What’s in a name?

Hi everybuddy! Happy day before Friday!

So…I was thinking abouts something yesterday.

Have you ever heard of that fancy-talking Shakespeare guy? Well, he once said, “A cheese by any other name would taste as yummy.” (Or something like that.)

So that got me thinking about names. See, all of us here in my house came with one name and then my mom and dad gave us a different name.

Brudder Cap’n Ripley’s first name was “Casper.” You know, like the ghost?


Sister Abby was called “Stormy” by her rescue peoples.

I have NO idea what they were thinking, dah-lings. I am SO not a Stormy!

Brudder Ranger came with the name “Joe.”

Joe? Perhaps Joseph. But Joe?

And of course, my Angel Donna Fostermommy named me “Angel” when she rescued me.

Yeah, I know it's hard to argue with that one. Cuz, well, look at me!

Now, my mom has always felt that giving us four-leggers a new name was a way to get us started off on our new life, and help us get rid of any bad memories that might be associated with our old names. She figures we’re not traumatized by it cuz all of us seem to like our names real good.

But we know that some peoples feel like rescue doggies and kittehs have already had a lotta changes in their lives so they don’t wanna change something ELSE. And we can sure understand that.

So what about you? Did your pawrents change your name when they adopted you? Why or why not? (And if they did, I’d luv to know what your original name was!)



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54 responses to “What’s in a name?

  1. Ello Miss Mayzie,
    Mi wos Ronnie wen mi cames ere buts da Mom finks Ronnii is mor pritty fur mi n more girly. Mi fink yoo looks like an angel butts Mayzie is pritty likes yoo

    x x

  2. OOPSY !
    Mi still nots got dis typa-ma-fingy yets mi puts mi name in rong at da tops
    Silli Ronnii…..Bol

  3. We changed recycled kitty brothers name from Shadow to Vader. Shadow reminded us too much of the golden retriever from Homeward Bound, and kitty brother isn’t black either. Besides he has a big head and came to us with a respitory infection, so Vader fits.

    woof – Tucker

  4. Bella

    my name was Ella Rose when I was adopted, but my mommy thought that was to old ladyish and I am a high energy Chi/ Rat Terrier mix. So my two legged sis & bro picked Bella. They usually call me Bell or just B.(unless I am being naughty or mischievious) then it’s Brat!

  5. Cupcake

    Mommy always changes the name of the pets she adopts. Like you, she feels a new name is a great start to a great new life. Thank Goodness she changed my name. My name was Rusty! Can you believe that?! I’m a girl!! Mommy said she named me Cupcake because I’m so sweet. I LOVE my new name, picked up on it very fast. My chihuahua sister’s name was Miranda but Mom named her Princess because she really is a princess through and through.

  6. Yup I changed Fred’s name to get rid of the past with his old name.
    I do think if the situation allows its a nice tribute to give the dog a new name with the new life ๐Ÿ™‚ angel.. you could be Mayzie Angel ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Morning Mayzie et al!!!
    What a sweet post…we reading about your first names…..Cap’n Ripley’s first name might be appropriate as he is a ghost that comes in and out of my heart.
    Just kiddin’ Cap’n Ripley…I know I’m always on your mind.

    My turn…the name on my cage when Mom and Dad were looking at me said
    ‘Kitty M’. Oh my cats Dad says it took longer to name me than my human sister. They had a notebook full of names but none fit…then my brilliant Mom said how about a name starting with M……then she remembered how much she liked the name Madison…so girlfriend that is how I became known as Madi; however, I often hear Mom say ‘Diva’ would have been more suitable
    WHATEVER mom I don’t care what you call me just call me to Dinner!

  8. Well, we’ve talked about our names a lot, so I guess there’s nothing new there. I was named by my best human friend at the shelter. I answered to it, so we kept it. That wasn’t the name I came into the shelter and I’d just gotten used to it.

    Franklin, of course, was Brooklyn. The family went through all that indecision right here in the blogiverse a few months ago. He just did not seem like a “Brooklyn” to my Moms and Blog Mom came up with Franklin, inspired by a vampire on True Blood. He reminded her of him. Interestingly enough, Franklin responded to that his new name better than he did to his original name, so it must have been a good choices.

    There was some attempt to change Happy’s name. He was named by a little kid and Happy is not the kind of thing that my humans like to name kitties or doggies, and Happy was not a very happy kitty when he moved in, either. He’s still a worried kind of kitty. No other names stuck, though. They usually call him Captain Happy or The Hapster or Happles for real, though. Or sometimes “that damned cat”. It depends on what he’s doing.

    Simone was also named by a little girl. Not the same one who named Happy. No one was going to try to change that one. And that’s all of them, I think.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  9. Wellll…..we and Teka have our names from before we got here, but muzzer and dad have changed names of rescue dogs and kitties in the past. We like your Mom’s Idea LOTS though.

    Muzzer says that Gus (Gussie, G-man, Gussmeister, GusGus, Gustavus, etc) fits me, and we didn’t know Teka was gonna stay with us, so she gets called Teka Toy (TT, Snot, Monster, Diva, Princess Tea, etc.) Hmmmm…I think I likes my names better


  10. Kit

    Buddy didn’t have a name when I rescued him…Buddy has been the perfect name for him!

  11. Well our Mom just takes in cats or mainly kittens that are starved, so she names them and they get to keep their names. But that probably is a good idea to give the animals a different name so they can start a wonderful new life. And usually if an animal from a shelter has only had the name they gave them for a short time.
    We love your name Mayzie. Take care.

  12. Hi Mayzie
    Mom did not change Penny’s name when she adopted her. She felt Penny had enough changes already. New country, living in the city etc. She would have liked to and thought of changing her name to Suzie.
    Mom changed my name from Patches to Ruby, but I was a we babe.
    Love Ruby & Penny
    Pees – we love all your names. They suit you. We don’t see any Casper in Capโ€™n Ripley

  13. frankie furter

    My Baby name was… GASP… Tiny Timmy. When mom and dad adopted me… they gave me a new life and name.

  14. Pip

    I think a fresh start is nice. If an animal is older when adopted and really knows his name, maybe it is nice to keep it. In general, I think it depends on the situation.

    Your pal, Pip

  15. The OP Pack

    We do like the idea of changing the name, especially if the rescue came from a poor background. Thunder came from his really sweet breeder’s home and he had been dubbed Max. Dad didn’t want the name Max, and so he became Thunder ( we have posted about the Mel Gibson theme before). Thunder Dunder really fits him so well, but now that he has become a really BIG BOY, Max would have worked too:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  16. Wow Mayzie, your name seems to just fit. I have had most of my pets since they were babies but I tend to wait and just see what fits them best. Koda was almost a Zack, but then we had a kitten at the same time who fit better. Jack and Blair had their names picked out ahead of time but when I saw them I just knew that they were the right kitties for their names. Indy was almost a Hunter but he seemed more like an Indiana Jones when we picked him up to go home. Sophie is the only one who hadher name changed, she used to be an Emma but my Mom liked Sophie better and felt that new life, new name. All of our pets just seemed to fit the names we gave them and that is how we like to rename. Go with the gut feeling

  17. A Corbin is a Corbin and a Corbin will always be a Corbin. Mom and dad thought about changing my name, mostly because they didn’t know what a Corbin was. Then they soon learned that I’M a Corbin. So they couldn’t bring themselves to change my name… so I am, have been and always will be… a Corbin.

  18. My Uncle Harleys first name was Jimmy Beam. My grandma Lynda didn’t like that one bit, and since she knew Grandpaw Dave was going to be very upset that she came home with another dog,she decided to bring him his new Harley :o) Helping my mom with the rescue stuff, we see dogs names get changed ALL the time. Sometimes it upsets her because the name the rescue gave them fit SO well and other times their new name fits so well. I think it just depends on the dog! Like I said in my earlier post… I’m CLEARLY a Corbin. And Uncle Harley was clearly not a Jimmy Beam! We think we’re going to change the name of our new foster when she gest to us though… Mom can tell by her pictures that her name doesn’t fit… and she definitely needs a fresh start!
    -Corbin, again!

  19. I love your story about your names!

    I am a registered wif the name Cool Hand Luke Jackson. I lived wif the same people for 8.5 years until they surrendered me to a shelter on a counta I tended to bolt inside durin funder storms.

    I was fortunate to survive in that shelter for 9 monfs, wif much fanks to the sweet people who worked there… And one day they fought to call Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston some 300 miles away.

    GRRH drove up and picked me up immediately, and wifin two weeks, I was right where I am supposed to be wif my the Mom.

    My the Mom finks that Cool Hand Luke fits my personality perfectly… and she she has all ways loved the name Luke. She DID change my last name to Wright… and my nicknames have changed a bit too: Sweety Boy, Love Muffin, LuLu… It would be totally embarassin if I didn’t love that Ole Gal so much!

    wif love to you from the Luke

  20. AC

    Kona’s name was Ariel. I’m thinking because she’s red but, nope, that name wouldn’t do =)

  21. Heartbeats

    Calhoun was Calhoun when he was 4 weeks old but for a minute before that, his name was ANGUS!!!

    Lucy was Shelby before we picked her up that fateful night in September. I like Shelby (Steel Magnolias) but not for Lucy.

    McIver was born as part of the “M” litter of potential service dogs . The group that sponsored the litter wanted to name all the pups after families, streets, etc that were prominent to our local city.

    Nikki’s full registered name is Le Femme Nikkita. So dark and perfect for a black German Shepherd!

    Harry didn’t have a name because he just wandered up to my uncle’s farm. Lilly came from a rescue but I don’t truly remember her name. I think it was Pearl or something. Whatever it was, didn’t fit…

  22. Gail

    My Kelpie-Chow mix was named Trashcan Louie (he was found at 3 weeks old in a dumpster.) I tried to rename him, but nothing seemed to fit. So I call him Lewis or Lewi. He seems to like that! My little Blue Heeler mix came to me named Peanut because she was so small. However, she told me her real name was Kibbie and so that’s was that.

    They both have numerous nicknames including Lewilewah, Loodahboo, Lewiston Saturday Night, Ooodaboo, OooBoo, Oolaroo, BeeBahBoo, Kibblette, Niblit, Kibbity Do Dah, Bitty Bit, Tiny Little Bit of a Tiny Little Bit of a thing.

    Yikes…it’s a wonder that they still love me!

  23. Mayzie seems to fit her so perfectly, though I wouldn’t doubt that she’s also an Angel! Emmett and Lucas both came named Emmett and Lucas. We actually tried to come up with a different name for Lucas but could never decide on anything, so they stuck!

  24. Miss M was originally named Jackie after one of their favorite vet techs. I started calling her Jackie O., but I didn’t think that fit her either. Now she’s named for a rock star because she looks like a hard core rocker chic. Mr. B kept his old name because it’s so appropriate for him. I do like everyone’s new name and I think it is a good idea to have a fresh start. It’s easy to train them to respond to a new name, though Miss M still remembers her name Jackie.

  25. Airlie came to us with the name Bella. But we wanted something extra special for her! The resuce had said they thought she was part Australian Shepherd (which I definatlely don’t think she is) but Brad and I had spent time in Australia in college and loved it, so we came up with a name that reminded us of our time there: Airlie! (As in Airlie Beach).
    I think re-naming a pet gives you a closer immediate bond. The pet becomes a member of your family, just like naming a baby.

  26. Tank

    I don’t tell too many dogs what my name used to be Mayzie This has to be kept confidential… meaning that I don’t want any beer drinking, cheetos eating dog from SC to know this. Okay? Promise???

    My name was Hughy. Pretty bad, huh? I try not to think about those years… not cause they were bad, but because the name was so not me.

  27. Mayzie,

    I was not a rescue so I wuz always Maggie Mae. Mom and dad decided on my name before dey even saw me fur da first time. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  28. Daisy

    Kendra and I were just babies when we came, though Kendra WAS old enough to have a name, we don’t think she did. Bella came with her name and it suited her. So it stayed. And my name has a long story behind it.

    We like all your names.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  29. What an interesting post! I think Angel fits you, of course, but I love Mayzie! My baby name was Brandy. I was so shy I didn’t answer to anything so changing it was perfectly fine with me! Cali and Phoenix… we don’t know their baby names but Ginger… BOL… Ginger was my big sister and very brave and kinda tough… her baby name was PEACHY KEEN. SO did not fit her!


  30. We changed Flash’s name as soon as we got her. She was named Harlee, but we had always wanted a basset named Flash, so we change it!

    We left Ollie’s name since he was a couple years old and we weren’t planning on another dog. Ollie fits him though and he seems pretty happy with it.

  31. Hi Mayzie

    Sasha’s name was always Sasha, coz she came from the breeder and chose our human when she was just a little puppy. Rupert was called “Cruise” at the Lost Dogs Home, and then he changed his name to Rupert when he chose our human. He has never told anyone what his name was before he was picked up as a stray!

    Puppy kisses & dogly sniffs
    Sasha & Rupert

  32. Jeter (our little white toy poodle) had an original name of Samson. That name certainly did not fit and he had been terribly abused in his past home. So I decided, being a Yankee fan to give him the name of my favorite Yankee, Derek Jeter.

    Halle the Glamour Girl was given to my mom by her former owner. Her name was always Halle because her birthday is on Halloween. We loved her name and kept it. And her former owners were very nice people who did the best for her by giving her a new home. She (Halle) had never been abused. I am certain she would not have stood for that!

    Toby and Ginger… not sure what their names were before. I renamed Ginger myself and Toby came with that name from the rescue folks.

  33. Mitch’s original name was Ruger! Can you even imagine! Ruger sounds like a rotten vege to us!
    I’ve always been a Maggie since I came to live with mom and dad when I was 8 weeks old.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  34. Yep…they changed my name when I became an official member of the family. I started out as a foster puppy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. My mom person got me right from my fur-mom, and Chloe was a baby rescuse kitty that my mom person found in a parking lot.

    Moe was rescued as an adult and had the name Maureen. My mom person said she just didn’t seem like a Maureen, so we named her Moe.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  36. Well Miss Mayzie, you are very Angel-y! Dillon was named by the people at the Humane Society who rescued him except they spelled it D-Y-L-A-N, but Mom changed the spelling. She mostly calls him Mr. Dill or Big Guy! My fancy blue paper says “Jackie O Burgin”. Mom and Dad decided not to change my first name and when Mom tried to change my last name and get a new fancy blue paper, the fancy paper people wouldn’t let her because she wrote on the form wrong. They sent her a snarky-ful letter. So I just get called Jackie or Missy because I am Little Miss Jackie! Dad sometimes calls me Jack. He likes to say “Hi, Jack!” BOL!

  37. Nice post!

    Of khourse, I was Whitney;
    Khousin Merdie was Talulah;

    Uncle Paul kept Khousin Harley’s name – fur several reasons – but mostly since his dad had already done a tough enough thing by rehoming him, he kept the name in part fur him –

    Khyra and The Golden Khousins

  38. Well, let’s see. I was adopted by my human bean when I was a baby kitteh. The lady said that her grandkids had names for them all, but she hadn’t given me a permanent name. So after the human bean picked me out, she gave me the name Daniel, because I was mistaken for a boy! And then they got it figured out that I was a boy. My human already liked my name, and I did too, so we just changed it to Danielle!

  39. Well, when Lilac came here, her name was Line, and Mom and Dad had to say “Line no!” a lot. When they realized that she was staying here, they altered her name to Lilac because it was two syllables and easier to say in front of the word no. The rest of us have kept the names that we came here with. Partly because Mom felt that most of our names were perfect for us, except maybe Morgan’s.


  40. Hi Mayzie! We think it is fun to learn all your old names – we seriously can’t picture the Cap’n as Cap’n Casper – that just is not him. And we think that Angel is a great name for you, but Mayzie is so much better! Kirzon and Barney didn’t have names when mom got them, and Stella kept her original name. Lola was Trixie (which is what mom says will be our next girl kitties name), Gus was named Twist before (we still don’t know if he knows Gus) and Virgil didn’t have an official name because he lived at the vets, but they called him Stache (short for Moustache) because he has one! We do consider that to be Virgil’s middle name. We think it depends on the situation if a name should be changed – if they have had the name a long time, and weren’t in a bad situation, we think it should stay so they aren’t confused, but if they are young or had bad lives we are totally for changing it (unless you like the one they already have of course!)

  41. Emma was originally “Sandy” at the shelter. She didn’t look very sandy to me and I thought she deserved something more girly, so I turned to Jane Austen and she gave me Emma. It goes well with Steinbeck’s Charlie!

  42. Lorenza

    My mom got me from a mean Vet. She does not know if he gave a name but a girl there called me Cinnamon. In our way to home my mom decided that my name was Lorenza. Why?? No idea! But… as you know… Lorenza here means “crazy”… ans she says she got the right name for me! Hmmm….
    Kisses and hugs

  43. Sam

    Marge came with her name. It was originally very generic (they just named the litter after the Simpsons), but she has sure grown in to it and really made it in to her own!

  44. My pre-adoption name was Minka. I just posted how I be called Minna Krebs…..butt my momma thought that Minna was kinda close to Minka, so I not be too confused.

    Don’t even ask bout my brudder, Rooney. His pre-adoption name was Mr.Rogy…..and my momma done changed his name dozens of times! Her would even likes to change is again now. He like da cameleon of dog names.

    And then we gets to my newnonameyetbutdifferentnameeveryday new sister…………….my momma is hopeless, I tell ya!


  45. hiyas, miss mayzie!
    well, i got adopted when i was 6 weeks old, so i didn’t have a name yet. i was just “puppy boy”. heehee.
    when mama and daddy adopted asa, she was already 1.5 years old and knew her name. also, they really liked how unique her name was, so they kept her as asa! you gotta admit, she totally looks like an asa anyway!

    the booker man

  46. KB

    When I was a kid, we adopted a dog named “Existence”. I am NOT kidding – that was her name. She would not answer to anything else. We tried all sorts of other names – no way. So, she stayed “Existence” – what a sweet little girl she was!

  47. What an interesting conversation you started, Mayzie! We were both rescued from death camps in N.C. and smuggled north on an underground railroad for doggies. So we didn’t come with names. Mama named us after her favorite characters in the TV series The West Wing: Jed & Abby Bartlett. We also have lots of nicknames.

    Mama did Great Dane rescue for years, and of course adopted rescue Danes. She always changed their “slave” names because the doggies were almost always abused or neglected and needed to leave their old lives behind. She only had one Dane who refused to accept a name change: Mr. Spock. Mama is still a hooge Star Trek fan, and she was happy with his decision. The name suited him.

    Jed & Abby

  48. Teddy Bear

    What a great post.:) We love getting to know you better and better. Sierra was given her name by her rescuers. The people at the animal shelter named her Fargo. Who would give a name like that to a girl? And my name has always been Teddy Bear.

  49. Seems to me we always wind up with different names than our humans choose at first anyway. Check this out;

    My Grandpa Angus the Airedale became Peppy
    Momma’s little hound went from Maggie to Pi
    My Beautiful Raja was ALWAYS Raja because she was a queen
    Dexter is now Pea
    And of course I, Mango, am usually referred to as Bubba

    Go figure.


  50. Baily didn’t have a name as she was a pup. Mesa came with hers and Big Carl was originally Cat Von Dwezel which we were NEVER going to keep!


  51. You Mom & Dad did a great job naming you – much better than the originals.

    The Road Dogs

  52. um, YOUR Mom & Dad , not You Mom & Dad. We do know some grammar.

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