Saturday Smiley: Dominic

The next time you think that you can’t do something, think of Dominic!

If you can’t see the movie, click here.


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28 responses to “Saturday Smiley: Dominic

  1. That was an amazing movie! What a cool dude! Such an athlete. He is faster and more agile than the Mango and he only has two leggies!


  2. OK, that’s amazing. I don’t know how he does that, but he’s got incredible balance. It’s wonderful to see.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  3. Holy cow! That dog moves faster than ME on all four legs!

    I borrowed a couple of your photos for my bloggy post this a.m. If that’s not ok let me know. But I needed to talk about the footballs.

    Otis T. Potus.

  4. Tea

    He is fabulous isn’t he, have you seen Faith yet ?

    Mollys Momma Tea
    xx xx xx

  5. frankie furter

    Holy Gwalk A Moley… He is really PHYSICALLY ABLED. Thanks for sharing this one. Amazing.

  6. That is just amazing especially since the missing legs are on the same side. That is one special doggie. Thanks for showing this to us Mayzie. Take care and have a fun day.

  7. That’s just amayzing! Thanks for sharing that, Mayzie!

    Sam and Pippen

  8. Oh wow, Dominic is such a great dog! He is so happy and the way he plays, not having four legs didn’t bother him at all!!

  9. Pip

    OMD! Dominic runs faster on two legs than I run on four legs!!!

    Your pal, Pip

  10. Hi Mayzie! Thanks for the recipe link! Yes we are feeding them puppie food. They eat it within about 10 seconds. Wow, Dominic is amazing! I am amazed at him!!


  11. Dang!

    He’s pawesome!

    Thanks fur sharing that!


  12. Dominic is an inspiration and a cutie. Mom saw a 3 leg puppy on her way back from lunch last week. He was mising one of his front legs but it did not slow him down one bit!!!

    Mayzie…we mailed your KK Burger, special delivery. The post mistress asked us if there was anything hazardous in it…MOL…mom said yes but only to your tush!!! She cracks herself up.
    Madi and Mom

  13. It is simply amazing how much dogs can overcome and still be super happy. What a touching video.

  14. miss mayzie,
    holy cats!! dominic is a speedy gonzales for sures, and he does it all on two leggies?! i am full of the amazements! dominic is my new hero!

    the booker man

    pee s — i’m super happy you got my package, and i hope you totally dig what’s in it!! 🙂

  15. The OP Pack

    That was amazing. We have seen dogs with two back legs, but this was just fantastic. Thanks for sharing. Way to go, Dominic.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  16. Dominic is kind of famous in Greyhound circles and his story always makes my tail wag! He really is an inspiration! Thanks for the Saturday smile!


  17. That dude is truly AMAZING!

  18. Wow!! Yay fur Dominic!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  19. Oh Mayzie, that was very touching and inspiring. thanks for sharing..:)
    wags, buddy n ginger

  20. this is sooooo lovely 😀
    thanks fur sharing that
    we is pretty fast 😀

    El’bow & Hauwii

  21. Wow! Dominic is just amazing! What an inspiration he is!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  22. I can’t close my mouth!
    Dominic is amazing!
    Happy Saturday!
    Kisses and hugs

  23. Now, that is really amazing!! just proves we can all do what we think we cant sometimes. Dominic is one cool guy!!


  24. AC

    My goodness. It seems liking balancing would be a challenge but he’s obviously moving just fine! Great inspiration!

  25. Aren’t dogs amazing? And inspirational! I’ll bet he doesn’t have any “body image issues” or “complexes” either about only having 2 legs – just gets on with life and never thinks of himself differently! 🙂


  26. We have an award for you, Mayzie! Check out our blog when you get a chance, okay.

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  27. silly miss mayzie!
    certain beautimous lady doggie = you!!!

    the booker man

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