Coffee Luv

Now, I know you all know abouts my luv affair with beer. (Please note, these pictures are P.P. – pre-Puddles.)

But have I ever told you how much I luvs coffee? Well, I luvs it a LOT!

The problem, though, is that coffee is bad for dogs. (Well, that’s what my mom told me. She also told me the same thing about beer. So either a) she’s telling the truth; or 2) she’s trying to keep it all to herself.)

So I don’t ever gets a whole cup of beer OR coffee to myself. My stingy mom just lets me lick the bottom of the cup when she’s done. favorite! A vanilla latte! I'm just gonna lick it all dainty-like.

Oh, yeah! That's the stuff!

Ack! I can't stand it anymore! Just gimme da cup, ma!

So imagine how excited I was to gets an email from a nice pawson named Marshall who runs a bloggie called Coffee with a Canine! He wanted to know if me and Brudder Ranger would like to be part of his bloggie! Well, I was super duper excited cuz now mom would HAVE to let me have some coffee.

Um, but sadly, I was misled. He wanted my mom to take us with her while SHE got coffee and we were left to only gaze longingly at her cup. And not only that, but he wanted to interview my MOM and not me or Brudder Ranger! Well, I thought this was somewhat unreasonable, I’ll tell ya that!

But after I looked at his bloggie and saw how fun it was, we decided to play along anyways. So while we were on our vacation, we stopped and gots coffee at this place in Ouray called “Mouse’s Coffee and Chocolates”…

Can you see Mouse's across the street? I'm licking my lips just thinking about it!

…and, well, to find out the rest, you’ll just have to go over and check out my mom’s interview. (I had to help her out a little, but I think she did a pretty good job!) It’s a super fun bloggie and I think you’ll like it a lot!



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37 responses to “Coffee Luv

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  2. Big Carl always tried to drink coffee but he doesn’t need any more energy!


  3. You’d get along with my human brother real well. Beer and coffee are two of his favorite things in the world. Well, Daddy used to like them, but with the various things that are out of order on him he can’t have beer. He probably shouldn’t have coffee either, but he said something about we can try to pry the coffee mug out of his “cold, dead hands”. I think it means he won’t give that up. Well, enjoy the beverages of your choice, but remember, “Drink repsonsibly.”

    lotsa licks, Lola

  4. Heehee. Your so cute Mayzie! ‘just give me the cup’ heehee!


  5. Fred LOVES coffee – one of my first posts was him licking my coffee when I got up hahaha.

    I went and read the article and loved it and pictures were great! It summed those two up and was a good article! Congrats guys!

  6. You like beer too? My fave is Sam Adams – the Boston beer, for Boston doggies! I LUVS your belly spots!

  7. OMC Mayzie… your Mom gave a fantastic interview. We could tell she really really loves you and Ranger!!! Was she nervous..if so did you buy her some coffee to calm her nerves? We tried to leave a comment on the blog but couldn’t find a comment box. We’ll go back some times my assistant misses things. MOL

    Mayzie I love coffee too. Mom makes it at home on the weekends. I love licking the cup….whoa a better buzz than nip.

  8. I not allowed to haves coffee…sumptin bout da stuffs in it makes ya hyper and so….mum don’t want me aany more hyper…hehehehe!
    I read da article and I think it exciting dat your mom is famous nows.
    But I don’t understand da part bout Ranger’s proudest moment…why exactly was da pawrents NOT proud of his feat? I thinks it would be a marvelous idea to mount them on wall.


  9. Well, all things in moderation, right? I would hate to see you getting tipsy from the beer or hyper from the coffee. But a little taste now and then never hurt.


  10. None of the humans here are terribly keen on beer so we haven’t had the pleasure of tasting it, but Mom does like her tea and coffee. We just know she gets those vanilla latte thingies too because we smell it on her when she comes home. Guess we have to figure out how to get her to take us to the coffee shop too.

    Off to read the interview now.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  11. That was a great interview your Mom did, but we couldn’t find anywhere to leave a comment. We loved when she talked about you and Ranger and told us all how sweet you are – great job, Mom.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  12. Hm, I’m with ya on the beer thing! But I haven’t been able to try the coffee yet… I’ll get right on that and let ya know how it goes!
    ps. I’m going over to check out your ma’s interview!

  13. Your mom sure puts on a great interview! It must be pretty exciting having a celebrity mama! (Really, though, great interview, Mama!)

  14. Fun interview! You did a great job helping your Mom with it. We loved reading more about you and Ranger!
    Mom would love that Mouse’s place with coffee AND chocolate!
    PeeS – We posted the Ratbones Relay today 🙂
    The Road Dogs

  15. frankie furter

    Oh GIRRRRRRL.. you be lookin’ kinda SLOSHED in those furst couple of pics.. hehehe I don’t think too much of the coffee… butt the beers are a different story all together!!! I’m just sayin’.

  16. Humans keep all the good stuff for themselves.

  17. miss mayzie,
    but have you evarrr tried beer ‘n coffee mxed togethers? it’s kinda tasty! i love that my lady totally appreciates all of the finer beverages. teehee.
    i think you did a really grrreat job helpin’ your mama with her interview thingie! it was super fun to read! oh, and those scrap cookie thingies sound ridiculously tasty. mmmmm.

    the booker man

  18. What a wunderful interview dat wuz! My mom has never let me have any coffee, I will have to try and sneak some of hers so I can try it! Beer on the other hand….. 😉

    WOofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  19. Mayzie, you did a wonderful job helping your mom with the interview! Nice photos, too!

  20. That was a terrific interview with your Mom Mayzie. We didn’t know you were so many different kinds of dogs all rolled into one. We like the Heinz 57 the best. WE think you and Ranger are the very best. That is a really nice blog. Take care and have a great day.

  21. Wow, Miss Mayzie, what a great interview you and Brudder Ranger and your mom did and it is really neat that you got to join her at the coffee shop! I’ve never had coffee or beer. I think I might like coffee if it had lots of sweetnesses in it (‘course, that’s how my mom likes it!) Those cookies sound super nom-able! Isn’t a bummer that we can’t have chocolates in case they might make us sickie?

  22. How furry khool on the interview!!!

    As fur khoffee, I snag some when I khan – just a lap or two –

    Thanks fur sharing all these furry interesting stuffs!


  23. What about doggie beer, Mayzie? That’s totally safe for us doggies!
    We never really got into the coffee thing! Maybe we NEED to!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  24. AC

    Mayzie! What a cool interview (minus the no coffee or beer part). Can’t believe you got to travel and do an interview. That’s gotta make you some kind of celebrapup. Just don’t forget about us when you become even more famous.

    PS- Thank you (and your mom!) for your LIVESTRONG donation. Kona and I are honored that you’d support us. I’m very excited about the marathon and couldn’t do it without your help!

  25. Hi Mayzie! That is cool that your mom got interviewed, but of course it would have been more cool if it was you and Brudder Ranger. We don’t get to drink coffee or beer, and mom doesn’t even want us near it if she has it (probably because she knows we will love it and want it all the time or something). Mom isn’t a big coffee fan but she does get latte things with whipped cream – they look so yummy!

    We are going over to read the interview now!

  26. Nobody here drinks coffee, so I’ve never tried that, but I am very fond of hot chocolate! Mom never lets me drink a whole mug of that, either!

    That was a great interview! It does look like a fun blog!


  27. Hi Amber,
    Thank you for your nice comment. Once I read it I got on your blog and read Mayzie’s first post to learn more about what went on in her life before you wonderful people adopted her. What a special girl she is. Her story reminds me of my Chowchow. He lived on a leash for 2 years before we got him. He is so sweet. And Mayzie is so sweet. It is like they are greatful for being in a better place now. May God bless you for saving dear Mayzie.

    Ruthie’s mom (Kim)

  28. We liked your interview…and your beer-drinking face.

  29. Wow, does dis means that you are a celebrity??

    I’m off to read it now!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  30. Hi, Mayzie!
    I can see you really like beer and coffee!
    Those are things not available in my house!
    Nobody likes them! Hmmm…
    Pawesome interview!
    Kisses and hugs

  31. Mayzie
    Jsut say “Mom, hand over the coffee cup and no one will get hurt” I bet she will just give it right to you?? Your to cute!!


  32. Teddy Bear

    Oooooh, we’ve never had beer or coffee. You are do lucky!

  33. Grammy doesn’t like the smell of beer, so we’ve never had any of that, and she’s allergic to coffee in that she gets bad leg cramps whenever she has more than a sip (She loves it, but doesn’t love her.) so we probably won’t ever get any of THAT either… 😦 She does give us a taste of chocolate every once in a while though, so we know how you feel. The CCC

  34. Pip

    My mom is a SUPER DUPER coffee junkie! She really cant function without it! I will be sure to pop over and read your mom’s interview!

    Your pal, Pip

  35. Hey! I like beer and coffee, too, and once I drank a whole cup that the ape had left on the side table whilst she fetched something from the kitchen. AHHHH! Edgrr likes it too, especially with lots of milk. The ape hides it from us now as she sez we DO NOT NEED STIMULANTS. Harumph.


  36. Wow, you have very grown-up tastes, Mayzie 😉 – coffee AND beer!!

    Honey the Great Dane

  37. Coffee with canines? Wow…that sounds like fun!

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