Special Guest Interview: Myra

Hi everybuddy! Mayzie, Girl Reporter, here!

Today I have the most exciting opportunity to interview a very special guest. Everybuddy, I’d like you to meet Myra!

Myra, thanks for agreeing to come by my bloggie and be interviewed.

Thanks, Mayzie, for having me. Hello everyone out there!

Oh, look! Puddles is waving at you! HI PUDDLES! Now, ahem, let’s get down to business. I hear you’re looking for a forever home through the rescue that saved me – Second Chance Animal Rescue. Would you mind telling everybuddy a little bit about what life was like before you got rescued?

Sure. I…well…from what I understand, my story is a lot like yours. You see, the woman I was living with before didn’t want me living in her house. So I lived my whole life on a short chain in her back yard without any shelter. Well one day, I started feeling kind of bad and, well, it turns out I was pregnant and gave birth to 9 puppies.

NINE? Gosh, Myra. I bet you were skeered!

Oh, I was! And the woman I lived with was pretty mean to me. So, to tell you the truth, I grew up feeling scared a lot.

Oh dear, Myra, I’m so sorry about that. How did you finally gets rescued?

Well, the woman didn’t want my puppies and so she called Second Chance. They said that they would take my puppies on the condition that she allowed me to be spayed. The woman agreed but couldn’t be bothered to bring me to the rescue. So a kind neighbor lady offered to take us all in. Her name was Myra and that’s how I got my name! Anyway, the woman I lived with told them that she wanted me back, although I honestly don’t know why. I really don’t think she liked me much at all. So once the nice lady who runs the rescue…

My Angel Donna Fostermommy!

Yes, isn’t she wonderful? When she saw the terrible condition I was in – I was very skinny and absolutely terrified! – she decided there was no way I was going back to that other woman. And shortly after that, I moved in with my wonderful fostermom. That was very hard at first because I’d never lived in a house and everything in it was so new and frightening. Thankfully, she was so patient with me and she’s helped me feel safe and loved. But I’ve been there over a year now and I’d just love to find my forever home.

Over a year? Oh, yes, it is most certainly time to find your forever home, Myra! I sure hope we can help. Go ahead and tell me a little abouts yourself.

Well, I absolutely love other dogs! My dream home would be with at least one other dog who wanted to play. Running around with another dog is one of my favorite things in the world! I also love cats. The funny thing is that I was scared of them, too, at first. But now I think they’re wonderful and try to give them baths. Cats don’t like that.

I KNOW! I found out the SAME thing about mine! Kittehs are kinda weird. Anyway, go on. What else?

I just love to play and I get a huge kick out of chasing a frisbee. Oh! And my fostermom thinks I might have some pointer in me because I enjoy pointing out squirrels and birds when we’re on walks.

AND I hear you have a super terrific sense of humor! Go ahead! Tell us a joke!

Um, okay, well…a greyhound and a basset walk into a bar. Or was that a greyhound and a lab?  Oh, gosh, I can’t remember. I’m not great at telling jokes but I’m pretty silly and my fostermom says I do something every day to make her laugh.

Oh, that’s a most wonderful trait to have for sure! So, Myra, before we go, why don’t you tell us what your pawfect home would be.

Well, first of all, I’m pretty fond of my crate because I’m still getting used to living in the human world and I would love for my new family to understand that about me and be patient with me. I’d love for them to have another dog about my size to play with – but that’s not an absolute necessity. If they’d take me for walks and toss the frisbee for me, that would be just great. And maybe they could teach me some fun things because I think learning new stuff is wonderful. But most of all…more than anything in the world, I just really want a family who will love me and take care of me and keep me safe always. I want to know that I’ll never have to be scared or cold or alone ever again. Gosh, Mayzie, that sounds like a lot. Do you think I’m asking for too much?

Oh, no, Myra. I think that’s what all of us want. And I sure hope you get it soon.

Thanks, everybuddy, for taking the time to read my interview with Myra. If you want to know more abouts her, please visit her Petfinder page (there’s even a MOVIE of her there – she’s practically a STAR!) or email Second Chance Rescue at delliott11 AT mindspring.com.

And even if you can’t adopt her, please use the Power of the Paw to help her find her Most Perfect Home That Ever Was. I know that’s part of what helped sweet Chloe find a home. And I bet it’ll help beautiful Myra find a home, too!

Happy, happy Friday, everybuddy! Mayzie, Girl Reporter, signing off!


This post was brought to you today from Be the Change for Animals. Together we can make a difference!

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33 responses to “Special Guest Interview: Myra

  1. Daisy

    Oh Mayzie, what a wonderful interviewer you are. We hope Myra can find a forever family soon.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. That was an excellent interview. Oh PeeWee and I would love to have a nice gal like her around, but momma says no more dogs so we will just keep our paws crossed that she finds a good home.


  3. Mayzie that such a great interview that you did with Myra.We sure hope that Myra finds a great forever home. She is so pretty and looks like a lot of fun to have around. We wish her lots of luck. Take care and have a wonderful day.

  4. That was a great interview, Mayzie. I bet that someone is going to see that and know that Myra is just the doggy then need in their home. I hope it happens very soon.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  5. Mayzie,

    Thank you fur introducing us to Myra. Mom and me hopes dat she finds her furever home soon. 🙂

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  6. Pip

    Oh Myra, I hope you find a forever home soon – and a guest appearance on Letterman because you are very funny!

    Your pal, Pip

  7. Mayzie, you really got the dirt on Myra. I know an interview like this will open people’s eyes and hearts to what a wonderful companion she will be!

    It won’t be long now, Myra!

  8. great job on the interview – she will def get adopted soon after reading that. We hope she finds her furever home soon she is a sweetie.

    ps we looooove your glasses!

  9. Cupcake

    Myra looks so sweet! I hope her former owner never gets another dog. I hope Myra can find her forever home very soon. Mayzie, you are an excellent interviewer.

    Love, Cupcake

  10. frankie furter

    Mayzie Gal…. you KNOW that I love LOVE L O V E ALL of your posts… butt THIS ONE… is prolly your very bestest one EVER!! I’m thinkin that you should get a Pull It Zur Prize for it. I K N O W that she is gonna find a home now… thanks to your WONDERFUL interview.
    We may have to start callin you Lois Lane.

  11. Oh, Mayzie! You’re the bestest reporter ever! Myra sounds like a perfect dog! I hope she finds her forever home very soon! Please keep us updated!

  12. Myra looks like a very sweet girl. I hope she finds her forever home soon!

  13. Hehehehee…oooops, I didn’t mean to interrupts you but you know how I is.
    Mayzie, dis was a most fantastical interview evers. I thinks you has found a new way to earn some extra cash. I’m thinking you may even has a spot takin’ overs dat Barbara Walters lady (thank goodness cuz she shore don’t know how to dress).
    Oh yea…back to Myra. It always boggles my brain to hears bouts these mean peoples dat can to stuffs likes dis to doggies. You know, I wanna say it makes me angry (which it does) but I am more relieved than anything else dat Myra and others actually get out of da situation when so many don’t. Thankfully, becaause of one person…such as Miss Angel Donna.
    I knows Myra will find a wonderful home and one dat will look beyond her features…one dat will loves her da way her should be loved and respect her.
    Oooops, I sures didn’t mean to go on and on and on. Sorry!

    Pees: Of course dat was what Albert’s lame postie was suppose to be about…wink, wink.

  14. Oh, Mayzie – You’re an excellent reporter/interviewer. We’re sure this post will help Myra find her new furever home. She totally deserves it. We’ll be looking for the follow-up post featuring Myra with her new wonderful family!
    The Road Dogs

  15. Mayzie,

    You are a most fantastical reporter! We have our paws crossed that Miss Myra finds her forever very soon!

    Sam and Pippen

  16. miss mayzie,
    thankies for doing such a totally spiffy interview! i feel like i know miss myra and everythingie she likes super duper well now. your interview will totally help her find a forevarrr home ASAP. me and asa are sending lots ‘n lots of find-a-grrreat-forevarrr-home vibes to miss myra!

    the booker man

  17. Terrific interview! Thanks. I hope Myra finds a loving forever home—today!

  18. What a great interview! I was smiling the whole time I was reading it. I have my paws crossed really tightly that Myra’s perfect home is just around the corner. Good luck, Myra!


  19. Mayzie,
    Get job as On the Spot Reporter!! You are a great interviewer. Myra is a very beautiful lady dog. We cannot believe she hasn’t found a home after a year!! Oh my goodness. We bet your interview featuring her will be just what she needs.
    Big Hugs Sweet Mayzie….
    Madi and Mom

  20. What a talent woo have!

    That was a pawesome interWOO –

    Myra is a beaWOOty!

    Paws khrossed fur her to find furever happiness like we have!


  21. Oh Mayzie!! You are just the bestest repawter ever!! We sure do hope that Myra finds her furever home soon! Prayers and good wishes to her. Keep us posted!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  22. Teddy Bear

    Myra sure is a beauty. We loved the interview and have our paws crossed that she’ll find a furever home soon.:)

  23. Ohh Miss Mayzie that was a pawesome interbiew and Miss Myra is a sweetie, I sure do hope she finds her forever home very soon I be finkin she most deffo deserves one
    x xx x

  24. Oh I sure hope Myra find a home soon!


  25. Mayzie, you sure are a great interviewer. I hope that she finds a great furever home of her very own soon. 🙂

  26. Tank

    Well done Mayzie!!!!!!!!!

  27. What a wonderful interview, Mayzie. Our paws are crossed that Myra finds her forever home soon.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  28. Love the interview. Myra looks just like my Lyla (except for Lyla’s leaking eye!).

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  30. What a wonderful news report! We would love another member of our pack! We’re kind of far away though…..


  31. Sarge

    Hey Mayzie.
    Thanks for sharing the interview with Myra. She’s very special and deserves a great forever home.
    Grr and Woof,

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