Old Friends and The Good Life: A Contest

Hello to all the humans out there! I haves a question especially for you today.

Has your life ever been touched by a senior doggie or kitteh (or bunny or birdie, for that matter)?

Well, if the answer is “yes,” then I’ve got a super cool amazing contest for you to enter!

If you’ve been reading my bloggie for awhile, you might remember that a few months ago I helped my furend Shady and her Mom judge their “This Good, That Bad” writing contest.

My judgmental face

Well, I’m so very much excited cuz they asked me to helps them judge their NEW “Good Life” writing contest. It was inspired by a book called “Old Friends: Great Dogs on the Good Life.” by Mark J. Asher. In this most wonderful book, senior doggies talk abouts the secrets to their longevity. Secrets like:

“Lift and pee, lift and pee, lift and pee on every tree.” – Tonto, age 12
“Never let little dogs with bows in their hair get the best of you.” – Kelsey, age 11

Shady and her momma run this super terrific company called This Good, That Bad. And what they do is helps raise awareness abouts animal issues through the sale of t-shirts and magnets and stuffs, and then they gives a portion of their proceeds to rescue groups.

So now they wanna helps remind everybuddy about all the Most Terrific qualities of senior pets and encourage peoples to adopt a senior doggie or kitteh. And that’s why they’re doing this contest!

This is sweet LoJack. He was adopted by Shady's mom after he was already a senior doggie.

You could win some super amazing prizes like a signed copy of Mr. Asher’s book, a cash donation to your favoritest non-profit rescue group, This Good That Bad merchandise, and lots more! (Click this linkie to see the full list of prizes.) And you’ll be helping get the word out abouts the specialness of senior pets!

So what do you have to do to enter? Well, I’m glad you asked!

1. Go “like” the This Good, That Bad Facebook page.
2. Then go to this form and in 125 characters (NOT words – characters) or less, tell us what your senior pet thinks is the secret to their long life or what they think they need to live a long and happy life.
3. Get your entry in by December 31, 2010.
4. Well, there is no #4 cuz that’s it! That’s all the rules. How crazy-simple is that?? (But if you wanna see the complete and oh-fishal list of rules and prizes, just click here. By the way, it says senior DOGS in the rules but I double checked and it’s really open to ANY senior animal.)

I can’t wait to read all your entries! And remember, like I told you last time, if your entry doesn’t win – it’s totally the fault of the other judges!

You know you're ALL winners to me, right?



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28 responses to “Old Friends and The Good Life: A Contest

  1. Teddy Bear

    Hi Mayzie, we don’t know any senior pups. This is such a cool contest!

  2. A’s asking if a hamster will do???? Chubbs was an old dude when he came to our place!

    Everyone’s a winner eh, Mayzie? πŸ˜‰


  3. Oh, I bet there are going to be some great entries in that contest and wonderful stories. When you judge these things do you have to wear a long black robe? Because that looks like it would really get in the way.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  4. Pip

    Well, since I am a senior doggie and live with a very senior kitty, I definitely think we will enter this contest!!!

    Your pal, Pip

  5. This will be a fun read!
    PeeS – Mom says THANKS for that prairie dog link! That was really interesting and she LOVED seeing all those prairie dogs in action. We think she’s even trying to learn their language πŸ˜‰

    The Road Dogs

  6. Good morning Mayzie what a worthy and noble organization….we hope and pray every single Senior furbaby finds a home. Mom does not do Facebook but we will send lots of good wishes for a successful event.
    Hugs Madi

  7. This looks like fun Mayzie and I think we will enter. We have a Senior Doggie here whose name is Jasmine. We will go look at the site and write it all down. Our assistant has to write everything down. Thanks for telling us about it. Take care and have a fun day and we are also very honored to know a judge.

  8. What a fun contest!! I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Enjoy the judging!

  9. Oh boy! I’m sure Lilac has something to say about this. Let’s hope she doesn’t say anything too embarrassing!


  10. frankie furter

    So since you are gonna be a JUDGE… are you gonna change your name to JUDY??? Will we have to call you Herszonnor?

  11. miss mayzie,
    i saw on miss shady’s bloggie that you and your mama were gonna be judges again! way to go!
    asa always gives pretty good advices, but she doesn’t know if 8 is old enough to enter? i told her she should just go ahead and do it cuz sometimes she totally acts like an old square. HEEHEE.

    the booker man

  12. Shady

    Hi all Shady here…thanks to Mayzie for getting the word out about our contest. Let me assure you, any pet of any kind and any age that is living a happy life can enter! We will be updating those official rules to reflect just that soon.

  13. Senior pets are the best…oh and the stories they could tell, huh? This is an awesome contest, but we don’t do the face book thing… I’m sure there will be some amazing wisdom shared, though!

  14. ofcourse we will enter!! Thanks for sharing!
    Umm how come you dont look so convincing that even if I loose im still a winner?! hehehehehe

  15. Oh Miss Mayzie dis is gonna be so wonderfuls! I ao excited dat you and your momma gonna be doing dis. We thinks so much of peoples dat is willing and ables to take in senior animals…dat has to be hard on da emotions of da hoomans but they don’t let it stop ’em…big hearts I tell ya!

    Pssssst…if you is judging, does you take bribes? Oh wait, I ain’t a senior yet.


  16. I’ll have to enter on Emma’s behalf, though don’t tell her! She’ll be SO mad if she finds out I think she’s a senior haha! Well, actually I have no idea how old she is, but she sure acts like she’s 90 years old sometimes!!

  17. Kristine

    What a great contest! I love things that get people thinking and talking like this. It’s exciting.

  18. The OP Pack

    OH, Mayzie, how we love that last pic – what an adorable expression! We would love to do that contest, but we can’t get the Momster to do Facebook:( We do hope it is very successful. Senior dogs rock – ours will be 12 on Saturday.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  19. What a great thing!

    Considering that I live with 3 seniors (ughh help me please) I am going to answer for them.

    The answer is SLEEP! That is all these guys do is sleep, sleep, sleep. I want to play and they say “Not now Sagira, I’m sleepy”.

    Okay…on our way to Facebook to like the page now. πŸ™‚

  20. Hi Mayzie! Do we have to like the page? Cuz we dont have a facebook.


    • Hi Ruthie! Yes…you do haves to have Facebook. I’m sorry. 😦 (But I do have another contest coming up soon that you’ll be able to pawticipate in!)

  21. This sounds like an interesting contest. Thanks for the heads up. We sure miss following our friends more closely, but Grammy is still so busy and with Papa in the hospital, she still hasn’t gotten done the stuff she needed to do when she took the blogging break…. 😦

    Just dropped by to say hi and let you know we haven’t forgotten you! Love from the Country Corgis

  22. That sounds like a fantastic book! And of course a great contest!


  23. Mayzie,

    What a wunderful contest!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  24. This is a great reminder! There are so many amazing senior dogs in rescues that unfortunately get overlooked. People don’t realize just how loyal, seasoned, and well-trained a Senior dog can be. This sounds like a great contest!

  25. Mayzie, that is an excellent contest! Mom loves senior animals and if we think about it, we will all be a senior dogs sooner than we want to be. I live with two senior kitties and I’m surprised by their actions somedays…they sure don’t act senior at all! Thanks for letting us know! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  26. Hi Mayzie!! We think this sounds like such a great contest!! We aren’t entering this one but we do love the This Good That Bad site – we love the shirt we won from you guys for adoption when we guessed your dna’s! We think everyone should head over there and enter (we also can’t enter because we don’t facebook – mom won’t let us – yet!)

    We miss getting to see you all the tiime – we hope things are going good with you all – we think you look super cute in your pictures today!! Good luck to everyone who enters the contest too!!

  27. Lorenza

    Lift and pee?? I guess I need some practise!
    Sure is a pawesome contest!
    Kisses and hugs

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