Friendly Friday

Hi everybuddy!

I’m so excited cuz today’s the first day I’m pawticipating in Pet Blog United’s “Friendly Friday”!

Screaming Mimi

It’s super easy to join in. All you have to do is put the badge in your bloggie and then introduce everybuddy to one of your furends. How simple is that?

Today I’d like to introduce you to my furend, Jimmy.

As you prolly guessed by looking at his picture, Jimmy had a pretty hard start in his life. You see, some very, very bad “thing” (we can’t really call them a human cuz, well, they’re not) cut off sweet Jimmy’s nose and then dumped him in somebuddy’s yard. Most luckily, the pawson that found him was very nice and got Jimmy some help right away. (Click here to see the news story about when Jimmy was first found.) A lot of kind peoples helped Jimmy get better and now he’s living with his Most Wonderful fostermommy.

Now, you might think that Jimmy would feel sorry for himself. Or that he would be mad at peoples because of everything he’s been through. But no, not Jimmy. As you can prolly tell from that picture above, he is SO happy to be alive and to be given a second chance. And he lets everybuddy he meets know about it.

Jimmy’s one-in-a-million, that’s for sure. He inspires me and I think if you read his bloggie, you’ll be inspired, too!

From mom: Just a word of warning. There are some pictures in Jimmy’s header that are tough to look at. But I hope you won’t let that deter you from visiting him. I think they’re important because they help us understand that despite what Jimmy has endured, he has not only survived – he has THRIVED. We can all learn so much from him.



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38 responses to “Friendly Friday

  1. Unbelievable! That poor little guy! I am so happy so learn that he is getting all the love that he deserves.


  2. Oh goodness gracious…Mayzie…God bless Jimmy and his foster home…
    What in the name of all that is decent would ever make such a cowardly person do that? Oh my we’ll head over to say hi to Jimmy and his family.

    Happy Friday
    Madi and Mom

  3. Pip

    I don’t know Jimmy, but I am going to go meet him now. He sounds like a real hero and I already love him.

    Your pal, Pip

  4. Okays Miss Mayzie…there are VERY few times dat I is speechless…today is one of them days!
    I can’t quite get da words outta my mouth…what a horrendous thing dat happened to such an innocent doggie…nuttin is so appalling! Howevers, despite what happened to him…I thinks your mom used da bestest word evers to describe all dis…THRIVE! Amazing how he can get to dat point with some kindness and love! Thank Dog somebuddy was theres to find him and to take proper actions.
    My mum gotta go wipe her eyes nows. Her be all thinking bouts his past but, I am thinking of his beautiful future!


  5. Jimmy deserves to be spoiled from here to eternity! What a great dog!

  6. thank you for the sharing that story, its so sad what people to do other living things. So sad, but what a great story of hope – we will head over and check him out – thank you for showing us him.

  7. Wow. I was really moved by his story. Moved to tears. It’s incredible what these dogs suffer, and yet how unbelievably loving they remain. We don’t deserve them.

  8. frankie furter

    Oh my. what a terrible thing to have happen. I’m not sure I can stand to see and hear what all he had to go through. Sooooo sad… butt sooooo very much Hopeful.

  9. Okays, we is on our way over to say hey to Jimmy! Thanks for introducing us!

    Sam and Pippen

  10. Thank you so much for writing about Jimmy. As a BARCS volunteer and pit bull advocate I have been following his case since the very beginning. The problem of animal abuse, especially pit bulls, in Baltimore is very real and very serious. Thank you to Homeward Bound Animal Rescue for taking him in [] and to BARCS and its Franky Fund [] for all it does for the animals in Baltimore.

    • We are so proud to be able to write about such a Most Remarkable dog. Words can’t even explain how grateful we are to everybuddy who came together to save this sweet boy.

  11. Jimmy seems to be a very happy boy. We can tell from the sparkle in his eye.
    We are so happy that Jimmy got to live and is safe now.
    God bless all that helped him get to where he is today.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  12. Thanks Mayzie for sharing Jimmy’s story. We felt pain reading his story. So glad that he is happy now. We are going over now to pay him a visit.

  13. Kristine

    Thanks for talking about Jimmy and for being such a great animal advocate.

    Dogs amaze me in the adversities they are able to overcome. All it takes is a little time and understanding.

  14. Oh my goodness Mayzie, we will certainly be visiting Jimmy and reading his blog. Thank you so much for introducing us.
    Our mum is muttering lots of things we don’t understand about Jimmy’s past but you know us dogs just live in the now.
    We are happy things are good now.
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxx
    ps thank you so much for joining in with our singing – we find humans don’t really appreciate our singing…….well let’s face it they are tone deaf!

  15. We have been reading about Jimmy, and it’s so amazing to see that even though he’s been through so much, he is still so happy and trusting of people. It’s great you’re making people more aware!

  16. My mom person is typing through her tears. I think the devil himself must have been in that person that hurt Jimmy. Thank you for introducing us to your amazing friend.

    Nubbin wiggles,


  17. How can anyone do that to such a sweet boy. Mom is trying very hard to type through her tears.

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  18. Hi Mayzie! We will go visit Jimmy!

  19. The OP Pack

    Thank you for introducing us to your furiend Jimmy. We are going to go visit him now too. Have a great weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  20. Hey Mayzie,
    we went over to Jimmy’s just a few moments ago.
    How awful, how terrible the kind of torture the poor little guy had to go through. Those ^%&$#* will definitely not find ANY happiness in their lives!

    Jimmy is so adorable, so loving…it is amazing…
    Thanks for telling us about him:)

    please do go meet our friend about whom we have talked today. you will like him too, we know:)
    wags, Buddy n Ginger

  21. Cupcake

    Thank you for letting us know about Jimmy. I feel so bad for what he has gone through. I wish him joy and love from now on. I am so glad he is safe now.

  22. Mayzie,

    Jimmy is so sweet, you is right no “human” would do this to a dog. I will go over and introduce myself to him right now.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  23. Mayzie
    How can thewe be so much cwuelty towawds innocent sweet fuwwkids???
    I just don’t undewstand the wowld..Thank dog thewe awe hoomans wif heawts to weach out and help..Jimmy is inspiwing and handsome , and loving despite his howwibull stawt in life..I hope fwom now on, he’ll nevew know anything but love
    smoochie kisses

  24. Oh that is so wonderful that Jimmy found such a good home, poor dog. It is just awful what some people do to animals. They should be in jail. Thanks for this story. Even though he was mistreated, at least he ended up in a great home. Have a great week end.

  25. miss mayzie,
    what happened to jimmy makes me and asa and mama so steamed up it’s not even funny. there are some totally lousy excuses for hooman beings in this world. 😦
    we are gonna go by and meet jimmy and send our lovins! it’s wonderful that he has a happy foster home now where he can be comfy and thrive! he is a handsome dude!

    the booker man

  26. We hope that Jimmy finds his perfect forever home soon! We feel the same way about Sweetheart’s blog.


  27. What kind of person could do that? That is just awful. Thanks so much for sharing your friend with us. 🙂

  28. Thanks for introducing Jimmy! What an amazing boy! Why should I be surprised? He’s a pibble and their all around amazing dogs!

  29. Hello Jimmy!
    We are so glad he has found a loving family now. It looks like he gives great cuddles. 🙂
    May he have a happy life.

    Love, Bella & Ollie.

  30. We’ve been reading Jimmy’s blog fur some time now –

    What a special spirit – and special people to help him!

    Khyra and The Golden Khousins

  31. Thank you for introducing us to Jimmy. What a special dog he is, with such a forgiving heart. We are purring he has many years of happiness with a special family who will treasure him forever.

  32. We gotta get a box of Kleenex for Mom, then we’ll go read Jimmy’s story. Thanks for sharing this!

    The Road Dogs

  33. oh this made the happy tears flow for sures
    it mades our day

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  34. We’re on our way to Jimmy’s blog. He is a stalwart soul and we hope he’s blessed with love and care for every second that’s left in what we hope will be a long life.

    If Mama ruled the world, those who abuse animals would be punished by receiving EXACTLY the same treatment they inflicted on the animal. So here’s hoping that sociopath is doing 30 – life somewhere, so he can’t hurt any more defenseless animals – or move on to abusing children.

    Jed & Abby

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