I’m back!

Hi everybuddy! I’m back! Gosh, it feels like I’ve been gone about 126,000 years.

Did you wonder where I went?

Well, my mom and dad went to Albukerkee to gives my Auntie K and Uncle C a shower! Isn’t that about the WORST thing you ever heard? I mean, just look at ’em. They’re awfully nice peoples. I don’t know why you’d make ’em take a B.A.T.H.

But I guess that there’s some ker-azy human tradition that when two peoples are gonna get married, they gotta wash off whatever they’ve rolled in before. And then everybuddy’s all happy and the bride and groom get pressies and stuff.

Now, I like pressies a LOT but if it means having to take a B.A.T.H., I’d just as soon pass.

Anyway, as you can see, mom and dad were real happy abouts my Auntie K and Uncle C getting showered.

But between you and me, I thinks they look a little TOO happy considering they didn’t even take me and Brudder Ranger with ’em! Yep…that’s right. We were abandoned at our doggie resort daycare place like a couple of sacks of potatoes or something! I mean, just look at our sad faces!

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Brudder Ranger doesn’t look all that sad. But all you have to do is look at MY face to see how super miserable I was.

Most luckily, mom and dad have been trying to suck up make up to us with extra servings of chicken jerky and cheese. It’s helping. A little.

I’m sooooooo awfully far behind with everybuddy’s bloggies! Hopefully, I’ll get around to seeing what everybuddy’s been up to while I’ve been gone real soon!



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44 responses to “I’m back!

  1. Hey Mayzie,Welcome back:)
    Yeah…it really sounds weird! why have a bath to just get some presents and hav a pawty? can’t imagine.
    and for that ur mum n dad ABANDONED U guys? we are really very sorry. But at least they are trying to make amends! don’t relent easily though.

    yeah, u look rather sad…even with that huuuge smile on:(

    wags, Buddy n ginger

  2. You’re so funny, Mayzie – “washing off whatever they’ve rolled in.” Oh, well. Humans are silly anyway!

  3. Well nows dat is most stupidest traditions if I has ever heard of….a shower???
    Okays, so bouts dis wedding…why was I not asked to perform da ceremony? Oh, my certificate is only fur doggies…Idat must haves slipped my mind.
    I’m awfully glad your mom and dad had a marvelous time sharing in all da happiness but I just don’t understand why you and Ranger couldn’t go…ya’ll IS family ya knows.

    I’m behind on blogs too so don’t feel bad.

  4. Welcome back Mayzie, humans are weird! We have given up trying to understand their strange habits.
    Don’t worry about catching up – blogging is for fun – dont ever let it be pressure!!!!
    Martha and bailey xxx

  5. I has the major happys now yu be backs home again Miss Mayzie cos I dids miss yu lots and lots. I had to havs a B.A.T.H last Fryday it sucked , it was Pas fault cos he did pick me up befor I had finished goin potty. I got his his coat so served him rite me finks….Bol
    Richie ( & nu sista Ronnii too )
    xx xx

  6. Mayzie you have such an interesting outlook on life. Mom nearly fell on the floor when she read about ‘them rollin’ in something and needed a shower’!!! I think humans always smell a little pee-cu-ur!!! I’m always rubbing on Mom to make her smell better. Maybe I’ll suggest a shower. As you’ll see on my post today I’m helping Dad with his hygiene.
    Hugs and I missed you 10,000 bunches.
    Madi and Mom

  7. Oh Mayzie and Brudder Ranger…you looks so Mizzzzerable in that pictshur. But you gotta humor the humans once in a while.

    gussie n teka

  8. Pip

    You do look very upset in this picture. I feel your pain as I have heard rumors that my family may be taking a trip in a few weeks.

    Your pal, Pip

  9. Your Aunty and Uncle musta rolled in something super awful stinky to have your mom and dad be so happy after the shower!

    Sam and Pippen

    We’s so glad you are back, it’s not the same withouts you guys!

  10. Oh we are so glad you are back. We really missed you. Just be glad you didn’t have to go to the shower and have a B.A.T.H. Yikes. Also the three of you look like you are OK. Glad you are back now though.
    Take care and have a fun day.

  11. This gave my momma a giggle! Glad you’re back! I was missing you!

  12. Welcome back Mayzie. I wondered where you went. A shower huh?? Sounds wierd to me too. HA!


  13. hiyas miss mayzie!
    welcome back!! i missed you!!
    so your mama and daddy went to shower auntie k and uncle c? yuppers, that is kinda sorta a weirdo thingie to do, but you know how hoomans can be! oh, and miss marg is totally right about bein’ full of the thankfuls that you and brudder ranger didn’t have to get showered in albukerkee! definitely keep playin’ the pity pawty faces, though. extra chicken jerky and cheese treatsies are so WIN! 🙂

    the booker man

  14. Hi Mayzie! Wow that is weird about the shower – we had no idea that the peoples had to shower before getting married and getting pressies! We are glad that us pets don’t have to do that for pressies!

    And boy, we can’t believe they just left you there – it is a good thing you are getting extra treats after going through that ordeal!

  15. Welcome back. I’m so glad they are sucking up to you with cheese. I think it’s the least they can do.


    Mr. Nubbin’

  16. Mayzie…..mom and I are mol/lol….we just knew Cap’n Ripley was a leg man!!!
    That is absolutely hilarious!!! You Go Cap’n!!!
    Hugs Madi

  17. The OP Pack

    So glad to see you back, Mayzie. Some of us were worried about where you were. That really does sound like a very silly thing to give a shower to the couple, but sometimes the humans just have to do those things to get their happy feelings.

    Chicken jerky – that sounds very good. Glad they are trying to make it up to you for dropping you in that daycare place.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  18. We thought woo had been buried in a snowstorm some where!

    Welkhome Bakhk!

    Khyra and The Golden Khousins

  19. Yeah we are so happy you are back! yeah yall look really sad….so sad.. NOT!!!

  20. What a shame that you guys didn’t get to go too. Your mom and dad are carrying on like this shower was an event that shouldn’t have been missed!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  21. Tank

    chicken jerky? cheese?
    I’d ask them to leave again!!

  22. Yeah, we don’t understand some of those human customs, either 🙂 But your parents could at least have had the courtesy of looking miserable when the camera was on them. WAAAAY too much laughing and having fun without YOU guys. Sorry you got abandoned to day care – hopefully, they will spend the 87 days or so trying to make it up to you.

    The Road Dogs

  23. I just don’t see how anybody could celebrate by bathing! I just don’t understand humans sometimes! We are glad you are back!

  24. Good to see you! Glad your humans are home safely. We got to go along with our peeps while they traveled (tell your mom & dad you want a Big Earl too!), but still didn’t get to do 1/10 the fun stuff that they did! We are trying to catch up with everybody too!!

    Brutus & Carmen

  25. Well, I’ve heard that some humans have rolled in a lot more hay before they get married than others. Maybe it’s dirty hay! That could explain the need for a bath. Brother Ranger does not look even the tiniest bit amused! I’m glad you’re back home!


  26. rottrover

    YAY!! Mazie’s back!! And Brudder Ranger, too. Missed you guys 🙂

  27. Daisy

    Hold out for more treats–yep, make them feel guilty, as they should. Abandoning you. However, if you HAD been there, they might have given you a shower, too!

    We’re so happy you’re back, we missed you like crazy!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  28. I will haves your Kool-aid to you pronto!
    I knew I could count on you to come overs to dar…er to da Puddles side…hehehehe!


  29. Welcome back we have missed you!

  30. Cupcake

    Mayzie, congratulations on winning Twinkie’s contest! You really do have a cute butt. I’m glad you are back!

    Love, Cupcake

  31. Welcome back!! We missed you SO much!! And you looked so miserable. About as miserable as your mom looked in that picture at the shower. :wink wink:

    We missed your cute tushie!


  32. Teddy Bear

    We’re so glad your Mom and Dad had fun in Albukerkee but more importantly we’re glad they are back and are showering your with lots treats.:)

    Teddy Bear

  33. Welcome back, Miss Mayzie and family! I hear that at these shower baff things there is also usually cake to eat, so it is super nice that your mom and dad are giving you lots nice noms since they probably got to have cake and you didn’t have some!

    Barks & Wiggles,


  34. Jerky would go a long way towards making me feel better!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  35. Oh, Mayzie, we’re getting behind again and we haven’t even been anywhere! Sounds like your folks are on the right track with the jerky and cheese. That seems like the best possible way to suck up.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  36. Lorenza

    Glad you are back!
    Congratulations to Auntie K and Uncle C! And for the “shower” too! Oops!
    Sure you are getting everything you want after being abandoned, right?
    Kisses and hugs

  37. Mayzie!!!!!! Long time, no see!!! Glad you is back, though.

    My momma is showering her nephews bride to be this weekend! I’m just glad it is her, and not me!

    BATHS are bad enough……butt da showers are really terribles. All that water splashing in my face…..Ugh


  38. Wyatt

    We get abandoned sometimes too! How comes doggies can’t go everywhere??
    Congrats to your Auntie and Uncle!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  39. Glad to see you back. And you did get the best of that deal. You got a “vacation” while your folks got a bath. Ugh! Good thing they didn’t make you go too.

    Congratulations to your aunt ie K and uncle C.

  40. Nice to see you back blogging, Mayzie. We assumed you were in mourning for OU’s disgraceful loss to Missouri last Saturday. We are. I mean, to lose a hard-fought contest to a better team is one thing, but to practically throw away a game they [OU] should have won by making stupid mistakes….Grrrrr… Makes me want to get out on the field and nip their heels – or some other body parts a couple of feet north of the heels.

    Abby here: Jed gets so emotional about his Sooners. Thought I’d better intervene and say welcome home and we’re happy about the new in-law you’re getting: one more person to provide scritches and treats. How lovely!

    Jed the Grouchy Sooner & Abby

    • You know what? They wouldn’t let me watch the game in that doggie prison!! Can you believe it? But I’m pretty sure that I heard mom screaming at the teevee all the way from Albukurkee. Oh, and Abby – I luv my Uncle Chad to bits!

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