glad that I get to help by leaving my comment, love to help out.


  16. Frankie Furter

    Hi MAYZIE… Seeeeeeeee I got this RIGHT this time.. My life is not as stressed as it was the other morning. BOL
    I think this is a super duper program. I am a HOOOOOOGE Milkbone Essentials Fan.

  17. Mayzie,
    Of course I will leaves a comment, what a wunderful program dis is!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  18. The OP Pack

    We are only too happy to leave a comment – it is for such a good cause. And we are even better party-ers than you – the Momster and we pups made it to 6:30 p.m.:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  19. We raced right over to leave a comment for your Bark It Furward post. Happy 2011.

  20. Tank

    Good luck with this Mayzie. Hope you get thousands of comments! No, make that millions… okay, tens of millions, no millions of millions. Wait… billions of billions! Yeah, that should be enough.

  21. Gussie n Teka

    Hey Miss Maizie.

    This is a wunnerful thing that Milk Bone is doing through your bloggie. I always did like those guys, even if Muzzer doesn’t get them for me very often. Thank you for doing this.

    gussie n teka

  22. The OP Pack

    that was supposed to say 9:30, not 6:30:)

  23. Kit

    Hooray for Milk Bone, Jennifer at CA, and for you!!!
    CA is about an hour from my house, wonderful organization.

  24. K-9 Katastrophie

    Hi Mayzie!! What a great project! Thanks for helping others!


  25. AC

    What a great cause!! Thanks Mayzie.

    PS-I hate to break it to ya, but we so know how to pawty harder than your house…me and Kona were up til 10:30! =)

  26. hihi miss mayzie!

    me ‘n asa are finally back from christmas vaca! i went back and read all your posties, and boy howdy, does it look like ya’ll had a super way fun christmas with your family! did you finish destuffin’ your christmas pressie yet? teehee.
    i think you are just the bestest for doin’ this post for milk-bone and canine assistants! i hope they get lots of green papers! in fact, i was kinda wonderin’ if i could leave like 50 gazillion comments, or would that be cheatin’?
    happy happy new year!! you are most definitely the perfectest doggie for your mama…and me…*sigh*. 🙂

    the booker man

    pee s — i totally dig your new bloggie look! 🙂

  27. rocky

    w00fs, me likes your little paw prints..

    b safe,

  28. Hiya Mayzie!

    I think it is most wonderful that you are putting the spotlight on such an impawtant program! It’s just like you to be so gracious and goodhearted. I hope you raise a million gazillion green papers!!

    Big slurps, HoneyBuzz

  29. Pee.S. – I forgot to say, your new bloggy design is full of the beautifulness!!

  30. Twix

    What a great thing Milk bone is doing. I hope loads of doggies leave comments!
    Hopefully, we will be able to visit more often but I kinda doubt it with all the stuff going on with my grandma. I’ve missed visiting you and seeing what you and Bro Ranger got goin on.

  31. That’s a great cause, Mayzie! Um…does Milk Bone know how pawpular you are? You get lots of comments. I hope they can afford this.

    lotsa licks, Lola and Franklin

  32. I sure hope you get tons and tons of comments! We’ve read about the work they do before and it makes us all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. Way to go for sharing the word!


  33. What a great thing you are doing! We read about you on the DWB FB page and stopped by to help raise funds for Canine Assistants…these dogs help so many lead normal independent lives! Hooray for this program!

  34. Nell

    My mom thinks you are a beautiful girl Mayzie! We love the idea of commenting to raise money for such a good cause.

  35. Hi Mayzie, I’m happy to add one more green paper for the wonderful Canine Assistants!

  36. what a great and fun project! here’s to LOTS n LOTS of comments and green paper!!!!!!!!!

    great start to 2011,
    coco and tiffy

  37. tula

    Hi mayzie–
    Khyra sent me over to help raise $$$!

    Happy New Year,

  38. Teddy Bear

    That is pawesome!!!

    Teddy Bear

  39. Excellent service project! You’re always on top of things, Mayzie.

    Just read your last couple of posts [we’re having a time catching up and keeping up since the holidays]. Enjoyed re-reading your mom’s post from last New Year’s. After decades of dogs and doing Dane rescue, mama reached the conclusion that God sends us the dogs He needs us to have. Sometimes it’s because we need them, sometimes it’s because they need us, usually it’s both. God sent your mom the dog He needed her to have, and it was you. That’s a blessing on both of you.

    Happy Boomer Sooner New Year!

    Jed & Abby

  40. Oh, this is wonderful! I hope you get to raise lots and lots of green paper!


  41. Roo

    Barkin away for your excellent cause of the day 🙂

    Happy New Year Mayzie!

  42. What a great thing this is! Go Mayzie!
    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  43. We are very pleased to leave you a comment. What a worthy cause and what a sweet girl you are to help.

  44. Oh Mayzie this is such a great thing to do. Those canine assistants are so very wonderful. Our Mom helped with a puppy that was being trained for a blind person one time. The training on those dogs is really something. So thanks so much Mayzie for doing this. Take care.

  45. Darlene

    yay! What a great thing! My Tigger says way to go!

  46. Hi Mayzie…mom just saw your comment on yesterday’s blog…(she is such a slacker). No we did not have any trouble visiting your blog yesterday or today.
    I believe I might have seen the answer to your question about steeples in ‘The Steeples of New England’ book that Jack and TG sent us. I’ll check it out and get back to you!!!

    Hugs Madi and Mom

  47. Patti Grider

    Mayzie Lou Who, I so enjoyed our brief visit over Christmas…Is there anything left of your Christmas Stuffie? Love you and your family…Aunt Patti

  48. What a wonderful thing to do!! Glad you all had a great Christmas and New Year’s!!

  49. Julee Russo

    This is amazing! They are doing such a great thing, and this is such an easy way to donate. Thank you for spreading the word and participating Mayzie.

  50. Kristine

    Awesome! I am glad you had so much fun!

    I am also glad to be able to help out with such a fanastic cause! Good on you for taking the time to support those in need.

  51. louisebear2

    Mayzie, you a great pup for helping others! Thanks for all you do!

  52. Art bridges

    Such wonderful things you’re doing!

  53. Amy

    Happy New Year!!

  54. FurryPhelpsFamily

    thanks for helping other dogs who help others!

  55. Look at you go Mayzie girl! You are such a great dog!


    Mr. Nubbin’

    PS. Love the new format!

  56. How cool! Glad we can comment and add to that green paper total 🙂

    Happy New Year! Love the new background!

  57. gbste

    Thanks for posting this, Mayzie! Hope you have a wonderful New Year.

  58. Kristy

    Just wanted to support the cause

  59. Penny

    Bark it forward!!!

  60. Hi Mayzie!
    We are so proud of you and your mommy for being part of such a great thing.
    Maggie & Winston (& our mommy)

  61. We like the new look for the blog too!!! : )


    Three cheers to Milk Bone for helping Canine Assistants!

  63. What a brilliant program! Thanks for telling us about them.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  64. Susie "George's" Mom

    What a great cause. I love your blog and follow it daily.

  65. HAPPY NEW YEAR Mayzie and Brudder Ranger! 🙂

  66. Wonderful program! God bless you all!

  67. GO Mayzie, Go Mayzie, Go Mayzie, Go!!! Raise that money girl!!!! You’re so sweet and thoughtful! I hope you raise lots of those green papers!
    ps. I saw a doggie that reminded me of you, but his name was George and he wasn’t a beautiful brindle like you! But he looked like he could have been your brotha from anotha motha!!! hehe, I’ll try to put a pic on my blog sometime this week!

  68. Here’s my greenie thingey to help that great cause.
    You know Mazie, you’ve got quite the peep there.

    Thanks for all…

    Roo Roo, Stuart

  69. What a fantastical idea, Mayzie!!! And I LOVES your new blog decorations. I’ve missed you while I was away. Anything exciting happen to you and Brudder Ranger during the holidays??


  70. This is a wonderful job, Mayzie. I used to be able to read/post on blogs from work (back in the good old days when I commented all the time) but now they have it blocked so I can only read them through Google Reader. But when I saw this I just had to use some secret computer magic to go ahead and comment just this once to say Great Job, and help to raise some green papers. Great Job! And while I’m here – I love all of your Christmas posts – it sounds like you had a Most Wonderful holiday!

  71. Mayzie
    I was sposed to do that too..thanks fow weminding me, I’ll put it on my bloggie too

    I think puddles and Lacie awe bof hillawious and make ouw lives so much mowe fun and wowfwhile!!! You’we wight tewwiewist is the cowwect spelling and pwonounciation, hehehe
    smoochie kisses

  72. Betty Ducharme

    Hi Mazie, I remember when you & your little puppy first came to us in Second Chance looking for a forever home . You are one lucky dog to have found such a perfect family. Love how you work so hard to bark it forward & your new project to help with canine assistants is really special. Good luck!

  73. Betty Ducharme

    OOPS I see I made a typo on your name in my comment. So sorry Mayzie! Keep up the great work for Canine Assistants.

  74. How furry awesome!
    We are so glad to hear you are helping out, thanks for posting!


  75. First Mayzie we loves your new background! Second green papers for canine assistants sounds wonderful. Mom loves canine assistants and horse ones too. I wish maybe they would let us kitties sign up too! She has Koda trained to assist her walking on ice which is pretty cool.

  76. Kelly

    What a great program and what a wondeful blog Mayzie!

  77. jeane

    this is a great thing to do….the Milk Bone commericals about the assistance programs are really good too! i love watching them and reading the blog:)

  78. littlemissjackie

    Wow Miss Mayzie, what a neat and helpful pawgram! Thank you so much for telling us all about it! I hope tons and tons of green papers are raised for them!

    We’re glad you and your family had a happy New Year! We did too, mostly because hardly anybuddy in our neighborhood made loud fireworks noises this year. That made it very nice for us!

    Luvs and wiggles,


  79. WeezerCat

    Poo, I would leave a comment even if it didn’t mean green papers for our siblings who help their humans. This is a GREAT site and I just found it tonight! But isn’t it wonderful that, just by being here, I get to help somebody else? THIS is a Very Good Day.

    BTW, Mayzie, you and your bro look like you partied almost as hard as I did. Me and my Ma were sleepin’ HARD at midnight! Woohoo!

    Careful (you IS a dog) cat luv from Weezer

  80. Chrissy

    This is a very cool blog!

  81. Wow, this is so cool! We love that you’re helping give dollars to help doggies help people with special needs. That is very important work! Thanks Milk-Bone people for helping and thanks to Mayzie for making it happen on your blog!!!

  82. IWannaDoggie

    What a good way to start the new year. Go, Mayzie, go!

  83. Mayzie this is a most excellent group. If you haven’t read it, Dean Koontz, the novelist wrote a memoir of his dog Trixie called, “A Big Little Life.” She was a former service dog who had to stop due to a knee problem. It’s a wonderful story of how she changed his life. I know. Unusual story. But really, really good. Thanks for coming over to visit my bloggie!

  84. Hi Mayzie!
    Chubbbbs here! Hehe, you’re doing such a neat thing, helping doggies through your blog. I am most ashamed to say, I forgot to leave a comment myself, till your reminder.

    Lots of love nibbles,

  85. THANK DOGNESS u told us again! We almost missed this post.
    One more green paper…yaaayyyy!
    Can’t we post as many comments as we like n collect some morepapers?
    ..hee hee tee hee!!
    wags, Bud n Gin n Shadow

  86. We love Canine assistants and Milk Bones.
    Milk Bones used to have the bestest beeootiful Saint Bernard on their extra large treat box. Maybe they still do but we go through them in such a blur the box is not still long enough for us to admire the box. However we do have a cardboard cutout from an old box so we can still admire the great saint face. Mayzie – thank you for doing this good deed.

  87. Soon as I heard about this special deal, I had to rush right over and leave a comment. However, since I don’t have thumbs, I asked my mom to type it for me. I’m pretty good at catching balls dontcha know, but that typing business is way hard! Love, Tonka

  88. Thanks for reminding us to comment on your most wonderful postie to help animals!

    We are here and have done our duty!

    Sam and Pippen

  89. Julie Milam

    You are doing a wonderful job raising money for other animals. Good luck!

  90. Arlene Singleton

    You are such a sweetie! Thanks to Milkbone for donating to a great cause!

  91. what a great program! thanks for raising money and awareness!

    follow our foster:

  92. Bridger

    So I’m confused. Do I get milkbone for doing this?

  93. Brandon Pasley

    Here you go!

  94. Ooh! I hope we’re not too late. What a great thing to support.

  95. Rachel

    Thanks for doing this post Mayzie! We love your blog and think you are the coolest 🙂

  96. Luna

    Never commented before, but this is for sure a great cause 🙂 Love your blog, Mayzie!

  97. BlueCat

    One more green paper from a Blue Cat. Rock on, Mayzie.

  98. Wyatt

    Yay Mayzie, Great Program!!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  99. fiffur

    What a wonderful program! I know several people who have service dogs, and they are a godsend. What a great way to help dogs and people too.

  100. Miss Kylie

    I’m a little late getting here Mayzie, but I sure do hope it still counts! I am glad to hear you had a exciting holiday! Licks,

  101. Oh my paws n whiskers it tooks an age to gets to da bottom ov da comments sekshun…..BOL.
    Wots a great partnership Mayzie yoo sure is one fortful lady dats fur dang sure

  102. Rich_the_pirate directed pals to your blog. What a great site. Congratulations on what you are doing for Canine Assistants. Woof!

  103. Very cool! I’m glad you’re letting everyone know about this!

  104. OK this makes comment #105! Good JOb!

    woof – Tucker

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