My Angel

Hi everybuddy! I sure hope you had the best weekend that ever was! Mine was super duper terrific cuz guess who I gots to see on Saturday?

My Angel Donna Fostermommy!

Remember how I told you that she’s the one who saved me when I lived in that not-so-nice place before? Well, she was at an adoption fair for Second Chance Animal Rescue Foundation on Saturday and I asked mom if we could please go see her and she said, well of course we could!

So I put on my new pretty Christmas dress and the pressie I had got for her (a paw-toe-graphed just-for-her copy of Ruby’s Tale) and off we went.

Gosh, I was sure glad to see her and I asked mom to take our picture. So if you ever wondered what Angel Donna Fostermommy looked like, this is her!

Angel Donna Fostermommy? Would you like me to buy one of those bully sticks for you?

Isn’t she Most Beautiful?

Ooooo...wait! I think I see chicken jerky over there! Would you like chicken jerky instead?

Well, we had a real nice visit and I got lots of pets from lots of nice peoples. But then after awhiles, a lotta other doggies showed up and I gets kinda nervous in social situations where there’s lots of doggies I don’t know. I’m more of a one-on-one kinda gal, really. So mom said we better go and she gave Angel Donna a hug and Angel Donna kinda got leaky and said it made her want to cry thinking abouts where I started and how far I’ve come. And we thought that was the sweetest thing ever but you know what? None of it woulda been pawsible if it hadn’t been for her and her great big heart. It just goes to show that one pawson CAN make a difference in this big ol’ world.

I luvs you lots, Angel Donna! And I hope you have the merriest Christmas EVER!



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50 responses to “My Angel

  1. I tinks I can sees her wings and halo!! She is most beautious! But you know who is also beautious?! You is in your new fancy Christmas dress!! Wowza Mayzie!!

    Big slurps, HoneyBuzz

  2. She is such a lovely lady, Mayzie! Just like you are! Thank dogness for her, or we wouldn’t know you, wonderful Mayzie. 🙂

    I think the chicken jerky might be just what she wants too.


  3. Oooo Mayzie…your Angel Donna fostermommy sure looks nice! We can see that angel heart glowing right through her.
    You looked lovely too and it is wonderful to think back and know that your whole life has changed to paradise.
    Sending lotsaluv from us all

  4. She is so pretty! You are lucky to have her, right? What a nice lady to foster sweet doggies such as yourself until they find their furever home.


  5. Oh dears Mayzie, I can’t believes dat is da REAL Angel Donna! I was thinking da same thing as Honeybuzz…I thinks I can see her wings and halo…hehehe! Me and my mum is very thankful and grateful to Angel Donna..if it had not been fur her then I would haves never come to known you and watch you blossom. Hers is a beautiful lady fur what hers does.
    And Mayzie, you looks beeeeeautiful in your Christmas dress! OMD…I loooves it! I willhaves to come back to see these fotos of you…hehehehe!


  6. Pip

    Oh Mayzie, you look absolutely beautiful in your holiday dress! That last picture is about the best picture ever. I am so glad you got to see Angel Donna! And don’t worry, I am more of a one on one doggie, too!

    Your pal, Pip

  7. What a special reunion you had Mayzie!! You and Your Angel look beautiful in da fotos!

    And, may I say, you are Rockin’ that Red outfit girl!!! Red is definitely your color!!!

  8. Oh Mayzie, your Angel sure looks like such a nice person and we know she is very special because she saved you and many other doggies. We adore anyone that helps to find homes for all those poor animals that don’t have a home. What fun for you to see her again.
    By the way, we love your Christmas dress. What a good girl you are to wear that. I bet Donna liked it too. Hope you have a great week and don’t forget to be good so Santa will come see you.

  9. Gussie n Teka

    your AngelFosterMommy is most truly bootiful, and so are you. We are all very thankful she helped you so you could share the blogpool with us.

    gussie n teka

  10. Angels in the world are a wonderful thing. Thanks dog for angle Donna!

  11. Angel Donna Fostermommy looks like a real nice lady. I bet I could sit in her lap…

    And Lucy says she likes your dress!


  12. Aww..thats so nice that you got to go and see your foster mommy!! SHe looks just as nice as you say she is. Glad you had fun and hopefully she bought you a treat??


  13. She IS an angel!!! It was so nice of you and your mom to go visit with her. I bet she was SO HAPPY to see you!! You look like you’re ready for Christmas!


    PeeS: See those bones behind Angel Donna? I LOVES those!!!

  14. Frankie Furter

    She is an angel fur sure!!! You look lovely in your holiday dress. Red is your color.

  15. That is just the bestest story, Mayzie! God Bless Angel Donna!!

    You look so pretty in your Christmas dress!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  16. Glad you got to say Merry Christmas to her 🙂


  17. So glad that you get to meet your fostermommy again. She is really an angel!!

    We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!!

  18. That was most wonderful that you got to see her again! We are so most glad that she saved you and that dad gave in and let your mom have you! We thinks you are pretty special!


    Mr. Nubbin’ and his mom!

  19. Oh, Mayzie, we are getting all leaky, too, reading this. AngelDonna is beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside, too. And you look so pretty in your Christmas dress. Christmas sure is a special time when you’ve got a great family and friends.

    lotsa leaky licks, Lola

  20. Mayzie…Angel Donna looks just as we expected she would look.
    She has a beautiful smile and lovely yellow hair…she looks just like an angel!! Now we see where you got your sweet nature from.
    LOVE the dress Girlfriend,
    Hugs Madi

  21. Mayzie you are sweeter than sugar in that list picture!

    woof _ Tucker

  22. How nice for Angel Donna to see how you turned out!! That must make all her hard (and sad) work worth it!

  23. Kristine

    Yay for Angel Donna! If it wasn’t for her you never even would have had a blog and none of us here would ever have gotten to know you. How sad is that thought? I am so glad you got to see her again. What a wonderful opportunity!

  24. Daisy

    She’s beautiful through and through! What a wonderful woman.

    We hope some of the other dogs can find a wonderful family like you have.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    We like your Christmas dress.

  25. that dress is just the cutest little thing. just right for such a special and important occasion!

    follow our foster:

  26. What a great Christmas present for you and your beautiful Angel. You made us a little misty eyed just thinking about what a great story this is!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  27. Two beaWOOties!!!

    Thanks fur sharing your angel with us!


  28. Aww, Mayzie! That’s my smile for today! I am so glad you got to see her again. I’ll bet she was amazed by how much cuter and sweeter you’ve probably gotten! There are all kinds of special angels hiding in places you never expect!


  29. Oh Mayzie! How great it was for you to see your angel foster mommy!!! It’s always so great to see foster doggies all grown up in their wonderful homes!

  30. How beautiful you look and what a special visit you and your foster mommy had, Mayzie!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  31. Tank

    She looks just as nice as you described her.

  32. That is so awesome that you got to see your foster mom again. My mom always gets tears in her eyes when she sees our previous fosters again. 🙂

  33. Aw Mayzie, Emma and me are all teary-eyed. The rescue I got her from never gave me her original saviors info, though I wish they had. I wish she could see her now. As much as I love happy endings and meeting with wonderful people I SO wish there was no need for saviors and angels for our dogs and cats and rabbits and all other critters.

  34. Mayzie….please give my Cap’n a kissy on his nosey from me and tell him ….next time I decide to speak…I’ll be sure to warn him…
    His Lady Madi

  35. That is so wonderful that you got to see your foster angel from Second Chance!! We hope she and you and your family have a very wonderful and merry Christmas! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  36. Mayzie,
    Donna is an angel and so are you.
    We send you and your family our best wishes of joy, peace, health and happiness for Christmas and the new year with all our love.

  37. The OP Pack

    Your Angel has the most beautiful smile – it tells us right away what a wonderful person she is and what a big heart she has. Wowzers, you sure do look pretty in your holiday dress. And that last photo is a real winner.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  38. We’ve heard so much about her, and it’s nice to see you reunited. You can tell how happy you are from that last photo.

  39. Deawest Mayzie
    Youw Angel Donna shines with booty fwom inside and out..she is gowgeous, and how vewy pwoud she must have been to see how pawfect youw life is now wif youw Mom and family. I love youw chwissmussy utfit and I hope those bully sticks and chickens bof came to you to complete the day. Don’t wowwy about being shy in big cwowds..lots of doggies’we pawfect as is
    smoochie kisses
    Pee ess mommi got all teawy thinking of all the angels out thewe who hel fuwwkids evewywhewe stawt theiw weal lives

  40. Roo

    A very special lady indeed 🙂

    Hugs to you and your Mom Mayzie!

    Waggin at ya,

  41. Levi

    She definitely looks like a good furiend, um friend 🙂
    You look pretty snazzy yourself in your Christmas attire!!

    And Herman isn’t lasting too long with me either. He only has one ear left, BOL! I am baaaad. BOL

  42. She is an angel! The world needs more sweet people like Donna!

  43. Ohhh Miss Mayzie Yor Angel looks most angelical me must say and yu look most prettified in yor Crimbo frock wivs dem beautiful big brown eyes shinin so brite.
    Happy Holidays my Marvelous Mayzie Furiend

    xx xx

  44. Oh yay! How nice that you got to see her! She is wonderful and you are wonderful.

  45. That is so super cool! Angel Donna Fostermommy looks like a super wonderful person! My Fostermommy became my forever Mum and I like her quite a bit too. 🙂

  46. Your foster mummy sure is nice. And you’re so cute dolled up in your christmas outfit. 🙂

  47. miss mayzie,

    i’m so glad you got to your miss angel donna fostermommy!! yuppers, she is a super duper special lady for sures, and i’m so so so so so SOOOOOO glad she rescued you!

    the booker man

    pee s — you look way very pretty like in your christmas dress!

  48. Teddy Bear

    How cool to see your Foster Mommy again. She is an angel.:)

  49. An ANGEL for sure! Without her, all of us wouldn’t have such a wonderful friend as you! We thank her, too! Love, The Country Corgi Crew

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