The Story of Me (and the others, too)

Happy Thanksgiving, everybuddy! I hope you’re having a great time eating turkey and watching parades and football. And if you’re not in the U.S., I hope you’re having a happy Thursday anyway.

Today we’re pawticipating in Minna Krebs’ “The Story of Me” event, where we get to tell you all abouts how we got adopted. I’m gonna tell you about each of us in the order we came to be adopted. You ready? Get comfy. Here we go!

Cap’n Ripley

Ripley on the left; Molly on the right

My mom and dad once had a kitteh named Annabelle. And they luved her lots and lots. But when she was 17, she had to go to the Bridge and mom and dad were awful sad and had a great big hole in their hearts.

Well, not long after that, my mom got a call from a nice guy who was directing a play. He said one of the ladies in the play had dropped out and he asked her if she would like to take that lady’s part and mom said yes. Well, one of the other ladies in the play had just rescued a kitteh off the street who was pregnant and who had given birth to her baby kittehs a few weeks before. And can you believe it? Turns out those baby kittehs were born on the SAME DAY that Annabelle had to go to the Bridge. So mom thought that was prolly a sign and she ended up picking out not one, but TWO, baby kittehs. One was Cap’n Ripley and one was his sister Molly. They helped fill up the hole that Annabelle had left but most sadly, Molly was born with a bad heart and had to go to the Bridge herself abouts 4 years later. But that was when Sister Abby came along.

Sister Abby

We don’t know too awfully much abouts Sister Abby’s past. (She’s most tight-lipped about that time in her life.) But we do know she was pregnant when she was rescued off the streets by a nice pawson and taken to the shelter. So we kinda guess that the peoples she lived with before decided to just take her out and dump her off someplace when they found out she was gonna have baby kittehs. Lucky for her, this most terrific rescue group called DreamPower came and got her and took her to a foster home, where she had her babies. All of them got adopted pretty fast but Sister Abby was there for months and months, and nobuddy wanted to adopt her.

Well, dear Molly went to the Bridge in January and in February, mom started looking for another kitteh. She got on DreamPower’s website and as soon as she saw Sister Abby’s picture, she knew she was the one. So that Saturday, she got in her car and drove down to the adoption fair and adopted her right on the spot. Mom is always amazed that Abby didn’t gets adopted before that cuz she’s awfully pretty and awfully sweet. But mom figures it’s cuz she was waiting for our family!

Brudder Ranger

Brudder Ranger rode on a plane to gets to Collie-rado! This picture was taken when they picked him up at the airport.

Up until he was abouts 1 year old, Brudder Ranger lived with a family in Kansas. But then something very sad and tragic happened to that family and they had to give him up. So Ratbone Rescues took him in and he went to live with his fosterdad in Texas.

Now abouts this time, mom and dad had been married for an eternity 13 years and had bought a house with a yard and decided that they wanted to add a doggie to the family. So dad researched and researched every different kind of breed you can imagine to find just the right one for them. And it came down to a rat terrier and some dog you could only find in France. Well, mom said they weren’t going to France, so a rat terrier it was!

So mom got on Petfinder and that led them to Ratbone Rescues. They had lots of cute dogs and mom and dad put their application in on a dog named Patches. But Patches had just gotten adopted. And then they put an application in on a dog named Peter Silver but Peter Silver wasn’t good with kittehs. So Brudder Ranger (or “Joe” at the time) was actually their THIRD choice, if you can believe it! Mom says all the time that she’s so relieved that those other two doggies didn’t work out cuz Brudder Ranger was just meant to be with them!

Me – Mayzie!

A couple days after I came to live in my Most Perfect Home That Ever Was! (See the rugs? I was skeered to walk on the hardwood floors. Can you imagine?)

Okay, awhile back I wrote the long version of how I gots adopted. But I thought it would be good to just gives you the short(er) version today so that there would be room for you to learn how we each got adopted. If you WANT to read the longer version, you can just click here.

So as you might remember from this post, I was rescued from a not-very-nice place by my Angel Donna Fostermommy who runs Second Chance Animal Rescue Foundation. She helped get me all better and then one day she sent me to this thing called an adoption fair in a store that sells good stuff for pets. Well, that same day, mom and dad had to stop by that store to gets food for Brudder Ranger. And while dad went to gets the food, mom decided to come over and pets the doggies. I saw her sit down on the floor and start petting this other doggie and, well, to this day I don’t know what came over me because I was awfully skeered and nervous and shy. But I was just drawn to her and so I came over and plopped myself down in her lap and told her that I was hers and to please take me home right away.

Now I could tell by the look on her face that if it had been totally up to her, that’s exactly what would’ve happened. But the problem was that mom and dad hadn’t planned to adopt another dog right then. And dad had Most Specific ideas about what kinda dog that was gonna be when they DID decide to adopt again — and I wasn’t that dog at ALL. So they left me behind but mom couldn’t quit thinking about me. And sheย  emailed my Angel Donna Fostermommy and asked her all kinds of questions. And she talked (and talked and talked) to my dad about it and my dad kept thinking she’d forget about the whole thing. But she just couldn’t cuz she KNEW that we belonged together. She finally wore him down convinced him to come visit me at my Angel Donna Fostermommy’s place which was three whole hours away. They brought Brudder Ranger, too, to see if we got along. Well, everything went GREAT but dad still wasn’t ready to say “yes.” So back home they went.

Mom decided to gives dad some time to think about it. But after a couple of days, she just couldn’t stand it anymore and she asked him what he had decided and he said – YES! Oh, mom was so very much happy that she started leaking buckets right then and there and she gave him about a million kisses and thanked him over and over.

So about two weeks later, my Angel Donna Fostermommy kissed me goodbye and put me on the van to go back to the adoption fair. But this time it wasn’t to look for my Most Pawfect Family That Ever Was. It was because I’d already found them and they were coming to take me home!

I hoped you liked reading all our stories today! I can’t wait to get around and read everybuddy else’s. I know we’re ALL really thankful that we found our forever families!

***Gobble! Gobble!***


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37 responses to “The Story of Me (and the others, too)

  1. OH what lovely stories, Mayzie! Now I know not all bees are bad, if one brought your Mom to you!

    The kittehs all look so gorgeous!

    Happy Thanksgiving Mayzie!


  2. Daisy

    Those are wonderful stories…..even the cats. Sounds like you were all MEANT to be in the same pack!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. Mayzie,

    What wonderful stories today! Have a Happy Thanksgiving my furiends. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  4. I’ve read your story and Ranger’s before, of course, but it just doesn’t get old. It’s such a wonderful story with a happy ending and I just love those. I hadn’t read about the kitties before, I don’t think and it was a hoot and a howl seeing the cap’n as a kitten. I guess I just thought he was always a full grown pirate! Thank you for sharing and I hope you and all your family have just the best Thankgiving ever.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  5. Mayzie, now isn’t it just like a man to ‘plan’ what kinda dog is supposed to join da Family?!?!?! Heehee. I think da mommas know best, cuz they decide with their hearts!

    Kudos to your mom fur prevailing in da matter of your adoption! The two of you worked it all out just right! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks fur pawticipating!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  6. Those are wonderful stories. I sure am glad you were adopted and got your very own blog because you are totally a wonderful beautiful brindle gal.


  7. Those are wonderful stories Mayzie especially on Thanksgiving day. We love your story especially, about plopping down in Mom’s lap. We are also so glad that all of you found such a super home.
    Hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving. We are so thankful to have you as our friends.

  8. Pip

    Mayzie, I have read your story, but it still makes me emotional. You and your mom were definitely meant for each other and I am so glad you were so brave that day at the adoption event.

    I loved reading all your stories. That’s pretty amazing that Cap’n Ripley and Molly were born on the same day Annabelle went to the bridge. I am sure sorry Molly didn’t make it.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Your pal, Pip

  9. What a wonderful post! I am so thankful that you and “the others” (BOL) found such a perfect family!! I loved reading your stories. I never knew Brudder Ranger flew on a PLANE!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  10. You have our mom in tears, Mayzie! What great stories about all of you!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  11. Amazing stories! I hope your mom’s gotten better at convincing dad to do what needs be done!

  12. Kristine

    Great stories. It’s interesting to learn where everyone came from. Brudder Ranger had quite a journey to make! I’m sure he feels it was worth it. Your home is just bursting with so many wonderful rescued pets. I hope I’m lucky enough to have that one day, too.

  13. Happy Thanksgiving, Mayzie, Cap’n, Abby and Ranger!!
    1. we LOVED yesterday’s picture of all of you sitting so pretty!! Mom was amazed at that shot. How in the world did you get all 4 to sit at one time in the same photo? Well done.

    What a love series of stories on each of you. You all probably know this but YOU 4 must have found a 4 leaf clover ’cause you are all very lucky to be where you are. Cap’n you and Molly must have been twins. Wow Amazing.

    Hugs and gobbles back to you,
    Madi and Mom

  14. We LOVED reading all your stories! Nice to see the “short” versions – unlike Carmen who hogged our bloggie today with the extended version of hers! Hope you & your peeps all have a wonderful holiday weekend!!

    Brutus & Carmen

  15. Aw Mayzie, that was the first time we heard your stories and we’re all misty-eyed over here (even the cat, I promise). We all have our own story and end up where we do for a reason. Thank you for sharing! Now my guys are all bugging me to share their stories!

  16. Mee be so happy yor Moms haz such a big heartful ovs lovs so she could share it all wivs yoo.
    x x x x

  17. Your stories all make me so happy! You were just all meant to be together.


  18. So glad to read your nice adoption stories ๐Ÿ™‚


  19. Mayzie, what a beautiful story! You were all just meant for each other…doesn’t it just make you want to dance when that happens!! Love your stories..all of them!! Happy Thanksgiving!!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  20. K-9 Katastrophie

    Mayzie! I am so glad you got adopted!! Thanks for shaing these stories!


    pee.s. Happy Thanksgiving!

  21. KB

    I loved your story Mayzie! You chose them and won them over. You are all so very lucky to have each other!

  22. Wonderful!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of woo…


  23. Miss Kylie

    Happy Thanksgiving my friends! I hope you had a wonderful day!!


    PeeS: The secret was reviled on my blog today!!

  24. What wonderful rescue stories you all have! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your parents!

  25. What great stories! And of course they chose you over the other dogs Miss Mayzie! You’re so dang pretty!!

  26. Amazing stories! God bless you and your family.

  27. Such lovely stories Mayzie, one thing is clear you were all meant to be together and we are so happy that you are.
    Martha andBailey xx

  28. I still ain’t sures bout them kittehs…but, I just loves da story of Cap’n Ripley. NOws dat was fate I do believe. You knows dat he was born on da same day as Annabelle goin’ to da bridge. It was just so meant to be. And I am dearly sorry bouts Molly. Hers had a good life though cuz hers had your mom and dad.
    Sweet Abyy is kinda like me…da last to go home! What can I say, we were just waitin’ furs da perfect family to come along.
    Brudder Ranger…I furgots all bouts you ridin on a plane. Daaaaang, your parents REALLY REALLY wanted you. I am so glad dat everything worked out fur you da way it was MEANT to be.
    My dear Mayzie….I could read your adoption a million times and never get tired of it. It ia story of inspiration, hope, courage, and yada yada yada….it breaks my heart to know what you had to endure at your furst home. However, I always likes to think about da present and da life you has been given nows. You haves come such a long way and it is such a joy to read bouts yur accomplishments and how you has progressed. A big hige thank you to your mom and dad fur everything they has done for you…and especially looking beyond da breed and into your soul.

    Uh, I didn’t mean fur dis to be an essay or anything….sorry!


  29. We loved learning how all of you came to live with your family. We are so happy your Dad finally said yes.

  30. What beautiful stories! ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. miss mayzie,

    oh, i just totally loved loved loved readin’ ya’ll’s gotcha stories! your pawrents are so super duper awesome to bring all of you home and pile on the lovins. i’m especially way glad that they adopted you!!
    i hope you had a grrreat thanksgiving!

    the booker man

  32. Kismet, dearest Mayzie! Bet your papa has finally learned to just listen to your mama the first time, after all the love she’s brought into his life!

    Jed & Abby

  33. Wyatt

    Those are great stories. Your Mom and Dad have big hearts and you could tell they were keepers!!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  34. sarge

    Hey Mayzie!
    Great adoption stories for everyone in your whole ark. Wow, what a great house full of furiends. Glad you all got to such a great home and you were all meant for each other. Togetherness is happiness!
    Grr and Woof,

  35. Mayzie – Thanks for sharing all your adoption stories! How wonderful that all of you found such a great home with your pawrents!

    The Road Dogs

  36. Oh….those are the most wonderful, wonderful stories! My human has tears in her eyes from reading them. You are right, Mayzie – you really have found the most Pawfect Family ever!

    Honey the Great Dane

  37. Frankie Furter

    Hey it is ME (Frankie Furter) I LOVED your stories. SUPER. I am sooooo glad that you all came together.

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