What are you thankful for today?

So my mom told me that next week is Thanksgiving! And that means lotsa turkey and mashed potatoes and stuff. And it also means thinking about all the stuffs we’re thankful for.

But, well, I was laying there in my comfy bed last night and I thought, why wait?

Hmmmmm...why wait?

There’s lotsa crazy stuff going on in the world all around us and sometimes it can be awfully sad-making if you just think about THAT stuff and not all the most wonderful stuffs that’s part of our every day lives.

So I’m gonna start and when I’m done, I really, really want you to tell me what you’re thankful for, okay?

I’m thankful for:

1. All my furends who left such nice messages for mom and dad’s anniversary and for my mom’s postie yesterday. It fills my heart up with gladness that there are so many out there who care so much.

2. JD and Max and their FH, who have big, ginormous hearts and are holding a raffle for our darling Shelby. It’s only TWO green papers to buy a ticket that’ll give you a chance to win super amazing pressies AND helps make Shelby whole again.

Just to be clear: JD and Max are not being raffled but the octopus is.

3. Sweet Betty – I luved Betty since the first time I met her and my heart was just broken in two yesterday when I found out that her dear momma had to help her cross the Bridge. But I am oh-so-thankful that I gots to know this Most Remarkable girl and had the chance to call her “furend.” Run free, sweet Betty. You will be missed.

4. The Heartbeats’ Momma, who wrote one of the most pawerful posties I’ve ever read telling us why she blogs and reminding us that “Grace Happens.” I know this for a fact cuz I’ve had lotsa grace in my life. I sure hope you’ll go over and read her beautiful postie and then add this badge to your bloggie as a pledge to be kind and compassionate to other bloggers.

Okay, now it’s YOUR turn. What are YOU thankful for today?



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44 responses to “What are you thankful for today?

  1. I am thankful for having two wonderful dogs in my life, I’m thankful for having a loving supportive man who loves me no matter what I look like, with hair or without it. I am thankful for all those amazing people who help and rescue and rehome animals in need, I’m thankful for all the wonderful people I have met through my doglets blogging who have supported me on my journey with illness and through Mollys Journey to the rainbow bridge, who have been nothing but kind, caring, compassionate, thoughtful, gentle and supportive and I am thankful for the hands ( and paws too of course ) of friendship extended by them worldwide.
    With so much cruelty, anger and hate in the world it is nice to know that there are such wonderful people in the world . If only there were more of them maybe the world would a heck of a lot nicer place

    Big Hugs Mayzie and what brilliant post you beautiful brindle babe !
    Momma Tea
    xx xx xx xx

  2. Hey Mayzie!

    We are thankful that there are fantastic bloggers out there like you, the Heartbeats, Tank and of course, PDR to name just a few! You all make Blogville a happy place and worth visiting.

    Sam and Pippen

  3. Pip

    Wow, Mayzie this is beautiful and what perfect timing considering all that has been going lately ..

    I am thankful for all my blog friends and real world friends and the love they shower with me everyday. I am thankful for my loving family, warm home, feline siblings, yummy food, new bunny sister, and my wonderful life.

    I will head over and read the heartbeats post now.

    Your pal, Pip

  4. Oh Gosh – I am thankful for so much. Top of my list is YOU!!


  5. Hey there Mayziegal,
    You have got me thinking in a really nice direction… and I am thankful for that. When you start thinking about thankfulness, there is no end. For this very moment, it is for my blogging buddies out there, my animals, my health, the sunshine, the ability to smile, food and sustenance and relative peace in my country.
    Thank you too for being YOU and making me think!
    Sending lotsaluv

  6. I’m thankful for so much. Any rescued doggy with a happy home is thankful just about every day. It’s a long list and I don’t know if I have time to post all of it, but I’m thankful that I met you, Mayzie, and your wonderful family. Your blog always makes us smile except when it’s serious and then it makes us think about some important things so that’s good, too.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  7. Loving homes for animals who need them


  8. Mayzie,

    Happy Tuesday! Such a thoughtful, loving post today. My list of thankfulness is way too long to post but at the top of it is my family and ALL of my wunderful bloggie furiends. 🙂

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS I have taken da pledge

  9. Morning Mayzie…first of all excellent post and adorable Mayzie picture!!
    We did a Thankful Tuesday post too!!! Isn’t that funny!! Other than what we posted about we are thankful for our family, friends, good health and all the blog friends we’ve met over the last 18 months.
    Hugs to you all,
    Madi and Mom

  10. I am thankful fors furends like you! For sweet Pibbles, For all my uncles and aunt’s with four paws, for good food, for time with mommy, and most importantly for the blessing of Grace.


  11. We are very thankful for friends like you and Brudder Ranger, for hoomans like your mom and dad and ours, for our sissies, for Aunt Marie, for lots and lots of things. Oh, and for leftovers!


  12. What a wonderful post! I am so grateful for my blog friends who make me smile and laugh and make me think about important issues. And I’m thankful for my bed inside and food in my bowl and hide-and-seek with papa whenever I want.

    It’s possibly my favorite holiday so I can’t wait until next week!!


  13. I’m thankful for being a part of this fabulous online community of animal lovers, for coffee – lots and lots of coffee, and for my darling dogs all being happy and healthy today!

  14. Thanks for the kind words Mayzie! Mamma Heartbeat here to speak for our house. The Heartbeats are thankful for good health, safe, warm beds, good noms, belly rubs, kongs, good friends, sunbeams, a BIG couch, a clean litterbox, residual shower water, & walkies. We are also thankful for good Blogville friends that we’ve only known a few months, but they share our love of and compassion for animals and the bonds that humans share with animals.

    Licks of Love and Grace,

    The Heartbeats

  15. frankie furter

    I am thankful to have YOU fur a furend.

  16. Thanks for sending us over to the Heartbeats! And thank you for being YOU!

    The Road Dogs

  17. That sure is a great subject Mayzie May. We are so thankful for all our blogging friends like you Mayzie. We have never seen so many wonderful people that are in the blogging world. Everyone is so supportive and kind. WE are thankful that we have a roof over our head and lots of good food.
    Take care Mayzie.

  18. We are so thankful that we met you!! Actually we are thankful for all of our friends on the blogs and the fun we have reading everyones blogs and we love our comments. We are thankful for all so much we have been given in our life. Lots of love, Holly and mom

  19. Oh, I love this! I’m so very thankful for a great (and beautiful!) furiend like you!

  20. I’m thankful for everything I’ve experienced on this planet so far, the good and the bad. I’m thankful for my best friend, Sallie, and her friends, who have made me laugh and escape my burdens for awhile.


  21. We agree those are great things to be thankful fur!!! We are super duper excited about the upcoming turkey filled howliday!

    Wags and Licks,
    Mollie Jo & Bobo

  22. Oh Miss Mayzie, adorable pretty Miss Mayzie! What a beautiful photo of you on the bed – sigh…. That Booker is one lucky pup!

    And gosh we did giggle like school-pups when we saw our photo – how sweet of you to mention the lovely Miss Shelby’s raffle, we sure hope it raises lots of green papers for her. Oh, and thanks for explaining that we’re not being raffled alongside the octopus, tee hee!

    We love the idea from the Heartbeats and will be displaying that badge with pride, thanks for linking to that wonderful post.

    Schnauzr snuggles – JD and Max.

  23. The OP Pack

    We are very thankful for so many things too. We are very happy we have come to know wonderful friends like you and your Mom. Awesome post from you AND the Heartbeats. We already have our Grace Happens badge posted on our sidebar.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  24. Wow Mayzie! We certainly have lots to be thankful for! We’ve met so many new friends through Blogville and are thankful for all of them!

    PS. We’re thankful mommy and daddy let us sleep in their bed at night. We love to snuggle! 🙂

  25. Hi Miss Mayzie! What a great idea for a post. I think I may do a ‘things I’m thankful for’ post soon.

    Today, I am thankful for TODAY. I have been thinking (crying) a lot about Betty, and I just want to remember that nothing is promised. We have no idea what the future holds. Just THIS moment, and I am going to do my best to live in it.


  26. tank

    Today I’m thankful for my dinner which I hope will be forthcoming very soon… I’m trying to wait patiently, but I’m starving (as usual.) I need to remember that some doggies can’t count on dinner every night so I’m one of the lucky ones.

  27. Kit

    Very thoughtful post Mayzie…we, too, were heartbroken and shocked to read about sweet Betty!
    Thanks for being our furiend,
    Wrooo wrooo,
    Zack, Sassy, and Buddy

  28. Thankful for lots of toys to play with! 🙂

  29. We are thankful that you are our friend, Mayzie!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  30. 1. I am thankful for the HAM my human bean gave me this supper. Tasty tasty tasty tasty yummy.
    2. I am thankful that my humans came home after a two day “vacation”. That’s why we havn’t been commenting any this week!

  31. We loved Mama Heartbeat’s post last night!

    We are thankful that we have been surrounded by such a caring and supportive group while we’re facing a rather difficult decision. We always knew that dog bloggers were wonderful and generous people, but we’ve learned a lot more about that this week, especially today. Never be afraid to pay a kindness, you never know when it will come back to you!


  32. You has such a beautiful heart! I am most thankful that I have a loving family and such great bloggy friends.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  33. Kristine

    Lovely thoughts. We could a show a lot more gratitude I think. It’s so easy to get caught up in things and forget to take the time to appreciate all we have. Thank you for the reminder.

  34. Miss Kylie

    Mayzie, I most certainly do NOT want you to explode!! I know you are a new follower to my bloggie so I will give you a hint… This will be the third year for the surprise, and you can find out about past events on my blog!! Shhh! bol
    Hang in there, only 14 more days!!!

  35. Today I am fankful that I feel really really good. And even more so… I am fankful for my Team Luke and the Love Protocol that surrounds me! Just sayin.

    wif love from the Luke

  36. With so much going on, I think we sometimes forget to remember all the positive things; you did such a good job of showing this. We’re thankful for all the positivity that we do see on your blog and our other dog friends.

  37. Lorenza

    Beautiful post, Mayzie!
    I am thankful for the family I have and for all my bloggie friends around the world.
    Kisses and hugs

  38. Oh geez, there’s not near enough room here for us to say all we are thankful for. Guess we’ll have to just do our own postie!! One thing for sure, though – we are very thankful to have known Ms. Betty, just sad to see her go so soon.
    There goes mama leakin’ again, better go get her a Kleenex!

    Brutus & Carmen

  39. well, miss mayzie, of course i am most thankful like that you are my friend and girlfriend all wrapped into one! i am also thankful like for my mama and daddy givin’ me and asa a home full of the lovins. and i can’t forget to be thankful like for my warm bed and yummy foodables and funsies toys. thanks bunches ‘n tons for helpin’ us to remember to be thankful for the blessings in our lives.

    the booker man

  40. We’re thankful for Merrick bones!! They, along with cow hooves, are one of our favorite treats. We might as well add that we give thanks for the companionship of our hoomans. They obey quite nicely! Have a good week.
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRD and Hootie

  41. Teddy Bear

    I’m thankful for great friends and wonderful pawrents and sister.

  42. Once again, a thought-provoking post, especially if one is a rescue doggie. We’re thankful for all the things mentioned above by the others: being alive [we so nearly weren’t], living inside a house, two doggie beds in every room [although I always want the one Abby has], regular meals, fresh water available all the time, toys and bones, having a doggie door into our own fenced yard, being loved and wanted every minute of the day. We’re even thankful to wear a leash when we go out because at least we’re never chained outside and left alone. We’re grateful mama drags us to the vet because we know [sorta] that it helps us stay healthy. We’re grateful for our human family, our cousin Pretty Girl [a georgeous St. Bernard-Akita mix], and each other. And we’re grateful to have recently discovered the pet blog world where we’ve met so many kind furiends that share their adventures with us and don’t make us feel bad because we don’t have our own blog. Abby would be grateful to snag more birds or outside rodents with bushy tails, but that is one area in which mama refuses to indulge us. But how much fun would life be if you had nothing left to wish for?

    Jed [and Abby]

  43. What a beautiful post, Mazie! so glad you’re a follower now:-)

    Yoru buddy,

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