Happy Gotcha Day to My Dad!

You know what? Today is my dad’s Gotcha Day! Yep, 126 43 years ago, my dad was born and the world has never been the same.

When my dad was little, he was a cowboy.

He even had his own horse named Peanut!

But I guess Peanut was pretty mean and chased him around the yard trying to bite him. So my dad decided that the cowboy life was too dangerous and decided that being in plays would be safer.

That’s my dad in a play called “South Pacific” and that’s his momma standing next to him. Can’t you tell how proud she is? (Oh, that’s not a REAL tattoo, in case you were wondering.)

He met my mom while he was doing plays and they started kissing and stuff when they were in high school and well, with mom’s good influence, dad graduated and everything!

Then he went off to college and got his degree in HISTORY! But even though I’m sure there were abouts a million historian jobs out there, he decided to take a chance on the little known and exciting world of computers! And even though my mom was unsure how they were gonna eat with dad entering such a risky field, they decided to gets married anyway. Cuz mom’s a risk-taker like that.

The groom's cake was of Del Crest Junior High, where they met!

And then some other stuff happened and then many, many, MANY years later, they adopted all of us.

We think our dad is the BEST dad in the whole wide world cuz:

1. He’s very funny and always keeps life real interesting.
2. He never says “no” when we ask him for treats.
3. He likes to play with us.
4. He takes me and Brudder Ranger for walks every single day no matter what the weather is like.
5. He shares a little bit of his breakfast with us every morning.
6. He cleans up the poop in the back yard so mom doesn’t have to.
7. He cleans the litter box so mom doesn’t have to.
8. He covers us up when we get cold.
9. He lets us help him with home improvement projects.
10. He’s a real good cuddler!

Well, I sure hope you liked learning more about my dad. We all luv him oodles and gobs!

Happy Gotcha Day, Dad! We all hope it’s the best one EVER!



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36 responses to “Happy Gotcha Day to My Dad!

  1. Roo

    Awwww Happy Gotcha Birthday to a SUPER DAD! Y’all are very lucky to have a Dad like him šŸ™‚

    Waggin at ya,

  2. Happy gotcha day to your dad! He sounds like a super fun dad who totally loves you!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. That is a wonderful tribute to your dad. He and your Mom look really happy in all those pictures, and we know they are happier now that you and Brudder Ranger and (the cat!) are with them.

    kisses for his gotcha day.


  4. Daisy

    Fantastic tribute to your Dad. Sounds like he’s quite a guy. We’ve heard that those little ponies can pack a mean bite, so we know he’s better off not being a cowboy.

    Help him have a great celebration.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. Wow, Mayzie’s Dad, Happy Gotcha day. Your Dad looks like a really fun guy to be around. And you are one lucky doggie to have such wonderful beans. What a great family you have.
    Take care and be sure to have some fun this week end.

  6. Happy Happy Gotcha day to your wonderful Dad!!!
    Mom had a LOL moment at the shetland pony story….she told me her cousin had one when they were little that dang pony had a mean streak bigger than he was. Every time a child got on him he headed for the trees to knock them off….needless to say he too was traded in on a bike

    AND we want to say give your dad a great big hug from us for all the jobs he does around the house!!!
    You all have the best Mom and Dad in Collie-ra-do!!!
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  7. Happy GOTCHA DAY to your dad! I didn’t know your two leggers met back in junior high school – that is pawsome!!!!


  8. Pip

    Happy Birthday Mayzie’s Dad! Your parents were high school sweethearts!! That’s so sweet. My mom majored in history and art – another winning combination. Your dad sounds like a great person and I hope he has a most wonderful day!

    Your pal, Pip

  9. KB

    Happy Gotcha Day to your dad! Love the photos and story!

  10. You forgot to mention how smart he is and how good is taste in dogs is (are? I’m having a tough time with that!)

    Happy Birthday, Dad!

  11. Sending a very happy birthday greeting to Daddy from Alaska. What a lovely story, I enjoyed this post so much. Peanut was such a cute horse! But man they CAN bite if they want to! I have something in common with him too, I am the poop picker upper at our mansion… You too are such an adorable couple, LOVED your wedding day picture.

    The scenery in the last photo is wonderful! Have a great weekend and once again, Happy Birthday from me, Mr. O and the Gang in Anchorage! xoxo

  12. Shady

    Happy Birthday to your Dad. Today is MY birthday too. I am 9.


  13. Happy Birthday Mazyie’s dad! Have a wonderful day!


    Mr. Nubbin’

  14. Mayzie
    What a great dad that you have. Happy Birthday to Dad and you take care of him today and wait on him hand and paw!! šŸ˜‰


  15. Kit

    Sweet post for your dad…
    We see where you got your good looks, your pawrents are very pretty and handsome!
    Happy Birthday to your dad!
    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

  16. Happy Birthday, Mayzie’s Dad!

  17. Have a happy day filled with celebration for all! Love the photos of the youngster(s)!

  18. K-9 Katastrophie

    Happy Birthday to your daddy!! He sounds like a real good father!!


  19. Happy Happy Birthday to your dad Mayzie!
    Gives him extra luvins today…’kay?

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  20. That was really sweet! Happy Birthday! (It’ also my brother’s birthday today!!) (And how totally cool that you guys met in high school!?!)

  21. Happiest of Birthdays to your dad! That coconut bra had us laughing a lot. Your dad sounds like the very best, right after my dad, and I am glad you found him! He’s definitely a keeper. Treat him really well today — share some Frosty Paws and Milkbones with him!


  22. Ohhh Mayzie dat be a most wonderfuls postie abouts yor Daddy, he sure looks lots ovs fun. He most lucky to havs yoo n Ranger n Moms to lov an be lovved back by.
    Happi Gotcha/Birfday Mayzies fun Daddy

    Ronnii n Richie
    xxxxx xx xx

  23. Happy Gotcha Day to your furry special dad!

    NOW, let’s have KHAKE!


  24. Frankie Furter

    Happy Gotcha Day to YOUR DAD… butt wait.. I think he must be pawt of MY family beclaws my sister played Flute in the orchestra pit fur So. Pacific once.. and my mom has a Minor in History. that make us Family doesn’t it??
    Your dad sounds sooooooo grrrreat, that maybe I am just WISHIN’ he was pawt of my pack.

  25. Kristine

    Awww, what fantastic photos! I love the first one. He looks like a pretty awesome guy.

    Happy Gotcha Day Mayzie’s Dad!

  26. Happy Gotcha Day MayzieDad! He is one of those good apes, eh?


  27. miss mayzie,

    mega happy gotcha day to your daddy!!! šŸ™‚
    i think it’s super duper sweet that your mama and daddy have been together for so long, and ohmyword, your daddy must be totally funsies cuz he wears coconuts ‘n hula skirts!! teehee.

    the booker man

  28. Teddy Bear

    Happy Gotcha Day to your Dad. We hope he had the best day ever!:)

  29. The OP Pack

    happy Happy birthday to your very special Dad!!! We loved seeing ALL those great pics of his past. You are so lucky to have a Dad who loves you so much.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  30. Awww….what a great list. Gus’s dad takes him for long walks in the a.m. rain or shine too!

  31. I’m here…finally! I just couldn’t go by withouts commenting on your dad’s Gotcha Day!
    Girl, I am so gonna haves nightmares from looking at him in a coconut bra…seriosly, you should haves prewarned me on dat one….hehehehe! Anyways, I thinks you haves one of da most terrific dads out theres. Not only is he a good doggie daddy but he seems likes a most bestest hubby to your mom and we so know how important dat is. He soooooo loves your mom, And your mom was just BEAUTIFULS on her wedding Day…sigh!
    Please tell him happy birfday!

    pees: I needs to borrow your dad cuz mine actually takes da covers OFF of ME…how ludicrous is dat?

  32. Happy Birthday to you dad. Hope he had a great day!

  33. I’m so sorry we missed it. We were not online much yesterday. I hope your Daddy had a most wonderful Gotcha yesterday and has many, many more. Blog Mom and Daddy both have Gotcha days coming up in the next week and with that and two sets of holidays – that’s why I haven’t been around so much. December is craaaazy around here.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  34. littlemissjackie

    We hope your daddy had a great Gotcha Day, Miss Mayzie! Your daddy has a lot of the same good kwali-tees my daddy has, so he must be super (and he is the same age as my daddy too!)



  35. Belated Happy Gotcha Day!!! What a lovin tribute to a lovin Daddy! Your pitchers and words really made us smile. Please to give him some ear scritches and a nice treat from me and the Bleu!

    wif love from the Luke

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