Vroom! Vroom!

Okay, so a few weeks ago I told you that my mom was working on something but I couldn’t tell you cuz I didn’t wanna jinx it. Well, it took awhile but here’s what she was working on!


Yep! I would like to formally introduce you to the MayzieMobile! (Okay, it’s the Brudder Ranger Mobile, too. But MayzieMobile sounds better, don’t you think?)

Anyways, this is a VERRRRY much HUGE deal in our house. See, my mom and dad have lived in Collie-rado for 10 whole years and all that time, my mom has been driving this:

Cute, huh? But not so cute when stuff like this happens:

Plus, since they moved here, they adopted us two fur-kids and, well, the Pony just wasn’t big enough for all of us.

The new Mayzie (fine…and Brudder Ranger) Mobile is a 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander. It’ll get mom where she needs to go when it snows AND it even has a jail apartment just for the two of us! Now at first, I wasn’t too sure abouts it.

Hmmm...I'm not too sure abouts this, mom.

But then I decided that it wasn’t too bad having a jail apartment all to ourselves.

Hey, it's kinda cushy back here! This isn't so bad after all! What are you waiting for? Let's go somewhere!

I asked mom if I could start calling her “Jeeves,” since she’s gonna be our chaffeur and all. Sometimes that woman really doesn’t have much of a sense of humor.


Don’t forgets to go vote for your favorites in Twinkie’s Show Us Your Tongue contest and the I Wanna Be Like Mango contest! I am entered in both of ’em but you don’t have to vote for me if you don’t want to. I just want everybuddy to pawticipate cuz Mango and Twinkie have both worked so hard!



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42 responses to “Vroom! Vroom!

  1. we totally luvs your mayzie mobile . you are ridin in style now!!! you are all holly wood wiff your own chauffeur and all . you rule!!!

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  2. Teddy Bear

    Wroom, vroom, Mayzie! We love your new ride.:) And the back looks super comfy and cozy. What about Mayger Mobile or Ranzie Mobile?:)

    Teddy Bear

  3. Well I’ll be mom is now Driving Miss Mayzie (and brudder Ranger too) all over creation and back!! We loves loves loves your new wheels. Now you can ride in the lap of luxury just as you deserve.

    Mayzie Mom: My Mom said to tell you she drove a Pony from 1967-1971….and loved it. Mom said back when her Pony was made the front passenger seat would fly forward if you stopped too quickly. When my human sister arrived in 1971, Mom said she really loved that little baby so she decided she didn’t want her flying through the air.
    Love the color of your Pony too!!
    Madi and Mom

  4. That is a terrific looking Mayzie mobil. Ranger too.You will be able to fly through that snow
    We went and voted for you. Sure hope you win.
    Have a great day.

  5. Mayzie’s Mom…it is a good thing your Mom and my Mom traded their bucking broncos for old Mares….Mom said her car was a two door baby blue with a navy vinyl top. She thought she was hot stuff too. MOL She said it had bucket seats in front…now that just sounds so very uncomfortable to sit in a bucket…no wonder she got rid of it. Madi

    Hallelujah!!!!!!! Oh happy day! I just loves da new Mayziemobile! I hopes there is room fur me back theres…better yet, tell your mom to toss me da keys and we goes kar-e-okie tonite…hehehe!
    I loves your new car momma Amber…just right!


  7. That new car is awesome! And boy is gets cold where you live!

  8. Nice wheels, Mayzie!! Looks more cozy for you and Brudder Ranger and much better in the snow, I bet. We’d hate to see your mom stranded on the side of the road trying to push her Pony out of a snow bank in sky scraper heels and a mini skirt like a certain someone we all know and love!


  9. Oooh OOOH OOOH, you will be riding in style now. Love the new wheels. Enjoy and congrats.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  10. We think the Mayzie Ranger Mobile is fantastic!! We in Alaska thoroughly agree that a 2 WD auto is not a good idea for icy and snowy conditions. Maybe your mom will put a bone magnet on the back so you can be even more stylish!! xoxo

  11. What a marvelous MayzieMobile! Congratulations to ALL of you!

  12. You still look a little dubious about that overhead door, Mayzie …

  13. we love your mommys new car – now steak the keys and come pick us up and we can go out drinking!!!

    Fred and Haylie

  14. Hi Mayzie! Wow, your mom was super brave to drive that horse car in Colorado in the snow – that had to be hard! Our dad had one here, and it was terrible in the snow – and it is flat here! We think that maybe you could be all inclusive on the name – like doggie mobile or puppy mobile, or cutie mobile (because lets be real, that way you are even including Ripley, who will be in it at least once in a while!) That is a very cool looking car no matter what! And we love the apartment in the back – it looks like a big bed, and looks really safe too! (And your face in the first picture of you in it is just priceless – you really look unsure – we are glad you decided it is ok!)
    Ok, our mom wants to say something to you mom now!

    Hi Mayziemom! Thanks for the comment on our blog about your issues with Ripley’s eyes as a kitten. I actually helped me calm down a bit. I seem to attract the eye-issue cats (Lola had them for a couple years, and Barney has them now – he is still young though (not quite a year and a half)) but the cloudy part is new for me, as is the not feeling good part (the other two are fine just really goopy and red) so it is good to know that someone else has been through something kind of similar to what is going on with Stella. It made me less freaked out!

  15. Wow, that’s a nice ride, Mayzie. You and Ranger will be going in style and much safer than the Mustang, it’s true. Plus it’s nice knowing that Mom will have a safer vehicle to go to work or out to buy you stuff this winter. I’m assuming you’ll be letting her use the Mayziemobile for her own errands, too, cause that’s the kind of girl you are.

    Best of luck with it and enjoy!

    lotsa licks, Lola

  16. Heartbeats

    Dat is PAWSOME!!! Daddy and Momma got us one o’ dem Splorers about a year ago & it’s got an apartment too! We LOVE it and no more dog hairs on people seats!

    Licks & Love,

  17. So exciting! When we had to buy I car so I could get to my new job, we had to base it on the best thing to cart the pooches around (and of course, not get stuck in Chicago snowdrifts). Before we just had E’s 2 door Prius, which was so hard to load 2 pooches in. Now we have the Honda CRV which we love, and each dog even gets their own seat and doesn’t have to touch, which they love too. This will make everyone’s lives so much easier!

  18. miss mayzie!
    holy cow, i love your new mayzie (and brudder ranger) mobile!! you are gonna be riding around in style for sures!! oh, and me and asa ride in the back like that, too. i think it’s grrreat cuz you’ve got that hooge back window to look out of, and you can do a lot of nose art. teehee. 🙂

    the booker man

    pee s — okie dokie, so i have somethingie very serious to ask you, and i hope you will woof YES! see mr. frankie gave me a very good idea cuz he is so full of the smarticles. you know my big sis asa has a new boyfriend, brodie! well, he asked her on a hot air balloon date to paris, and cuz he is such a gentledoggie, he asked me to come along as a chaperone. mr. frankie suggested that i ask you to come along, and we could have a double date! i think it’s the bestest idea, so my lovely miss mayzie, would you make the booker man’s day and accompany him on a hot air balloon ride to paris? i hear it’s full of the romanticals over there, and i happen to know a little french. 🙂

  19. pee pee s — i’m kinda full of the nervosity, and i forgot to woof that it would be this friday! sorry!

  20. Wow! We loves your MayzieMobile! We know how hard it is to get used to a new vehicle but once you do, everything is a-ok! Our mom had to make modifications to the HobbitWagon so we would be happy…

    Sam and Pippen

    PeeS. We think you’d better say yes to Booker or his world will end!

    PeeS2. Who is going to chaperone the chaperones?

  21. I LUVS your Mayzie Mobile! I always ride in da back seat of mom’s car so her is like my chauffeur too!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  22. WOWIE! We love that mobile!Congratulations!

    And Mayzie, Just say YES to Booker for that date. He sounds so hopeful. We are sure ‘Jeeves’ will only be too happy to drive you down to wherever u need to go…:)
    bud n Gin

  23. frankie furter

    Holy Cat Crap… Mayzie and Ranger… that is GRRRRREAT. I love the special
    APARTJail that you two have. It will be just super for keeping your stuffs right there all safe and sound. You know… away from Jeeves. Hehehehe
    I am soooooo tickled for you both. Now you can go on even more super adventures. Just remember TELL Jeeves… don’t Ask !!! BOL BOL

  24. phoerauf

    Super cool new ride! You guys are stylin’

    Nubbin wiggles,

  25. Very cool! You have your very own taxi now. 🙂
    My mom used to drive a Camaro Z28 Convertible and knows all too well how hard it is to drive a sport car in the snow. You will love this in the winter. 🙂

  26. Congratulations on the new Mayziemobile! We love the color – tan and black. It’s just perfect!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  27. That is a schweeet ride Mazie Gal! You’ll be doing lots of exploring in that, we’ll bet 🙂
    The Road Dogs

  28. That is a HUGE improvement. Now you can ride in style no matter what the weather.


  29. hi there mayzie!

    you are one gorgeous lady, love your coat! your mom must be very proud. you are looking great in that new car, i hope you have many great adventures in there! i like to graze when eating and enjoy every bite. yummo! i’m glad we could be furfriends!


  30. Oh, I sense a new post called “Driving Miss Mayzie” in the future! You are riding in style now, Mayzie! I’m not sure I’d like being all the way in the back, though.


  31. Mayzie
    You awe sooo lucky..youw Mayziemobile wif the apawtment in the back fow you and bwuddew Wangew is pawsome..it looks bootiful and comfy and I bet it won’t slip and slide all ovew the place. May you all stay safe and happy in it!!!
    smoochie kisses

  32. Pip

    What a cool mobile!!! That’s very exciting and I am sure you will have many adventures and fun road trips!

    You should see the car that we drive. It is more than 10 years old, too! Mama keeps suggesting we get a new car (or at least a newer car), but Papa is quite attached to the old one …

    Your pal, Pip

  33. Both start with M –

    It’s YOURS!



  34. Congratulations!
    Your new Mayzie/Ranger Mobil is pawesome!
    Don’t worry! That “jail thing” is to keep you two safe!
    Enjoy it!
    Kisses and hugs

  35. Heya Mayzie girl… nice ride!!! How great of the parents to buy you a Mayziemobile!!

    The Smushies

  36. Boy, Miss Mayzie! Those are really cool wheels! Don’t know about the “jail” thing, though. We prefer Grammy’s chest or lap, but I guess we are a bit smaller than you are…

  37. What a great Mayziemobile you got there – it is going to be such fun! Bailey refuses to get in the jail at the back – we are still working on that – we quite like the back seat!
    Martha and bailey xx

  38. We must’ve been sleepy yesterday, we missed ya. We recommend calling it the MBR Mobile, if someone else has not suggested it, but we do not like the jail. Sheesh. How can ya navigate from back there?


  39. littlemissjackie

    Your apartment in your new mobile sure looks comfy! What a nice safe way to ride!

    Barks & Wiggles,


  40. Gosh, Mayzie – I’m so sorry I haven’t come visiting for ages! My humans has just been snowed under since she got back from holiday that trying to get her to help me visit friends is just impossible!

    That is a fantastic new car machine you got, Mayzie – woohoo!! (By the way – I couldn’t believe the picture of all that snow!) It looks so comfy in the back!

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. thank you SO much for your comment on my latest Ask Honey post – I love it when my friends contribute and share their knowledges too! 🙂 That was very interesting what you wrote – Hsin-Yi has been busy and hasn’t had time to read the links you sent yet but she is looking forward to it! It’s always good to keep learning! Although she is a bit confused coz lots of trainers she’s interviewed have always insisted on the “don’t reassure” rule and lots of dog owners she has spoken to said that their nervous doggies got a lot better after they stopped reassuring them – but maybe there’s a difference between a doggie who is just nervous about somethign & uncertain about how to act (so reassuring might teach inappropriate behaviour) – and a doggie that’s genuinely scared (eg. thunder phobia) and so can’t think straight anyway! hsin-Yi does know that classical conditioning overrides operant – therefore, if you always associate something with a reward – even if the doggie is acting scared – it will still eventually change the doggie’s view coz classical conditioning is so powerful. So maybe this is a similar thing… I think Hsin-Yi is a cold fish coz she never needs to reassure me to make herself feel better – she has a heart of stone! – she never feels sorry for me when I get scared of stuff – she just always laughs at me! 👿 Anyway, thanks again!

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